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  1. Getting some decent rain. Could use it; been dry.
  2. Sued yes, but the “Act of God” defense, and the Tort claims act, amongst others, would be in play. Prudence is reasonable, but there is also a fair point to say we’ve never had early dismissals for thunderstorms. I think your point of remote learning comes into play here; we experienced that this last winter with our school district being a bit too eager to go remote. The times, they are a changin…. In any event, we just had a heavy rain shower, with one rumble of thunder, come through. Mostly cloudy now.
  3. Felt like the humid decreased throughout the afternoon. Great day for catching up on yard work.
  4. Radars impressive out this way. Neat to see the plumes of moisture rotate in off the ocean and hit the wall to the north. Over 2” here and counting.
  5. 36 here in Chester, NJ as I came up 206 north; was 43 at the office. I feel like there are some cat paws falling with the heavier returns; or my eyes are playing tricks on me.
  6. Truck temp was 88 before a solid :15 minute downpour. Temp down to 62. Sunday-Tuesday will be a slap in the face.
  7. Liberty, you have some very interesting takes on life.
  8. No idea how much, but guess 2”+.
  9. Snow showers since noon. Cold one tomorrow. High of 27.
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