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  1. I'm a rail fan too, more freight though than passenger. My brother, friends, and I never got caught luckily with the stupid things we did as kids along The River Line up here
  2. I'm guessing by your posts over the years that you're a rail fan too?
  3. .85" here and still counting, finally puts me over 3" for the month now
  4. If you could go ahead and make that so it would be great. I just need Saturday into Saturday night personally. Many thanks.
  5. Yeah, the rainfall is all up in the air
  6. I assume you're still talking about a decent rainfall...when? Tomorrow or the second half of the weekend?
  7. Yesterday's .09" was refreshing and perfect for the outdoor project I was working on.
  8. Indeed. There have been many leather bound books written on said topic.
  9. Twice in the past month I've seen a juvenile bald eagle in my trees, maybe I'm getting a new neighbor soon
  10. I actually heard a woman ask one time how the weatherman screws up so much just in winter...of course this was the same woman who said on the Monday after daylight savings started that all the plants would start growing now that they had an extra hour of sunlight
  11. Yep, I've been saying the same thing for years
  12. Depends on what forest floor you are referring to. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the models over the weekend but after a quick glance this morning they seem drier in terms of QPF up this way at least.
  13. 1.36" or so of rain this weekend in Brooklyn Brooklyn, MI...