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  1. Given the upcoming pattern it seems very unlikely max temps top what we saw in March. We may have to wait another month or more before 80s show up again.
  2. Hit 59 around 1 and now down to 54 in NJ. NYC is even lower. Onshore flow ftl.
  3. First effects of onshore flow in NJ. Only upper 50s right now, it was in the 70s yesterday. Goodbye clear, sunny skies.
  4. Why do people always go to the most cynical outcomes with new technologies. Whether it be mRNA vaccines or neuralink which was intended to help those paralyzed, we always think the worst.
  5. Still mostly sunny skies this morning.
  6. It hasn't even been seasonable. Temps are soaring to mid May levels multiple days in a row. Even with true blocking temps may still average near normal if not above if enough sun gets in.
  7. Very worrisome that even strong blocking isn't leading to cooler weather. The best we'll do is seasonable. I swear if we ever get a strong Bermuda High ridge we're shattering monthly records.
  8. Very California like weather and the best you'll ever see in Spring for us. 60s to low 70s with low humidity is pretty ideal for Spring...unless you have allergies of course. I wonder if this will carry over into the summer and we see 100F+ temps.
  9. Delayed but not denied. Euro looking not so nice. That's a major PNA spike and west based -NAO developing next week.
  10. Volatility is something that'll continue to grow in the years ahead. Nice 30+ degree diurnal range too. Was in the upper 30s this morning and 72F for the high.
  11. Once everyone agreed to have their phone on them 24/7 they lost the privacy argument.
  12. It does seem like everyone's mentally ready for a nasty spell yet in actuality the weather has been nice & will stay that way for a while.
  13. I'm interested to see what our technology can do against it. Bc even though we've seen more significant natural disasters (to some extent) the loss of life has decreased significantly. Maybe we could eventually reverse emissions to where the warming levels out at 2-3C or less, which while still major wouldn't result in catastrophic climate change.
  14. These next several decades will be interesting from a meteorological perspective but probably not good for humanity.