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  1. Good evening Iw002. Makes me wonder where Dante Alighieri is lurking. Stay well and cool, as always …..
  2. Good evening gravity, Hudson, Hitman, Rob ….. Ref: NOAA/NWS CPK total was .28. I’m not sure how much was due to ASOS-TLD (tree leaf drip) stay well all, as always …..
  3. Good morning Rjay. Considering Robs reaction, I wonder if we could get Joey Chestnut to wear a Weather Forum T Shirt for the July 4th event. We’ll all enjoy the weather and the banter, as always …
  4. Good morning gravity. Ref: NOAA/NWS CPK .06 within 7 hours. Not sure if dripping foliage added to the total. Stay well, as always…..
  5. Good afternoon Anthony. So where will you be sleeping tonight? As always …
  6. Happy “FATHERS” Day weekend Rob and to all. My apologies to the woke, I still enjoy a nap now and then. Beautiful day, stay well, as always …..
  7. Good evening Will, Nibor. At my age all you have to do is stay somewhat awake. As always …
  8. Good morning Bx. Thank heavens their vegans. As always …..
  9. Good morning gravity, Hitman Rob, Bx. Ref NWS, NOAA; CPK .05. My daughters pugs, on the postage stamp, may have added enough to match Hitman’s total. Beautiful day, stay well all. As always …
  10. Good morning Tip. I am 40’s baby boomer and beg to differ with you. Many look forward to your analysis. It may be a battle royal of vowels and descriptive adjectives with reaction place holders (heh) but the depth and importance of the analysis remains unchanged. On occasion coming away from it with, admittedly, more than one reading, my comfort level, if anything, is significantly decreased. If you are clearing the room the occupants may be running not from you but from the import of what your saying. We that stay will try to digest what your explaining, regardless of the bromine need thereafter. Stay well as always….
  11. Good morning Nibor, Bx. I would personally feel the loss. As for forky, he’d have one less place to post too, from under his toll bridge. As always .. forky
  12. good afternoon Rob, hudson, gravity. On a concerned note …. Has anyone notified the Keebler Company? As always …..
  13. Good evening gravity. You may be right but the unforgettable Gowanus Canal aroma is not likely to be matched. In the early 70’s the water was tested for organisms … typhoid, dysentery, cholera and tuberculosis were found. In recent years the water tested positive for gonorrhea. Some bright soul posted a sign “ must wear rubbers before entering the water.” . A government clean up is underway and the canal is showing growing signs of recovery. Stay well as always ….
  14. Good evening Irish. I remember seeing this individual many years ago near the Gowanus canal. That was the time when a gas mask was preferred attire when crossing the canal bridges on ninth street and on Hamilton Avenue. Now, post clean up, it’s slated to become another housing development for the very affluent. Stay well, as always …
  15. Good morning Hitman. It arrived cool, refreshing and peaceful. Perhaps a message sent. Stay well, as always …..
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