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  1. I've been stuck in the soup all day in North Jersey; temp never got about 75. That's a great satellite image above, btw.
  2. Just got caught in a tremendous amount of rain. Sky turned black and opened up. Half inch easy in the last 20 minutes.
  3. My avg splits out his way are 78/52. I'm at 50 currently, projected to hit 74. Im not seeing the way above normal temps you are discussing. Projected lows should be higher; is that the basis?
  4. Pretty raw morning. Rain and 54. House temp is down to 63.
  5. It may not be updating. I'm at 50.
  6. What time did Mo-town hit 36? I'm 10 miles west; I didn't think I hit the 30s. It was 46 at 6am. Granted it's 50 right now with overcast skies; pretty raw day to start the holiday weekend.
  7. Got down to 47; tonight may be a bit lower.
  8. 58 currently. Point/click showing my first 40s for lows of the summer season, tomorrow and Friday. Fall preview in full effect.
  9. 52 again this morning. Almost chilly. House temp stayed around 67; very comfortable.
  10. 52 out this way. Coldest morning of the summer.
  11. 57 out this way. May tickle 50 tonight or tomorrow night. I'd imagine upper 40s will show up in the valleys north of me.
  12. Impressive lightning to my west. Starting to hear some rumbles. Storms are closing in. It feels horrific out there. The humidity and stale air. Storms will be a welcome relief.
  13. I'm down in Northfield, south of AC for work. Although warm, there is one heck of a breeze, I guess due to the proximity to the ocean.
  14. I've noticed color down this way as well. At first I thought it was due to stress, but we've had a very wet summer season; so I guess disease is possible but unlikely. We've also had quite a number of nights in the 50s. Hopeful for another great year of fall colors, the past two have been stellar.
  15. It looks to go right overhead. Heavy rain/frequent lighting and thunder but no wind. Powers flickering though.