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  1. My precip total was .11 and a trace of snow by my house but on top of the hill behind Lowe’s grassy areas had .25-.50 ( well at the party I was at up there )And yes we missed most of the heavier echoes . It did snow for awhile but just didn’t stick especially in lower spots of town
  2. Ok could have been whi as we went to sleet and zr around 7
  3. 2.6 on my picnic table ? What time Didi u measure ?
  4. Just had hail in butler Nj smh
  5. Yea that’s what I had , thought it would be more since it snowed on and off all night but never added up to much more than that lol.
  6. Your higher elevation On other side of town helped u a bit , Only 1.2 by me
  7. I measured last night 8.5 at 1am . Only .5 difference. I would say we verify eachother
  8. I measured 7.5 at 8 On but it may be compacting now . Nice storm . We got lucky
  9. Snowing in my area of nj (butler nj ) don’t even know when it went over .
  10. 1.75 by me in jersey . With temps no higher than 38 . It sucked