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  1. 44 will do it for the low here this morning.
  2. 10 whole minutes of sunshine it was!
  3. Apparently splitting firewood greatly increases the chances…
  4. A misty, dark, dank morning, 62/59
  5. Good to know, so I’m eating just good enough then…I can’t imagine it worse when the dews get into the 60s…
  6. That’s what I get, not what I live next too
  7. 71/58...have I mentioned I live next to a river and wetlands?
  8. It has a bunch of growth now and I fertilized last month.
  9. I have the same spots on my same tree type this year and last, would to see if someone knows for sure what it is and how to treat. I have had nice growth though last year and this year.
  10. The main cell stayed just to my east, .22 on the day.
  11. Nice. Since I'm not the only one who uses it I feel better driving home on lunch one day last week to reset my router to get it back online, LOL.
  12. I rarely get any water in the basement but I got some yesterday, it sure was a torrential downpour. 1.64” total for yesterday, most of which fell within a half hour. Made it down to 67 for the low, 70/69 currently, really looking forward to the upcoming air mass change, LET’S GO!!