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  1. Definitely missed out on some storms but had 46” in February, 64.5” for that winter which was 22.3” above average.
  2. Nice little squall action here now along with gusty winds.
  3. Snow shower has commenced here in Campbell Hall, 40/30.
  4. Don’t forget frozen car locks, .couldn’t even get the key in the slot let alone turn it.
  5. Waking up to 34 degrees in the middle of January...
  6. The past couple of days has done it most of whatever snow I had left in the shady north facing spots, down to just piles now. I was surprised how long it held on considering temps are solidly above normal but the cloudy days helped...I guess they were good something...not really.
  7. So this year is better than last and I still have some snow on the ground but this is till no way to run January IMO: