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  1. Out since 12:30. Had over 3.5" here. The flooding in long valley thru califon on the south branch of the Raritan was impressive. The water was hitting the bottom of my '03 expedition. I was amazed at people in small sedans trying to get through.
  2. Genny up and running fridge and first floor window ac. Hearing "days" before it's back. Up to 9 transformers blown in the chester/mendham area. Took a drive post storm, long valley to califon extensive flooding. Had water hitting the bottom of the expedition. Watched small sedans attempt to get through it.
  3. Lost a large black walnut, but it was on the list to chop down due to being hollowed out. 3.5" of rain and falling.
  4. Radar has definitely filled in. I would expect by 11:00 am the bulk of central/notheast NJ to be in on the action. I have .5" from last night so far and am on the doorstep of the heavier returns.
  5. Getting heavy rain now; the radar presentation is wild with 2/3 of the state missing this precipitation currently. I was expecting this to move east and run the coast line; always neat to learn something new.
  6. I hope my comment was not perceived as a slight; by all means your analysis was fantastic and I appreciate it.
  7. After reading Walts analysis, I might start construction on the Ark and fire up the Genny just in case.
  8. 88/69 currently. Light breeze. Not as oppressive as projected, yet, out here (95+).
  9. Getting it good now in round 2 for the day. Winds, heavy rain. Not too much lightening/thunder.