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  1. 4 days in a row of wall to wall rain and mist? Sure why not!
  2. 1.4” the rain can stop now. Thanks.
  3. An even inch here. Make it end.
  4. Suffolk county missing the worst again. Ready for some real coastal for a change. Been a while
  5. Guess that heavy blob completely missed most of the island last night. Looked like it would get us.
  6. 0.66 here per RadarScope. Slow soaking rain. CT can have their 4 inches tomorrow, they need it.
  7. Rained the entire day. Pouring now
  8. Went down to Huntington harbor, winds gusting 35-40. Just got a heavy downpour back home, feels like a nor’easter
  9. Winds really kicking up now. Rain steady and blossoming offshore. Stormy night ahead
  10. “Widely scattered showers” lol from the guy who said Sandy was going out to sea
  11. May want to Google what widely scattered means
  12. 10-15” off the coast of LI and NJ, 15-19” down by VA. Nasty stuff. The LI sound only 3-5” with 35knot winds. the boating season came to an abrupt end after Labor Day
  13. Wow. You can see the tropical feed into the area all the way from the Caribbean.
  14. Mainly light rain so far and breezy. Probably around 0.15.
  15. HVN needs to be checked…looks too warm
  16. Terrible. Haven’t gone out on the boat since Labor Day.
  17. If Saturday is ruined, let it rain in the morning so my sons baseball is cancelled and I can sleep in. Thanks
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