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  1. Yesterday’s total was 1.04”, the Davis was clogged so my reading comes from the Stratus. That said, the storm that just blew through here was way heavier than anything I say yesterday. Small branch’s and twigs all over the yard, eggplant, peppers, and zuc took a beating, the bride ain’t happy. .54” which fell in 10-15 minutes, the birch is now leaning the other way, I can’t win.
  2. You must be chuckling a bit to yourself with the way folks are getting "crushed" quickly did you get to the 3.53" again?
  3. To be fair, that intersection has had flash flooding issues for decades, no disrespect to the deluge today though. I remember in the great '93--'94 winter that intersection flooded during the storm around 1/17 when it dumped snow in the morning, 6-8" as I recall, before a warm front blasted through changing it to rain. That evening the arctic front came through causing not only a change back to snow but a flash freeze that left roads more or less undriveable for a good week. Anyway, when it changed to rain that intersection was under water, not as bad as today but bad enough.
  4. From the Orange and Rockland County Fire page
  5. Just saw a photo of the exit ramp from 84 to 9W in Newburgh, cars underwater, not good.
  6. Get tracks like that in 6 months and have @wdrag starting new threat threads every few days...oh how we pray
  7. It was NW and W of me, I only picked up .10 yesterday.
  8. A real Birch Bender here yesterday, that’s the leader still flopping to the left. The branch that looks like the leader was also flopping over to the left this morning so it’s starting to straighten out again.
  9. I believe it, I’m 2 miles as the crow flies from KMGJ and I’ve seen over an inch difference between here and there.