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  1. 81/69 a bit less humid but higher temp than Thursday. Off to the races again today with mid to upper 90s and an outside chance of the century mark in places in NE-NJ and near LGA. Front arrives tomorrow and depending on rain and cloud cover 90s are possible. Beyond that Sun (8/15) as we hit the midway point of the month - need to watch remnants of Fred otherwise humid / wet looks the theme and above normal through Thu (8/19). Southerly / onshore and with rain chances as we start to heat up again towards Thu (8/19) and through next weekend (8/20) - (8/21). Tropics look like they may gear up and target EC in the longer range. Western Atlantic Ridge near by noseing in on occasion as we see a warmer / humid second part of August.
  2. 8/12 EWR: 98 LGA: 98 TEB: 96 PHL: 96 New Brnswck: 95 ACY: 95 BLM: 95 TTN: 95 NYC: 93 ISP: 90 JFK: 89
  3. 8/12 EWR: 98 LGA: 98 TEB: 96 PHL: 96 New Brnswck: 95 ACY: 95 BLM: 95 TTN: 95 NYC: 93 ISP: 90 JFK: 89
  4. 83/71 here. Warmest day since Jun 30th in store more many. Heat is on the next 72 hours with humidity and real steamy feel. Savannah like continues with storm chances. Front timing on Saturday with storms and arrival of clouds will determine how high we can go that day before the front comes through. Next week looks warm overall - watching the remnants and to what extent come north by Tue (8/17). Humid and onshore flow will likely limit 90s through Thu (8/19) before flow turns more SW and the next potential for heat comes with it.
  5. 8/11 EWR: 95 PHL: 95 BLM: 94 New Brnswck: 93 TTN: 92 TEB: 92 LGA: 92 ACY: 91 NYC: 89 ISP: 85 JFK: 85
  6. 8/11 EWR: 95 PHL: 95 BLM: 94 New Brnswck: 93 TTN: 92 TEB: 92 LGA: 92 ACY: 91 NYC: 89 ISP: 85 JFK: 85
  7. 0.60 in the bucket from yesterday's bookend storms in the AM / PM but did manage 91. Today clouds and storms don't appear to be an issue and highs should soar into the mid 90s / upper 90s in the warmer spot. The heat surges tomorrow (8/12) through Sat (8/14) as 850 MB temps rise to near 20 or >20c. Outside chance of 100 in the urban spots and maybe the park can match the 97 from later June. A front comes trough Sunday and then a very humid southerly flow ahead of the remnants of Fred. Beyond that more humid / warm southerly and onshore flow before the ridge builds back in later next week for the next surge of warmth.
  8. 8/10 clouds in the way today PHL: 93 New Brnswck: 90 TTN: 89 ACY: 89 EWR: 88 TEB: 86 BLM: 86 LGA: 85 NYC: 84 JFK: 81 ISP: 80
  9. Slow to clear but looks to clear to more sun in the next 2 hours or by 11;30 http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/imgs/vis_nj_anim.gif
  10. 0.32 in the bucket from a morning thunderstorm mostly in C/S E-NJ. 73/71 NOLA like feel. Humid / hot and storms chances starting today through Sat (8/14). Peak of the heat arrives Wed (8/11) with 850 temps >18c then Thu (8/12) rising to near or >20c through Saturday (8/14). Some storm chances and left over clouds the only thing in the way of mid-upper 90s in the hotter spots. I think the century mark will be hard pressed. Front comes through Sun AM and cooler for a bit Sun (8/15) through Tue (8/17) as we watch the remnants of the tropical systems that will ride the west coast of Florida. Beyond that ridge over the top? Onshore / Southerly flow - more humid than hot but heat potential and warmer none the less later next week Thu (8/19) on
  11. 8/9 PHL: 93 TTN: 87 ACY: 87 EWR: 85 New Brnswck: 85 TTN: 87 TEB: 82 BLM: 81 NYC: 81 LGA: 80 JFK: 78 ISP: 75
  12. https://cdn.star.nesdis.noaa.gov//GOES16/ABI/SECTOR/EUS/GEOCOLOR/GOES16-EUS-GEOCOLOR-1000x1000.gif
  13. Little cut off system still spinning around and round. 79/67 here in CNJ and now partly sunny. Up to upper 80s in the warmer spots today not too influenced by onshore / clouds. The the heat is on (hottest 5 day Aug period since 2016 perhaps). Tue (8/10) through Sat (8/14) 90s for most mid to upper 90s in the hot spots and in the extreme an isolated century mark or two but id say chances are low. ECM has 850s peak at >18c Wed (8/11) and then near or >20c by Thu (8/12) - Sat (8/14). Sunday (8/15) front comes through but it looks warm/humid overall and more heat potential beyond there as E ridging rebuilds.
