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  1. LGA, ISP hit 90 in between 12 / 1pm
  2. 2PM Roundup EWR: 93 ACY: 92 BLM: 92 PHL: 92 JFK: 91 New Brnswck: 91 TTN: 90 ISP: 89 TEB: 89 LGA: 89 NYC: 89
  3. 12 NOON Roundup EWR: 89 ACY: 89 PHL: 88 JFK: 88 New Brnswck: 88 BLM: 88 ISP: 87 TEB: 86 LGA: 86 TTN: 86 NYC: 85
  4. Way out there but wonder if the next rain / soaker opportunity comes mid next week as the W. A R builds west and cold fornt pushes/stalls, or some tropical low caught under the high and rides up. Will see, otherwise looking warm/humid after this strong heat beyond the 27th and on.
  5. 10AM Roundup EWR: 84 ACY: 84 ISP: 83 JFK: 83 New Brnswck: 83 BLM: 83 PHL: 83 LGA: 81 TTN: 81 TEB: 80 NYC: 79
  6. I think they had or still have a sun issue. I doubt it will be addressed unless it gets extraordinarily off like TEB few years back. Also doubt they will clear the overgrowth at Central Park. I still find my temps closer to EWR/New Brnswck overall but we have had some onshore and southerflow of recent that has produced wide spread over short distances.
  7. Central parks 3 inches plus of rain may keep them 88/89 on borderline days. We'll see how much this impacts there. Could be a 7 - 9 degree difference between EWR/NYC today
  8. 79/67 with 0.43 in the bucket. Hot town summer in the suburbs and probably (NYC). Overall hot pattern builds today, peaking twice in the next week firs (Wed 7/20 and Thu 7/20) with 850 temps >18c - 21C mid/upper 90s perhaps a stray 100 reading on the hotter spots challenging heat from 2011,2012, 2013 periods. Next spike of strong heat is Mon 7/24, Tue 7/25. Beyond there Wed (7/26) the westrrn Atlantic ridge is pushing west and setting up an overall warm to hot pattern to close out the month.
  9. 7/18 New Brnswck: 94 PHL: 94 EWR: 93 TTN: 93 ACY: 90 BLM: 89 LGA: 88 TEB: 85 JFK: 84 ISP: 81 NYC: 81
  10. 7/18 New Brnswck: 94 PHL: 94 EWR: 93 TTN: 93 ACY: 90 BLM: 89 LGA: 88 TEB: 85 JFK: 84 ISP: 81 NYC: 81
  11. mace it to 95 before clouds moved in from the storm near PHlly/TTN.
  12. 1PM Round up: PHL: 92 New Brnswck: 90 TTN: 90 ACY: 89 EWR: 86 BLM: 82 TEB: 81 JFK: 80 ISP: 79 NYC: 77 LGA: 77
  13. Dewpoint T Mid / upper 70s https://www.njweather.org/maps/mapviewer?mapname=dewpoint
  14. http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/imgs/vis_nj_anim.gif
  15. 79/75 here. Some storms moving through northern NJ/NYC earlier. We'll see how much clearing we can get to see if any spots can start the heatwave today or in some cases continue from last week (CNJ). Storms all day will fire in this tropical airmass as warm front pushes through. Otherwise the heat is on through the work week and likely into this weekend Sat (7/23) and Sun (7/24), next shot of widedpread storms could be Sat night into Sunday. Only clouds will deter mid /upper 90s Wed/Thu. Another strong heat blast is possible Mon (7/25) ahead of cold front. Beyond there Thu (7/28) the Western Atlantic highs is building west and overall looking like a most of the nationwide warm period to end the month.
  16. 7/17 New Brnswck: 89 TEB: 89 TTN: 88 ACY: 86 PHL: 86 BLM: 85 EWR: 85 LGA: 84 JFK: 84 ISP: 83 NYC: 83
  17. Agree and i think much like yesterday and today, any shot at 90 will be in areas that see enough sun. Yesterday New brnswck and areas in C/SW NJ got to 90 while EWR/NYC were cloudy and storming in the afternoon. Today much the same CNJ up in the upper 80s and other areas with more clouds in the low 80s. 850 temps are warmer tomorrow so that could help propel heat on any period of sunshine more than this weekend. As far as central part that inch of rain plus what we get today and Monday will replenish the vegetation and could keep the park even lower than typically on the borderline days (Tue 7/19) and Sat 7/23, Sun 7/24).
  18. 10 years ago we were in the middle of the second year in a row with record heat that would be challenged the following year. 11,12,13 peak heat this week.
  19. 80/70 with 0.18 in the bucket. Transition into a much more humid then hot period underway with shot for some widespread storms and rain later in Monday evening and overnight into Tue. The heat is on Tue (7/19) with strong heat Wed (7/20) through Fri (7/21) as piece of the western oven pushes around the trough. Next weekend Sat (7/22) and into the following week looks to continue how with potential for another blast of stronger heat for a day or two early week of Mon (7/24) / Tue (7/25) Beyond there will see if the Western Atlantic Ridge pulls west for continued warmth or a brief trough between the next surge of heat to end the month.
  20. 7/16 New Brnswck: 91 TTN: 89 PHL: 89 ACY: 85 BLM: 85 NYC: 85 JFK: 84 TEB: 84 LGA: 84 EWR: 83 ISP: 80
  21. 3PM roundup / rain New Brnswck: 91 / PHL: 88 TTN: 87 BLM: 84 ACY: 84 JFK: 84 LGA: 81 (0.1) EWR: 79 (0.09) ISP: 73 TEB: 72 (0.54) NYC: 72 (0.08)
  22. 86/65 and much more humid. Mix of sun and clouds. Storms popping up around the region with better chances tomorrow and Monday - Florida style setup. Heat starts Tue (7/19) with enough sun will push temps into the mid / upper 90s and perhaps the hot spots can challenge records Wed (7/20) - Fri (7/22). Beyond that the Wester Atlantic Ridge flexes west and could see more sustained warer/ humid perhaps stormier setup once to Sat (7/23) and beyond.
  23. 7/15 PHL: 90 New Brnswck: 87 LGA: 86 TEB: 86 NYC: 86 TTN: 86 EWR: 86 ACY: 85 JFK: 84 ISP: 82 BLM: 81
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