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  1. My brother In Georgia is a hardcore righty and thought the virus was fake and anti vaccine ect. Well he tested positive last week , he’s on day 6 with a fever and said he gets worse each day. He’s healthy but 54, you just don’t know how your body will react to it. That’s why I got the vaccine
  2. One more thing I also know many that had covid and said it wasn’t bad at all. I just don’t want to chance it, just don’t know how your body will react to it.
  3. I just hope it works lol
  4. I know a few personally that died from covid and another very sick . The youngest of the ones that died was 50 but over weight . My friend that was close to going on a vent was 40 and normal body frame and no health issues. Based on my job I was able to get the shot early . Got both my phizer shots. Had chills for about 6 hrs and tired the next day. Otherwise not bad at all
  5. I believe i heard a rumor that it’s already been determined to be an inaccurate measurement , I think cape may will still have the record lol
  6. Yea that’s why I didn’t add any additional , I just want with 22 for my total . No doubt some of those real high numbers from my county used the clearing method.
  7. I was judging based on what accumulated on top my cars compared to what added to snow on the ground . I cleared my cars off when we had a little break and easily had 6-8 inches of additionally snow . Barley would add anything to snowpack
  8. I’m at 50.5 for the year, the big storm I had 22 on the ground . If I used clearing off method I would have prob had 28-30. The end of the storm snow was a lot more dense than begginig part it was compacting as new snow was falling . (I counted it as 22 in my yearly totals )
  9. Ok yes Teaneck is close to nyc , white meadow lake is in my county sw off me in rockaway right off rt 80
  10. Oh def , I’m just saying the bottom crap is ridiculous lol
  11. Butler NJ (northern Morris country )
  12. Making up for last years disaster of a winter
  13. Haha, February has been a very nice Month down here . I’m just over 50 inches for the year now as well
  14. My bottom 10 inches is solid ice lol. I was able to walk on it