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  1. I was surprised at yours LOL. Just made sure there’s no leaves in the bucket but we are clear and good to go.
  2. The .12 here yesterday caused a moderate lead drop on the trees that had already turned around here. While vibrant it looks to be a short season here, we’ll see.
  3. .12 overnight to begin softening the ground, would like to see some more lights rains. Thanks to that rain, some heavy leaf drop from a couple of trees along the driveway.
  4. I have guards on the gutters that work well but I did have a clog of tiny maple seeds that worked in there and got stuck in the elbow, cleaned it out weeks ago, been waiting for a good test and this week out to bring it. The downside, as JC pointed out, will have some leave drop if we get into the heavy rains.
  5. Yeah, I had that thought as well, it would be nice if the rain held off a bit longer but it’s also needed.
  6. Some of the best color in years (not saying much considering how bad recent years have been) popping up around here, looks like fall again.
  7. There’s an extreme lack of coping skills in today’s society.
  8. You must get a good bit of sun in your yard, not enough sun in mine to get anything of value really anymore. Got down to 31 for a bit here this morning so who knows how it looks now.
  9. First official frost here and down to 31 now a couple miles south of KMGJ
  10. Sure because we all know that when an animal is poisoned it decides to die in a noticeable/accessible location...LOL. Enjoy your afternoon.