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  1. Nobody cares about baseball, Boomer.
  2. You match almost spot on to the Beacon Mesonet. I wondered if mine is light but I match close to KPMG and I just walked through the wet mosquito infested yard and found a couple leaves in my Davis but they had little to no affect as I had .98” in the Stratus.
  3. .95 total, 8.51” for the month. 56/54 now.
  4. I’ve been looking for fake snow but haven’t seen any yet.
  5. Filming for a Hallmark Christmas movie taking place all week in the Village of Goshen... @BxEngine when you watch it can you let me know if you see my office or car in the background? Thanks in advance.
  6. They have been spotted there but no infestation yet https://nysipm.cornell.edu/environment/invasive-species-exotic-pests/spotted-lanternfly/
  7. I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley for 44 years now, even anecdotally it’s quite evident and there are plenty of records to back it up, sadly.
  8. Bingo! That’s a nice, well planned, walkable community that’s been developed.
  9. Fantastic! Here’s the view from my sons apartment, the kid is living his best life although there’s some adjusting for him as he’s almost 29 so he had to get used to college students again LOL
  10. I’m sure you’ll be a proud Dad too if one of your kids get into your favorite, Florida State, which shouldn’t b e too hard
  11. Yes but I secured them before my son found out he can get tickets at face value with relative ease. He’s even going to to Chicago this weekend for the Shamrock Series game against Wisconsin, going to see the Cubs on Friday night too.
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