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  1. This winter sucks. This is terrible
  2. Didn’t seem too bad here on the island. Upper 50s, so nothing we couldn’t handle
  3. Upton mentioned the flooding potential too. @bluewave has been on this for a week. Posters such as @JoshSnow and @jfklganyc owe him an apology. good work as always Walt, thank you
  4. Snowing at a good clip and temp down to 33, coating in car tops etc. nice surprise
  5. Similar to my numbers, nice. East Northport trained spotter reported 8”. East Northport is the town next to mine so numbers are confirmed. 8” was the low end of our warning but it still verified the NWS forecast and snow continues.
  6. Got lucky under these bands for hours, final total is just around 8”. Pretty solid!