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  1. In all honesty this will be a big shock to the system. Only good thing is dews shouldn't be oppressive
  2. My goodness expect widespread heat strokes. Records everywhere
  3. Welcome to summer. 80s will be the norm but 90F+ days will be around too
  4. Jesus this is gonna hit people hard.
  5. Wow forecast has 96 on Saturday
  6. I knew the clouds this morning would ruin our chances. It's clear now but it's too late I think. Everything is centered north of here
  7. That's bizarre given the severe, if it occurs, won't even happen until after 3PM
  8. Euro really speeds things up. Maybe 1 or 2 really warm to hot days. Probably closer to one day.
  9. This is concerning especially since we've become more tornado prone lately.
  10. This looks interesting for sure.
  11. Yeah but it sped up. Wonder if it's a blip run.
  12. We really lucked out that we're not seeing 80s and 90s however it seems the over the top ridging is gonna be a mainstay during spring/summer. This means a lot of cloudier onshore spring days and very wet/humid weather during the summer.
  13. Heat is coming and storms as well. Monday looks interesting. 90s after the 20th.
  14. People will be begging for cool, dry days before they know it except for Forky Shore areas really getting skunked though. Only 50s for all of Jersey shore
  15. We really lucked out with the heat this far due to the cutoff but after the 20th that will change. Mid 80s are a given
  16. Why the rush to 90F The past few days have been perfect and I'm saving on AC costs. You have at least 3 months of 90s to look forward to.
  17. Full sun, very dry weather It's how we're still able to get into the 40s at night. No heat signal yet.
  18. Temperatures will still likely end up a tad AN during next couple weeks so mid to upper 70s. Perfectly beautiful mid-late May weather. The summer heat can wait till it's actually summer.
  19. That's pretty normal actually. Consistent 80s shouldn't be a thing until mid June
  20. It'll be a start but EPS hints at more temporary troughing after the 15th so the meaty summerlike weather could hold off a bit longer.
  21. This should likely be the coldest day (max high) until Oct/Nov.
  22. The nightmare weekend has begun down south. 54F and rain, next up 40s and wind to match. It's a shame because this would've been a doozy of a snowstorm in Feb or even March.
  23. The Euro tropical models are particularly wet along the coast which is concerning and matches the high dew type heat we'll experience.
  24. Models say welcome to summer by later next week. Just have to get through these next few days and then it's 80s and maybe even 90+ galore.
  25. Absolutely brutal down here. 2-3" with 40s on Saturday. Fri-Sat will be the worst days. Maybe a small chance Sunday isn't a disaster. What a contrast to the beautiful 74F conditions today This will be the worst weekend until probably memorial day I'm assuming.
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