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  1. 23 in Muttontown and 24 in Syosset this morning both occurring around 6:30 am. Currently 48 now and rising under sunny skies.
  2. UK announced their upgrade now the US announces their upgrade: https://www.noaa.gov/media-release/us-to-triple-operational-weather-and-climate-supercomputing-capacity
  3. Unfortunately the GEFS-FV3 is going to exhibit the same issue when the GEFS gets upgraded this spring. Really hope they get a fix for the FV3 GFS & GEFS before next winter.
  4. Highest gusts I recorded were 42 mph in Muttontown and 39 mph in Syosset.
  5. Anthony has passed the torch. Took long enough for that happen.
  6. 21.4 for low at my weather stations. A whole 8 days since it was 21 at my weather stations.
  7. Thank you for your sacrifice We’ll take the 1” or so of snow we get here in the island tonight.
  8. Yeah that makes a lot more sense. Kids are definitely not cheap and the high cost of living here doesn’t make it easy.
  9. $70k per kid? Where the heck is the kid going? We pay $6k for summer camp and around $26k for daycare/school at JCC for one kid. It’s close to $70k for two kids though.
  10. 31.7/29 now in Syosset with sleet and rain it appears.
  11. It's usually re-positioning aircraft. I have seen Delta move planes from JFK to LGA on flightradar24 app. United I think is big at EWR, so wonder if he was flying for them. If private, that is one heck of a short flight to avoid traffic, helicopter would make more sense.
  12. I measured 3.2" which is on the PNS from OKX. I only expected 2" from the storm but I'm not complaining about getting more. Liking the start to winter so far compared to last year.
  13. 17.5 in Muttontown & 18.2 in Syosset for the low.