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  1. I wouldnt say a dry pattern just less rain than we've had. There's a few rainy days over the next 10. I don't see any rainy days. Just a few days with isolated t-storms. Overall a dry pattern the next 10 days.
  2. And most importantly we're finally going into a dry pattern. Much needed after the weeks and weeks of constant rain.
  3. Looks as if the storm hitting Allentown will be here by around 1pm. Then perhaps a break for a few hours before another round later in the afternoon. 12z RGEM shows the 2 rounds hitting us, one early afternoon and another late afternoon.
  4. HRRR is similar. Both models have the storms missing us to the south today. Will be interesting to see if those models are right, because SPC has the whole area in a slight risk.
  5. winterwx21

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    Some decent wind too. Not severe but some 30 to 40mph gusts here. Cool watching the rain blow sideways in the strong north winds. Very very heavy rain to.
  6. I planted the tomatoes and all other summer crops on May 4th and they look fine. This cool cloudy weather slows down their growth dramatically, but it doesn't kill or harm them since there's no frost. The summer crops will just be delayed a little bit. On the other hand this cool/wet weather is absolutely great for the cool weather crops that I planted in late March. I'm getting the biggest lettuce crop I've ever gotten and the broccoli plants look great.
  7. I don't think most here want downright hot temps. Just nice warm comfortable temps. 70 to 80 degrees with low humidity is comfortable. The next few days we're gonna have low 50s with cloudy skies and rain. That type of weather feels so raw and miserable. You can't do anything outside in that type of weather. Don't know how you can root for that type of weather, especially since you're a baseball fan. You can't play baseball in that weather. How can you not want 70 and sunny for baseball??
  8. I planted mine on saturday. No more threats of frost so I don't think it's a problem. A good soaking yesterday and now some warmer temps and sunshine today and tomorrow, so they should get going.
  9. winterwx21

    March, 2019

    The good news is it looks as if we'll have an extended warm stretch after the tuesday-wednesday cooldown. A good amount of days with high temps in the 60s and possibly 70. Last year it was a real struggle in late March and early April with cold weather lingering for a long time. I'm glad its looking as if it won't be a repeat this year. It'll be nice to start the vegetable garden (cool weather crops like lettuce and broccoli) late next week in warm weather. Perfect timing.
  10. winterwx21

    March, 2019

    And another warmup late next week after the tuesday/wednesday cold shot. An up and down pattern for awhile with a couple cool days and couple warm days.
  11. winterwx21

    March, 2019

    Believe it or not I'm up to 78 degrees right now! Talk about a busted temp forecast!
  12. winterwx21

    March, 2019

    The cold pattern for the first week of March did materialize and we got 2 snowstorms out of it, which you ended up being wrong about. That week salvaged the winter for me. Instead of way below normal snowfall, that week brought us up to only slightly below normal snowfall for the winter. It was nice to have snow stay on the ground for an entire week too, which doesn't happen very often that late in the season.
  13. winterwx21

    March, 2019

    Models are really backing off on the colder pattern for the week of March 17th. Looks like just a return to cooler near normal temps, which means highs near 50. That cold/snowy first week of March was probably out last wintry week. Spring looks to settle in nicely, unlike like last year.
  14. winterwx21

    March, 2019

    You have to admit you kept saying we wouldn't get any snowstorms out of the week long cold pattern in early March. We ended up getting 2 snowstorms. I got about 11 inches between the 2 storms.
  15. winterwx21

    March, 2019

    12z GFS actually shows a warm pattern starting in late March near the end of its run, around the 23rd. But before then it shows a cold pattern from around the 17th to 22nd. We'll see if we can get any snow out of the cold pattern in the latter part of mid March and early part of late March. I do hope it warms up in very late March in time for the start of the growing season like 12z GFS hints at.