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  1. http://www.recordonline.com/news/20171120/chemical-factory-on-fire-in-new-windsor They have their hands full.
  2. LOL. St. Paddys Day mixes are in full rotation by the middle of February. But there is a lot of material to work with, how many different Christmas songs are there really out there? I know there are different people doing the songs their own way but whats the over/under on how many songs there actually are?
  3. Yet another reason why I can't stand you. You honestly don't get burned out on it by Christmas?
  4. Christmas music is not allowed until after Santa Claus appears in the Thanksgiving Day parade. I am also digging the Charlie Brown flakes out there this morning.
  5. What about when a weenie says it?
  6. Nope, that's what she was saying, including the image of her mother covered in blood. Her mom was there for a bake sale and while not injured she was one of the first to start helping the kids that were injured. I've written in the past on here how its a day that I'll never forget as a senior in high school at NFA.
  7. I was just talking with one of my coworkers about that day, she was one of the kids in the cafeteria.
  8. I wonder what people do with all the extra time they have by typing ‘tgiving’ or ‘turkey day’ insteand of ‘Thanksgiving’?
  9. Then that always starts the debate for me of when do I wire up the oil burner to the generator.
  10. Son of a b**ch. Mix of sleet and rain here all morning, no accumulation.
  11. Upton had a forecasted low for me of 10, only got down to 20 which ties the record IMBY. Can’t really complain though cause thats still plenty cold for this time of the season.
  12. Looks like we’ve been NAMed again for early next week.
  13. My historical stats come from the COOP in Walden as it’s the only thing close to go off of as I build my own database. Walden is in between you and I. The record was 20 so yea, you shattered it.
  14. Only 18 for the low here but that is a new record IMBY
  15. I been working on this for a while. Due to the crappy foliage this fall I had to use a fall photo from a couple years ago. I’m going to try to do this each year.