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  1. Wow, so much for that high pressure
  2. Drought destroyer for Much of the area. Models didn’t handle the dry air and precipitation well with this.
  3. Pouring again as radar echoes come from a diff direction. This is crazy
  4. .85 overnight. Over 5.00 for event total
  5. Areas in nnj and nyc did better then what the models showed initially. Dry air loss the the fight
  6. The drought monitor will probably remove every shade next week
  7. I might get to 5 if everything pans out today. Cut off low not going anywhere, so it’s definitely a possibility
  8. Fire hose currently directed into the metro
  9. 18z euro 2-3 inches for the area
  10. What’s getting lost in all this rain talk is how below normal we were today
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