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  1. I hope there’s some kind of weird micro CCB over your car only that drops 3 feet
  2. Snowing moderately here with 1/2 inch of accumulation in the last 2 hours. Maybe a bit more. Everything is completely white again. What a storm!
  3. That number 9 storm was awesome. I lived on 64th and CPW at the time. Major over-performer with 3 or 4 claps of thunder. I Jeb-walked with my dog every hour from like 11 pm until 3 am. The city was silent and beautiful.
  4. Snowing prettly nicely here in northwest Nassau again. Hard to tell with all the wind but snow growth has improved quite a bit.
  5. Snow accumulated quickly in the last 20 minutes. Deck, grass and pavement are all white!!
  6. looks like around 2" otg. So beautiful to see. Amazing timing with this event too.
  7. Great thread and such a fascinating area. Good luck up there, dude. Don't shy away from winter reporting. I want as much info as possible.
  8. a bunch of thunderstorms here yesterday with a few heavy bursts of rain. It was fun from about 6pm until 11:00.
  9. You bear a slight resemblance to one of my ex-girlfriends. It's probably just the hair color and the lighting. j/k. bad movie reference and you're much prettier.
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