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  1. Will be traveling over a few rivers and thru some woods from Atlanta area to SE Wisconsin next Tuesday. Anything looking interesting for that time period?
  2. Agreed. Never seen sleet like this before.
  3. Agreed. Never seen sleet like this before.
  4. Lightning and thunder here on south side of Kenosha
  5. Just amazing the sounds here in Kenosha
  6. Temps dropped big time here in Kenosha
  7. Stay safe
  8. This escalated quickly....
  9. Best lightning for years here in SE Wisconsin
  10. 82/75 at 8 here in Kenosha--encore of this am maybe??
  11. 85/74 at Kenosha. Wouldn't mind another wind event like we had earlier today.
  12. Great wind event in Kenosha. My street now blocked by large branches.
  13. Filtered sun here in Kenosha--muggy as all hell
  14. Gustnado in Walworth County.... http://www.weather.gov/mkx/landspout-042915
  15. Sirens went off here in Kenosha about 5 minutes ago.