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  1. Yep. The past two years I have been glued to CC on RadarScope tracking the mix line. I’m longing for a all snow event lol. Nice event either way in a crud winter. Good tracking with you guys. Time to go shovel the ice crud off my driveway. Enjoy the snow to those that are still getting it.
  2. Unfortunately don’t think we will get saved like last March lol. The sleet line blew through here and currently getting beat back south of ewr. Nice winter night either way.
  3. That’s not snow in eastern Pa. it’s all sleet which is reflecting on radar.
  4. Odd.....this is a powdery snow also. How’s the belt on it?
  5. I doubt we see much sleet now with the back edge by Abe. Should rip this evening for nyc and nnj
  6. Love mod snow on a January evening. It’s been way to long.
  7. Mod snow currently huge flakes. Very cool to see
  8. Runs from LBI to ttn to Easton currently
  9. Once the dry slot has ended that crew transforms into the mixing line bunch.
  10. The current sleet line runs from Allentown to phl to ACY. We should have a 2-3 hour period of light to mod snow until Change over
  11. Light snow has returned here in Metuchen
  12. Eps is ugly to end January. Vortex into AK with a dateline ridge into the west coast.