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  1. 1.46 42 and rain. The radar would look great in January
  2. Frz warning here for tomorrow night. Yep, next weeks cold shot has modified. I doubt the city and boroughs get below 32 anytime soon
  3. Surface temps on the NAM in the upper 20’s for orh at 15z. That’s real cold for October 30th!
  4. Yep. Quick shot of artic air then we warm up. Looks like at times we will be very much above normal with the -epo/-pna pattern setting up
  5. Tuesday morning temps in the upper 20’s for nyc on the euro
  6. Are coldest day in months is coming on Monday with many areas struggling to get above 40.
  7. Yep, I honestly think that its a response from all the warm waters off the coast of CA. Typical Niña has cold waters there that makes a -pna more favorable