  14. http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/imgs/vis_nj_anim.gif
  15. 74/64 NE winds and some breaks of sun. Cool visible satellite loop with system off shore spinning causing the onshore flow clouds and rain. The system should slowly pull north this afternoon. Pending on sunshine , highs should reach near or low 80s. Still some what of a NE flow stubborn tomorrow (Mon (8/9) but inland areas should see temps closing in on 90 in CNJ/NE-NJ etc. The heat is on Tue (8/10) through Sat (8/14) looks hot and humid with low 90s Tue (8/10) to mid 90s in the warmer spots as 850 temps peak >18c Wed (8/11) and neat 20c on Thu (8/12) through Fri and Sat(8/14). A cold front looks to come through next Sat evening / Sun (8/15) and break the heat for a couple of days, but overall warm to hot pattern looks to return mid month as ridging builds into the EC.
  16. 8/7 EWR: 91 New Brnswck: 90 LGA: 89 TEB: 88 BLM: 87 PHL: 87 TTN: 87 NYC: 87 ISP:85 ACY: 84 JFK: 83
  17. 8/7 EWR: 91 New Brnswck: 90 LGA: 89 TEB: 88 BLM: 87 PHL: 87 TTN: 87 NYC: 87 ISP:85 ACY: 84 JFK: 83
  18. Warm - Humid - Hot pattern (Florida-style) the next 7 days or more. Clouds may muddy up and limit 90s today but the humidity is here. Tomorrow (8/ ) and Monday (8/9)are onshore a bit from weak upper low traversing through a weakness in the ridge but inland areas can grab some 90s. Tue (8/10) through Sat (8/14) wide spread 90s and high humidity. Peak of the heat looks Thu (8/12) through Sat (8/14) wit h 850 temps >18c and near 20C. Beyond there a cold front comes through next Sunday (8/15). But warming behind it looks likely.
  19. 8/6 EWR: 92 New Brnswck: 90 PHL: 90 LGA: 89 TTN: 89 ACY: 89 NYC: 88 BLM: 88 TEB: 88 ISP: 85 JFK: 84
  20. 8/6 EWR: 92 New Brnswck: 90 PHL: 90 LGA: 89 TTN: 89 ACY: 89 NYC: 88 BLM: 88 TEB: 88 ISP: 85 JFK: 84
  21. 81/65 and sunny. Should see 90s in the warmer spots again since July 27th. Some clouds tomorrow will likely limit 90s before clearing on Sunday but a weakness in the ridge may cause some onshore flow Sun and into Monday. As mentioned the warmer spots with less E/ NE flow will get to 90. By Tuesday (8/10) through Sat (8/13) looks to see the peak of this coming weeks heat. 850 tempx >18c by wed and near or >20c Thu (8/12) and Fri (8/13). Beyond there overall humid to warm with potential more heat in to the following week.
  22. Book ends heat may make or break the summer towards the hotter ones. 90 degree days will get closer to the 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018 totals if the pattern evolves as being forecast.
  23. Winds onshore today but a sTransition to Florida style pattern beginning. Progression is one thats a more southerly flow with humid / warm to hot but plenty of rain chances is a good bet. Friday (8/6) warmer on latest guidance and now 90s likely in the warmer spots. Trough lifts out saturday (8/7) and with it come clouds and some rain before sunday (8/8) if we clear out in time 90s are possible. Mon (8/8) through the next work week, Humid - Hot and id suspect routine storm chances - we'll have to see and hone in on the more active days in subsequent days. ECM and GFS have 805 temps >18c by Tue - Wed and peaking >20 Thu as the flow flattens and the heat out west breaks east for a period. Beyond there we'll need to watch the tropics. August looks to roll on warmer as we get to and beyond mid month.
  24. Clouds and Easterly flow. Cool and cloudy next two days but we should start getting more southerly wind as the Western Atlantic ridge backs west and flow is much more humid 8/5 - 8/8/ Florida style pattern till Mid August starts Thursday. Progression remains the same Western ridge pushing trough into the east as the western atlantic ridge backs west 8/5 and beyond. Humid warm to hot with rain chances . Trough lifts out and flow flattens a bit and turns more SW by 8/8 and into next week. Last night guidance shows hint of smaller cut offs which can cause lots of rain and onshore flow that could limit the strong heat. Seems to be one NC/VA coast on some guidance Mon-Wed so will need to watch. Otherwise the heat from the west comes east and could offer the hottest temps since late June or in the extreme of the season . Multiple 90s chances and the overall warmth looks to continue into Mid month as of now.
  25. 67/59 after a low of 57. Another gorgeous day shaping up before the migration back towards a Florida style feel. Migration continues to look like cooler than normal 8/2 - 8/4 with Western Ridge forcing a tough into the EC. The Western Atlantic ridge is expanding west starting 8/5 and a warm / southerly humid flow develops. Trough / boundary is forced west of the area (close by) but still expect dew points to climb and daily rain chances through the coming weekend 8/8. Trough lifts out and flow flattens as ridging build along the EC and allows heat from the western heat factory to come east 8/8 through next week. ECM showing seasons longest and perhaps strongest heat signal next week. We'll see where the W. Atl Ridge positions and if rain / clouds muddy up a return to a sustained warm to hot pattern. Otherwise chance of 90s / heat starting 8.8.
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