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  1. Really warm pattern starting next thursday. We might not be done with 70 degrees, but mid 60s at least.
  2. Yeah after the brief cold shot monday into tuesday, we quickly bounce back to 60 degrees wednesday and that looks like the start of a prolonged warmer than normal pattern.
  3. Yeah after the heavy rain from the remnants of the tropical system and cold shot at the end of the week that could give us our first freeze, it's looking like an extended warm pattern in early November. Week of November 2nd should be well above normal temps.
  4. If you're a big NFL fan, I highly recommend getting the Sunday Ticket. It's great being able to watch any game you want. Looking forward to that Chiefs-Broncos game today.
  5. Everyone talking about the humidity and yes it's high for this time of year, but it's still nothing compared to the type of humidity we get in the summer when we have oppressive dewpoints in the 70s. Everyone is different, but to me a dewpoint of 64 doesn't feel bad at all. The humidity doesn't start feeling uncomfortable to me until the dewpoint gets to the low 70s. I went for a 7 mile run last night and didn't feel the 64 dewpoint one bit. In fact I liked it because it was nice that it felt warm enough out to be able to run with just a t-shirt on at night this time of year.
  6. I think 75 to 80 is a good possibility for this week. Maybe not quite to 80, but I think there's a good chance my area will hit 77 or 78 wednesday or thursday this week. Great October weather!
  7. Completely agree. Hopefully the warm pattern will last a long time this Fall to keep the growing season going and for outdoor activities like hiking, leaf raking and outdoor dining. Then hopefully it will flip to a colder pattern to get some snow in December.
  8. 36 was the low here too. As expected, everything in the vegetable garden is just fine. And now no frost/freeze in sight for a long time as we go into a very warm pattern.
  9. Yeah, I've always noticed that a little frost doesn't do much damage to the vegetable garden. It usually takes an actual freeze to end the growing season. We have a frost advisory here and the temp could get down to about 36 tonight, but I'm not too worried. My pole lima beans are producing like crazy right now, and I'm hoping they can keep going for at least 2 more weeks. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are still producing decently too. The light frost threat tonight shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Yeah, next week looking like an amazing week with that ridge. 70 degree weather all week. Could be the last week of the season for outdoor activities in consistently warm temps.
  11. Looking like high temps upper 60s to around 70 all next week. Very mild pattern except for a brief cool shot at the end of this week.
  12. Looks as if this is mainly a morning event monday? NAM is showing very heavy rain during the morning, but only a little light rain during the afternoon.
  13. It looks as if you'll have to go well to the north and west to see frost with the late week cool shot. Lows here are expected to be in the low-mid 40s. Nothing to write home about for October. Then a mild pattern for awhile, as you mentioned. So thankfully crops will be safe for awhile. My vegetable garden is still producing very well.
  14. This thing is moving very quickly ... the rain is going to be ending early in the morning tomorrow. So I'm not sure where you're getting the 36 hours. It isn't even going to be 24 hours.