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  1. People need to give this winter a rest. It's been a flop and there's no miracle coming to save us. March 2018 ain't walking through that door. Better luck next winter.
  2. I hope this is a record warm March, I'll take anything to completely blast this winter into oblivion. It's been the worst winter ever.
  3. You're without a doubt the anti-Snow88, the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  4. That was a given, idk why forecasters never go over on days like this. I think we will score some light events next week. There's a ton of confluence that's acting like a 50/50 low helping to keep systems from getting too amped.
  5. I've noticed the models have been gradually weakening the SE ridge. Not surprising with the MJO likely to meander in phase 8 for the next 2 weeks. I think it's highly unlikely we see an over amped system. At the very least they may play out like SWFE, same goes for Monday.
  6. SnoSki14

    February 2019 Discussion I

    I think spectacular fails like this winter provide the best learning tools for future forecasts, so at least some good will come out of it. And maybe we can still salvage what's left of this disaster for the last month of true winter.
  7. SnoSki14

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Spring can't get here fast enough. Oh well, just a few more weeks of this disaster to go.
  8. Is there such thing as overdue though. Maybe next year is another clunker or maybe it's a blockbuster. We've had clunkers in the past and they didn't suddenly create a string of BN snowfall years. How quickly people forget. 11/12 was followed by a near normal winter, which was then followed by another string of AN snowy winters.
  9. They'll shift everyday because they don't know whether to rely on Nino or Nina forcing. That's why models have been useless past 3 days. I highly doubt it's a warm Spring, EPO is still in negative territory, SSTs are cold, huge cold & snow pack in eastern Canada. Probably another strong backdoor season.
  10. Surface temps don't look that warm though and the PNA starts rising again after going negative. I think the Nino like conditions will help tone down the SE ridging too. It is a bizarre pattern though, too many cooks in the kitchen.
  11. SnoSki14

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Yeah and yet several people dismissed its impacts. The MJO has been huge all season and finally it's about to enter the elusive phase 8. EPS continues to look good with the phase 8/1 move.
  12. SnoSki14

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    You said quick sleet to rain transition and that's not the case. I'm going to pick up 2"+ of sleet/snow.
  13. SnoSki14

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Actually have snow mixing in, so that's a bit surprising.
  14. SnoSki14

    February 11 -12 Winter Storm Threat

    Things will get particularly rough after 3-4 pm when the sun starts getting lower. I don't expect temps to budge much from now till then.
  15. Nice system on the Gfs, looks like two shortwaves that could impact us.