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  1. Area by you showing 2.5” today. I’m siting at an inch.
  2. Multiple rounds of showers keep developing in Nassau and Suffolk. The longevity of this convective event is impressive
  3. Nw Suffolk pounded all day. The worst has missed me by about 3-4 miles all day. Some spots have over 2” of rain
  4. Not much flooding either.
  5. Nice storm. 1/2 inch for the lawn
  6. Very windy at the boat, gusts to 25knots earlier. Nobody really out. Marine warning out for gusts to 30knots + and heavy seas About to get crushed by that line, rolling thunder now back home
  7. 88 out here today. Incredible day on the sound on the boat. Water was flat with light winds. Clean bottom for the boat up to 40 mph.
  8. South shore cooking with the north winds. Immediate North shore 10 degrees cooler.
  9. Apparently not. Lucky you I guess. Enjoy the rain!
  10. Saw the actual blue angel fighter jets on the bay, they flew right into the squall.
  11. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. May all of your Mets games be rained out so you can enjoy the rain.
  12. Got drenched on the fishing boat in the great South Bay. Cleared up after 30 min so we did salvage most of the day. Was nasty for a while though
  13. Should be fun on the fishing boat in thunderstorms with 60 10 year olds!
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