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  1. Had fluries at my house in Syosset as well before. And again by East Norwich while driving back to Great Neck.
  2. Low of 34 in Muttontown this morning!
  3. Congrats, looks like you were a few rooms down from where I was a 19 months ago when my son was born.
  4. Houston needs everyone's prayers, it's just mind boggling the scope of all the flooding. I hope they get enough help down there to save everyone trapped by the flood waters.
  5. 50.9 this morning in Muttontown. I'm sure the pool heater is working harder than usual for late August.
  6. 2.12” in Muttontown for the day.
  7. 1.91" in Muttontown so far. It literally dumped in no time:
  8. 93.6 in Muttontown for the high, it was hot on the island today. Your temp is correct IMO!
  9. 90.1 and 89.1 for Muttontown on those days. Up to 6 90 degree days so far.
  10. My brother in-law in Jericho pays around $50K in property taxes, I am sure the Jericho school tax is a very large part of it. My parents in Muttontown pay around $50K in proprety taxes as well, majority of it Locust Valley school tax. I have property taxes around $23K on my house in Syosset, which I am challenging assessment on since prior owner never did. If you have a big enough parcel of land I am sure one could get close to & over the $100K mark for taxes alone on the island.
  11. Come on Chris, it's a dry heat, LOL!
  12. My younger brother takes Xanax and has a couple of drinks, seems to make him mellow for flights. Years ago I had to hold him in his seat once as we were taking off, as he had a panic attack before he was diagnosed with Graves disease, poor kid wanted me to punch him and knock him out.
  13. OKX website links to this page now: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?sid=KFOK&table=1&num=168&banner=off
  14. 1.75" for the storm total in Muttontown
  15. 35.9 for the morning low in Muttontown.