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  1. Hope it’s warm and dry…supposed to have my house resided. My contractors have taken long enough as is
  2. I don’t even remember last winter lol
  3. Low of only 61 here…63 at ISP, have to be record high minimums? We probably get cooler than that before midnight but that is a warm min for late October
  4. Warm night, still 60 degrees
  5. My law firm has been looking to hire and retain staff and salaries for admin/paralegals are through the roof. Chances are if you have a job, you are doing much better than last year...admin staff on the island are now getting paid $25-$30 an hour! Nobody is making $15 anymore. 5 years ago yes, but now, everyone making money.
  6. Warmest fall on record so far
  7. So after our one day “cool down” we are back to 75 mid week.
  8. Heat kicked on today. First time this year. Finally feels like fall. High of 60
  9. Saw that today. Beautiful
  10. ISP 61, LGA 60, JFK 60, 59 here, and KNYC is offline
  11. Come...the park lol. lets use the park in the mid winter then too...
  12. With a NW flow i am often warmer than central park, especially early in the season. Sound kills it.
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