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  1. Ensembles are growing stronger with troughing later next week. Huge difference from a few days ago.
  2. EWR is the only spot that could pull up 90s from now on and even that looks dicey. Models looking a lot more troughy late September so we'd have to have a monster heat ridge in October to get more 90s. Unlikely but not impossible.
  3. How many decades do you think we have to get decent snows. What's our tipping point?
  4. Increase in precip made up for the increase in avg temps. Eventually the increasing avg temps will win out though.
  5. Yea we haven't seen a real fall transition since the 2000s. When's the last time Sep-Nov was near or below normal. 95?
  6. Late September is looking more troughy than a few days ago. Models shifting around a lot in mid-long ranges...guessing seasonal transition playing a role in the uncertainty.
  7. Atrocious foliage season. 80s deep into October
  8. It's basically July/August with a weaker sun. Insane amount of heat and it looks endless. Given the wet weather combined with hot temps the foliage season could be delayed by a few weeks.
  9. Lol Your prediction already failed. And it will continue to fail.
  10. This is our new reality. Things will just get worse and worse every year.
  11. Models are always too quick to recurve MDR storms.
  12. Thanks to our lovely Hadley cell it would be unusual not to see snows in Oct/Nov.
  13. The threat of a tropical system hugging the coast is growing. This will be followed by additional threats from MDR systems.
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