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  1. There's no reason why this can't keep trending north & west. I see a +AO/NAO with a +PNA and an Arctic supply over the area. This is reminscent of 1994. GEFS continues to trend higher heights offshore & SE Canada. And thanks Snowman19 for the weenies you warminista troll. You said every storm has trended NW this year and suddenly this one can't?
  2. I'm going with the Euro here. Ensembles continuing to trend higher with offshore heights and pulling the energy further SW. The low will not escape east that easily.
  3. I disagree and so does the Nam which is clearly shifting to the Euro by 78-84hrs. Plenty of higher heights offshore to keep the 22nd in play.
  4. I think it's going to delay this look for a while longer. It would be nice if it could delay it till Feb 15 when -PNA starts to lose its influence.
  5. Mixing could eventually be an issue however the strong Arctic high north will make it very difficult for us to see anything but frozen.
  6. You said every storm trended NW this winter but suddenly this one can't? There's every reason for this to trend west actually. In fact eventually people may panic about it trending too far west. Gfs is moving towards euro btw, higher heights off the coast.
  7. Depends on where that boundary sets up. It could be a bit offshore or south of the area. So either it'll be great for snowlovers here or incredibly frustrating.
  8. Strong heights offshore, tons of baroclinic energy. Arctic mass seeding the area. Could be a recipe for something really good.
  9. I would welcome a blowtorch rest of winter just to eliminate any false hope & prevent more agony.
  10. Prospects look good for snow events into early Feb
  11. A lot of baroclinicity just offshore and a strong high to the north anchoring the cold air. Could be interesting
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