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  1. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    That’s correct, and not that god forsaken other incorrect spelling!
  2. Hi. Agreed. I hope my hangover will be gone by then.
  3. I was on the other side so I had the experience of moderate snow, huge flakes, with the sun and blue skies visible slightly in the distance. One of those things that even a photo couldn't really capture the beauty of.
  4. It was legit heavy at times with visibility at and below 1/4 mile at times
  5. That escalated quickly, moderate snow, everything covered.
  6. Light snow once again, it’s the March that keeps on giving.
  7. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    And it wasn't just the detail, it was his wording too. Just terrific stuff back in the day.
  8. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Now that brings back some memories!
  9. Puking snow as some would say, I’m going to measure every 5 minutes, this is going to be impressive!
  10. AWT. As a result all SNE snowfall totals...we toss I kid, I kid
  11. I understand confusion for those of us that have been around a while since the NWS switched back and forth on the 6 hour board swipe bit if you read the official NWS guidelines I don’t understand why so many don’t understand the rules. Disclaimer: In my work I need to read a lot of government guidance and documents so perhaps that gives me an advantage.
  12. Snow showers rolling there here too
  13. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    I don't believe he is as per the response above. The one measurement refers to the max accumulation that day, not the one measurement at a set time each day that COOP follows.