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  1. Heat is still kicking on at my house. I told my family this weekend the heat will be shut-off regardless.
  2. This thought has gone thru my mind, but it’s now well into May and I’ve told the family I will be shutting the heat off beginning this weekend. I also thought about possibly going from heat directly to AC, and shudder at the thought.
  3. It’s 29 here and we woke up to snow on car tops and roofs. I’m not too interested in 90s, just need it to get back above freezing before too much more damage is done.
  4. Flurries mixing. Temp 37.
  5. I have one final strip of glacier to go. It’s held on in some form since the first flakes fell on January 31.
  6. Pack is holding strong down here. Definitely patches of green showing up, but areas with 5-6” compacted, and I mean middle of the yard, full sun. Snow on the ground since 1/31/21; but I am excited to start spring projects.
  7. Pack took a good beating today in the typical spots, but surprisingly deep in other areas. Should get me a solid February of snow cover.
  8. Woke up to a dusting. Quickly turned to sleet. Now rain. Agree with @gravitylover it’ll be an interesting 48 hours to see if the pack can make it wall to wall February.
  9. Woke up to a thin accumulation of flakes, getting ice now. 32. Question will be if my pack survives the next 48 hrs.
  10. Just started lightly snowing...keep adding to the pack!
  11. Just took a ride to the Chester shoprite; just epic piles of snow. 2014 is a great comparison for how much is on the ground currently. 2001/02 and 2007/8 winters in Albany were the most I’ve lived through. 105-110” those winters. But for NJ, this February has been incredible.
  12. Stopped around 4:00 pm. Measured 5.5” at 3:00 while plowing the driveway. Very close to 6”. That’s over 10” since last Thursday alone.
  13. Per co-worker commute from Watchung to Pequannock via 24/78 and 287 took 1:30; not going above 35-40 mph the entire way; secondary roads are worse.
  14. Plow trucks just made the first passes in front of our home. Snow intensity has dropped off for now, closing in on 4".