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  1. You can see the soil temps at various depths at Brewster here too:
  2. You can really see the big drops here
  3. Still holding at 36 but with a mix of snow and rain here in Campbell Hall
  4. I was down to 33 at 1:30am but have since climbed back up to 36 with light rain falling.
  5. Maybe @Juliancolton has a piano that he can crank out some Christmas tunes with for @BxEngine? Winning!!
  6. I really noticed it this year in my neck of the woods and was shocked at how many died or were dying this year.
  7. There no shortage of that wood supply any time in the future.
  8. On which thermometer? Please advise 18 for the low here.
  9. I’m so old that I saw him at MSG before everyone sees now him at MSG. Didn’t you ask this same question last holiday season as well? Is it for a date night, do I recall that correctly?
  10. NYSDOT has deployed a number of new traffic cams around the area for anyone interested.
  11. *Disclaimer: Records only go back to 2005 here: Last year was the only season in which I measured an inch or more of snow in November and went on to have a below average snowfall season, and that was only by a couple of inches.
  12. I love this microclimate/weather nerd stuff. I often see changes going from my 385’ up and over the 520’ hill to get to the main road. When the car windows instantly fog up as I go up the hill always gets ones attention.