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  1. Had a morning low of 39.5 here in Syosset.
  2. uofmiami

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    Just to your West wasn't as bad. Only .54 in Muttontown, didn't have any training of the cells around here.
  3. Yes, 1.85” fell in Muttontown for the day. 1.70” came within an hour this afternoon.
  4. Low of 73.1 in Muttontown and 73.9 in Syosset this morning. Didn't think it'd get below 75 this morning but it did.
  5. uofmiami

    Hurricane Lane impacts Hawaii

    Maui has a lot of wildfires on the west Maui mountains. Usually they aren’t in populated areas like the one is Lahaina was. Besides some mudslides on road to Hana, Maui got brushed. The big island took the brunt of the rainfall from Lane, as winds never materialized for the warned areas thankfully.
  6. Looks like hurricane warnings for Maui and Hawaii are overdone. Maybe volcano summits see hurricane force wind gusts but most likely TS winds for those islands. Looking at euro and ensembles appears same may be true for Oahu. Regardless, it looks like the worse case scenario is less likely, so you should get some decent video of gusty showers. Hope the rest of your stay is back on track once Lane moves on.
  7. Yikes but makes sense. I had to deal with a dead bird in my backyard a couple of days ago.
  8. You’ll end up in a shelter, if you are forced to evacuate, it’s why I kept saying head East to Maui or big island, regardless of watches imo. Does your hotel property have a building away from the beach, higher up in elevation? In Iwa we moved to building away from beach on property. The next day the building we had been in was gone. Meanwhile we had people knocking on room door to get on bus to shelter as storm was hitting. Hopefully Lane stays away and only a glancing blow with TS force winds happens to you in Oahu. Otherwise it’ll be a memorable vacation for the wrong reasons.
  9. I agree, should the storm not make landfall the winds will be out of the trade direction primarily and the trades can gust into the 40+ mph range sometimes too. 12Z GFS apparently wants to run Lane into the Big Island FWIW. Curious to see how strong the shear is, once Lane begins to turn, which will be crucial for what islands get some impacts from storm.
  10. Start looking for Maui or big island resorts to stay for rest of your trip soon imo. Looks like a cat 1-2 could be heading to the western islands in a few days.
  11. I went through Iwa on Kauai in 82 as a child, sparked my interest in weather. Thankfully my dad worked for United so were able to get out afterwards, otherwise it would have been a while due to the destruction & lack of power. I'm sure the storm will miss and you'll be ok. Enjoy your time in Oahu.
  12. They freak when the trades stop, which is funny IMO. When I was there (Maui) back 2014 during the El Nino, the locals were dying due to the lack of trades, they can't take the humidity without the wind. Usually trades are lacking with an El Nino developing or happening there. Of course, there is also an increased chance for Hurricanes there during El Nino too. Good luck with Lane, should the storm come your way. I would change plans and head to Maui or Big Island IMO, so you can fly back to mainland when your trip should be over, unless you want to stay and experience a Hurricane in Hawaii.
  13. Hurricane Iwa in 1982 for me (5 yrs old), when our family was on vacation in Kauai.