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  1. I don't recall what his total was and since he does not keep records we have to hope that in his advanced age he can recall why that storm still stings.
  2. Yeah, that still has to sting for you.
  3. .30” here, the sun was out for a bit about a half hour ago, 45/43
  4. Still have one snow board leaning against the side of the house, maybe it'll get put to work again. As for shoveling....nah
  5. Another of the many signs of spring around here is when the farmers manure their fields, smelled the first ones last month.
  6. I’ll see your dog poop and raise you deer poop.
  7. @hudsonvalley21 I see what you’re saying about the lawn mower, I’m in NW at Moms, her yard is about a week away from a full mow but the sunny spots could use it now.
  8. We’ll see. Either way I had to get to the twigs before the grass really takes off.
  9. I’m sure we’ll have another wind event or two which will litter the yard again but at least once a year, for a few hours at least, it’s cleaned up from twigs.
  10. 42 after a low of 26, 24 yesterday morning, and close to half the yard raked as the grass is greening up.
  11. .87 total in the bucket, the winds aren’t as bad here as Friday’s still windy...