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  1. Gorgeous evening down to 56 and a remarkable stretch of weather the next 2 days. Pieces of some of the massive Rockies and southwest heat will head east and pending on clouds and storms offer the next shot at 90s on Saturday (6/19) and Sun 6/20. Monday (6/21) may be more cloudy and stormy ahead of any tropical remnants tracking into the region. Beyond there 6/24 and on it looks like east coast ridging builds back and potentially hooks with the Western Atlantic Ridge. Overall warm to hot June progresses.
  2. 0.31 in the bucket yesterday after a high of 82. Tremendous stretch of weather the next 4 days, mostly sunny and warm (seasonal). Saturday depending on storms and clouds brings the next shot of 90. Heat factory into the Rockies and the southwest deserts producing many records early in the season. Pieces of that heat will expand east into the the middle of next week. ECM more adamant with ridging by the middle and end of next week 6/24.
  3. Cooldown dailies 6/11 EWR: 73/65 (-2) JFK: 71/61 (-3) NYC: 69/62 (-4) LGA: 68/62 (-6) TTN: 65/58 )-7) 6/12 TTN: 73 / 61 (-3) LGA: 71/63 (-4) NYC: 69/62 (-5) EWR: 72 / 65 (-5) JFK: 69/ 59 (-6) 6/13 NYC: 76 / 62 (-2) LGA : 77/ 63 (-2) TTN: 76/59 (-2) EWR: 78 / 59 (-3) JFK: 72 / 58 (-5)
  4. 4thday of mainly cloudy conditions. Rain showers and storms pm and Tue AM. Cooler / Drier and sunny conditions on Wed and Thu before warmer air build in for this weekend. Rockies ridge heat factory manufacturing the heat out west. Pieces of that heat will slide east around the ridge with Sat could see temps approach 90(s). Beyond there we are continuing to see models show the Western Atlantics ridge building west in the 6/22 period producing a humid , hot flow. Step up to warmer 6/19 and perhaps more sustained warmth and heat chances 6/22 - and beyond. Warm to hot June overall.
  5. ECM has 850 temps >18C building into the upper MW/ GL by next Saturday again. It May be a 5 - 7 day break before theyre back into the frying pan perhaps shunted south a bit from the prior record heat. We'll see if we can see that spill east Fathersday and the week of 6/21.
  6. Can see the earlier morning low clouds burning off E - W but now higher clouds moving SW into NJ.
  7. Cooldown dailies 6/11 EWR: 73/65 (-2) JFK: 71/61 (-3) NYC: 69/62 (-4) LGA: 68/62 (-6) TTN: 65/58 )-7) 6/12 TTN: 73 / 61 (-3) LGA: 71/63 (-4) NYC: 69/62 (-5) EWR: 72 / 65 (-5) JFK: 69/ 59 (-6)
  8. Clouds burning off here and up to 70. We'll see how long we can stay sunny before clouds and showers arrive later. Day 3 of the cooldown which should go through the work week with some warming towards above normal by Tuesday before Wed - Fri turn cooler. Rockies ridge firing on all cylinders and should produce may records into the deserts and northern plains 6/14 - 6/19. Pieces of the heat factory heat look to spill east in the 6/19 - 6/21 period and offer our next shot at 90s, but ridge position should push storms in to the region in that period as well. Beyond there 6/22 and on hints of more widespread warmth and heat plus looks to build east as riding. Its 10 days away but perhaps a more steamy pattern. We'll see if the WAR building west gains any persistence in the coming forecasts, Warm to hot June overall.
  9. Cooldown into day two. Cloudy but likely no rain today and some breaks of sun. Tomorrow and Monday similar but a batch of rain / showers coming later Sunday and Monday. Overall week to 10 day cooldown which began Friday 6/11 - 6/18. Ridge out west means business the next 10 days with pieces of that immense heat ejecting east , first between 6/19 - 6/23 bringing pending on clouds/storms the next shot at 90s for the area. ECM does bring 850 Temps >16c but on the northern edges of the heat ejections which come with storms. Longer range does show more ridging progressing into the EC 6/24 and beyond. We'll see if the Rockies ridge is shunted east or WAR can build west. Oevrall warm to hot June. Cooldown dailies 6/11 EWR: 73/65 (-2) JFK: 71/61 (-3) NYC: 69/62 (-4) LGA: 68/62 (-6) TTN: 65/58 )-7)
  10. June departures first 1/3 of the month EWR: +7.7 LGA: +7.2 NYC: +6.7 TTN: +6.1 JFK: +3.9
  11. I hope it does improve but I think Saturday will see variable to mostly cloudy skies and Sunday any sun may be morning short lived before clouds and some rain showers arrive in the PM.
