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  1. 78/50 here. Perfect day. But could use some rain.
  2. Currently 43. Coolest reading of September.
  3. Other than the black walnuts changing colors/dropping leaves it still looks lush out this way. Yard is getting mowed weekly.
  4. Looks like south jersey is getting some of the outer limits of Dorian now. Seems he dumped quite prolific rains in the Carolinas.
  5. It's pretty much a perfect late summer day out this way.
  6. 58. Tomorrow night progged lower. First 40s of late summer?
  7. No storms out this way, but an excellent sunset. Too humid for my liking though.
  8. 58 currently. Yard work weekend incoming.
  9. Pretty much a perfect late summer evening out this way. 77 degrees. Low humidity. Scattered cumulonimbus.
  10. Some of the heaviest rain I've had all summer. Granted it lasted 12-15 minutes.
  11. Moderate rain continues.
  12. Getting crushed in Chester. Sitting in my car in the shoprite parking lot. Pouring rain.
  13. Man the clouds over Morristown have that "look" to them. Some hues of green mixed in. Eery for sure. No rain yet just very still with boomers all around.
  14. 74/71. Definetly humid; but noticeably cooler.
  15. Second storm of the night at our doorstep. Good lightning, some thunder so far.