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  1. Today might be more interesting than I thought, things are really filling in now. Insane how much rain has occurred in E. PA, radar is showing 6-7" amounts over there.
  2. Not expecting much, only had .2" since Saturday.
  3. It depends where you are, my area is just barely AN for the 30 day period while areas just miles away are well over.
  4. Another near miss for me, just getting residual showers, I can't recall a year where storms kept missing me by a mere 3-5 miles.
  5. The gray gloom literally didn't happen once this month. It happened maybe 2-3 times since July.
  6. I mean good for everyone else but it is annoying. N. Monmouth getting slammed right now. I wonder with all this humidity, AN rainfall, and high SSTs if September will be unusually active once we add in some upper level/shear support.
  7. It's crazy that I've been missing these storms by maybe 4-5 miles tops, there's one just now about 5-6 miles to my SE.
  8. Today might come close to our early July heat for some areas.
  9. Maybe for PA, most of the metro will miss out.
  10. Completely missing out on the rains once again. It's just been ridiculously humid with not much to show for it.
  11. SnoSki14

    summer banter thread

    Brutal stuff although the western US has had their share of record heat, I believe Reno set an all-time monthly high for July.
  12. The humidity has been awful, straight Florida weather. I'd take 100 degrees if it meant the dews were low. I did notice the Euro/EPS show more troughing in the LR for us, perhaps a sign that 2nd half of August will be a lot more comfortable.
  13. Pitch black near old bridge, areas to my north and over SI must be getting slammed.
  14. Just missing me about 8-10 miles north.
  15. I'll pass on that, nothing worse than record high dews.