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  1. I had to weed whack for about 5 minutes, twice since I last mowed on 7/4. Will still be at least another week before I'll need to mow, if then. Incredible.
  2. Yeah, local farmers are going to have to scramble for supplemental feed this year.
  3. Hey Rich. Well the atmosphere decided to remove any doubt giving me a high of 92 on the day. The front is moving through now.
  4. I lied, the sun came back out and I just hit 90. 90/77
  5. I think the streak will end at seven days for me, clouds rolled in this way, high of 87 thus far. 86/76 currently.
  6. My Old Man used to tell a story about a forest fire up in New Hampshire when he was a vollie up there how one of the Indian tanks carried a precious cargo…let’s just say the water was frozen in the form of ice cubes and I’m sure you can figure out the rest…
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/1999/08/06/nyregion/ground-fires-scorch-acres-of-the-hudson-highlands.html Mt Beacon burned bad in 1993, somewhere I have VHS footage of it from the Newburgh waterfront.
  8. You can still see the scars on Storm King from the last big one in the mid to late 90’s as I recall.
  9. Oh no, here we go. A big one? Edit: just saw the post, multiple fires.
  10. My longest streak of 90 or higher for the high temp is eight, set in 2013. Yesterday marked day six, will I tie that streak of eight tomorrow afternoon? Thankfully there is relief in sight this week regardless.
  11. .20 today, maybe the stuff to the west holds together to add a bit more to the days total.
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