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  1. That's basically summer with a lower sun angle & less daylight. Lots and lots of 80s and even 90+ in hot spots.
  2. Can't do it without strong blocking.
  3. It's probably gonna be another summer to winter scenario. Could see another big gulf system that leads the charge ahead of a major trough.
  4. It could be a lot worse. There's hints of a -EPO and at least a neutral NAO. If the NAO ends up more negative then it wouldn't be bad at all.
  5. Except we haven't seen colder winters at all, just the opposite in fact. We've seen more unusual cold spells and winter weather in various places but overall its been much warmer than normal.
  6. It's gonna summer into October and then the first snows will arrive a week later.
  7. I expect October to act like September. Lag effects of Nina pattern that developed. Favorable MJO
  8. Tropical threats likely to resume mid to late September as ridge builds back in.
  9. JB is a joke. He said Henri would be a Cat 2 hurricane and cause devastating impacts in New England. If he says September will be quiet then watch out.
  10. Yeah the crazy thing is this was just the remnants of a storm barely energized by a trough and we still got Floyd like rains. It lasted maybe 6hrs. What will happen when a strong hurricane actually impacts us directly.
  11. Looks like my area jackpotted with 8"+ amounts. Very happy not to have a basement as everyone around me had basement flooding. I'm on a hill but downstream there's loads of flooded roadways. Even after the rain ends we'll see some major river flooding. All this from the remnants of a tropical system.
  12. This is rain we're talking about. Haven't people had enough rain this summer. I'm glad things trended drier and the north trend means more severe potential which is more exciting than a rain storm imo. However I still think we get nailed later on. I'd be shocked if we get less than 2"
  13. Some models hinting it gets close to Bermuda.
  14. Warm front looks to get stuck around central NJ. I see the tornado risk being adjusted a bit further north next update.
  15. Getting dicey. Won't take much to bring that risk to our area. Additionally 2-3" seems like a lock even with any northern adjustments. We could get those amounts in an hour.
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