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  1. I've noticed color down this way as well. At first I thought it was due to stress, but we've had a very wet summer season; so I guess disease is possible but unlikely. We've also had quite a number of nights in the 50s. Hopeful for another great year of fall colors, the past two have been stellar.
  2. It looks to go right overhead. Heavy rain/frequent lighting and thunder but no wind. Powers flickering though.
  3. I'm 15 miles northwest of Lebanon.
  4. Heavy rain. Frequent lighting/thunder. Eerily still, no wind.
  5. Heavy rain for about 25 minutes with round 1. Should be a fun, waterlogged day.
  6. My brother in law(s); wife's uncle hate clover. I'm trying to convert them. Clover is vital in a healthy lawn. It pulls nitrogen into the roots and distributes it in the soil. But the rain is key. Speaking of which, it's raining again.
  7. I don't remember a year, where I've had to mow weekly in late July/August in order to keep up with the lawn. I don't water, I don't fertilize. I mixed clover into my seed last year. When I cut I mulch; never bag. Honestly I prefer the frequency of storms over dry spells, but I'm impressed with how much rain we've had this season.
  8. I'm just south of those storms. 10 miles north on 206 and Byram Township looks like it's got between 1-2" so far. Friends at the Sussex county fair said it's pouring up in Augusta.
  9. 53/51; almost my first 40 degree low of the summer season.
  10. 58/54 right now, thick dew on the grass. Autumn like for sure.
  11. Soaked again. No idea how much, but near an 1" is a safe bet.
  12. Tremendous amounts of rain around Montville/parsippany out through Morristown and west. The Rockaway river in Rockaway was pumping already. I would expect the Passaic to be up in the suspect areas tomorrow.
  13. 57/54 currently. Heavy dew on the field of golden rod. My dog came back in from his morning excursion soaked. Warmer week on tap with mid 80's forecasted out this way.
  14. Just a perfect night out this way. 65/52 with a light NE wind. Windows opened; ACs off. A late summer/early fall feel.
  15. 70/56 with a persistent NE wind at 7 mph. On July 28...couldn't script it better for someone who loves Vermont weather living in northern NJ.