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  1. 1:30am and the back edge of the heavy rain is already near Trenton. This is in and out very quickly, with probably only around a half inch of rain. There will be some scattered downpours during the afternoon, but overall this won't be the huge rainstorm that was advertised. Thursday's storm looks as if it will be a much bigger one.
  2. Come on, you're a baseball fan. I don't understand why you root for bad weather for your beloved NY Mets. It's time for warm, beautiful weather for baseball. I love snow, but don't want to see it again until late November or December.
  3. You sure don't talk like a baseball fan. Why would you want dreary weather for your Mets?
  4. He is terrible. You're much better off watching Lee Goldberg on channel 7.
  5. Every year I plant broccoli, lettuce, radishes and peas during the last few days of March. I find that it's enough time to get good crops before it gets too hot.
  6. My 8" today gets me to about 29 inches for the winter. I believe that's just about average for this area. Not bad considering how warm this winter has been. Amazing how well we continue to do in the snowfall department despite the winters getting warmer and warmer.
  7. After it ended I measured 8 inches of snow/sleet. Taking into account that compaction happens, I'm guessing we got 9 or 9.5 here. So pretty close to what you measured. Quite a storm, even though it was a bust in the snowfall department.
  8. RGEM looked like a nice thump of snow before the changeover. Much better than NAM, that's for sure.
  9. HRRR gives NYC much more than 10 inches of snow. 01z HRRR snow map shows about 17 inches for NYC.
  10. 01z HRRR is again coming in with major accumulations way to the south. It's obvious that the NAM is on crack.
  11. 22z HRRR is incredible. Entire area crushed, even central Jersey. So much colder than other models.
  12. At the end of the HRRR run (14z) it shows 13 inches pretty far south in Mercer county NJ. It's definitely colder than NAM and RGEM, but HRRR isn't at its good range yet.
  13. GGEM actually seems like a good model compared to GFS. THAT'S how bad GFS has been this winter.
  14. GGEM is 10 to 15 inches almost the whole tri-state area. Hardly awful.
  15. It's close to a foot of snow for NYC. Hardly ugly.