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  1. Good afternoon Anthony. It’s my hope that they’ll be used to plow snow instead of salt. As always ….
  2. Ah forky for some the glass is half full, for others it’s half empty for you it’s shattered. As always….
  3. Now I’m sure it’s time for the Sweeper. Ref: Weather Watcher 007. As always …
  4. Good afternoon W007. As the reapers brother is sweeping them out to sea you may want to invest in a new resort, possibly called the bunker. I may book a niche depending on whether the brothers senior Aunt is working the warm season. As always ….
  5. Good morning W007. Perhaps it’s time to create/introduce us to the Reapers tropical season sibling, The Sweeper. As always …..
  6. Good morning, Irish. I wonder, without seeing the script, if the lack of snow is deliberate. Might be a topical nod to a GW comment such as “remember when snow was just about a guarantee, this time of year”. As always …
  7. That sounds like the making of a litigation orgasm. As always …..
  8. Liberty, based on your last sentence, I’m guessing you were exposed to the forky variant. As always …..
  9. Good morning Irish. If your avatar is in the window, I should have no problem. As always …..
  10. Good morning Alec judging from the photo setting and addressing your question, a mirror will answer best, well done. As always …..
  11. Good afternoon JG. Your post reaction is understandable, however there are nuances to the term. Palm trees may be a physical manifestation of tropical as are dews. We are experiencing sustained heightened dews in a calendar time and geographic locations that gives pause. BW, as many other fine posters in our sub forums neither hypes or sensationalizes. Data and demonstration of such is their deep throat. As always ….
  12. Well Liberty in that case you can balance C F fans with the academy awards celebrities . Admittedly CF is much more enjoyable. As always ….
  13. Good evening Tip, Liberty. The juxtaposition of your posts have got me to wondering. As always ……
  14. I feel for you Julian, considering both Santa and the reindeer will be dropping a heavy load. Liberty, just coat the chimney with WD40, make sure the hearth has a deep soft layer of ash and leave some special ingredient hot cocoa and cookies. As always ….
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