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  1. Models are beginning to throw several solutions around, should be fun if you're into model watching. Definitely something brewing for next weekend though, just not sure exactly what we'll be dealing with.
  2. Regardless if it snows or not, there's going to be some interesting weather around here in the next couple weeks. Don't expect a lamb like start to March when the blocking is off the charts like this. I too have major coastal flooding concerns.
  3. February 2018 Model thread

    I've heard a lot of March 1962 signals bring thrown out there, which wasn't good for snow but very stormy nonetheless. That's the direction I'm leaning during the upcoming stretch. Euro op shows this nicely too.
  4. February 2018 Model thread

    It's not going to cut under that ridge. This is going to course correct as we get closer, it always does in strong blocking patterns. That being said, I'm just not sure how much cold there will be available. Most of the cold is in Europe.
  5. And it snowed like 3 days ago, what is this, Denver?
  6. Not only is today all time record breaking but dews are near 60, there's a definite muginess to the air like you'd feel in early summer.
  7. At this rate we'll top those numbers next year. Never say never.
  8. So much for 80 not happening today in NJ. My current max is 78F.
  9. The fact that it's happening every year is a huge deal. We've also been very fortunate that summer has been fairly tame lately, that won't last forever.
  10. Same here, I believe that's the average high for early June or late May.
  11. You guys probably had multiple colder July-August days than today.
  12. 74 and climbing. Plenty of time to get even higher.
  13. Agreed, the blocking pattern will also favor Europe much more than us with both cold & snow.
  14. The list of records will grow really long tomorrow. Also expect a lot of unusual global weather once the blocking kicks in. Europe will really be feeling it.
  15. Sneaky mixed precip for Thursday, will come as a shock to most people after mid to upper 70s tomorrow. Daytime temps may only be in the 30s for Thursday.