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  1. Yep it was good to add a little more rain. I picked up 0.72" here. Much needed rain.
  2. Sorry, that's lousy. Frustrating when a nice storm like this just barely misses you. You were just a few miles too far south. I got lucky here.
  3. I see another little cell popped up behind it. We might get another brief downpour.
  4. It was a very good storm. So glad we FINALLY got hit with a nice cell.
  5. I know you're a little south of me. The dark red on radar went right over me here in the extreme northern part of the county. It came down buckets here. A half inch of rain in a very short period of time. We had some close lightning strikes and 40mph wind gusts. Best storm in a long time here. Glad I finally can take a break from watering the vegetable garden for a couple days.
  6. Pouring here now. Windy too with gusts 30 to 40mph. Decent storm.
  7. Dark clouds and I can hear the thunder.
  8. Looks as if the downpour in Somerset county is on track to hit here shortly. Keeping my fingers crossed .... I'm desperate for the rain.
  9. I can't even remember the last time I cut the lawn. This has been the longest stretch of not mowing I can ever remember for the summer. We've certainly had summers in which the lawns burned out, but I don't remember anything this extreme. Anyway HRRR NAM and RGEM are showing very little activity for today. Just a slight chance today and tomorrow. Not looking good as this extremely dry pattern continues.
  10. It's so frustrating. I watered the vegetable garden today. A few days ago when the models were showing a deluge for today into tomorrow, I was hoping to finally get a break from watering. Terrible how nothing ever pans out this summer.
  11. RGEM is showing almost nothing for today too. This was another example of why we should be skeptical anytime the models show a good event several days in advance. As usual it fell apart and the terribly dry pattern continues. Just isolated activity the next couple days. Have to hope we get lucky today or tomorrow, but the luck here has been terrible so there's a good chance we won't get anything significant. Maybe we'll have a little better chance when the front comes through later tuesday or wednesday.
  12. It weakened as it hit my area, so just some moderate rain with a few rumbles. About a tenth of an inch of rain. Better than nothing, and hopefully much more coming tomorrow.
  13. NAM isn't showing much for tomorrow and saturday. I know there will be some downpours and there's decent potential due to the high dewpoints, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much since we've had such bad luck here. We'll see.
  14. 93 here, but doesn't feel bad with the dewpoint at 56.
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