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  1. And continues to drop, I'm at 37 now with light rain.
  2. It's balmy there, 39 here
  3. My pack was 5.5" yesterday evening but grass has emerged under the trees and on the south facing side of the yard.
  4. someone post about hot weather
  5. It would get worn out on all of @BxEngines posts
  6. What did you record for the actual high though? Mine was 40 which is certainly misleading considering it was so cold during the day as you pointed out. I was impressed that we stayed below freezing from around 7am through the rest of the day with the bright sun the entire time.
  7. Thanks Stella for the billboards
  8. Nah, the third stringers are in the game at that point.
  9. Totally agree. One of the best packs was in 2015 that built itself on top of frozen ground after that freezing rain event, the base of the pack was literally ice. Not at all the case this year.
  10. I'm down to 12" at my stake, I believe. There are plenty of spots deeper than that and other spot less
  11. So my brother said if it was a damp spot it may have been snow that got blown in through the vent but with modern vents that really shouldn't happen. He said that if it was out right dripping water he was thinking it wasn't snow blown in but some other roof problem.
  12. Move to Florida? I'll ask my brother who is a carpenter when I see him n
  13. You stole that from twitter