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  1. There goes another potential heatwave, never fails with onshore flow this summer.
  2. Your satellite loop is showing yesterday. I’m thinking these clouds are going to keep a lid on temps with the backdoor front clouds racing in from the NE as well. Also, looks like heat for next week is legit with a potential shot at our first heatwave for NYC region.
  3. Clouds are coming in from the N now & might thwart a run at 90. We shall see.
  4. Is my cache on my browser messed up or is this a map from June 27th?
  5. As long as skies are clear 90 seems a go for today. Tomorrow we’ll have to see if clouds pop up and thwart another attempt at 90.
  6. Probably where seabreeze front is, since the clouds have limited our heating and the movement of the seabreeze front northward.
  7. Have a hunch in a few days, Wed-Thu, the guidance will mute the heat in the extended. It’s been the pattern this summer so far & until the heat is within a few days on the models, I’m not biting on a heatwave.
  8. I’ll add my photos from Muttontown when the cell passed N and we had the gust front roll through. Had some mammatus prior to the gust front, but was in the pool and couldn’t take pics. Gust front approaching: Gust front after passage:
  9. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/ww0312.html
  10. Guess it didn’t die out, haha. Enjoy the appetizer cell, I think today we see better storms later on the island.