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  1. I had the heat on this week and it was killing me! Not because of the measly cost, which ain't much compared to the heart of winter but the fact that it was warming up the house. My mother in law, who retired to GA years ago is visiting her blood is pretty thin nowadays. Gorgeous morning out there.
  2. 78/41 was yesterdays split here, it was pretty warm in the sun working the grill yesterday afternoon. Delicious dews thankfully. 46 for the low this morning.
  3. 39 for the low here, 37 at KMGJ a couple miles up the road.
  4. Up to .54, that's a win here, I had heavily bet the under on Uptons rainfall map this morning and crashed and burned.
  5. Crow...it's what I'm eating for dinner. .53" here on the day, WAY more than I expected. Nice job Upton on that map IMBY.
  6. It's been raining good for a while now, up to .37" and steady rain for now, more than I expected up here honestly.
  7. You have a better shot over there than I do out here
  8. You are correct, who helped you? I haven't had hair on my head this century...or been that thin...
  9. We have drizzle, let's go! 54/51
  10. I've been waiting in angst all day
  11. This is what it looked like at times yesterday while mowing thanks to the latest dry spell and pollen…no Bx, this isn’t actually me…
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