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  1. You can trace a line from just east of Middletown east over to Fishkill along 84 more or less that got hit good by that cell
  2. Thanks buddy. This event isn’t about me though, I was lucky but everyone’s well wishes and offers of help are much appreciated. I had a bad feeling on Tuesday, hope to not get that feeling again not to mention the feeling when I came home and knew there was damage but not sure how bad. Here’s a screenshot when I knew it wasn’t going to be good. It was also nice meeting one of our fellow posters coincidently yesterday who shall remain nameless in case he wants to remain incognito.
  3. May 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    It winds up with under .25 here tomorrow, we shall see
  4. Thanks. I'm in good shape though, like I said, feeling very fortunate after looking at what others are dealing with. Roofer takes a look on Monday, the tarp should keep us dry this weekend. My son who came home from college got a lot of the yard clean up done.
  5. I'd been pretty distracted since Tuesday afternoon so I don't know the details of who surveyed what personally.
  6. Back since about 5:30pm yesterday for me, only out approx 49 hours this go around. I'm feeling very fortunate this morning. One of the linemen working on my house yesterday showed me photos of a house in Sullivan that was in the hail storm...all of the vinyl siding was destroyed and most of the windows in the house were smashed, cars all dented with smashed windows. Just incredible for the northeast.
  7. 9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    The lawn doesn’t look too bad after everything that happened this week. One of the linemen working on my house yesterday says “Wow, you have quite the nice green lawn.” LOL
  8. Central Hudson in my driveway as I type, such a fine sight to see
  9. Seriously, thanks for asking big guy. I was very fortunate, it could've been much worse. Personally I lost maybe $100 of stuff, mostly just a table lamp I had in front of that window. The house repair itself isn't my responsibility since I live in the park, which is good and bad. I don't have to worry about the cost/insurance claim but I also cant just call up a contractor myself to get things done. I was told an electrician would be out to look at and fix my electrical service line yesterday at lunch, then told this morning, still nothing. Central Hudson has the lines juiced back up in my hood, incredibly, but since my lines were ripped off of the house the electrician needs to do the repair first and then Central Hudson will hook me back up. I'm told a roofer will be out on Monday to take a look and hopefully get going sometime later next week. My brother got a tarp on the roof for me yesterday to keep the rain out. Most of the damage was just to the soffits but there was one spot were the top of the wall was exposed, and there were two small holes punched through the main roof. I got water back last night, so no trip to the stream tonight to get water for flushing, that's a win, LOL
  10. https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/a5ac8334-b1be-46d7-8792-efc9dfb548dd
  11. What added to my stress on Tuesday was my son driving home from school across PA ahead of that line. It caught him around Wilkes Barre but he had the brains to get off the highway and into a Holday Inn parking and sit in the lobby for the worst of it. So that was a nice greeting when he got home “Hey, the driveway is blocked, there’s a tree trough the window and damaged the roof. There’s no power or water and we have a mess to clean up, welcome home.” LOL
  12. Yeah, like @gravitylover said in another thread, no thanks, I’ll take a huge snowstorm over what happened Tuesday. I was actually fortunate but it’s still a huge pain in the arse. I’m good with severe weather for the next decade, at least, unless those who don’t have to deal with the aftermath and destruction want to take it on the chin each time then I’ll be fine watching from afar.
  13. I just put a patio umbrella over mine. It’s not perfect but should do the job
  14. A heavy scent of fresh cut wood in the air this morning. Dozens of trees snapped and blown over here, all blown in the same direction so no signs of a tornado here.
  15. Had I been home I might have been sitting in that chair. Everyone is safe thankfully. The roof damage is mostly just the soffits