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  1. As of 2 hours ago at midnight Newark had 3.1, Central Park 3.0, LaGuardia 2.5, and JFK 1.8
  2. Based on the CC radar you might be going back to snow right now
  3. Based on that some areas in southern Nassau might even be raining
  4. The next push so far isn’t advancing north but just moving east along the south Brooklyn coast
  5. Another push now coming up from raritan bay and east of SI...we will see what this one does
  6. This is probably the furthest it’s getting for Queens and Brooklyn
  7. Pretty sure it will get pushed back down to the south as it did further west as it tried pushing up
  8. You can see it'll probably make it into south Queens and LI but does not look like west of there it will make much progress north
  9. LGA has had .29 liquid so that's about 5:1 although I think some didn't accumulate early so maybe its 7-8:1
  10. Even though the radar has not look impressive the past hour 0.17 fell at LGA, 0.11 at JFK, and 0.10 at NYC. JFK and EWR are now 32...LGA had been 32 but went up to 33. NYC is still 33
  11. I think the entire system slowed about 2 hours from forecasts 12-24 hours ago
  12. NYC only 0.04 so far so its not like we are wasting much of anything getting to 32.
  13. Ever since the mess that ensued on 2/11/94 when they stayed open they've closed much easier since
  14. Here come the heavier echoes up from the SW. Will start seeing accumulation in the next 45 minutes
  15. SnowGoose69

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    I think amounts over 7-8 are gonna be tough near the coast as many places may be 33-34 all event so it may compact and melt as it falls. JFK already only has a max wet bulb of 33.