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  1. Felt brutal putting out the recycling. Cold and dry FTL
  2. Suffolk for the win. 32 and light snow, visibility 0.75 in westhampton
  3. That’s all you look at brotha. And that’s why you chase ghosts every winter. Pick the model that you like best and run with it right?
  4. Stop man. Its going to be 45 degrees in the morning. It's not going to happen. This is a fast moving cold front. You will be lucky to get flurries
  5. Yup. Same people have been doing this for 15 years on these boards, its incredible that they never learn.
  6. Very impressive arctic airmass in the US now. High here of 34 Wednesday is very impressive. Chicago looks to get record snow and cold as well.
  7. Most things died here last night. Annuals for sure and the deciduous perennial shrubs like hydrangeas had their leaves zapped. It’s all over