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  1. If west trend wins expect a weak system at landfall with flooding being the main issue
  2. Looks like we should get a good batch. Don't know if there's anything severe there though but any rain is good
  3. I didn't even bother following any "threat" for today. You'll get some showers and that's it
  4. I expect a major convective burst over center and rapid strengthening soon
  5. Some remnants could eventually get here
  6. Ian looks perfect. The environment looks incredible. I expect a hurricane by 11am tomorrow
  7. If it keeps trending SW however it may avoid the massive dry air entrainment
  8. Hilarious considering it may not even hit Florida
  9. Looks like it hit 41F which is a rare sight nowadays in September. I see many 30s readings in more sheltered spots
  10. The GFS forecast will be about as right as you've been for this season.
  11. The timing is everything for an east coast special. The storm has to be far enough N&E to feel the trough but not get pushed OTS by it and it can't get trapped by the ridge either.
  12. The exposed circulation isn't just an Eddy. It's very well defined and my guess is that it eventually goes westward towards the convection.
  13. Agreed I'll take that Euro in a heartbeat. The weather has been relentlessly boring
  14. I would be surprised if the Euro doesn't correct west a tad. Think the 18z run overdid the east track and most of the eastward models went back west again.
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