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  1. It's funny how dumb the general public is with weather. Like in the winter when they say it's hailing outside when it's really sleeting.
  2. Nice. I went to Readington to do some walking on trails. Perfect day to do some hiking. Of course I couldn't resist stopping at Polar Cub Ice Cream.
  3. Very comfortable with the dew point down to 55 here. Sunshine and mid 80s this afternoon to go along with the low humidity ... a top 10 day of the year. I hope everyone gets outside and enjoys it.
  4. 85 with a dew point of 63 here right now. Feels quite a bit better out there today. Dew points will get down to the mid to high 50s tomorrow .... that's going to feel great.
  5. I got 0.72" here tonight. 1.90 over the last 5 days. I agree, we've had enough rain and could use a drying out period now. Looks like a nice dry period the next 5 days with lower humidity and near normal summer temps. I'm looking forward to it. The high humidity with rain chances will come back on Tuesday. By then I'll be wanting rain again.
  6. You predicted at least a half inch earlier, and that's gonna be a good call for my location. I just hit a half inch and it's almost over. Gonna end up a little over a half inch here. As Warlock said it was kind of meh. A solid heavy t-storm instead of severe, but it was nice to get a good soaking and see a pretty good lightning show. I see the southern part of the line strengthened and a new warning is out, so it is gonna be more severe for southern Middlesex County and Monmouth County.
  7. I just had a very close lightning strike.
  8. Pouring here too. Some lightning. Had some wind gusts in the 30s earlier. It's well below severe levels, but a nice storm.
  9. Gusty here now and the rain has started.
  10. Nice to have a pretty solid line coming in instead of the hit or miss stuff we've had this summer, even though the storms are below severe levels.
  11. The most widespread activity is supposed to be way later. HRRR has it around 8 to 9pm. Hopefully the majority of the area will get hit then.
  12. Latest HRRR hits us hard here around 8pm. Hoping to see a good storm tonight! I'm also looking forward to the nice break in the humidity. Dew points in 50s on Friday will feel great. That looks like one of the nicest days of the summer. Dew points will go up a little over the weekend, but I don't think they'll get back to the 70s until Tuesday. A nice break from the high humidity.
  13. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more widespread event so most people can get in on the action.
  14. I was in Longhorn Steakhouse in Piscataway when there was a heavy downpour with wind. I was wondering if it was gonna be the same situation with a storm missing my home by a few miles to the south, but I got home and saw that there was a heavy downpour here that dropped a quick quarter inch. So at least I got something here. It's good to continue to have moist soil for the vegetable garden during this big heat. I see this next round now is missing to the south as it goes through central and southern Middlesex County.
  15. The storm missed me to the south but at least it provided some relief from the heat. Temp is down to 80. We'll see if any of those storms in PA make it to our area, but I'm going out to dinner now so won't be following them.
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