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  1. Heavy snow here at Camelback ski resort in the Poconos. Nothing on radar
  2. There he is! Thanks for that. Glad you got some of the white gold. Hope all is well you and the family brother
  3. Doesn’t explain why we snowed when Rockland county mixed. It’s not just that.
  4. Confirmed by dual pol. 3.2” brings me to 9.7” for the year.
  5. That Wheatley heights is just to my south. 3.2” final here. Mixing with rain. temp 32.9
  6. Temp here hasn’t budged in an hour, stuck at 32.8, probably the difference
  7. I guess south shore warmed from LLJ, but the mid levels never warmed here. 32.8 and snow continues
  8. Check out this rain snow line. Coming at me from all sides. Would love to understand this
  9. Great event for us. NW Suffolk and NE Nassau is the sweet spot this winter. Still all snow here
  10. Just went out to shovel and incredibly it’s still @Allsnow. 3.0”
  11. All snow up here. Models crushed this sweet spot in northern nassau and Suffolk.