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  1. We torch!!!!! Best March since 2010
  2. Today is absolute fire! Beautiful day
  3. We were due for March snow regression
  4. KPHL with record rainfall today
  5. I personally hate March snow so us getting skunked isn’t a big let down to me. I rather get all our snow in DJF to maximize snow cover etc. 17-18 I can’t rank higher because of a few reasons.... 1. The cold pattern from December into January that year was mainly dry. The costal storm in early January mainly effected the jersey shore and LI. 2. February was a torch! Winter shut off after that early January storm until March. 3. Horrible winter for snow pack 4. The March climo hurt in different ways for all of those costal storms. The best event here was the last storm of that Month and it melted in two days
  6. Over a inch now and counting....
  7. Most of our snow comes in a 3-4 week period. In the snowy winters of 09-10 and 10-11 most of the snow fell in a similar timeframe. If you’re disappointed about 40 inches of snow in the heart of winter then you should consider moving. The outlooks for this winter, including our great snowman19, were for warmth and no snow. So we definitely got lucky from the ssw
  8. 100% agree. This was the best winter since 2015
  9. The drought talk was so silly
  10. Haha. You got a 35 inch winter in Brooklyn and most of it fell in three weeks. We had winter in winter this year. March snow is overrated
  11. This! March is one of the worst months of the year. I’m glad we didn’t get snow this month and we used it all in February
  12. That’s not the Colin we know on the forums...lol
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