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  1. The Texas A&M Arkansas game was a good one even though I came up on the losing end. I’ve got USC/ Cal on one TV with Mich/Pur on the other.
  2. I mulched leaves again this morning, my maples are just turning brown so far, thanks to the heat I’m figuring
  3. IMO when the DP is above 60 it’s not a dry heat.
  4. I like winter but I also like fall, while tonight is decent I can’t believe my ac will be running again on Sunday for days.
  5. And I purposely worded that to say "behind on this" thinking I wouldn't give you a shot but you took it anyway. My feelings are hurt now.
  6. Yes, sorry I'm a bit behind on this, congrats on the new addition to the family. All the best.
  7. Send some up this way, been a very dry couple of weeks
  8. Yikes!
  9. But look at the rains Jose will bring... yeah, we yawn.
  10. I just posted something similar in 'our' thread, I don't mind the warmth at this point but I'm sick of these dews.
  11. I don't mind the warmth at this point but the DP above 60 could go away sooner rather than later. I should be getting ready to take out my ACs, not running them on a regular basis.
  12. Every morning starts with dense fog these days. The amount of leaves falling at this date really is something, I have to clear off my deck at least once a day.
  13. The littering of my yard in leaves has begun already, which seems a touch early for IMBY
  14. @tamarackI'm about halfway through the book that you recommended, "Thirty-Eight:The Hurricane That Transformed New England". Its a very interesting read for sure, thanks for mentioning it.