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  1. Humidity dropping here along with the severe threat
  2. Biggest bust of our lifetime
  3. Get back out there and mow….
  4. Schools let out early for sun and clouds
  5. Looks like the stuff forming in south central PA will be for the city/south. Stuff in northeast PA will move into Hudson valley
  6. Euro held serve at 12z with no heatwave
  7. Yup. Has Long Island now in the 60/70’s next weekend with nyc reaching 80
  8. One of the worst April may combos of my lifetime….ugly weather
  9. This! Awful April and may so far
  10. Killing the fishing currently
  11. Awful weather….awful spring so far
  12. Absolutely amazing outside!!!! It’s been such a long winter that this type Of day feels even better
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