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  1. Move that up two years and have the 60 inch storm Dec 20th or so followed by Jan through March 2014. Now that's a winter season to remember.
  2. What's the rush, it's 8 days away. This is a little like seeing Christmas decorations on Labor Day.
  3. That's just not true. I looked at the 6Z GFS this morning and it had 30 inches for me for March 5th, six hours later I looked at the 12Z and it had 2 inches for Match 5th, it couldn't be more different.
  4. Just for laughs, the 6Z GFS this morning buries NWNJ and the HV with 30 inches of snow 12 days from now. Given the clairvoyance of the GFS long range this year start preparing now.
  5. Whatever your screen name was in 2010/11 I'd advise to going back to that. 53 straight days of snow cover in NYC, and 37 days of 6 inch or greater snow cover and Dec Jan Feb actually averaged near normal or below each month, 32.8, 29.7 and 36.0 respectively. Let's have that winter again.
  6. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. The 151 year average in NYC is 28.8 inches including the miserable winter they’ve endured this year. I’m not sure of Boston’s exact number but I’m sure it’s not 57.6 or anywhere near that. Maybe around 45 sounds about right.
  7. Was he the one who was banned for a week about a week ago, then came back demanding to know why Bronx banned him? Or am I confusing my Nycweathers?
  8. What did you end up with in yesterday’s lake effect and what was the jackpot area and amount yesterday?
  9. MJO812 who until this past month was snow88. Since the name change hasn’t worked did he delete his account in a last desperate attempt to change this F’n pattern? God bless him for always trying.
  10. Agreed, my point was only that this one is historically bad so far and will probably end up a top 5 stinker snow wise and temp wise in NYC when all is said and done.
  11. Well lets not act like winters like this are a common occurrence either because that's being disingenuous. Right now you're staring at the fourth least snowiest year ever in 151 years in NYC and most likely one of the top 5 warmest January-February combos in history. Those combos don't happen that often.
  12. Boston at 15.1 on the season. I'm still ahead of them at 20.5. The line from Albany across to Mass/NH border on north are the only spots doing okay snow wise. Everyone way above normal temp wise.
  13. January 1961 Poughkeepsie recorded their all time record low of -30. I had always heard that people were awakened during that cold snap in the HV by what sounded like gunshots, only to discover that it was the sap freezing in in the trees. The coldest temperature I ever recorded in this area was -23 during the January 1994 cold snap. I believe a town in NWNJ set the all time state record of -34 for NJ on the same day.
  14. Was looking at those last night, what a paradise. When I got out of college 30 odd years ago I had a nice job offer in Syracuse and I didn't take it. A chance at life in paradise and I turned it down, how less frustrating winters could have been.
  15. You really do seem to be in a black hole for snow. Any idea why and how large an area does it cover?