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  1. Wore shorts and a T-shirt this morning while doing some weed whacking...
  2. Nailed it. Lax season always started with coats and hats and ended with shorts while football season started in shorts and ended in coats and hats. The thing is, we're 'miserable' on the sidelines watching the kids play but it's all over before you know it so make the most out of whatever weather hand you're dealt. 37 for the low up here this morning. Keeping an eye on this afternoon but thinking the severe will be further west.
  3. @BxEngineto the rescue? Noticeable little drop in temps and dews with the front.
  4. That sucks! I woke up to various twigs and small branches down so had some decent gusts overnight.
  5. Temp dropped 7 degrees on my Davis
  6. Where did you wind up driving to?
  7. If it starts earlier than forecast is that a tell tale sign of a good eclipse?
  8. Great! Let me know what time you'll be passing through the OC so I can grab one of those growlers... Is that German bakery still there on Main St near Great Adirondack Brewing?
  9. Glad/surprised to see you posting at this hour. I figured you'd be hungover from crushing Ubu's all day yesterday while listening to Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart on loop.
  10. One of my sons might get the best of both worlds to some. He lives in Grapevine, TX, totality before severe weather later in the day.
  11. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Lost my Old Man in 2018, still grab the phone to text him a question sometimes... Lost my Mom last year along with my mother-in-law, it all sucks, no ways around it. Thoughts are with you and yours.
  12. No worries, that’s when the big one is gonna hit, we’ll all feel it.
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