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  1. On and off downpours here, But most of the rain about 3-4 miles to my west and not moving haha
  2. 85/75 now. Storms popping
  3. Slept through it but it looks like it rained a good amount here
  4. Looks like it poured over night. Radar estimates over an inch. I’m shocked.
  5. Beautiful sunny day here. 80 degrees and delightful
  6. SW Suffolk barely has any forests to burn...mainly concrete/suburbia...maybe a few parks?
  7. Maybe a .01 of an inch and radar looks awful. Looks like we continue to water
  8. 89/68/93 in the shade right now. Nasty day.
  9. Incredibly humid again. 87/68.
  10. 88 already. Roasting.
  11. 92 today. 84 now with a nice breeze
  12. 56.6 last night. Summers back is broken
  13. 80 today. 60 now. First night in the 50s in months
  14. 86/72/93. Very muggy feel today
  15. Just a moderate rain shower...not sure the NAMs 2 inches is going to verify...
  16. Falling apart already
  17. Its fast moving anyway. Even if it hits, maybe you get 0.20
  18. The wind just completely stopped. 93/77 and it is stifling outside right now.
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