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  1. First mows by the end of Morch?
  2. Be happy you broke 10 inches this season. It could have been a lot worst for your area.
  3. Time to move on Anthony…. Enjoy the baseball season.
  4. Beautiful outside! Let’s keep this around
  5. Thanks. Hopefully some hope for next winter. Great insight
  6. What made 20-21 so snowy? I remember you said something about the mjo in October being a precursor for that January…
  7. I don’t issue seasonal forecasts but I admire the hours of work you put into it every season. Look forward to reading your thoughts this fall. Hopefully, a Nina like 20-21 haha
  8. December ended up being a lot worst than everyone thought. You really couldn’t predict that bad of a nightmare from months in advance. January ended up flipping the script but the pac jet ext killed the party. Lately, the jet ext kill any type of winter in the lower 48. It takes weeks to recover now just to have a chance.
  9. Thanks. I thought you did a great job with predicting the very short window of winter this month. My guess was we would get into March with a favorable look but it went to hell fast. Don’t think much changes next winter outside NNE with the strong Nina. It’s just going to enhance convection where we don’t want it. The Midwest will probably have a huge winter
  10. We done! Time for 9 months of humidity and warmth
  11. Would be nice to get a Nina to actually give us cold/snow in December.
  12. NNE should Be fine next winter with the Nina. It obviously can’t get any worst than this winter for that area. We are probably cooked down here if the PAC doesn’t improve
  13. We had 2+ of snow cover here in Middlesex County the last 10 days.
  14. Finally our small little town was a local jackpot…
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