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  1. Considering the WAR is underdone 98 times out of 100 these days beyond Day 5 this thing really probably has to be making a good north turn before 67-68W or its likely going to get very close at minimum
  2. Hopefully this thing does not hit Bermuda. Still think its highly likely it'll go safely west of it
  3. TPA airport closing tomorrow seems a bit premature to me
  4. There is still mid-level shear imparting the circulation. That being said, the core is showing a favorable environment for continued bursts of deep convection. So it's going to be another 24 hours of give and take as bursts of convection try to wrap up shear east and then north of the center, then likely get blown back and fail to wrap from 700 to 400 hPa levels. I'd imagine this will occur repeatedly as the LLC drives just west of Cuba and into the SE GOM. Mid-level flow values won't become more favorable until well into tonight. That is when we may start seeing more alignment and more pronounced intensification on Tuesday. Eventually, into Wednesday, the flow vector will become more dangerous for significant intensification all the way into landfall, hence modeling and the official forecast. The timing of any intensification may end up not being ideal. No doubt a massive blowup last night through today and tonight would have been better because probably an ERC would happen before landfall...it may now end up going through its peak cycle up until approach which is underrated as far as how well winds reach the surface. A 130mph storm undergoing an ERC can cause less wind damage sometimes than a rapidly intensifying 105mph storm...we've seen this a few times in recent year.
  5. The UKIE looked to be on the south side of the big bend area too when I tried extrapolating it , mostly in that east side of those Euro ensemble packing area
  6. I've said here a few times last 3 years...on anything entering the GOM just go on higher end most of the time...we've had a handful of cases where that failed but for the most part its worked. I'd be surprised if this did not get to 105-110 at least...I'd stay away from Cat 3 or 4 for now but would be far from surprised if it did
  7. I believe they only need 2.04 on the day to break the monthly record of any day. They are over 1.70 now
  8. LAX now another .29 this hour so around .85 or so on the day
  9. Palm springs has had .97 the last hour and a half
  10. I checked Palm Springs daily precip records for 8/20 8/21 8.22 0.23 T 0.24 Strangely enough Las Vegas all time daily record for August is 2.58 on 8/21...that may not get broken
  11. They do but for maybe 30-45 minutes, and even .30-.40 in that span can flood hotels/etc. I think if they saw a day with several inches and periodically saw amounts over .50 in an hour they'd have big issues
  12. Vegas might shutdown for like a week if they see even 2-3 inches of rain
  13. Tonight may be bad but I don't see much happening Tuesday night or late day
  14. Does not look bad unless you are down in SNJ. I think the convection here would depend on needing to develop near the surface low feature and would be later in the evening maybe 9pm-12am. I am not confident much fires at all on the front
  15. Taking the current radar as gospel the metro and LI could get squawked but chances are with the instability we have this will consolidate.
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