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  1. With all due respect, that statement is dripping in irony. It's rather a microcosm of how divided this nation is rapidly becoming. All sides are to blame. Debate and discourse is healthy in my opinion. Its unfortunate that both sides cannot have a dialog on a sensitive issue without devolving to ad hominem. Anyway, Merry Christmas and back to weather...
  2. It is 29 degrees here. I guess it's mild when compared to my high temp of 16 on Wednesday.
  3. Haven't gotten to single digits yet this winter. 10 spot yesterday morning; 14 currently. Trees are still covered in ice from Monday/Tuesdays storm.
  4. Ha. Typical sycamore and London plane are incredibly hardy. They do suffer from early spring anthracnose on foliage.
  5. Makes sense. Randolph at .33" or so; I'm 5 miles west and have at least .25" maybe more. A decent amount of snapped limbs, old diseases trees are down.
  6. I have about 1/2" ice on all surfaces now. Hearing limbs starting to crack in the woods now. Still stuck at 31.
  7. 31 with continued light freezing mist. Everything is covered in ice. Looks like an 1/8 to 1/4. Thankfully nothing has come down yet. Driveway is an ice rink though.
  8. 30/22 back home in Chester. Freezing rain is not fun when your area is primarily serviced by overhead power lines, which in turn enable well pumps and oil furnaces to operate.
  9. 16 this morning. Wood stove getting cranked up.
  10. Pretty nippy today. 36 currently with a light northwest breeze. Going into the low 20s tonight
  11. Same out this way. Trees, including white pines, still have snow. Not to mention the 4" compacted on the ground. I understand the city and points east have limited snow retention ability, but that was a rather broad statement to be made.