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  1. Toasty low of 69 last night. Today will be uncomfortable
  2. psv88

    Occasional Thoughts on Climate Change

    Nobody out there claims that the sea shores will be under water in the next 20 years. The timeline for mass coastal inundation starts around 2100. Before then, coastal areas will cede land to the sea, but mainly in already vulnerable areas. You ever been to Martha’s Vineyard where Obama bought his house? Many areas have massive dunes and hills, it’s not really a low lying island. Same as California. It’s not like they bought property on Key Largo. Further,The imminent danger may not exist for everyone’s backyard today, but the imminent danger will come at different times for everyone. In the Pacific Ocean it’s already happening, in some areas it may be invasion of diseases carrying insects. The idea that a liberal buying a house on a beach disproves or sheds doubt on climate change is absurd.
  3. Deep South is going to set some record highs next week. Temps mid to upper 90s widespread. It’s been a relentless summer for them.
  4. For any month lol. Just need some rain for the shrubs
  5. psv88

    Autumn 2019 Banter Thread

    Hoping it’s hot AF so you are sweating for the next month. Softest cop on the force lmao
  6. psv88

    Autumn 2019 Banter Thread

    Props to kids around the world, who can’t vote, for making their voices heard in support of action to fight climate change. Today is a good day
  7. psv88

    September Weather Discussion 2019

    Part of the reason I moved here
  8. Lots of phantom heat this summer. We were AN but the cool shots made it very tolerable. Seemed to be cool air lurking nearby all spring summer and now fall
  9. psv88

    Occasional Thoughts on Climate Change

    very few doubt global warming now. The new line is "We can't do anything about it anyway" or "we dont know what is really causing it". The younger generations are very tuned in to environmental issues, as they should, as they will be inheriting the world from us.
  10. Toasty morning. 75/72 and full sun