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  1. We always have February 2010, 3 feet of snow while they got rain.
  2. From the Hudson Valley in NY, I'm sick with envy. Enjoy the ride New England.
  3. Actually the jackpot in the May 9, 1977 event was one of the small towns in the Catskills that received 27 inches, I can't remember the name though. Many of the higher elevation towns in Orange County were snow covered by that event. Last May 9th's snow event was great but the 1977 event blew that away. Just like last year there was even a trace in NYC.
  4. That’s just not true IMO. He makes general comments and if it doesn’t live up to expectations in one area of the forum he claims victory. It’s a large area with lots of different micro climates.
  5. And your feeling of total euphoria regarding that, comes out in even a simple one sentence post.
  6. You've always been an easy grader, all of the past winters say that, that's why they all try to get into your class. This is a B and we've already been through all the reasons this doesn't come close to an A unless we had a March similar to 2018. With the way this March is going this winter is dropping into the C+, B- category. March in the HV has to produce something in the first three weeks of the month at least, not this year and 1-2 inches Friday won't cut it.
  7. It depends on where in the forum you live. I’m sure people on the jersey shore gave up on winter two months ago.
  8. Hey Mud Season grades don't come out until Mid April. An early A+ though for sure.
  9. It is a beautiful day, yet I still want this to verify on the 18th-19th. How can someone love both?
  10. 60° and I'm officially calling an end to the snowpack today (trumpets play, the choir sings). Although there's still a surprising amount of snow coverage at noon today we are near or below the 50% threshold and I can't in good conscience call this a day with snow cover. For the season it's 53 days of snowpack and 43 straight days from January 27 through March 11th. I'm one of those people that doesn't want winter to end until the middle of April but it's been a decent winter so I'm okay with 60° today and melting snow/iceberg, it actually feels great. No complaints though if it snows next week. 59.4 inches for the season, I'd still like to make it to the 65-70 inch range.
  11. Still 2.5 inches otg with about 75% coverage. I'm sure if today doesn't put an end to the streak tomorrow will. A nice run, 42 days consecutive with snow cover and 52 for the season so far, it lets me appreciate winter and move on to the next season without feeling cheated.
  12. Just going through that period with no one other than Ihatesnowman19 calling for a torch, (and he is limited to how many times a day he can say it) or even saying the word torch, was a welcome break from the last two non-winters.
  13. The worst was this Christmas Eve. I still had about 6-8 inches of snow otg Christmas Eve and woke up to A green Christmas Morning. The Weather Channel should have given that storm one of its stupid winter storm names. They should have named it winter storm “&$?!!/&$/)($&”
  14. I still don't quite understand why anyone would want a hot summer. For what purpose? A normal summer with low to mid 80's as highs and low 60's in the early am, I live in the HV and that's the norms, is perfect weather, why do people covet 90's?
  15. Looking back on 2014/15 I would agree that was also an A. The only negatives were a lousy December with 1 inch of snow for the whole month but we had 11.4 inches in November and a solid March of snow which offset it. Both January and February were excellent months, no huge storms but lots of 2, 4 and 8 inch stuff and below normal temps all 3 months January through March. Solid snow cover through most of the period. An A for sure.