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  1. Hot, steamy & stormy look. Nice
  2. Air temp near 130F, ground is probably much hotter. Your shoes would melt on the concrete. Just insane levels of heat.
  3. What does that mean for their fire season. Drought levels weren't close to this bad last year. I sense another catastrophic season, maybe worst we've ever seen.
  4. Probably not getting out of the 60s today.
  5. When is he not bullish? Whether it's a blizzard or hurricane he'll hype the crap out of it.
  6. Maybe last week of June. Weeklies hint at ridging rebuilding around then. But with the growing drought in the west they'll have a tendency to see more ridging, which theoretically could lead to more troughiness here. We'll probably get bursts of hot weather but nothing sustained.
  7. Yeah droughts around here are a joke.
  8. You'd need systemic nationwide changes to curb emissions. A few people flying in a jet ain't doing diddly squat. Also how do you want people to get a few thousand miles.
  9. Too much rain now for our area. Will make it more difficult to hit 100F unless things really dry out rest of June.
  10. We'll probably oscillate between ridges & troughs. Ridging will try to focus over drought areas (currently in the plains out west, northern ne). We'll still get plenty of heat though.
  11. Not that long honestly. Can't believe it's already June.
  12. It's like a surging tsunami right now. I'd be shocked if it doesn't cross $100 soon. Short squeeze in play.
  13. I think theaters could survive if they spruce them up a bit. Thinking malls will have a tougher time unless they turn them into mini amusement parks.
  14. 100s ain't happening.
  15. Yeah I'm gonna say hell no to the multi 100F readings.