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  1. 58 for the high at both my stations
  2. Crazy temp gradient along the coast. 40 at Sagamore Yacht Club and it's 52/53 at my stations, 4-5 miles inland from Yacht Club.
  3. No issues with my hemlocks or green giant arborvitaes thankfully, they did well with heavy wet snow. Happy I replaced the old bushes years ago with the arborvitaes when I redid the yard, they would have certainly snapped under the weight. Lots of limbs down from pine trees around the area though.
  4. Going to finish with 2.7” for this storm it appears. Not a bad refresh of the snowpack. Enjoy Windham!
  5. Sun angle isn't an issue until March 15th or so down on LI. If the rates are good with cold temps snow accumulates on the roads during the day before then. After March 15th it becomes much harder to snow cover roads during the daytime.
  6. My Muttontown station is at 154 feet & Syosset is at 230 feet in elevation. 3 miles apart.
  7. You may be correct. Such a slop event I didn’t even put it to memory.
  8. 1am sleet was falling on my roof while heading to bed & at 4am saw on camera wife’s car was white. Knew things were on track for 4-8”. Happy we finally got a storm to produce, it has been over 2 years I think.
  9. Yeah when I went to shovel/snowblow the snow after it ended, the blacktop was down to 4-5” already.
  10. We can all admit failure. This storm was definitely challenging to forecast. I also couldn’t help but weenie you, it was well deserved.
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