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  1. The first time I saw a bald eagle fly over my yard last year it was quite a rush.
  2. Down to 3" at my stake but plenty of bare ground as well.
  3. I made it to 30 for the low here
  4. 59 for the high yesterday. 54 now with 6" at the stake but growing bare spots under the trees on the south side of the yard.
  5. It's a lady bug disasta this year in my house.
  6. Yeah, 7" at the stake but I can see grass again in part of my yard after today
  7. Friday 3/20/15, 3.1" IMBY, it did settle to 3" at the stake though.
  8. 10" at my stake this morning, we'll see how fast it goes.
  9. Ok so what I take from that is we have another Snowicane coming at the end of this month just like we did at the end of Feb 2010. I kid, I kid. Thanks Don for your many years of excellent posts.
  10. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it....what that has to do with snowfalls I have no idea but I digress. Adult beverages on the patio Saturday afternoon, la la la lock it up.
  11. Last year on this date I had my largest snowfall of the season up to that point....1.9". That total was later crushed on 2/23 with a 2.7" snowfall which was my biggest of the '15-'16 season.
  12. You're stealing my snow yet again.
  13. That...is a classic right there.
  14. Agree Agree