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  1. Yeah, I was just gonna mention that Euro doesn't bring the rain in until thursday night.
  2. Beautiful radar shot right there. I went out for a late night run after the storm, and saw some of the damage. The other side of my block has no power, and I saw 2 large trees down. I feel bad for the people that lost power, but that was a dream t-storm for a weather fanatic. Easily one of the top 5 t-storms in my lifetime. Enjoyed it tremendously.
  3. Yeah, a ton of lightning. But the wind was the biggest story here. It's been a long time since a t-storm has delivered wind gusts over 60mph here. The pounding sound against the north side of my house (rain and hail) was incredible. We were lucky to not lose power from this storm.
  4. WOW. This is the most intense t-storm we've had in several years here. North wind gusting 60 to 70mph and pea sized hail. Can't remember seeing wind this strong from a t-storm here for a long time. You can barely see outside with the torrential rain blowing sideways. Lots of lightning too. Amazing storm.
  5. Yeah heaviest just slightly to the south of us on the RGEM. It brings the really heavy rains in around 6pm and the really heavy stuff falls in about a 6 hour period.
  6. Stelton Road has to be one of the worst roads in the entire country. Hate it with a passion.
  7. High temp hit 95 here. Now down to 92 due to more clouds.
  8. 12z Euro gives us a pretty good soaking wednesday night into thursday. Over an inch of rain.
  9. High temps upper 70s to low 80s would be my guess for Labor Day weekend. GFS is showing a very nice holiday weekend. Hopefully that'll hold, but a long way to go.
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