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  1. psv88

    March, 2019

  2. psv88

    March, 2019

    Up to a toasty 46, alot of the remaining snowcover should melt today.
  3. psv88

    March, 2019

    Finally a bit warm. Not doing much to melt this glacier outside though. Still 70% snow cover
  4. psv88

    March, 2019

    Already posted
  5. psv88

    March, 2019

    just need 0.7" to get to 20", let's do it
  6. Welcome to the north shore bud. Snowy week for us. Up to 19.3" for the season. Happy you made the move?
  7. All snow here and ripping in nw Suffolk, 3.5” down. Forecast of 5” might verify
  8. Dumping snow, 3” or so. Probably mix back to sleet once this band passes. Nw Suffolk
  9. All snow here, but temp has ticked up to 32.5, writing is on the wall that the island wont see 6+, mix line is racing into western nassau and then we are cooked. Time to pass out. Probably around 2" out there, an inch tops on the roads, plows keep going by though
  10. Pouring snow. Hardest of the storm. About an inch down, plows are out, 32
  11. 33/31 and snow. Sticking to colder surfaces nicely, pavement starting to get slushy. Nw suffolk
  12. Snowing nicely now, already sticking to colder surfaces, 35