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  1. The amazing thing is that we could've gone through this without ever needing to shut down the economy. Several countries did this by requiring everyone to wear masks and social distance. Indoor gatherings in bars, churches, stadiums/concert arenas still would've needed limits but most places could've stayed open.
  2. This is basically done for them outside tiny flare-ups. It's only getting worse here though deaths are still trending downwards...we'll have to see if that continues. Good news if deaths don't rise. Proportionally we're doing worse plus our outbreak is still growing while theirs is mostly over. Also you'd think given they got hit ahead of us by a few weeks that we would be better prepared to deal with it but guess not.
  3. It's laughable how terrible the US response has been. The only place that's done worse is Brazil. Also it took 4 months of this before GOP governors started embracing masks.
  4. Next week looks really hot. If we avoid onshore flow and clouds we could see mid to upper 90s for several days. The recent dry weather would even argue for higher temps.
  5. Easier said than done. There's a large contingency of people who think COVID is no big deal, refuse to wear masks or simply refuse to acknowledge its existence in the first place. And the partisanship of it all is unbelievably stupid.
  6. I don't see anything beyond what we've been seeing so far. Probably just upper 80s to low 90s. Nothing crazy for July. 2010-2011 ain't walking through that door. The strongest heat will likely be to our north this season.
  7. If it meets the criteria then it should get a name. Dolly definitely met the criteria for a TS.
  8. Of course it's problematic. Even if the majority of new cases are due to young people partying or hanging in bars, they'll still eventually come into contact with more vulnerable people. That's a big problem for Florida which has a massive senior population. And I don't see their governor doing much about it so the exponential growth will continue. Also we have a potentially devastating hurricane season lingering in the background. Imagine a devastating hurricane on top of the COVID epidemic in TX/FL.
  9. Never had a national shutdown, every state was on its own. A lot of things stayed open, far from a hard shutdown even in strictest states.
  10. It's amazing how stupid the leadership in this country is. We should've had a hard 6 week national shutdown for the country, implemented mask wearing from the start, and helped ppl & businesses during those 6 weeks. Had we done that we would've already been mostly done with this virus and the economy would've been well on its way to quick recovery. Also many lives & businesses would've been saved and we could've avoided a 2nd wave. The fact that the richest, most powerful country in the world couldn't figure this out is a joke.
  11. Should make for an interesting winter forecast.
  12. Euro night and day vs yesterday. July 4th weekend remains a question mark.
  13. Overnight Euro is already pulling back on any extreme heat. Looks like another omega block showing up. Cutoff with onshore flow to start July, could exit by July 4th though these systems tend to stick around longer. GFS OP would be very cool to start July.
  14. I don't see anything beyond low 90s, there's also hints of more onshore flow. I don't buy the big heat the Euro is selling.
  15. Euro/EPS definitely showing more of a cutoff situation again. Looks like typical early summer weather with us probably averaging slightly AN due to warm mins. Have to watch for more onshore flow though which will keep temps down.