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  1. Are there still tickets available for the This Winter Sucks train? Please advise.
  2. Wow, the Euro went from 12” at 12z yesterday to 1” for Orange County at 0z
  3. Oh it happened, Hudson Valley Weather did a nice breakdown of what was happening in central Orange County and parts of Dutchess as we downsloped and got caught in subsidence between the heavier bands. It was deplorable.
  4. Yes, 12.1" on 3/7/18 with a few other smaller events in the month bringing the monthly total to 22.0" which was well above normal but it could've been that much more above normal LOL
  5. Can we not talk about that one on 3/2/18....1.2" for me with that.
  6. 3.3” on the board and 3.6” on the grass next to said board. A light snow sleet mix now.
  7. Some amazing photos and videos posted out of there over the past couple of days.
  8. Nah. Looks like maybe some flurries might be moving in but we still have time before the legit snows move in.
  9. Finally! Best news I've heard all year!
  10. Well listen to this here Keyboard Kowboy! Don’t hate just because we all can’t be bald and beautiful! #AlwaysWearTheSunScreen
  11. I promise there won’t be any tonight.
  12. I’m sure that’s not the only reason she shakes her head