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  1. I'm very weary about precip forecasts once summer gets rolling, exact totals and where they'll fall become much harder to forecast. It may end up being dry but I wouldn't guarantee it.
  2. Hasn't stopped us from getting a Top 5-10 warmest May. Once again when it got warm, it got really warm. Next couple days will follow that warmer pattern.
  3. Gfs has an unsettled look for Memorial Day weekend. Probably scattered storm chances Sat-Sun with something more substantial for Monday.
  4. Doubt it with onshore flow running rampant.
  5. This pattern would be very active in the summer. Still seeing strong highs press down deep into May and surpressing the rains.
  6. Another wild temperature swing, 59F after 90F yesterday. I can't recall the last spring we've had that many huge temperature swings.
  7. may 10-16 convection

    Well I hope someone around here gets a nice storm. As is always the case with severe, many will probably miss out unless it's an elongated bow echo.
  8. may 10-16 convection

    Could we get a derecho, it's been mentioned in the discussion a few times. That'll really amp up the widespread damaging wind threat.
  9. may 10-16 convection

    Very interested to see what happens later on, we've been very active overall since February.
  10. And this after a record warm start to May so the extremes continue. Next extreme will be in the rainfall department.
  11. A lot of cloud debris will hold temps back but it'll definitely feel like 90 with increasing humidity and dews. Very active week, I think some place could easily see 6-8" or more by next weekend.
  12. Not if an onshore flow and persistent easterly flows occurs, that's pretty much the only way we keep our temps at or below forecast this time of year.
  13. I don't see that at all, gfs currently shows another round of record heat after Monday.
  14. 90s are pretty much out of the question as is the first official heatwave. Way too much cloud debris in place, higher dews and humidity also make it unlikely.
  15. Anytime a ridge sets up, we set new records. As chilly as March & April were, we were never close to setting cold records. Heatwave for some if we hit 90F Tomo.