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  1. 7/28 New Brnswck: 93 ACY: 93 PHL: 93 EWR: 92 TTN: 91 TEB: 90 LGA: 88 BLM: 88 NYC: 87 ISP: 85 JFK: 85
  2. 0.19 in the bucket, progress. Up to 80 / 74 as more heat and humidity move in the next 35 hours. With the heat and humidity will come more storm chances Thu and more so Fri afternnoon and night. Where its clear temps will race to the low 90s today and Friday (7/29). The weekend looks very nice - warm and dry Sat (7/30) should see clearing in the morning and temperatures both days mid / upper 80s with the usual warm spots potentially exceeding 90. Next week opens warm and dry and 90s in the warmer spots before the Western Atlantic Ridge builds west again and connects with the Rockies and Plains ridge by the middle of next week pushing heights up with a major ridge from the Rockies into the northeast. Strong heat potential by Thu (8/3) into next weekend and beyond. Have to see if the ridge builds over the top and we get a day or few of onshore flow before the heat blats back west. Overall warm to hot and at times storng heat into the way out there and beyond.
  3. 7/27 TEB: 90 New Brnswck: 90 PHL: 89 EWR: 87 TTN: 87 LGA: 86 JFK: 85 NYC: 85 BLM: 85 ACY: 85 ISP: 84
  4. 7/27 TEB: 90 New Brnswck: 90 PHL: 89 EWR: 87 TTN: 87 LGA: 86 JFK: 85 NYC: 85 BLM: 85 ACY: 85 ISP: 84
  5. Down to 61 last night and now up to 82. More sun today could push the warmer spots to 90, aided by the dryness in those areas. Surge of heat and humidity thu (7/28) and Fri (7/29) but accompanied by storms and showers could limit stronger heat potential but offer some rains to even the dry CNJ/ NE-NJ sections. Overall warm to end the month with temps over achieving on clear days as the Western Atlantic ridge builds west. Continued support for the Rockies Ridge to link with the westward expansive Western Atl ridge by next wed (8/3) setting up a period of hot, humid conditions and potential strong heat the end of next week / next weekend and beyond 8/8,
  6. Growing signal on ECM/GFS for that period to have strong ridging into the GL/OV and into the EC. Still in the 8-10 day range, will see how it progresses. WOnder if the tropics can wake up.
  7. Break in the heat and depending on how much clearing today, end of the string of 90 degree readings for most who didnt end on Monday. Wed (7/27) remains warm and sun should push temps near 90 and above at the warmer spots. The Western Atl Ridge builds west and A push of stronger heat and humid air comes through Thu (7/28) and into Fri (7/29) but with it more storms and and showers, so temperatures should be capped in the lower 90s. We'll see if Thu/Fri can get rains to those who hve been missing. The weekend looks warm and dry , a few spots can get to 90 with recent dryness but overall mid/upper 80s. Beyond Overall warmer pattern building over much of the nation as Rockies ridge and Western Atlanic ridge connect and stronger heat looks to setup nd push east by early August.
  8. Will see if the warmer spots continue the heatwave Tue/Wed where its borderline for 90s. But with clearing and combined with recent dryness - could see the warmer spots continue.
  9. Missed the rain and for those in the miss, the next shot is Thu am as heat buildsback thu/fri.
  10. 7/25 BLM: 94 New Brnswck: 93 PHL: 92 EWR: 92 ACY: 91 TTN: 91 LGA: 89 TEB: 87 NYC: 86 JFK: 86 ISP: 84
  11. 7/25 BLM: 94 New Brnswck: 93 PHL: 92 EWR: 92 ACY: 91 TTN: 91 LGA: 89 TEB: 87 NYC: 86 JFK: 86 ISP: 84
  12. 1PM BLM: 90 New Brnswck: 90 ACY: 90 PHL: 89 EWR: 89 LGA: 88 TTN: 88 NYC: 85 JFK: 82 ISP: 82 TEB: 76
  13. Yeah, if not, there should be some clearing during the afternoon to reset. While today might underperform on temps due to the early clouds, tues may exceed, as may wed if its not cloudy.
  14. Send them over to Central Park and TTN too. I think TTN has been a bit lower since 2016 as was TEB too high a few years back. PHL seems fairly stable. New Brunswick and Newark were in line this past week with previous distribution _(EWR 2-3 warmer) of heat wave readings from my view. If EWR was 2-3 to higher than usual, than New Brunswick would have been higher each day except Sunday during this heatwave.
  15. Noon Roundup BLM: 91 ACY: 89 PHL: 89 EWR: 89 New Brnswck: 89 LGA: 88 TTN: 87 TEB: 85 NYC: 85 ISP: 84 JFK: 83
  16. 11AM ACY: 91 BLM: 90 LGA: 89 PHL: 89 EWR: 88 New Brnswck: 88 TTN: 87 TEB: 86 LGA: 85 JFK: 83 ISP: 80
  17. 10AM LGA: 88 EWR: 88 PHL: 88 New Brnswck: 87 ACY: 87 TEB: 86 BLM: 86 NYC: 84 TTN: 84 JFK: 82 ISP: 79
  18. Still a good 4 - 5 hours before this batch of storms/clouds pushes through and that is assuming no new storms pop. Bottom line its going to be close for more 90s today. But 850 temps are still >20c and any sun could do it. http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/imgs/vis_nj_anim.gif
  19. Only a brief period of sun before clouds and storms. Already clouds pushing into EPA and close to NJ. We'll see if the 90s streak breaks for all or if any mid day clearing can push temps to continue the heat wave. More storms overnight and into Tuesday, again ny period of clearing should push temps close to 90 Tue (7/26) and Wed (7/27) before more stronger heat builds back Thu (7/28). Fri (7/29) more storms with front coming through before a dry/warm weekend as the Western Atlantic Ridge builds west. Warm/humid and overall more rain chances through the end of the month and beyond.
  20. Met offense as dry as Central NJ these days. 9PM Round up: LGA: 94 EWR: 93 TEB: 92 New Brnswck: 90 NYC: 89
  21. More NJ WRI: 100 LDJ: 100 SMQ: 100 Harrison: 100 MMU: 99 WWD: 95 Here in Monroe: 99
  22. 7/24 EWR: 102 BLM: 100 ACY: 99 PHL: 99 New Brnsck: 99 LGA: 98 TTN: 98 TEB: 97 JFK: 96 NYC: 95 ISP: 92
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