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  1. That’s what happens when you have a running back as your starting qb
  2. Nice post about the mjo the other day. It’s look to make it into p8 to start February
  3. Warmest week is +2 and no sign of a -pna. Has a -nao throughout
  4. We just can’t get any pac improvements. We have a +pna now but the low south of ak keeps killing the attempts of a stout pna. We will now flip it around with a -epo/-pna/-ao/-nao to see if it works better lol. It will definitely increases the storm chances
  5. It would be a travesty if we waste this blocking in the heart of winter.
  6. The geps do it as well but a bit faster.
  7. That’s about to change for the second half of the month lol
  8. My prediction of a slow weakening looks good according to your favorite model the cfs
  9. Your secondary peak post was incorrect. Nothing true about it lol
  10. Haha. No it’s not. You’re not showing the whole picture. Enso 1/2 and 3 have warmed. This is a west base nino with the coldest anomalies in the western enso. It’s still weakening. It bottomed out in early October