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  1. That shows the dry punch that kept me from going over 20" very well. That said, some of the best legit blizzard conditions I've ever seen in person before that dry slot
  2. I think kids today are overly protected and taught to be afraid of everything thus it's just safer to stay close to home. Then you throw on top parents who fight their kids battles. I drilled three phrases into my sons from a young age 1) Sometimes life sucks so get a helmet 2) No glove no love 3) Don't don't do drugs and never do heroin As for the weather, we're still doing the dew here.
  3. I thought the same thing but to be fair he said hes from NYC and thought Rockland County was rural...
  4. I hope the new GFS does have a warmer bias...its showing low 50s for lows Wednesday morning up here.
  5. It'll be hard to forget that .22 in the bucket
  6. What kind of beer will be served?
  7. Yeah, I wonder if that will extend SE later this afternoon
  8. No one cares since its not in the metro area
  9. Thanks for the tip, that's on my read list now.
  10. Isn't that reading suspect? The dews are in the mid to upper 60's up here.
  11. I concur on that as well
  12. Agree 100% and it will only get worse IMO
  13. Yea, fall is my favorite and at that point there's all the guessing and anticipation of what the winter will deliver.