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    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Sleet here ground covered in CNJ
  2. NE-NJ http://sirocco.accuweather.com/nxssa_r1_h_500x620d/r1h/inxr1Knyca_h.gif
  3. Temps now starting the descent
  4. Blue skies nothing but blue skies
  5. Made it down to 39 here first 30s since 1979 it feels like. Again more clouds today than sun so far, so that theme continues. 33 of 45 days
  6. Clearing rapidly now (Still showing prior day loop on the site)
  7. Rain is through and hope to see clearing by the afternoon. Fall has fallen into the area.
  8. Up to 83 here today. Could have been mid/upper 80s with mostly sunny conditions. It'll be interesting if tomorrow it the opposite of the recent 5 weeks trend and its more sunnier than currently projected.
  9. Thanks BW knew there was some stat tracking this. Finally some partial sunshine
  10. I count today as 28 of the last 35 with cloudy or mostly cloudy conditions. Has to be some record for the area in Sep-Oct. London/Denmark-like