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  1. IrishRob17

    November discussion

    It’s a big game too, glad we get Book back, hopefully Dexter has a big game running the ball though. Enjoy and GO IRISH!!
  2. IrishRob17

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    Yeah, we question that one over here too. Now they are some good hills over there but...
  3. IrishRob17

    NNE Fall Thread

    They came up black on the landing page but when I clicked on the black box the camera opened up.
  4. Yeah, that includes everything but...I don’t know if the cylinder was overflowing last night. This morning the snow was settled down 2-3” from the top.
  5. .78 melted down, which is close to what KMGJ recorded. There was 10.5” on the board just now after compaction, I’ll have to figure out what to put in my records as clearly it was more than 10.5” before the sleet arrived.
  6. IrishRob17

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Bald is beautiful
  7. Finally got home about 15 minutes ago. Put a tent over that circus out there, I passed at least a dozen abandoned cars and a NYSDOT plow stuck in the ditch. I’ve driven through a lot of sh$t and tonight was certainly some more of it
  8. QuickChek in Florida, about a dozen others here as well.
  9. I’m still stuck out here since the roads are still blocked but my brother measured 9” at home.
  10. Oh, and I’m supposed to drive to Long Island in the morning for a wedding, joy. Odds are increasing that the church will be skipped and thankfully there’s a shuttle between the recess down the hotel.
  11. What a disaster on the roads. I’m parked at a QuickChek because I can’t get to the little lady’s place of employment less than a mile away due to stuck and stranded cars. No clue when I’ll be able to get to her let alone home.
  12. IrishRob17

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    You'd be surprised how successful it is
  13. IrishRob17

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    I’m just riding @BxEngines coat tails on this one, and yes I’m being nice to him since The Irish crushed FSU last weekend. Light wind out of the NE here.
  14. IrishRob17

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    So you joined on Monday but you know who Billy is up in Ulster County...uh huh.. Currently 26/18 here.