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  1. May not bode well for hitting 100. It seems like we always fight storm debris when trying hit 100.
  2. Jfk dewpoint 78, same as here
  3. My god it’s muggy out here
  4. Topped out at 85.5 here, we were socked in longer than those further west, and the southerly flow kept us cooler
  5. Winds will be more westerly tomorrow
  6. 91/75 at Newark, thats nasty. LGA also hit 90
  7. 85/76/96 Doubt we hit 90 out here today
  8. psv88

    Big New England heat 7/19-21

    It's not a crisis to you living in your cumfy home in Andover. But to people living in more vulnerable communities, to wildlife, to the oceans, coral reefs, etc, it is a crisis. It's like saying you dont think AIDS is a crisis because you dont have AIDS.
  9. Really socked in today, late day highs for sure. only 74 out here
  10. psv88

    Big New England heat 7/19-21

    Makes sense in comparison to the dewpoint chart posted the other day. When the air dry it heats up fast, when its laden with moisture, it takes more energy to heat up. Generally, the more humid the air, the lower the temps.
  11. We usually average the same or similar number of 90 degree days in August as July. Check out Sacrus stats for the past 7 years.
  12. A few normal days then we warm up again
  13. psv88

    Clouds and temperature

    You nailed it. Man made global warming has been debunked because the earth, while recording record temps year after year, is covered in clouds, which should be warming it. Solid logic.