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  1. ForestHillWx

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    What are the predators of cucumber beetles? Mantis? A friend of mine was highly interested in perma-culture, where you essentially plant in a manner to create natural inhibitors. I have considered it, but don't have the time to start that project yet.
  2. For all the rain we had this spring, the past 10 have been very dry. The rivers out this way are well below bank full. This is needed rain if we are about to enter the oven for the next 10-14.
  3. A 999 lp right on the Delmarva, could be fun. Could also be a bad few days at the beach for those on vacation. So much lead time...
  4. With that ridge focused over the plains, we would downslope more than last summer thereby mitigating excessive humidity correct? I'll trade 95/50 for 83/70 anyday.
  5. Saw some nice cells billowing to my south and east. Must be the storms you guys are getting. Cloudy out this way with a light drizzle currently. 82/74.
  6. Excellent book in my opinion; though I know Shaara has his detractors. The movie adaptation was great, aside from the depiction of General Longstreet's beard. I thought Jeff Daniels was incredible as Joshua Chamberlain (an incredible man btw). Gods and Generals though didn't have the same feel.
  7. Let's not forget this date, 1863. Many a young man lost life and limb in the final clashes of Gettysburg. I'm curious what the temperature/humidity levels were. Some accounts had "Pickett's Charge" of 15,000 Confederates march between 1/2-1 mile across an open field, toward the Union center; both sides wearing wool uniforms, carrying weapons and ammo, getting shelled with cannon snot, until they got close enough for rifles. Truly a surreal moment in our Nation's history and one that should never be forgotten.
  8. 65/55 here. Great start to July.
  9. 64 here at 7:00 am Feel bad for you guys in the urban heat island, homes/buildings never get a chance to cool off.
  10. Had some lightening and a loud rumble of thunder. Heavy rain has ended. I'd say between .75-1". There's a nice run-off river flowing through the property.
  11. Rain, heavy at times. Property is starting to get that water-logged look.
  12. A/c in full effect. Thick, soupy air. Dews are way up.
  13. Roads were flooded in Hackensack around 10:30 this morning. Breaks of sun now in the Parsippany area.
  14. I may be west of the NYC/NJ metro area.(40 miles). It's raining.