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  1. .04" in the bucket so far
  2. Forecast low was 37, made it down to 33. Sunshine and deep blue skies out there right now with the current temp at 37, a beautiful morning.
  3. That's why I'm hoping to rope my brother into doing my yard too LOL
  4. No doubt on that but let's lock up a 10 day map that shows the heat coming though...
  5. Yeah so I missed the memo that said it was going to rain up here this morning, I thought today was a dry day and maybe some sun in the afternoon.
  6. I know nothing about the microclimate there but two things come to mind with those photos. 1) Different tree species leaf out at different times 2) A tree surrounded by a building, sidewalk, and street is more likely to leaf out earlier that a tree in the open. There's a mini urban heat island going on around that leafed out tree.
  7. Last week the under paid big, we shall see
  8. No crickets here yet either. The night before the blizzard I was outside and heard the peepers and thought how they were in for a rude awakening that week. Such a blah day out there today. Picked up .60 in the bucket as of 8am though which brought me to .81 for the week
  9. Well crash and burn on that, there are people in my office wishing the heat was on.
  10. What forecast called for 80's?
  11. My brother and I are doing that tomorrow. He picked up some bagged manure I think to spread in a key part of his yard. I'm just aerating, as I overseeded and limed in the fall and any seed that I would put down won't have a chance to get going before I put Dimension down.
  12. It was .21 and then I had .60 at 8am so its a solid week for rainfall.
  13. For only a couple weeks? I was hearing them before the blizzard, maybe because I live along the water?
  14. I'm betting we won't hear from him again until December, I had under .25 for sure, a little under .20 I think.
  15. Hit 58, glad I bet the over.