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  1. Yeah this would be p7 December in Niña
  2. Yeah, I can see us getting into 7 but will have a hard time getting into p8. We need that pac to reshuffle because all we are getting now is a nw flow with cool air because of the lower hgts in ak
  3. Weeklies hinting at a -epo change around mid month. Perhaps with some jet retraction and strat help it might have some merit
  4. Because normally the Niña stacks warm water in the mjo cold phases for March. P3-4-5
  5. Yeah, this shot of cold air will favor New England more as the angle is best for them. The eps did a good job sniffing out that cold shot around the 5th
  6. I don’t see much help from the mjo or strat anytime soon. Perhaps some jet retraction mid month? Eps continues to keep that torch look in the 11-15 day with it not moving up in time. With that said, it’s still a very meh pattern for snow/cold
  7. High of only 39 yesterday at the park. That’s a impressive high for late November
  8. 31 and light snow. Accumulation on the colder surfaces and car tops
  9. Knyc has 10.5 in the December storm last year
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