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  1. @MJO812 how is your mom feeling?
  2. Supposedly the president wanted to restrict travel to and from nj/ny/ct. The governors talked him out of it. WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Trump on Saturday decided against confining residents of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut from the rest of the country amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention instead will issue a travel advisory, he said on Twitter:
  3. 2k new cases in Nj today. State over 11,000. 30 more deaths with a total 140 now
  4. Close to 2k new cases in Nj as more testing is being done. It didn’t make sense that nj was so low when compared to nyc. To many commuters from nj to nyc daily for that big of a difference
  5. Another 1.00+ rain event on the way tomorrow.
  6. Over 500 cases now in my county. Today was the biggest jump in positive cases with 154.
  7. If he said July 4th they would have had a problem with that too! I don’t mind a bit of positive news instead of doom and gloom. Gov Cuomo imo was way too dramatic yesterday. It just made others panic more.
  8. Governors a bit more positive today out of NY and NJ. My area has been a ghost town for a week now. I think most people are staying in. Eventually this should make a difference! The number of positive cases were again down today.
  9. 17 more deaths from covid in NJ. 44 total now
  10. I’m not sure what more they can do. They don’t want to arrest people and put them in a overcrowded jail. So more then likely it will be some type of heavy fine to the offender. I really haven’t notice too many people out and about. It feels like every day is a Sunday morning.
  11. I believe one doctor, who was very outspoken about the incoming doom for China, was silenced by the their government. He sadly died from covid-19 a few weeks ago.
  12. Italys has a big older population which is certainly not helping. Even so, they made some huge mistakes during the early stages of the pandemic
  13. I’m not sure depleting the entire supply of ventilators in the nation is a good move. If we have all are resources in NYC, what happens when the virus spikes in FL? Cuomo makes it sound like it will be easy to share the ventilators with other city’s. Will he make the determination on which patients don’t need ventilators anymore? I understand his point and he has been great during this pandemic. I just don’t agree with sending all of the supply to NYC.
  14. Similar pattern to early December 2019.
  15. Going to end with over a inch of rain here today. The wet times have arrived again