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  1. strong Ridging into the east D 7-10
  2. Showers working their way in from the east
  3. Not sure if the image is live or cacahed but even LI should get into the clearing.
  4. Departures thru April 20 PHL:: +5.7 TTN: +5.2 EWR: +3.7 NYC: +3.7 ISP: +3.2 LGA: +2.7 JFK: +1.9
  5. Very pleasant 64 and mostly sunny Easter morning. Weekend turned out to be nice overall. Rain mostly at night and some nice days
  6. 67/64 here picked up 0.66 in the bucket. Hope we can break into some of that clearing down in PA/VA later today.
  7. The 2002 heat wave was followed by 10 days of below normal temps and April 2002 finished +3.1 at EWR
  8. More breaks of sun now 70/63 humid. Winds out of the S 12 MPH
  9. Not too many breaks of sun, but a few here and there
  10. Up to 80 here 10 miles north in the 60s 20 miles in the 50s.
  11. Bet on wet to continue much of the remainder of the year. THink we are looking at a summer repeat too. Warm-steamy and rainy, when not raining = hot
  12. Clearing from south to north into C-NJ