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  1. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    The simple solution to this is not for the snow to melt but to get freshly fallen snow on top of it every several days, and just let the snowpack build. Of course living in a more urban area never helps and I can understand those that get sick of the dirty snow piles but again my solution would alleviate that.
  2. January 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    I looked at 13 different sites in the Northeast this morning pretty much in a circle from Hartford to Albany to Binghamton down to Allentown and Atlantic City and everything in between. Below is what we have so far through January 19. Central Park 5.6° below normal LaGuardia -6.8° JFK -7.0°, I slip -4.8° Bridgeport -6.0° Newark -5.5° Poughkeepsie -6.0° Albany -4.2° Allentown -4.4° Atlantic City -5.9° Binghamton -5.9° Scranton -5.8° and Hartford -4.4°. Pretty much if you average them out we would be about 6° below normal Fahrenheit regionwide. With 12 days left in the month we would have to be about 10° above normal for the last 12 days to end up above normal for the month. Let's hope that doesn't happen.
  3. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    People often forget one of the most recent stretches of extended snow cover on the coast. NYC had snow cover from January 24, 2015 through March 14, 2015 a stretch of 50 consecutive days , Most notable in that streak was January 27, 2015 through March 11 saw 44 consecutive days of snow cover 6 inches or more in Central Park. Though it's the most recent of the prolonged streaks people don't seem to remember it as well. Of course the February average temp in NYC during Feb 2015 was 23.9 which kept everything that fell from going anywhere.
  4. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    4.3 inch final tally. A little disappointed but this storm has a great after look to it.
  5. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    2.3 inches, pretty underwhelming. Eastern orange county in the screw zone so far.
  6. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    Finally some half way decent snow beginning in eastern orange county with the total just surpassing 0.5 inches. And it only took 12 hours to travel 20 miles east. Amazing.
  7. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    21° light snow, intensity decreasing. A quick 0.3 inches brings the seasonal over 20 inches.
  8. 1/16-17 Anafrontal/Coastal Low Snows Disco/Obs

    Do you have a snow map?
  9. January 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    38.8° and dropping steadily. Which will come first 32° or the end of the precip?
  10. January 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Well since we've hit 70 in the entire month of January maybe three times? in 150 years, Thank God there's no sun. Those are records I'd rather not break.
  11. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    So it looks like today will end 18 consecutive days of snow pack. Nothing earth shattering streak wise for this time of year but a decent run. I'll deal with a few days of bare ground for a good midweek snow next week. Hopefully it happens.
  12. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Where is the hate button when you need it?
  13. January 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Well, the best solution to that is not to melt it but to add fresh new snow on top of it.
  14. Interior NW Burbs & Hudson Valley First Half 2018

    Just wondering if anyone received any measurable snow yesterday. I wasn't home but did measure 0.3 inches when I got home last night. It all counts.
  15. Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    I'm curious if anyone knows why uncle W has not posted for the last couple of weeks. I always looked forward to his daily updates. Any information that could be supplied would be appreciated. Thanks.