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  1. Some folks at work have to deal with PM 2.5 on a regular basis. I’ll have to remember to ask them if they can share a link.
  2. Wow! I knew the air was getting better but thats impressive. I just went to that site and have to get familiar with but see Newburgh is in the low 30’s this morning.
  3. We’ve been getting in at least two miles a day around the park...we actually prefer when it’s not too nice out as it keeps more people away from the park... And...are you feeling ok? I know someone up here that thought she just started seasonal allergies but then lost her sense of taste and smell and then tested positive.
  4. My coworker tested on 3/18 took 12 days, my grandson tested on 3/25 took 7 days, both fortunately were negative. Hang in there thoughts with you and everyone dealing with this first hand. It was a dank windy day out there today.
  5. Yes but how quickly does it make it from the manufacturer to your hands?
  6. It would be nice if they didn’t rush the baseball season thus possibly screwing up the football season.
  7. A unexpected rumble of thunder here
  8. It’s kinda like double secret probation
  9. I’m finally free from voluntary quarantine and my infant grandson had to get tested yesterday, thankfully his fever broke last night though...not a fan of the new normal but at least the yard is all cleaned up and ready for spring and summer! Hope you all are well during these crazy times, especially our first responders.
  10. Yesterday my son had to take my infant grandson for a test as he developed a fever and he was told fours days, we shall see. I think part of the problem is multiple labs doing the testing now which is good but also creates inconsistencies in the time to get results.
  11. You’re spot on with the testing, I don’t care what Cuomo or Trump say, it’s still a disaster. I’ve been under a voluntary quarantine since last week because a coworker developed a fever last Tuesday evening, 3/17 and was tested in 3/18. Fortunately I’m fine as are my coworkers and the one who had the fever hasn’t had one since Sunday and feels fine. The point being, she still doesn’t have her results from a test on Wednesday 3/18! Thankfully she was very open and told me and her other coworkers of her test and we all took precautions. Had she not told us the five of us considered close work contacts could've been out and about for over a week because we will only get a call from the health dept if her test comes back positive and then be told to quarantine. It’s an effin’ joke.
  12. A beautiful snow and sleet covered landscape this morning.
  13. Flipped back to moderate snow here now which is accumulating again on all surfaces
  14. .5” as of 8am here near Campbell Hall, light snow continues.