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  1. 8/24 EWR: 93 PHL: 92 ACY: 92 LGA: 92 JFK: 91 New Brnswck: 91 BLM: 91 ISP: 90 TTN: 89 TEB: 89 NYC: 89
  2. 8/24 EWR: 93 PHL: 92 ACY: 92 LGA: 92 JFK: 91 New Brnswck: 91 BLM: 91 ISP: 90 TTN: 89 TEB: 89 NYC: 89
  3. EWR and some sites in Central and North Jersey will make a run on 40 90(+) days this week. Look to add more to those totals as we get into the end of the month and next month.
  4. 87/67 here before noon. Places in NJ could have a 5 day heatwave Mon (8/23) who hit 90 monday. Tue (8/24) through Fri (8/27) heat is on. 850 temps peak in the >18c range Wed / FRi before the front this weekend. Next week Mon (8/30) into mid week looks like the next chance at heat and more 90s. Longer range overall warm/humid into the start of next month.
  5. 8/23 EWR: 90 PHL: 90 New Brnswck: 90 JFK: 87 TTN: 87 ACY: 87 LGA: 85 BLM: 85 TEB: 84 NYC: 83 ISP: 80
  6. 8/23 EWR: 90 PHL: 90 New Brnswck: 90 JFK: 87 TTN: 87 ACY: 87 LGA: 85 BLM: 85 TEB: 84 NYC: 83 ISP: 80
  7. 75/72 here and Henri / ULL moving out and heat moving in. Late season heatwave for many folks but the park is a rainforest now and may not exceed 89 this week. 850 temps peak at >18c by Wed (8/25) - Thu (8/26) so mid to perhaps a few upper 90s possible in the hot spots EWR / NENJ/CNJ. Friday (8/27) still hot before transient front arrives later this coming weekend 8/28 - 8/29. Beyond there ridge rebuilds along the Atlantic and more heat looks to arrive by next week. Longer range overall warm and higher heights into next month with tropics picking up in the Gulf.
  8. Some sun into the Jersey shore http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/imgs/vis_nj_anim.gif
  9. 74/73 and 3.19 in the bucket. Henri to the east ULL to the south and humid and wet next 28 hours. Western Atlantic ridge build in cleanly by Tuesday (8/24) through Fri (8/27) 4 day heatwave more many (park a bit too wet so lots of 89s there). 850 temps >16c and peaking to near 18c by Wed / Thu (8/26). Somewhat of a cool down but still warm next weekend Sat (8/28) with ridge resurging by 8/29 - 8/31 and more heat (90s) possible. Minor / short lived day or two cooldowns but overwall warm into the long range.
  10. 8/21 LGA: 84 EWR: 83 ISP: 83 PHL: 83 NYC: 82 TTN: 82 TEB: 82 JFK: 82 New Brnswck: 92 BLM: 80 ACY: 80
  11. https://cdn.star.nesdis.noaa.gov//GOES16/ABI/SECTOR/EUS/GEOCOLOR/GOES16-EUS-GEOCOLOR-1000x1000.gif
  12. 77/69 here and cloudy again as storms on the ocean throw back clouds. Warm and Humid again today and with any pokes of sun for longer durations temps could spike from generally the low 80s to the upper 80s. Henri on Sunday before clearing out Monday (8/23). Ridge over the east and clearer skies allow temps to heat up and late season heatwave Tue (8/24) - Fri (8/27). 850 temps >18c by Wed and Thu (8/26). Next weekend should see a front come through and bring a short 2 days of cooler weather (but near normal) before more warmth returns by the 30th. Looks to continue warm to close the month with some models hinting that some of the stronger heat out west slides east in the 8/31 and onward timeframe
  13. Once we get rid of Henri and the cutoff / hung up front next week looks like a late season heatwave criteria Tue - Thu/Fri. Park not included.
  14. 8/20 EWR: 85 New Brnswck: 85 ISP: 83 TTN: 83 JFK: 83 TEB: 82 BLM: 82 LGA: 82 NYC: 82 PHL: 82 ACY: 78
  15. Lets see if it continues east or comes up into CNJ/NNJ later this morning
  16. 78 / 69 and cloudy. Unlike Wed / Thu today looks mainly cloudy. Saturday - Sunday more of the same clouds / humid and increasing storm / rain chances increasing by Sun as Henri tracks east of NJ into E=LI / and SNE. Henri will come into SNE then hook left into the Catskills later Sun into Mon. We'll likely deal with clouds and showers till then. By Tue (8/23) - Fri (8/27) ridge over the EC, clears out and we heat up. 850 temps forecast at >16c by Tue then >18c Wed (8/25) and Thu (8/26). Front and more onshore humid / hung up boundary later next week into next weekend. Longer range does look to continue warm to hot as some guidance hinting strong heat out west slides east towards the end of the month and opening of next month. 8/30 and beynd.
  17. 8/19 PHL: 90 EWR: 90 BLM: 89 ACY: 89 LGA: 89 JFK: 88 New Brnswck: 88 TTN: 87 TEB: 86 ISP: 85 NYC: 85
  18. 8/19 PHL: 90 EWR: 90 BLM: 89 ACY: 89 LGA: 89 JFK: 88 New Brnswck: 88 TTN: 87 TEB: 86 ISP: 85 NYC: 85
  19. 0.45 in the bucket after a high of with longer periods of sun on Wed. 78/72 today and clouds hanging around a bit. Continues warm / humid and any longer breaks of sun and clearing Thu (8/19) - Sat (8/21) could see temps spike to near or >90. Other wise hung up front/ Fred's remains slowly moving out and Henri to bring onshore flow and more storms / clouds Sun (8/22) - Mon (8/23). Beyond there Tue (8/24) - Thu (8/26) it does look to clear and heat up as 850 temps soar to >16c and peak near `18c by Wednesday. Longer range overall warmer than normal with next chance of some heat closer to next weekend (8/29).
  20. 8/18 PHL: 91 TTN: 89 New Brnswck: 88 ACY: 87 TEB: 86 LGA: 86 EWR: 85 BLM: 83 NYC: 83 JFL: 83 ISP: 80
  21. Some more pokes of sun for longer periods and a very warm 85/73 now.
  22. http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/imgs/vis_nj_anim.gif https://cdn.star.nesdis.noaa.gov//GOES16/ABI/SECTOR/EUS/GEOCOLOR/GOES16-EUS-GEOCOLOR-1000x1000.gif
  23. 77/ 73 humidity's here. Fred riding west of the area merging with hung up boundary/front and clouds continue with showers/rain today. Brunt of the heaviest rain stays west as it seems right now. Western Atlantic ridge anchored along the east coast, warmer and humid weather continues. Clouds mainly in the way of heat / 90s but possible longer breaks of sunshine tomorrow (8/19) could be the next shot at 90s. Fri (8/20) - Mon (8/23) : more of the same warm / cloudy and humid but where there breaks and periods of sunshine could see temps get to the 90s. Weakness under the ridge could cause onshore flow with any heat west / inland to fit the seasonal / year theme. Next week - ridging looks overall in to the east and flow flattens abit towards mid week. Overall warmer than normal and humid looks to be the theme into next week.
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