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  1. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    But it may make 40 today. Already up to 38.5 here, smh.
  2. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    0.4 inches last night. Still on the cars, trees,grass and bushes. Snow in mid April doesn't surprise me I've seen it numerous times around here, but the number of days with frozen precip this April as many have said, that's the unusual part of all of this. Anyway, now 0.5 inches short of seven feet. The way things are going I can't rule it out.
  3. NYC Metro Snow Total YTD

    83.1 inch total, 50 inches after March 1st. Highland Mills, eastern Orange County NY.
  4. April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    They are certainly not foreign to snow, but this much snow at one time is way out of the norm for them. Most areas in the midwest have never seen 20-30 inches of snow from one storm during any month of the year. Minneapolis for example has only had 5 storms above 17 inches since they've kept records since the 1880's. NYC during the same time period has had 16 such storms.
  5. April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    37 here and April giving warm weather lovers the finger again. It won't get above 40 today. If this storm went south of us instead of cutting west we could have been talking about a historic mid April snow tonight. Damn so close.
  6. Spring 2018 banter

    That’s great but I hope they’re not using snowfall data from Poughkeepsie. Back when they bothered to measure it was wrong 80% of the time.
  7. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    My condolences. May you be granted peace and strength during this difficult time.
  8. Spring 2018 banter

    Exactly how warm are you looking for? Averages this time of year are only about 56/34. I'll admit this mornings 21 and these highs in the upper 30's and low 40's are beginning to wear on me, and I love winter.
  9. April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    21.2 this morning. It's looking pretty certain I won't be cutting the lawn until sometime in May. I'm okay with that. Historically the average last freeze day in the HV, Poughkeepsie, Montgomery, New paltz is the May 4-8 period. If this pattern continues a late May freeze may be in the works this year.
  10. Winter 2017-18 Grade

    I have very similar thoughts to gravitylover on this winter so I will reiterate a couple of his points which I also feel strongly about. First of all we lost basically six weeks of the best part of winter, mid-January through all of February. To me that means the rest of winter everything else would have to go perfectly to achieve a B because an A is impossible. At the end of February this was a D+ to C - winter. A good December, a white Christmas all positives. A good first two weeks of January with cold and snow cover all good. Followed by a record breaking 6 week mild spell, that still managed a few decent snows but they were gone within a couple of days a huge negative. Now factor in a fantastic March with 44 inches of snow, with a solid deep snow cover throughout the entire month up until the last 2 days. Throw in 5.8 inches in April now bringing the seasonal snow total to 83.1 inches and the days with snow cover to 67 and this winter does the impossible. An end of February grade of D+ to C- brings this winters final grade to a B. That's what 50 inches of snow after March 1 will do.
  11. April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    2010's are still missing the elusive May snow for NYC. Let's do it.
  12. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    The average high temp doesn’t even reach 70 in NYC until May 11. It amazes me each year that people begin the I want 70’s chant earlier and earlier. A few days here and there yes but consistently around here not until mid to late May.
  13. Great stats. I have this April as number 9 in NYC though, not 8. You might want to double check that, one of us is wrong on that one. Top 10 Snowiest Aprils NYC 1....1875....13.5 2....1915....10.2 3....1982......9.6 4....1924......8.5 5.....1917.....6.5 6.....1944.....6.5 7.....1938.....6.4 8.....1907.....5.8 9....2018....5.5 10....1887....5.0
  14. April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    May 6th. Historically the average last day is April 3rd. If today is the last day it's pretty close to the historical average. Of course outside the UHI of NY the days are much later in the season. I've seen frost in early June and I'm only geographically 45 miles NNW of NYC.
  15. April 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    I don't have that list off hand but I do remember just three years ago NYC went until April 15th 2015, before they hit 70 degrees. That ended a streak that was 168 days straight of not hitting 70 degrees and started on October 30th 2014. A few years before that they went 174 straight days without touching 70 from October 15th 2012 to April 8th 2013. I'm sure Don, Uncle or Bluewave have the record you're asking about. I also wonder myself what the record consecutive streak is for not hitting 70 degrees. I would think the two recent streaks we had would be top 20. The average high temp in NYC goes below 70 on October 1st and doesn't reach an average high temperature of 70 again until May 11. That's 223 straight days that the average high is below 70 but of course in most years you will have days in there that exceed the norms. That's why the two recent streaks were fairly impressive against the norms. Of course this year there is no such streak in place because of the freak day in February.