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  1. 7/3 EWR: 93 PHL: 91 New Brnswck: 89 NYC: 88 TEB: 88 LGA: 88 TTN: 87 JFK: 86 ACY: 85 ISP: 85 BLM: 82
  2. 7/2 EWR: 96 PHL: 94 BLM: 92 New Brnswck: 91 ACY: 91 TEB: 91 LGA: 91 TTN: 91 JFK: 87 NYC: 87 ISP: 84
  3. 7/2 EWR: 96 PHL: 94 BLM: 92 New Brnswck: 91 ACY: 91 TEB: 91 LGA: 91 TTN: 91 JFK: 87 NYC: 87 ISP: 84
  4. Forecast was more scattered storms today, more widespread later this PM. The timing of the front came into view later this week. The quicker forecasts and slower were wrong and the front timing was a compromise. If we get to 90 it'll be day 4 for some in NE - NJ with outside shot at 90 on Sun and Mon. Probably then need to assess but temps look capped sub 90s Jul 5 - Jul 11th.
  5. Some bigger breaks of the clouds now and partly sunny.
  6. 77/72 here steamy and mostly cloudy. May see some breaks of clouds and if they are long enough with an hour or two of sun, it should push temps near or above 90. Storms later this pm and overnight into Sunday morning as front is slow to clear, especially coastal areas. Sun (7/2) should see clearing by noon N/W to S / E and temps mainly in the mid/upper 80s. Perhaps a stray 90 in the warmer spots of NE and C - NJ. Fourth of July looks award winning, sunny, warm and great fireworks viewing. Highs mid- upper 80s with again a chance of a few low 90s in the warmer spots. Tue (7/5) - Fri (7/8) front nearby to the south and another front coming through offers storms and pop up storms each day. Timing the pulse of these systems as we ride the rim of the Rockies ridge, but Tue more widespread later in the day with Wed may be mainly dry before later Thu / Fr seeing more scattered storms. Ridge goes bonkers over Denver during the period and through the 11th, as trough pushes through the northeast nect weekened Sat (7/9) into the following week Mon (7/11). Out beyond:A blast from the western heat timing wise looks to be Tue 7/12 and some hints the heights begin to push east before mid month, perhaps in a more sustained fashion.
  7. 7/1 EWR: 99 TEB: 96 LGA: 95 BLM: 95 PHL: 94 New Brnswck: 93 ACY: 91 NYC: 91 TTN: 91 JFK: 85 ISP: 83
  8. 7/1 EWR: 99 TEB: 96 LGA: 95 BLM: 95 PHL: 94 New Brnswck: 93 ACY: 91 NYC: 91 TTN: 91 JFK: 85 ISP: 83
  9. Noon Roundup EWR: 93 New Brnswck: 89 PHL: 89 TEB: 89 LGA: 88 ACY: 88 TEB: 88 NYC: 86 TTN: 86 ISP: 81 JFK: 81
  10. A few storms popping up in CPA near Harrisburg, and bit more clouds into the area http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/imgs/vis_nj_anim.gif Dewpoints in the low 70s
  11. Warm start many low/mid 80s before 11AM. July opens hot and turns stormy. Long weekend looks great 3/4 of the time. Saturday storms and cloudy conditions. Drier and warm again 3th/4th. Period Jul 5th - Jul 9th looks a bit unsettled (Florida like) front nearby could trigger popup storms each day, otherwise warm and a bit humid. Trough looks to push through by the end of the week Jul 8th - Jul 10th. We'll see if the furnace out west under the heat dome in the rockies where the ridge goes bonkers, can spread east with a taste of more sustained heat by the 12th.
  12. Start of the Fourth of July weekend (long) will be hot one today. Friday (7/1) Looks mainly dry through the early evening. Highs Low / mid 90s perhaps some touch upper 90s in the hot spots. Some scattered storms later this evening and overnight into -- Saturday (7/2) : front approaches, some breaks of sun could push temps to 90, but plenty of scattered and then widespread showers and storms later in the day. Looks to continue into the overnight and - Sun (7/3) Storms/showers end as front clears the area. Should clear by the afternoon. Warm mid/upper 80s, perhaps few warm spots in NE and central NJ touch 90. Fourth of July: Sunny, warm upper 80s / low 90s. Great day.
  13. 6/30 EWR: 92 PHL: 91 ACY: 90 LGA: 88 New Brnswck: 88 TEB: 88 TTN: 87 NYC: 86 BLM: 86 ISP: 85 JFK: 84
  14. 6/30 EWR: 92 PHL: 91 ACY: 90 LGA: 88 New Brnswck: 88 TEB: 88 TTN: 87 NYC: 86 BLM: 86 ISP: 85 JFK: 84
  15. 3PM round up EWR: 91 PHL: 89 New Brnswck: 88 LGA: 86 TEB: 86 TTN: 86 NYC: 84 BLM: 83 JFK: 81
  16. 87 / 55 and just gorgeous here.
  17. Noon Roundup; ACY: 87 EWR: 86 New Brnswck: 85 PHL: 85 TEB: 84 BLM: 84 NYC: 82 LGA: 81 TTN: 81 ISP: 80 JFK: 79
  18. Had a isolated shower last night here in central NJ, 0.11. Low of 59 here and now up to 81
  19. Front timing moving up making Saturday the cloudy/stormier day. Euro still stubbornly slower but most other forecasts have front pushing through Saturday day and through and into the overnight, clearing Sunday. Fourth of July is warm/ dry (stray pop up storm, NE) upper 80s / low 90s.
  20. Opening hot Fri/ warm but stormy Sat (7/2) into Sun (7/3) but improving to a nice sunny / warm day. Fourth of July (7/4) looks warm near 90 and low 90s in the warm spots. GFS has pop up storms potential Tuesday (7/5), Wed (7/6) with a warmer / drier Thu (7/7) / Fri (7/8). A trough moves into the northeast 7/9 - 7/11 on most forecasts before we see heights rise again by the second work week of July with another push of heat from the furnace blasting the rockies/plains.
  21. The heat is on for the next 48 - 52 hours or so. EWR and some spots in NE-NJ/CNJ started the seasons first heatwave Wed. Today upper 80s / low 90s, even the park could break 90 today. Friday peak heat low/mid 90s with some hot spots perhaps touching 97/98. Timing of the front has moved up on most guidance (00z/06z GFS, OOZ Canadian, NAM) arriving early Sat and through the day, setting up for a nice/warm Sunday, while the Euro (00z/06z) are slower with front and subsequent storms Sat PM into Sunday morning. Id go with the quicker solution - saturday mostly cloudy and storms (potential heavy) and mch improved Sunday and a very warm and dry Fourth of July.
  22. 6/29 EWR: 90 PHL: 88 LGA: 86 New Brnswck: 86 ACY: 86 TEB: 86 TTN: 85 NYC: 84 BLM: 84 JFK: 83 ISP: 81
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