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  1. Eyeballing 3” in nw Suffolk. Puking snow right now
  2. Blizzard like conditions here now under this heavy band. visibility down to about 1/4 mile, winds around 30, ground blizzard starting up. closing in on 1.5”
  3. Radar exploding over the island. Can really see how these big totals are coming city and east
  4. WAA interacting with the surface cold front.
  5. Let's hop on a boat and drop ice cubes out there...
  6. It's over lol. SECS coming city east. Enjoy it.
  7. 12z and old data. Gotta toss that imo
  8. GFS still gives all of suffolk a foot +. East end still good for 18+. Biggest cutback was really for SNE
  9. Too bad we dont live at 20,000 feet
  10. Upton has me at 13:1 ratio. No more Kuchera please. Kuchera up around 15:1
  11. On the island it has gotten snowier each run. This storm is toast NW for big totals.
  12. NAM is a foot+ from central nassau on east. 16+ or so from the nassau/suffolk line on east, pretty strong model consensus here now.
  13. Not true. Ukie, GFS shifted west and RAP...
  14. Don’t have it to post, but I believe it’s similar to GFS
  15. Exactly. The NAM has been all over the place. Euro/GFS blend is the way to go now, and they are very similar.
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