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  1. 8.8 this morning for the low, 8 straight days of solid snow cover. December an A so far through 8 days. Will drop to a B by Tuesday evening and hopefully back to an A by Wednesday afternoon. It hasn't been boring.
  2. Not the case in the HV, it hasn't even fallen off the trees yet. Even with the cutter Monday and Tuesday, what we have on the ground now and the concentrated qpf in the foot that fell should be able to stand up to it. We shall see.
  3. About the same degree of compression here. The peak depth was 12.0 inches yesterday at sunrise, its down close to 10 inches now.
  4. 30.5°, dark gray skies, intermittent flurries, trees still encased in white and a foot of snow on the ground. It's hard to believe people get depressed by weather like this. If it were sunny and 50° with no snow anywhere in sight, now that's depressing.
  5. Boston ended up with 5.9 inches for the three days, still within your range. Albany ended up with 22.6 inches which is their 8th largest storm of all time.
  6. If the 1.6 total holds, and I did see the same on the 5PM update, 1.3 on the second and 0.3 on the third, Central Park now needs only 16.1 inches of snow between now and December 31, 2020 to get the 30 year average to 30.0 inches per season when they are calculated again in Jan 2021. This would be much more in line with the 150 year average of 28.9, and a nice recovery from the all time low 22.3 average from 1971-2000. Will they nickel and dime their way there, or do it in one nice big event ? Or God forbid do they fall short?
  7. 12.0 inches on the ground and about half of that after sunset yesterday. Very surprised I figured this would top out at 6-8.
  8. 12.0 inches on the ground and about half of that after sunset yesterday. Very surprised I figured this would top out at 6-8.
  9. 12.0 inches on the ground and about half of that after sunset tonight. Looks like snow is Finally done here. When this first started I said I’d be satisfied with 6-8 and ecstatic with a foot. As late as late this afternoon I never thought I’d get anything close to a foot. Label me ecstatic.
  10. I did a write up on that on another forum several years ago, looking at the 1986-2015 time period It seems any Decembers with 3.0 inches or less of snow in Central Park had under performed for the rest of the winter and any Decembers with 6.0 or more inches over performed. The other oddity, since the historical average in NYC for December is right around 5 inches, is there were no Decembers during that period with between 3.1 and 5.9 inches of snow. Most likely it's coincidence more than anything, but if its not we need another 5.1 inches in Central Park this month.
  11. This would have made a nice 1,000th post. You're two away, the next one is meaningless, but the one after that has to be memorable.
  12. 6.8 inches and moderate snow falling again. Very frustrating the way the whole thing went, but I have no complaints about the end result.
  13. Yeah, as if it's really gonna happen as depicted. Trenton goes from 11.1 to 1.3 from one 18Z to 0Z and we're suppose to take any of this as gospel. Had enough for today, and not expecting much tomorrow or tomorrow night.
  14. 1.5 inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain today. Temperature never got above 30.4 today, 27.8 now. Expecting disappointment tomorrow.