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  1. Through Nov 8th departures EWR: -3.6 NYC: -2.5 LGA: -2.9 JFK: -2.8 ISP: -2.8 TTN: -5.3 Look to add to these negatives through the 18th then moderation 11/18 - 11/23-24ish before next cold period to end the month. Looking like a lock for a -3 or colder month for many,
  2. Partial Clearing into C-PA now looks to get here by 3. Rain ends between 1 and 2.
  3. Yesterday more sunny than forecasted and today more cloudy
  4. Add another great weekend to the overall (majority) streak going back to Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor day etc.. Today looks great! Made it down to 46 last night and likely make a run at the low 70s here.
  5. I recall that and some readings (in Staten Island at the tme) in 1993. Will needs to check but thought it was later in the month too, making it really impressive before the change locked in. Edit - saw you replied. Was 79 here as well that warm Nov 15th day in 1993. 80 at LGA/EWR 1950 saw the month (nov) start off hot 85/84 in Newark.
  6. Currently partly sunny sandwiched between the clouds from Sub Tropical storms and approaching clouds to the west.
  7. The next period to watch for strong warmth to record highs (in the extreme) would be starting net weekend 10/20 - 10/23 period. Pending on how things progress we could be looking 75 - 80 range, perhaps above. We'll have to watch the center and positioning of the ridge and with clouds and any S / SE flow developing to limit the potential.