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  1. Yeah, it's been pouring here for awhile. Some thunder and some 25 to 30mph wind gusts, but the main thing is the plants are getting much needed water. The rain is now tapering off and we have close to three quarters of an inch of rain here, the most we've had in Piscataway in a long time. Glad I can finally stop watering the vegetable garden.
  2. We did finally get a decent downpour here. Low end heavy rain for awhile that did get us up close to a quarter inch for the day. Nothing great, but at least enough to finally give the garden a decent watering.
  3. I'm so jealous. Amazing how the storms keep slipping just a few miles to my southeast.
  4. That big storm missed just a few miles to the south and east. Another less intense cell did form behind it and gave us some moderate rain, but not enough to give things a good watering. Plenty of other storms around, so hopefully something will hit here later. Maybe those storms to the north of Plainfield will drift south.
  5. And that big storm is missing us by just a few miles here in Piscataway yet again. Just like every storm last week. This is becoming so ridiculous it's comical. It's so dry here that yellow/brown leaves are falling off the trees into my yard, yet just a few miles away there has been plenty of rain in the last week. How does every single storm always miss us?
  6. Sounded like a war zone here last night. By far the most fireworks I've ever heard and seen. Tons and tons of big-time illegal stuff. I lit off a lot of stuff myself. It was a fun night. I didn't see police busting anyone in this area. I think they realized that people should be able to light off stuff and have fun themselves this year since most fireworks displays were cancelled.
  7. 95 degrees here now, but the dewpoint has fallen to 56. At least its a dry heat today. Models are showing scattered heavy storms for tomorrow, so hoping for a dowpour here tomorrow. The ground is absolutely parched.
  8. I'm glad you ended up getting a great storm, even though I'm very jealous (lol). I would have been in it had my location been just a couple miles to the east. The eastern sky looked as if the end of the world was happening ... pitch black and lots of lightning. Very frustrating to be so close to a great storm. I did water the vegetable garden this afternoon, because I had a feeling the storms would miss me again tonight. It has been a week of horrendous luck here. Hopefully better luck next week.
  9. I don't know how this happens to my area every single time. I lost count of the number of storms that have missed me by just a few miles this week. It's mind boggling. Now to add insult to injury, the storms in Somerset county will miss me to the south as they move into central and southern Middlesex county. No water for the garden this week, despite so many storms around.
  10. And yet again, it missed me by just a couple miles to the east. I was on the edge so I only got a brief moderate shower. A few hundreths of an inch of rain. I'm ending up with not even a tenth of an inch of rain for the whole week, what a joke. The ground is parched.
  11. Yeah that shower missed me a few miles to the east. I was on the edge of it so only got a few sprinkles. RGEM did a good job showing a few storms popping close to our area today, but unfortunately nothing for me again. Much more numerous storms tomorrow so hopefully we'll cash in. I might lose it if I don't get a downpour tomorrow, lol.
  12. Missed me a few miles to the east of course, as it dropped down through the Edison area.
  13. Yeah it's horrible. I hope we finally have some better luck tomorrow with the scattered storms that are expected. Today the chance looks extremely slim (maybe a 10% chance) with very isolated storms but you never know. RGEM does keep showing a couple storms popping up close to our area today.
  14. Yep, what else is new. Had just a couple of showers here. Radar looked good, but what was on track to hit us good weakened. Another cell developed and missed me just to the west, going into Somerset county. The rain got moderate for a brief minute as I was near the edge of that cell. Not enough to water the garden. Amazing how many different heavy storms just missed me today. The luck is so bad it's comical. I'm looking at radar now and seeing another batch of storms moving SSE through Morris county, but it looks as if those will miss us slightly to the west as they move down into Somerset county.
  15. Those storms dropping south into Union county look as if they'll hit us shortly. Hopefully they won't find a way to miss us yet again. The garden could really use a drink.