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  1. ForestHillWx

    March, 2019

    We've got hail now. 1/4" it looks like. Incredibly heavy rain.
  2. ForestHillWx

    March, 2019

    Heavy rain, some wind. Impressive lighting. Not much thunder.
  3. ForestHillWx

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    Beautiful out. Solid 4" pack remaining. Birds chirping at the feeder. Sun doing some work on the southern facing roofs.
  4. ForestHillWx

    March, 2019

    9 at the house. Local sites on wunderground are depicting some interesting temp ranges; down the hill there are multiple reports of 2-4 degrees. Micro climate inversion.
  5. ForestHillWx

    March, 2019

    11 here
  6. ForestHillWx

    March, 2019

    13/-4...don't know how accurate the DP is... cold this morning.
  7. ForestHillWx

    March, 2019

    Deep, deep winter out there. Doesn't feel like Morch. Currently 19/10..
  8. ForestHillWx

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    8.5" measured at 6:15 am. Driveway shoveling was a tough slog. Compaction in full effect now. Was concerned about the cold temps progged and the resultant glacier if I didn't get the driveway (stone/dirt) cleared.
  9. Measured 8.5" at 6:15 am. Bottom layer was heavy to shovel; snow acted as an insulator for the gravel/dirt driveway.
  10. Measured 6.5" at 11:30. That's 4" in 3 hours. Still getting crushed out this way.
  11. Im closing in on 5". Temp is steady at 30. My elevation is 800.
  12. 2.5" at 8:15. Which is about 1" per hour. Coming down moderate+
  13. Drive home from Montville to Chester; rates increased the entire way. Roads became covered once past Morristown. Measured 1" at 7:00. It's coming down nicely. Good luck everyone.
  14. Snowing in Montville at a family party. Not sticking yet.
  15. ForestHillWx

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    About 5" out this way; highest single storm total since the November storm. Decent snow back building. Let's see what tomorrow brings.