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  1. 10.3" on the season which puts me 7.2" below the NWS normal for KMGJ to date and 8.0" below my running average to date. Agreed. How do you compare to your own running average?
  2. I'll have to check when I get home as I don't recall off the top of my head what I had in January besides Monday. I know that was nothing notable but those tenths do count.
  3. Lots of sketchiness out there this morning as all that water at the bottom of the pack froze wherever it was running off last night. 5" of solid mass at the stake this morning.
  4. Good, so you know where it is…
  5. 1.22” total melted in the stratus. I was also surprised at the amount of water at the bottom of the snow as I cleared it this morning.
  6. My son did two years up there and loved it. He was chuckling out at South Bend last week when they picked up a few inches of lake effect and some thought it was like a blizzard.
  7. Well I didn’t mean to urge, I respect everyone has a different approach to weather. I promise you I don’t look at the euro in the middle of the night but will in the morning, along with the other models. We have some very good posters who provide great info that we can learn from. That said, especially when we have a storm to track, posters come out of the woodwork and there’s some terrible IMBY poor interpretations. I just try to learn a little more each day.
  8. Glad it over performed on snow but under on the wind. We all know wind gust maps are overdone but the 0z NAM last night really caught my atttion but thankfully it was really out to lunch at least around here.
  9. A real heat attack overperformer around here for sure, 6.5” at the stake. This is a solid base to build on, this isn’t melting overnight.
  10. 0 was indeed the low here. Todays model runs appear to be just a touch cooler with more frozen precipitation so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out for folks in this thread.
  11. I remember that freezing rain you had, wild stuff.
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