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  1. You can look at this stuff up online at You just type in the city you want to know about.
  2. 39* here in nw Suffolk
  3. Another shit spring, here we go again. No wonder people are moving south, life is too short to remain trapped indoors
  4. Another cold dreary May. Yay.
  5. Now the sun comes out...unreal.
  6. Topped out at 65 here, never broke out of the clouds. Sucks when its warmer in Nova Scotia than Long Island.
  7. Pouring in nw Suffolk
  8. Never supposed to be 80s today. That’s tomorrow
  9. Incredible day, felt like summer from 12:30 until about 5. Still 71. Let's go summer
  10. Down to 77 now, topped out at 80, beautiful day.
  11. 79 here now, we summer.
  12. 76 in NW suffolk, summery out there
  13. Clouding up and only 71, no way we hit the 80s out here