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  1. EYW may have lost power the observations did not come in at top of hour for there or the air force base nearby
  2. The southernmost point camera from Key West people are still standing there as huge waves are coming in
  3. Key West airport has now gusted to 63mph
  4. Euro basically comes in by Venice...depending how fast it moves eastern portions of metro Tampa might still get into the western eye wall with strong winds
  5. Appears through 24 the GGEM will finally join the party and come further east but remains to be seen
  6. Unless we see a continued SE tick to models today it may be a waiting game til last minute like it was with Ivan where up to 1 hour before we waited to see if it went west of Mobile Bay
  7. Someone from Tampa would know this but wouldn't a landfall just south be a problem for places like eastern coastal St Pete and Pinellas point be vulnerable as a E-NE fetch of 50 plus knots pushes water across the bay...obviously you would not be piling water in advance from the Gulf but I imagine a nasty 3-4 foot surge could still happen
  8. I think the population there is also much higher than it was in 2004
  9. This may be just over correction, unfortunately if it is it likely means Tampa will end up being the landfall point
  10. Continuing to lose more members showing the Apalachicola landfalls...a couple seem to show the Euro idea of a scare and slide north
  11. This is a case where as a forecaster part of you of wants this to make landfall because otherwise you evacuate a city of millions of people and then they just criticize your "bad" forecast
  12. Historically hasn’t there never been a big storm to go into the big bend area? That would tell me it’s still likely this goes closer to Tampa, albeit probably north, maybe approximately crystal river or so
  13. A tad surprised the cone is not a bit more E on the right side there
  14. Opal's change I believe was more due to an ERC I believe although in this pattern SW shear may have been present but it seemed it just came out of a big RI cycle and then collapsed from what I recall. http://www.meteo.psu.edu/fxg1/NARR/1995/us1004.php
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