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  1. 7/21 ACY: 89 PHL: 86 EWR: 85 JFk: 85 BLM: 85 New Brnswck: 84 ISP: 83 TTN: 82 LGA: 82 TEB: 82 NYC: 80
  2. No the Western/Plains ridge will expand east and the immense heat will spread into the region. Strong heat (95+) with 850 MB temps ?18c will need to be tracked next week / end of July. In the extreme it could progress into an Aug 2001 opening,
  3. Judy Collins western smoke got in the way today 7/20 EWR: 90 LGA: 89 TEB: 89 ACY: 89 PHL: 88 New Brnswck: 88 BLM: 87 NYC: 86 JFK: 86 ISP: 86 TTN: 85
  4. 7/20 (smoke) EWR: 90 LGA: 89 TEB: 89 ACY: 89 PHL: 88 New Brnswck: 88 BLM: 87 NYC: 86 JFK: 86 ISP: 86 TTN: 85
  5. Despite the trough/lower heights into the NE between the Western/Rockies plains ridge and the western Atlantic ridge, the heat extends well north west into Canada and should allow for some heat in that pattern, we'll have to see if the stronger heat can extend north of PHL/SNJ. But heights look to rise beyond this period as ridging backs west into the east coast,
  6. Jul 20th - 1010 AM 82/63 - and shaping up as a fantastic summer day. Warmer spots could get low 90s and most other stations near or at 90. More of the same tomorrow before the front comes through so pending on when clouds arrive for chances at 90. Beyond there Thu (7/22) through Sat (7/24) drier and cooler air for a few days as the Western Ridge continues to produce some high heat. Pieces of that heat are expanding east by Sunday (7/25) and despite the weak trough into the northeast some of that heat will get into the area. Into the final week of the month (Mon) 7/26 - Fri (7/30) heights flatten a bit and some of the stronger heat may come in pieces that week. It'll be interesting to see where the line between the seasonal warmth and heat setsup PHL south or NY south. Way out there The western atlantic ridge may be nosing back into the west coast to open next month.
  7. 7/19 PHL: 88 TTN: 86 EWR: 86 New Brnswck: 85 ACY: 85 BLM: 84 TEB: 83 JFK: 82 LGA: 82 NYC: 81 ISP: 81
  8. 7/18: EWR: 86 LGA: 86 JFK: 85 TEB: 85 ACY: 85 BLM: 84 NYC: 84 ISP: 83 New Brnswck: 83 PHL: 80 TTN: 79
  9. Both 2012, 2013 were in the midst of some record heat today/yesterday. 2011 as well.
  10. http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/imgs/vis_nj_anim.gif
  11. Dewpoints dropping from the lower 70s this morning now closer to the 62-65 range. Also, more pokes of sunshine than otherwise would have expected. Not a bad day.
  12. Monthly rain totals (so far through 7/17): NYC: 9.16 EWR: 7.81 TEB: 6.62 LGA: 6.03 TTN: 5.41 JFK: 4.07 ISP: 4.66
  13. 80/72 and mostly cloudy with peaks of sunshine with fast moving clouds. Still a bit unsettled as the front moves through so scattered showers, and storms. Front will likely fully clear and earlier concerns of a cloudier monday look to be alleviated. Western ridge means business and will bake the western US Rockies and Plains. Tuesday (7/20) and Wednesday (7-21)flatter western flow could push the warmer spots to 90 before front comes through wed. Truughing into the northeast Thu (7/22) into next weekend and despite the lower heights hot air from the west pushes east. It looks like when we can flatten the flow or pop heights we can get some heat into the area but it'll be a fine line between near normal / cooler than normal (dry) and some stronger heat next weekend into the week of 7/26. Beyond there the western atlantic ridge is expanding west as we close out the month. Western heat - trough into the GL, warm - hot humd pattern may return to start next month. Should these ridges link, then its off to the races 2001 style, but thats way out there. Best to bet on any dry periods being brief for now and bias warm once to next or past next weekend
  14. And more to come now with the line of storms in NNJ
  15. Thanks i had the older normals from my site still. Much appreciated.
  16. Earlier storm totals EWR: 1.97 LDJ (linden( : 0.64 TEB: 0.38 NYC: 0.29
  17. 7/17 New Brunswick: 94 TEB: 94 PHL: 94 TTN: 93 EWR: 93 NYC: 91 ACY: 91 LGA: 91 BLM: 89 ISP: 87 JFK: 87
  18. 7/17 New Brunswick: 94 TEB: 94 PHL: 94 TTN: 93 EWR: 93 NYC: 91 ACY: 91 LGA: 91 BLM: 89 ISP: 87 JFK: 87
  19. https://cdn.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES16/ABI/GIFS/GOES16-NE-GEOCOLOR-600x600.gif
  20. July 3 and Jul 13 were the main culprits so far with this month's lower departures but that is aninteresting catch on the onshore NE sections and NE. We'll see if Sunday can reach 80 with storms.
  21. 11AM Round up The heat is on ahead of the front EWR: 90 ACY: 90 New Brnswck: 90 BLM: 88 PHL: 88 EWR: 87 NYC: 87 LGA: 87 TEB: 87 TTN: 87 ISP: 85 JFK: 84
  22. I must have NYC using different averages? I am showing -0.2 thrugh 16-Jul
  23. Departures through 7/17 EWR: +2.1 BLM: +2.0 TTN: +1.3 ISP: +0.7 LGA: +0.6 TEB: +0.3 JFK: +0.1 NYC: -0.2
  24. 88/73 and a few hours before clouds/storms arrive with a cold front. Should notch 90s area wide before the PM storms. Cool front comes through later and slow to clear by Mon pm. Wouldnt take too much if Monday remained more cloudy as these fronts crawl through. Beyond there near normal for the hottest peak of summer. The warmer spots may touch 90 Tue and Wed but its less Florida like and with less rain. Heat factory out west in full production. Pieces of that heat will break off eastwards and despite a trough into the northeast its a matter of how far north the heat can get in the 7/24 - 7/26 period. Beyond there to end the month it looks like that heat out west grows eastward with the Western Atlantic Ridge progressing westwards by early next month.
  25. 7/16 EWR: 96 LGA: 95 ACY: 94 PHL: 94 BLM: 94 TEB: 93 New Brnswck: 93 TTN: 91 NYC: 91 ISP: 89 JFK: 89
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