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  1. 82/59 currently. Feel bad for you all stuck in the dews.
  2. Last batch of heavy rain moving through the area. Should bring another .5"-1" out this way.
  3. We have flood advisorys posted. Write up indicates my area has seen up to 2" already. I would think the creeks may come up. Lamination river/black river.
  4. Round 2 should begin soon. Decent returns at the Gap now. First round dropped some good rain.
  5. Raining, nothing too intense yet. Rumbles are getting louder.
  6. 30 years ago was also the depth of the cold shot in the 1970's. By 2020, we will lose the 1980's being factored in to the long term running average. Depending on how the present decade balances it, I would imagine the 30 year average will increase slightly, thus making the deviations less extreme than currently viewed. Stretch the time intervals long enough and you can achieve the result you want. Are we in a warm period comparatively to the 1970's, yes. But my point is, I think its fair to say it's possible there will not be an increase in 100 degree days over what we are seeing currently. As uncle pointed out above, the 1950's apparently had the most 100 degree days in a decade.
  7. I see the graphs for NYC showing an increase, but I think a few of those years are skewing the mean in both the max/min charts. I also tend to think the UHI as a noticeable effect in the NYC metro area. I don't think it's enough to predict we will have more 100 degree days in the future (not sure when the future is implying, 10/100/1000 years); but time will tell.
  8. Out of curiosity, what are you basing the increase in 100 degrees? Wouldn't this be more appropriate in the climate subforum?
  9. Curious about any links to information pertaining to the Syrian migrant exodus being due to an AGW influenced drought, as opposed to a vicious civil war between various religious factions and a barbaric caliphate no country was prepared to deal with. Not saying it isn't possible, just asking for a friend.
  10. Just need rain this time...severe fans, there's always next time. The trough depiction the next few weeks should offer more chances.
  11. Flash flood advisory posted. Looking for 1-2", with the potential of 3-4"; in assuming training of cells. NWS too aggressive? 69/69 currently.
  12. Needed rain, been rather dry the past few days out this way; relative to late may.
  13. I would think the UHI influence extends a bit beyond its immediately defined local. Considering Newark/Elizabeth/Jersey City/NYC are in such close proximity, with minimal moderation from the rivers/bays. Anyway, I'm glad that's over. 68 and overcast with a light northwest wind currently. Could use some rain, for my newly seeded areas, but lush greenery remains.
  14. 94 was my highest, dropping back now. Clouds are building.
  15. It's fun watching different posters, in different seasons, root on different outcomes. The warmers are getting revved up...