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  1. At least an 1” here. I had no expectations so it was a fun event for me. Blizzard-like conditions for the last hour or two.
  2. Looks like 12+ here now. Huge snow drifts and still snowing hard.
  3. I’ll help him make a case against you for being a crazy old man. Grandpa Randy will have no choice but to ban you too.
  4. Good point. I feel terrible. Now I hope he bans any offspring you might have for pointing that out.
  5. I told my wife and can’t go to my youngest son’s basketball game tomorrow night because I’m completely consumed by the snowstorm. I need to be watching….waiting. Is that child abuse?
  6. Anafrontal lows are always tricky but I kind of like the way this one looks to be setting up. We could actually get something out of it.
  7. Thar's it? You measured? I just went outside and measured 8.5" minimum everywhere. Seems low considering where you are in relation to me.
  8. I hope there’s some kind of weird micro CCB over your car only that drops 3 feet
  9. Snowing moderately here with 1/2 inch of accumulation in the last 2 hours. Maybe a bit more. Everything is completely white again. What a storm!
  10. That number 9 storm was awesome. I lived on 64th and CPW at the time. Major over-performer with 3 or 4 claps of thunder. I Jeb-walked with my dog every hour from like 11 pm until 3 am. The city was silent and beautiful.
  11. Snowing prettly nicely here in northwest Nassau again. Hard to tell with all the wind but snow growth has improved quite a bit.
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