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  1. 91 here in Naples, FL
  2. Upper 80s here in Sarasota. Beautiful
  3. Hey man, since that thread got locked, I wanted to continue the nice discussion we were having (I'll try to keep it short I promise lol).  I agree we need a strong military, but we shouldn't let it get out of hand to the point where our social welfare programs suffer and fall behind the rest of the developed world (they already are.)  While I also believe that prevention is better than getting involved in war, the US has made a lot of mistakes in interventionist behavior (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) and that has resulted in the lowering of the US's standing in the world.  Eisenhower and Kennedy both believed that "less is more", that while maintaining a strong military is important, we shouldn't let it get out of control and be police people to the world.  It brings up a lot of bad things that were done in that name (support of dictators, like the one who killed 1 million people in Indonesia during the 60s), Noriega, Saddam, etc.

  4. Disagree. Our empire enables us to have cheap goods and higher quality of life. War is generally bad for both, and since the second world war, when we really starting spending money on the military, other than terrorists, we have not been attacked by a nation state. The money spent on the military is worth every penny. The world has pretty much been unipolar since 1990, and is now becoming multipolar with the rise of China and India. A multipolar world will have much more conflict than unipolar or bipolar. Our strong military has maintained general stability in the world since the 40s and we need to keep it growing so the world does not become multipolar again, if we are dominant, other countries will join us and not fight us.
  5. 38.3 for the winter here.
  6. 22 this morning. Probably the last hard freeze
  7. A beautiful 58 degrees
  8. Sorry for your loss. I have nothing available but I will be on the lookout
  9. Yup. Orange County is a different climate zone with much greater elevation. LI has a similar climate to NYC, SW CT, NE NJ, etc.
  10. Upton finished with 1.1, ISP 1.2
  11. Nice little storm for us. FYI 31 here and 37 in Quebec City
  12. Still snowing nicely and 32. Will end up around 2” all said and done. It was painful but we got there
  13. Still snowing nicely in NW Suffolk, very wintry scene, 32.
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