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  1. Yeah it looks pretty ugly. Troughs keep crashing into the west coast, very Nina esque. Plus you have a +AO/NAO and -PNA forming, so this won't be some 2-3 day relaxation pattern.
  2. Sneaky snow shots remain on gfs, the upcoming clipper looks a bit more energetic as does the late bloomer Fri/Sat. If the western ridging held on a bit longer we probably could've had a nice storm. We want the NAO to be positive for that one, this is one case where SE ridging helps us.
  3. That's not a bad look, yes the SE ridge could get problematic at times but it may also help us get storms like in 13/14. It's not a KU pattern but I think they'll be plenty of chances for moderate events.
  4. It wouldn't take much for the storm to throw some more snow back. We just witnessed how a forecasted miss a few days out managed to drop advisory snows on us.
  5. Gfs op says enjoy your Grinchmas.
  6. You gotta love how models always seem to torch on Christmas, gfs has 70F for the 24th.
  7. I didn't say it was correct, just pointing out another solution. The EPS is probably right, the amount of cold it's showing in the LR can't be ignored and the MJO in phases 7&8 is a big deal. Itll be interesting to see what happens, yesterday's snows were a very good sign moving forward.
  8. Gfs shows the complete opposite with massive eastern and W Atlantic ridging for Christmas. It does get a strong -EPO going.
  9. Solid 4-6" widespread storm on LE between 0.4 and 0.5 Great job by the models for this one, it gives me hope for future storms.
  10. At least a couple more potential shots of snow along with our coldest air of the season and then what? Euro/EPS has a brief mild up (near normal) before more cold air comes in, gfs much more sketchy. I see a +AO/NAO with a declining +PNA, which suggests a much stronger/more sustained warm surge right on cue for Grinchmas. But then the pattern may reload by January.
  11. Well we can't blame the sun angle for this one. It was most likely due to the temps being rather marginal 31-32F throughout plus the snowfall rates were light to moderate as well. We usually see more roadway accumulations once temps are at or under 28F unless rates are heavy.
  12. I'm around 4", some nice bands to the west. Very nice surprise, looks beautiful outside.
  13. HRRR has improved last couple runs now that the event began. First snow of the season.
  14. You can't say that models didn't trend drier and/or further east than 6-12 hrs ago. There's clearly a trend in the Nam/Gfs and the HRRR.
  15. The trend is not good, dry air is much greater than expected. Radar looks terrible. Should still pick up at least 2" though.