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  1. Rain totals 10/1 - 10/6 New Brnswck: 5.21 BLM: 4.49 TTN: 3.94 PHL: 3.82 EWR: 3.81 JFK: 3.79 LGA: 3.37 NYC: 3.28 ISP: 3.08
  2. After 140 hours, here comes the sun. 55 hour warm up before next front and cooler push comes Friday afternoon and lasts through the Mon (10/10). Overall looking dry the next week.
  3. another day till the sun comes out. it does look overall dry / sunny the next 6 days before the next chance of rain.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Closing in on 5 here.
  5. 34 more hours to go. About 86 inches of rain here, 4.17 total (so far) since Friday night. Clouds holding tough, plane ticket to Palm Springs in hand. Sun pokes through in time for sunset Wed, not so sure anymore. Mets triple header Thursday? Sunnier , drier and warmer Thu (10/6) and Fri (10/7) before front (looks dry) comes through for the weekend. Inland / burbs 30s Sat night / Sun night. Moderate by Tue (10/11) or Wed (10/12) and remaining overall dry through then. We'll see if the PNW Ridge pushes east for the second half of the month for a warmer note.
  6. 3.32 in the bucket here (and counting) since Friday night. Clouds since Friday and likely remaining that way to just before sunset Wed (10/5). Would have been a perfect weekend to head to Palm Springs. Thu (10/6) and Fri (10/7) brief warmup to the 70s before front comes through this weekend and brings some of the seasons chilliest weather so far. It does so far look dry for the weekend 10/9-10/10. Cooler through about Tue 10/11 before moderating towards next Wed (10/12) as it looks now.
  7. Probably 72 more hours before clearing out. Brief warmup Wed (10/5) - Fri (10/7) before trough comes through next weekend Sat (10/8) - Tue / Wed (10/11 - 12) before heading back towards normal. 1.21 in the bucket here rain going northeast , rain going southwest. Was at 60 Sat and about the same today. Monday and Tue dont look much different.
  8. Developing burst of heavy rain and band over CNJ.
  9. Could be 3 in a row for some (sub 60F high max). Oct 2 2019 was 96 at EWR. Record highs today from 1986 and chilly upper 30s in 1997,
  10. Dealing with the remnants through Tue before totally clearing out. Brief warm up Wed (10/5) - Thu (10/7) perhaps an 80 on Thu (10/7) in the warmer spots before strong front comes through. As others said some chilly air showing up in the longer range by Oct 10th. Could linger for a few days perhaps early first frosts inland/ burns Oct 10 - Oct 14?
  11. Still (time sensitive) a very impressive satellite of the remnants storm and still some semblance of a Tropical shrimp tail.
  12. Record highs with the heat in 1998 and 2014: near / low 90s Record cool in 1989, 1947 : Upper 30s.
  13. https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/sector_band.php?sat=G16&sector=se&band=02&length=24
  14. This should be intersting to look at througout the day and next 6 days.
  15. Down to 42 here and on the way to low 70s today and likely the same Thursday. Truly gorgeous out. Looks dry till showers or some of Ian's remnant moisture may or may not get north of BWI/ACY area this weekend later Sat (10/1) and Sun (10/2). Beyond that cold front sweeps through next Tue (10/4) clearing any leftovers of Ian. Beyond that we ridging is building east by later next week and looking warmer than normals by about the 9th.
  16. 67 and sunny. Looks like the work week should feature mainly sunny / dry conditions and wonderful weather. Next shot at rain would be this coming weekend 10/1-2 with where / what ever remnants of Ian crawling up or off the Mid Atlantic coast. Probably near normal beyond Ian in the 10/3 - 10/6 period then ridging may build back into the EC. MLB with huge headache this week as Ian may disrupt many critical and pivotal games Tues - Fri along the FL / GA.
  17. 68 / 57 SSW winds, cloudy as the warm front begis to push through - storms later this PM. Mon (9/26) - Thu (9/29) looks dry and pleasant , beginning to cool by Thu and depending on where / what is left of Ian goes potential stormy, and rough Fri (9/30) - Sun (10/2) as whatever is left of Ian is slow to clear with Ridging bumping and blocking off the coast but a deep trough will eventually push out Ian/ remnants by early next week 10/3. Beyond there looking more normal and drier into the end of the frist week of next month. Record highs and late season heat 6 years ago in 2017 with low / mid 90s in the area, 30s in 1963.
  18. 0.28 in the bucket and down to 61 from a morning high of 80. WIll be the coolest here since May 9th tonight / fri fri night.
  19. 75 / 67 front into W PA an moving quickly. Coolest air of the season to open the season this weekend Fri (9/23) - Sun (9/25). A bit of a rebound Mon (9/26) into next week. Rain chances today with the front and again on Sun PM / Mon but nothing too organized down by us. We watch the tropics and what will probably be Hermine (or Ian). That is GFS into the C-GOM / Euro into the W-FL / Pan handle by a week from today Sep 29, then crawls up the east coast. Either way look for potential rain and maybe load of it on the 10/1 - 10/4 timeframe. beyond there likely return to a warmer period (againt normals).
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