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  1. 22 currently. Teens are possible in the overnight hours.
  2. 27 currently. Projected low of 19 tonight; would be first teens of this season. We shall see...
  3. 33 currently. Not sure about the overnight low. Might have touched it.
  4. Wood stove is cranking with some seasoned cherry. Smells great. Supposed to touch 32 tonight, it’ll be close. 47 now. This could be it for the ‘growing season’.
  5. Agreed; just curious. If the month stays warm who knows, maybe it’ll produce a few small ones.
  6. I’m actually hoping that I don’t hit the freezing point (though I live in area which will be very close) as I found a large, late season pumpkin plant growing in the hillside I cleared spring 2019 (dumped old pumpkins for deer last November). Plenty of blossoms open and a few baby pumpkins started. I’m curious to see how long it will make it.
  7. 39 degrees currently. House temp got down to 60 before my wife requested the windows be closed. But, I held off turning on the heat, so that’s a win in my book.
  8. 53 currently; might get into the 40s tonight.
  9. 56 currently. Looks like a glorious stretch of weather coming up.
  10. Noticed the progged low temps down here in the upper 40s for 9/14-15; sign me up.
  11. 56 currently; looking forward to more of these nights in a few more weeks....fall won’t be the same though.... damned COVID!