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  1. 1.91" in Muttontown so far. It literally dumped in no time:
  2. 93.6 in Muttontown for the high, it was hot on the island today. Your temp is correct IMO!
  3. 90.1 and 89.1 for Muttontown on those days. Up to 6 90 degree days so far.
  4. My brother in-law in Jericho pays around $50K in property taxes, I am sure the Jericho school tax is a very large part of it. My parents in Muttontown pay around $50K in proprety taxes as well, majority of it Locust Valley school tax. I have property taxes around $23K on my house in Syosset, which I am challenging assessment on since prior owner never did. If you have a big enough parcel of land I am sure one could get close to & over the $100K mark for taxes alone on the island.
  5. Come on Chris, it's a dry heat, LOL!
  6. My younger brother takes Xanax and has a couple of drinks, seems to make him mellow for flights. Years ago I had to hold him in his seat once as we were taking off, as he had a panic attack before he was diagnosed with Graves disease, poor kid wanted me to punch him and knock him out.
  7. OKX website links to this page now: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?sid=KFOK&table=1&num=168&banner=off
  8. 1.75" for the storm total in Muttontown
  9. 35.9 for the morning low in Muttontown.
  10. Yeah I love that we can be in Huntington in no time and can enjoy the restaurants/shops, etc there.
  11. I agree with that, a reason why we purchased a house in Syosset 3 months ago. Wife liked Roslyn, but I convinced her for our family Syosset was the better move.
  12. $1 & a dream (lotto), haha.
  13. Some of the imagery on twitter from it is amazing. It can't go operational soon enough. Amazing weather satellite.