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  1. Love your posts, but you know you can consolidate them all into one by pressing "multiquote" right?
  2. This makes no sense. FRG and ISP are mid-island. Stronybrook is on the north shore, so the winds traversed the entire island, and it still gusted to 75. North Babylon also nearly mid island. From Queens to Eastern Suffolk there was gusts 70+. JFK gusted to 70, FRG 78, ISP 69, Stonybrook 75. The entire island was trashed with 70+. It's funny that you in New Jersey can opine as to the damage on long island. That's pretty rich. Finally, your comment that only a few areas reported 70+ shows your complete ignorance of the island. There are very few official reporting sites west of the forks. All of them reported gusts 69+. There is zero support for your comment. Further, EWR gusted to 68, and im sure areas in CT and the HV were similar. Your point simply isn't supported by the data. Keep trying though, by all means.
  3. FRG is about 6 miles inland and gusted to 78, ISP is also 5-6 miles inland, gusted to 69. Stonybrook on the north shore of suffolk gusted to 75. So Long Island had widespread winds 70+, even inland
  4. 1/3 of LI is out, 338,000