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  1. People are causing climate change...
  2. 39.8 last night in western suffolk
  3. 40.1 this morning. Radiated extremely well here
  4. Yea sadly summer is over. Those scattered leaves are starting to drop from the trees. The descent into darkness begins
  5. From the guy who says the earth hasnt warmed since 1950. This is rich. There is no scientific discussion. Just an angry old man cursing at science.
  6. Don has laid out a coherent argument supported by data and facts. You choose to ignore it. There is no reasoning with people like yourself. Wasted time and air. I could present a solid case and you will still argue that man made climate change is fake. Time for the millennials to take the helm.
  7. Sure it does. You have limited time left on earth so care less than the younger generations who are the future stewards of our planet.