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  1. .61 in Syosset & .57 in Muttontown so far
  2. Yeah got slammed at my office in Great Neck Plaza, definitely over 1" to perhaps 2" so far.
  3. 96.4 & 95.1 for the high in Muttontown & Syosset respectively today.
  4. Turn the sprinklers on for the dog, haha
  5. Ok that's S of me with houses a little closer together, not as much green compared to N of the LIRR tracks by me.
  6. What station is that? Curious of the location
  7. Runs high IMO but it's currently 77 3 miles away at my other wx station it's 67 DP in Muttontown
  8. You are running about 3 degrees ahead of my two wx stations. 90.8 in Muttontown & 88.9 in Syosset at the moment.
  9. @psv88 will be the closest to it IMO.
  10. You may want to look at the bottom left of the map. That’s the issuance date of the map, which was 3 days ago at 4:02 am.
  11. Jump in the water quickly to cool down. Otherwise you’re rotisserie chicken out there.
  12. Just came back from kayaking in Oyster Bay. Nice SW wind but when the sun was out you were roasting in the sun regardless. The cumulus were a blessing.
  13. As you stated, if this Euro seasonal map is correct we should wash & blow away the current figure.
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