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  1. I can't believe so many want to eat dinner with @BxEngine
  2. It wouldn't be December if it weren't. Every season the same phrases get thrown around by the same people, such as me saying "as is tradition"
  3. I have a small stream from a spring that is rather consistently flowing…while it’s muddy again it’s not flowing again yet.
  4. Local reservoirs still need some help around here. Drove past one yesterday and it was noticeable.
  5. Flurries here this morning, flakes on the deck and car. Good call Walt.
  6. My concern in blocky patterns is always if its too strong
  7. Good morning Walt Do you agree that we start to see the pattern changes after then that have been discussed in the main thread?
  8. Slacker. How the hell did I get mine up before Mr. Christmas Music starting 11/1?!!
  9. @rclabhow are you doing? How's the postage stamp?
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