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  1. SnoSki14

    4/19 - 4/20 Long-Duration Heavy Rain and Wind Event

    We're getting a lot of sunny breaks with temperatures now forecast to hit almost 80F. So definitely think threat will be larger than expected. I would've expanded the slight risk even further north.
  2. Could be even worse honestly. April this year is substantially warmer than last, we're talking top 5 warmest, and this looks to continue with the WAR pattern. I think a brutally hot yet stormy summer is on tap.
  3. Models show temps could be well in the 80s for early next week as massive ridge dominates the CONUS.
  4. HRRR showing intense squall line near daybreak. Derecho maybe?
  5. Already an early look at a 2018 summer repeat. Maybe this time the heat will match the humidity and give us the hottest summer ever (dews + temps).
  6. Sounded like a pretty generic and broad forecast to me. "May should be nice if we don't get any BDCF and cut-off lows" Isn't that how it is every May?
  7. Those dreaded east winds keeping things chilly today, only 46F right now.
  8. Early signs of a brutally hot & humid summer? Chances are trough stays in west-midwest while coasts heat up.
  9. Could be a nice severe weather pattern though for the summer.
  10. We don't get them nearly as often as eastern SNE does. Sometimes they see these BDCF all the way into June.
  11. Nearly a 30 degree difference between today and yesterday. 48F vs 77
  12. 51F, down 15 degrees in past 2-3 hours. Nam wins on the BDCF battle. Probably no better than low 50s today.
  13. SnoSki14

    April Discussion

    Gorgeous weather down here. 30s & 40s sound dreadful.
  14. Latest Euro picking up on the blocking, considerably colder now than 0z run. Strong -NAO/AO incoming, more southward corrections in storm track and subsequently colder air wouldn't surprise me. This would be after Tuesday, Sat-Tue look mild overall.
  15. Probably a cooler than normal mid April. We could see some late season nor'easters if the -NAO ends up being really strong. NAO effects will get more and more diluted as season progresses though.