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  1. Not as much as you would think. I got 16" up here, and no real tree damage. I drove out east today to Riverhead, through the 20" areas, and no real tree damage. The death band was high ratio snow, very fluffy, and the winds werent terrible.
  2. Islip airport just came in with 17.1”, only 16” here
  3. Islip reports 14”. In like 6 hours too
  4. Where in western suffolk? We have 3-3.5" on the north shore. are you on a boat in the great south bay?
  5. Ended up with 1/2” here. 50.3” on the year
  6. Yea I have been very lucky this winter. Been in solid banding and on the right side in marginal events. Winter goes to a B+ now that I’m above 50.
  7. Impressive squalls for our area. Puts me over 50” for the year now. I’ve managed to luck out all winter.
  8. Getting crushed here right now. Bands keep lining up. Almost an inch down.
  9. Nice positive bust for eastern nassau county, models nailed the sharp cutoff east of the Wantagh, i didnt expect the eastern areas to crack 6"
  10. I guess so, i have the same longitude as Dix Hills which also came in at 11, and the band went from West to east. Regardless, great event for us, 16" for the month, 49" for the year here.
  11. How about those 10" reports from Plainview and South Huntington by trained spotters...lol
  12. You live in a rough area for snow...almost double up here, but happy for you guys down there too
  13. Not getting 10", 7.4" and still coming down, but im at work so cant measure. I stick with 7.4" even though its probably low
  14. Rates easing up. Going to find an open area to measure, got 6.3” in my yard but it’s covered in trees