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  1. They should. Siting guidelines state that a station should be situated over terrain which represents the general area of the station. Therefore EWR and LGA are proper citings, as they reflect the concrete jungle, while the Park represents Dutchess County, even though it is the official reading for the nearly total concrete Manhattan. To be entirely accurate, the sensor should be placed in the middle of Park Avenue...
  2. LGA and EWR hit 90, NYC 85, good call.
  3. 87 here, normal varies wildly on the island, really need to be location specific to the mile for that number
  4. 0.25 in the storms today, 2.58” for the month
  5. helluva light show, Eastern Nassau/Western Suffolk getting alot of thunder/lightning now, massive CTG strikes
  6. 0.15" in 5 minutes from a brief downpour here ahead of that main line in nassau crawling east...that has flash flooding written all over it...
  7. Was just in Miami. It rained everyday for an hour then cooled off and was sunny
  8. Yea I’m not a morning person so I get later flights. Starting raining early today at 9:30 which isn’t normal, every other day rain started after 2
  9. Heavy rain here in Fort Lauderdale too and flight home is delayed. Long day incoming
  10. Hit 90, #11 for the year
  11. Non stop lightning tonight. Was pretty memorable
  12. Sick! Not much rain here but tons of lightning. Cool show.
  13. ISP reports 76, and Shirley airport 78