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  1. I know New Jersey has one of the best vaccination rates. Right now we have 44% fully vaccinated and 61% have gotten one dose. I'm sure that's the biggest reason why we're seeing a major Covid decline here now.
  2. Here in NJ the transmission rate has fallen to 0.63, the lowest it has been during the entire pandemic. Great to see the virus in rapid decline now.
  3. 89 degrees here! Temps always go higher than forecast in these situations.
  4. Things are rapidly improving now here in NJ. Cases are down 31% from a week ago and 42% from a month ago. 60% of people in this state have received 1 dose and 42% are fully vaccinated. It seems as if 40% vaccination is the area in which cases start to decline significantly.
  5. And NYC ended up with a .59 total. Not bad.
  6. Glad we got our decent half inch soaking. It was bone dry so we really needed it. Next chance of rain looks to be thursday, although not a significant event. Right now is looks like showers and maybe around a quarter of an inch.
  7. And radar looks pretty good. Heavier echoes are making it pretty far north in eastern PA. Looks like it's gonna be a good half inch to three quarters of an inch soaking for the NYC area.
  8. 12z Euro looks good for a decent soaking. It gives NYC about .75, similar to RGEM, and gets the half inch line well up into northern NJ. GFS is probably too far south with the rain amounts. The other models are in agreement on a good half inch to 1 inch soaking.
  9. I just read that upon further examination by US vaccine advisors, the amount of blood clots linked to the J&J vaccine increased to 15. All of them women, and 13 of the 15 under 50 years old. I assume they will resume the J&J vaccine with a warning for the blood clot risk to younger women.
  10. Although 12z NAM came north with the heavier rain amounts, compared to last night's run. It gives NYC close to an inch. RGEM also gives NYC a good three quarters of an inch. Hopefully GFS is off with the heavier amounts staying south. We could use a good soaking.
  11. My allergies are bothering me a bit more today (windy days make it worse), but nothing terrible. My allergies are always at their worst when the tree pollen first comes out in mid to late March, and then it calms down for April. I guess it's an initial major overreaction to the pollen by my immune system, but then it adjusts and the allergies aren't quite as bad. Every year in mid-late March I have one night where I'm up all night because the allergies are so incredibly bad. There's some kind of tree pollen here that seems to come out all at once and hits me like a ton of bricks for one night as my immune system goes nuts with the reaction. This year it was a little bit later than usual on the 28th. Maybe it was a little delayed because we had a cold February, but I was up all night with the constant sneezing and runny nose. Not even one hour of sleep. Thankfully that happens for only 1 night and then it calms down a little. Now for April and May my allergies are moderate with more sneezing and congestion than usual, but nothing too bad.
  12. Just a light shower. Frustrating. I'm going outside now to water the broccoli and lettuce plants.
  13. Yeah got very windy here too as the storm missed slightly to the northwest. 30 to 40mph gusts, but not even a sprinkle. I see a pretty good storm is going into central Middlesex county now. As almost always happens, storms miss just to the north and just to south for this area. I don't know why the broken part of the line goes over northern Middlesex County so often. Looks as if I'm gonna have to go out and water this afternoon.
  14. I can see on radar that this storm is gonna miss me a few miles to the north. Very frustrating how often this happens for this area. So often storms miss northern Middlesex County just a few miles to the north and a few miles to the south. Strange how often this happens.
  15. I see on radar some convection is starting to fire in eastern PA. The models aren't as impressed with rain amounts as they were the last couple days, but I'm hoping for a nice downpour for the vegetable garden this afternoon. It has really dried out the last week. If not this afternoon then obviously we'll have to wait for the soaking rain saturday night into sunday, but radar in eastern PA is starting to look promising for the possibility of a storm early this afternoon.