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  1. A little over 2 inches in since last night
  2. Surprised I had snow and sleet on and off for that last few hrs in butler nj Morris county .
  3. I’ve been in my current house since 1996. I know that’s a short time but I have a flowering tree and really the average date hasn’t changed for flowering . Earliest it’s flowered was right around April first, latest about April 15th. This year first flower was april 5th.
  4. Freezing rain above 1400 feet in nj. This is from high point nj at 1800.
  5. Yup just a last kick in the balls . I was all excited I went to snow an hr earlier than modeled . Radar looked tremendous . 2 hrs later I see it turned to garbage and I have 2 inches lol and done
  6. Many people also don’t use hard surface like snowboards or tables or car tops . Ruler stuck as far in the grass as possible can add an inch easily
  7. It’s isn’t to exciting . Started out ok but isn’t much to get excited about
  8. Exactly , I had 5 minutes of rain and changed to snow over an hr earlier than modeled . But precip shut off way earlier than modeled .
  9. Precip dried up way quicker than modeled down here in north jersey . No way getting close to liquid equivalents amounts forecasted
  10. 1.8 in butler Morris county . Def didn’t get the extended heavy rates that were modeled . Going to be way under in liquid amounts that were forecasted
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