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  1. Looking at seasonal models, there will be no shortage of hot and humid weather. Once the heat kicks in, it won't let go. People will be begging for cooler days in a few weeks.
  2. Very raw day. Temps barely holding 50, if not lower when the showers come.
  3. Basically a midsummer sun. No wonder we bake when it's sunny.
  4. For a long time deniers like JB used this as evidence that warming has stopped. What's their excuse now it blew previous values out of the water.
  5. Light rain and mid 50s now.
  6. Not a summery pattern starting next week. Ensembles not looking so hot.
  7. These cold pools are probably the result of these spring blocking patterns. But eventually they fade and things quickly warm.
  8. The dangers of global warming more or less stretch beyond the actual warming aspects. Floods, droughts, fires, water toxicity, disruption to plant/animal species, sea level rises, coastal flooding, destructive storms and yes brutal summer heat and sometimes unusual winter storms are all part of it. This hurricane season may really test these factors
  9. There's definitely warm days ahead but with cold ssts in the northwest Atlantic and residual blocking, wouldn't be surprised to see backdooring well into May.
  10. It was in the 60s today
  11. It's in the 60s and sunny aka normal April weather. It's not like it's a dreary multi day onshore flow event with temps in the 40s and 50s. The weather is beautiful and will be in the 70s soon.
  12. 36F this morning, chilly but we still get 30s into May some days.
  13. Today is perfect. Yesterday was too warm
  14. I'll take that over 80. Too early for that type of warmth. Wait another month to early June
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