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  1. 1.72 was it radar was way over done. Other 1.12 today . Almost 72 inches for the year and 9.48 for the month
  2. Think it had to do more with toming and intensity and the type of snow itself . Snow seemed very grainy and icy texture . Probably low ratios . Snow stuck almost instantly to pavement . Also started as heavy sleet for about 15-20 minutes before switching to snow
  3. 6.3 still snowing . Sleet line has to be close
  4. No it was pure sleet , back to snow now , by the way sleet was also reported in sparta (Sussex county )
  5. Why to hell am i sleet in Morris county ?
  6. rgwp96

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    I’m in northern morris county nj, started as snow and went right to sleet in 5 minutes
  7. 2,65 so far , yearly total of 63.96
  8. rgwp96

    October 27 2018 Major East Coast Storm

    Rain was way off so far , only .60 here so far
  9. 29.2 was my low . Thought it was going to get very cold as that was basically the temp at midnight but s pretty much stayed the same all night
  10. 29.9 , hard freeze here as it’s been at or below 32 for hrs
  11. First frost of the year for me , I bottomed out at 35.3 .
  12. With today’s rain I am at 3 inches for the month already
  13. .68 fell by me in a short period in Morris county