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  1. The forum seems to work that way also. As always ....
  2. rclab

    SNE "Tropical" Season Discussion 2019

    Down under as always .....
  3. rclab

    Autumn 2019 Banter Thread

    Fools rush in where Angels fear to go. That person from that, street that became a river video, a month or so back sure does get around. As always ....
  4. rclab

    Hurricane Humberto

    Mother Nature created Shinnecock Inlet when Long Island got in the way, on her way to Connecticut. As always ....
  5. rclab

    Memory Lane

    Thank you, Unc. I liked Mr. Casper and his style of delivery. My ‘thank you’ for delivering two routes, without even being a regular, was .... I only had to deliver one route the next day. 41 years does make a difference. As always .....
  6. rclab

    Memory Lane

    Your memory is sharper, Unc. I do remember Scott Muni. I also remember listening, a year or two later to HOA, Herb Oscar Anderson. He had a fine morning radio broadcast. The biggest change to rain blunder I remember was a 78 Jan or Feb storm. I was a letter carrier in Brooklyn Heights and delivered two routs that day. The motto was taken seriously. It was supposed to change to rain quickly. 13.5 inches later it finally changed to freezing drizzle. As always .....
  7. rclab

    Memory Lane

    I can never forget the raging river that was really the stairs going up to Fort Green Park during Donna. Schools were not closed for that one. I remember seeing the widest and beautiful rainbow in my Dyker Heights sky. The day the March snow storm started I was riding the Sea Beach express back from a school chums house, in Coney Island. I remember my father, that night, settling the old, yes he still had it, 50 Buick in the big alley community drive. The winds were strong with drifts already growing. Bay Ridge Parkway was a snow emergency street and the Old Man was in no mood to get towed again. Moving vehicles were banned from the streets during the emergency. A reminder of the disasters brings them right back to me. John Tillman on my black and white TV reporting, on site, the Constellation fire. The young boy Boeing 707 passenger, who only survived a couple of Days. The heartbreaking photos in the news and mirror. The fellow selling Christmas trees at the crash impact site, I believe his remains were never found. Perhaps I’m wrong but it sorta stuck with me. A dramatic fall and winter series of events, some great , some far from it and never forgotten . As always ...
  8. rclab

    Memory Lane

    Unc jogged my memory. August 1954, Hurricane Carol, I was seven. The wires on 75th Street, Bay Ridge Parkway were all above ground and on huge telephone poles. I remember, no power and being afraid. I had no concept of a hurricane being a natural event in nature. I’m afraid in my young mind I gave it metaphysical qualities and stayed very close to my mom as we sat in the dark. I remember the next day riding with my dad. He had a 1950 Buick Roadmaster, a chrome and steel tank. We rode long lengths of tenth and eleventh avenues. As I looked down the side street I saw fallen trees, crossed like swords. So many streets, it seemed to me. That strong impression always remained with me. It seemed like the east coast was a storm magnet at that time. It wasn’t until December of 1960 when my interest in the weather took hold. I was thirteen and a Freshman in Brooklyn Tech. The day it hit I remember the sky milky white, with the sun a well camouflaged yolk. It was cold and people were starting to ramp up for the holidays. We didn’t start before Halloween at that time. If I remember correctly the storm started with intensity, in the late afternoon. By the morning, public school classes were cancelled, a miracle event at the time. Bless you Mayor Wagner. I never remember seeing that much snow. The temperature, l believe dropped to the single digits. 17.5 inches fell, based on the radio reports. To my young eyes and up to my lower calf slogging, it seemed a lot more. Maybe the CPK measurement team was in training at the time. Based on how the future turned out, they graduated with honors. Little did I know that it would be a winter to remember. A winter of natural and unnatural disasters. Sad memories of the USS Constellation fire and the Boeing 707 crash into Brooklyn, all in snow. Unc and other more competent forum members can check my data. I could have myself but why mess up a childhood memory with facts. As always ....
  9. rclab

    September Weather Discussion 2019

    Sad to think that’s the original. As always ...
  10. rclab

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    Forky is all right even when he is all wrong. As always
  11. rclab

    Memory Lane

    Not sure how it relates to Rjay but your version of the cliche leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. As always ....
  12. rclab

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    If all the folks of your ranking have a get together. I hope there are sufficient warnings posted for the surrounding area. As always .....
  13. rclab

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    After taking a close look at your avatar, I humbly withdraw my suggestion. As always ....
  14. rclab

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    A pardon should be given for good intentioned ALL CAPS strong emotional misspellings. As always .....
  15. rclab

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    Possibly, because at that time, they were really looking for our Mayor. As always ......