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  1. Radar looks great for someone in north east jersey to jackpot.
  2. Today is brutal. Overcast with drizzle, 51. The rain shield looks like it's going to come right on thru north jersey. I was anticipating partly cloudy and 60. 8 packages of bees to get into hives, recipe for stings.
  3. No accumulation; as Jersey above said, one last hurrah. It lasted for about 30-45 minutes out this way.
  4. Spring is later than last year out this way; closer to average I guess. The forsythia is just starting to bloom in the lower elevations.
  5. Snow/sleet/graupel shower currently.
  6. The tributary creeks/small rivers are over there banks out my way. These go into the Raritan and Passaic Rivers. I would imagine the typical spots will flood.
  7. Chester, NJ 40 degrees. Heavy rain. Pretty impressive lighting and thunder. Heavy runoff coming down the hills, local creeks are bank full.
  8. 34/33 with mist. Potential for localized flooding is there; Rockaway river was running well yesterday. If we get 2-3" I think it's possible the typical low spots should be on the look out.
  9. Gents, very off topic here, but I have a friend whose looking to purchase a home in the New Paltz area (currently lives in Philly), towards the Gunks. If you know of any reputable attorneys who can handle a residential purchase, send me a message. Thanks in advance.
  10. 36 with a north east wind. Pretty raw today.
  11. I'm at 21 now. Projected low of 14. Winds have started to drop off.
  12. 29 with a brisk north wind. Even had a few flurries.
  13. Sitting under a weenie band of light to moderate snow. Roads are dusted. Nice to see, even if it turns out to be the last gasp of winter.
  14. Flurries out this way. Radar is putrid. Oh well.