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  1. South Jersey getting crushed tonight
  2. Huge fail today
  3. Late rally today once the clouds cleared out
  4. Fighting clouds down here
  5. Actually turning into a nice soaking rain. Lots of back building by your area, so this should continue for a while. did any model have the storms this far south today?
  6. Storm fizzing out…very meh here
  7. Congrats. Hopefully I get half of that from this storm. Taking its time moving in
  8. Need more rain here to say that…. the brief storm we did have definitely took temps down
  9. Lots of lighting on radar in that storm
  10. Nice crack of thunder and lightning as the storm blew up to my east
  11. Rain and thunder here currently. Enough for me not to water tonight
  12. Hot, but numerous clouds now
  13. Looks very meh for us
  14. Looks pretty wet for you guys the next few weeks
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