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  1. 16 this morning. Wood stove getting cranked up.
  2. Pretty nippy today. 36 currently with a light northwest breeze. Going into the low 20s tonight
  3. Same out this way. Trees, including white pines, still have snow. Not to mention the 4" compacted on the ground. I understand the city and points east have limited snow retention ability, but that was a rather broad statement to be made.
  4. Still snowing out this way. Little pack freshener. Very fluffy stuff.
  5. 2014-2015 winter was very cold. The first in our Chester house. I distinctly remember what the gutters looked like loaded with ice/snow and monster icicles.
  6. Finished with 7.5" down here in south west Morris County. Real nice looking snowfall.
  7. Finished with 7.5". Good first storm of the season. Hopefully more to come!
  8. Closing in on 9" here. There's no wind. The amount of snowload on the trees has me somewhat concerned for power outages if we do get wind. Light snow continues.
  9. Radar returns, though a bit weaker compared to past blockbuster storms, are getting that Northeast to southwest counter clockwise look. Let's see if the city members, without snow to this point, can grab a few inches. Not to rub salt but I'm over 6" with more to come. Currier and Ives outside right now; every branch is covered in white.
  10. Yesterday was mostly ice down this way. This round I'm at 4.5" with light snow falling. Very picturesque.
  11. Very light snow continues out this way. 4.5" on the ground. Dense snow, great for making snowmen with my 3 year old.