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  1. Yea, hit 90 here on Sunday so today will be cooler. So far 86 seems to be the high, spot on to the forecast
  2. 84/70 now, pretty sultry out there...
  3. Nice warm breeze tonight. Feels great
  4. Even up here strong sea breeze, only made it to 84, down to 83 now, but it feels great out there.
  5. Yea, much cooler day here today, feels really nice. A bit humid, but perfect beach/pool day for those off.
  6. Lawns here turning brown. I’m turning on the sprinkler today
  7. Sunday and Monday LI will roast. Islip probably hits 90 on Monday, north shore 93-94
  8. Sunday too. Chance for a heat wave in some spots Sunday to Tuesday.