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  1. Pushing 5" now. The heavier band is just to the west.
  2. How accurate is nexrad through wunderground? I'm surprised to the see this storm still show some decent banding through Morris county n/s basically and out in Pa.
  3. Closing in on 2"; rates have picked up. Nice little Saturday storm so far.
  4. Steady snow began around 9:50 am. Temp is 29, dew point is 20. Gauge is off? I thought dew point/temps needed to be closer to produce precip.
  5. 29/16 out this way; may take a while for the snow to get going, but I'm on the western edge anyway. Cheers to those who jackpot!
  6. Freezing fog out this way this morning.
  7. Greenland hit -54 two days ago; I would say there is a good source of cold currently festering up north..
  8. Woke up to 1/4" of snow on cars/roofs/lawns. 1st of the season!
  9. 24/11. Pretty cold for mid November.
  10. 18/9 currently. Great early winter cold shot. There's something about the crisp air I enjoy.
  11. Woke up at 6:00 am..temp was 38. Currently, 33 on a decent NW breeze.
  12. Probably over 1" of rain at this point. Cold, November rain.
  13. 35 with a cold rain..no pingers out here
  14. A few minutes late on this, but there was also the fabled "Polar Vortex" of January 2014. I am still dealing with the aftermath (by dealing, I mean thankfully busy) in defending multiple lawsuits arising from slip and falls to property damage claims due to freeze ups and pipe bursts.
  15. It's been down to 34 out my way; close to a freeze. Might do it tonight.