  12. Down to 65 and mainly cloudy. With the front hung up to our south clouds (Sat) and showers (sun) will likely spoil what had previously been a California like weather weekend. A bit warmer Sun - Tue before a few days of cooler weather Wed (6/16) and Thu (6/17). Rockies ridge does continue to be forecast at exceptional levels the next 7 dayas. Strong to record heat will build out west in the deserts and into the plains. Pieces of that heat will begin to eject east laster next week Fri 6/19. As we hover around the rim of the expanding ridge. Next shot at 90s when we arent too stormy Sat 6/19 - 6/23. Beyond there models do hint at EC ridging building back as the WC ridge relaxes east. Id say those ridges out west like to get anchored there so best way for prolonged heat until that ridge moves east is the WAR expanding west and the two ridges hooking. Overall warm to hot June .
  13. Yes. Sunday pm storms and rain and perhaps periods of variable cloudiness Saturday with hung up front to our south. It could improve (hopefully) as we get close>
  14. Likely the nicest of the next 4 or 5 days today with sunny skies, warm and dry temps. Cooler weather here as the Ridge pulls west and really builds extreme over the next 7 days or so into the desrts, rockies and plains. Trough into the east with rain / showers chances and lot of clouds possible Fri - Tue. Stronger cool push the middle of next week Wed 6/16 - Thu 6/17 before pieces of the western heat dome begin to eject east. Much warmer and perhaps hotter with next shot at 90s 6/18 - 6/23. As BW and others mentions we're on the rim of the higher height and storms and clouds could spoil any heat. Beyond there and into the longer range, models hinting at EC ridging and ending June with more sustained warmth and potential heat. Overall warm to hot june progresses.
  15. Also looks like its time to watch the Gulf coast in the day 7 period and beyond.
  16. 6/9 EWR: 96 TEB: 95 New Brnswck: 91 JFK: 91 BLM: 91 LGA: 91 NYC: 90 TTN: 90 ISP: 89 PHL: 89 ACY: 88
  17. 6/9 EWR: 96 TEB: 95 New Brnswck: 91 JFK: 91 BLM: 91 LGA: 91 NYC: 90 TTN: 90 ISP: 89 PHL: 89 ACY: 88
  18. Sandwiched between the heavy rain and storms yesterday and only .20 in the bucket (barely). Some clouds around and likely more Florida like storms and sun showers later today. Dewpoints in low to mid 70s and with enough sun spots will get another 90. Cooler times ahead Thu 6/10 and through the weekend. As of now it looks like we will transition from a Florida like weather regime to a Southern California like one this weekend. Rockies ridge hulking up next week and producing scorching heat in the deserts with trough into the NE. Still some unknowns with guidance on the amount rain next week Sun late through Tues, but it should be warmer on Mon (6/14) - Wed (6/16) and a bit more humid (limited chance at 90). Thu (6/17) ECM showing a stronger push of cool air for a few days while the GFS pushes the warmer air in sooner. It looks like pieces of the heat that will build out west in the heat factory should eject east in the 6/19 - 6/23 timeframe. The heat factory will manufacture intense heat out west and we'll see if the WAR can expand west and link with the ridge later in the month to establish a prolonged period of heat. Overall warm to hot June.
  19. 6/8 EWR: 93 New Brnswck: 92 LGA: 92 TEB: 91 NYC: 90 ACY: 89 BLM: 89 TTN: 89 PHL: 88 JFK: 85 ISP: 85
  20. 6/8 EWR: 93 New Brnswck: 92 LGA: 92 TEB: 91 NYC: 90 ACY: 89 BLM: 89 TTN: 89 PHL: 88 JFK: 85 ISP: 85
  21. EWR maxed so far 93
  22. 89 / 74 here. Dews are on the rise - look for pm drenchers.
  23. It'll be largely dependent on what materializes with the forecasted ULL into the east and how quickly that can clear out through the northeast. The Rockies ridge looks to go bonkers next week and sometimes can get established and anchored out west nd our heat is by way of the WAR linking west like what is currently occuring. It does look to warm up pieces of that heat eject eas in that timeframe.
  24. Noon round up EWR: 91 LGA: 90 TEB: 89 New Brnswck: 88 BLM: 88 ACY: 87 TTN: 86 NYC: 86 PHL: 86 ISP: 81 JFK: 80
  25. Weekend California style weather alert. 70s and sunny - lets see if it holds.