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  1. I remember a tv weather person, possibly Frank Field, commenting on how a line of storms seemed to split as they approached the city. That was 35+ years ago. I believe the number of 1000’ structures has increased since then. As always …
  2. Ref: B D. “The answer my friend is blowin in the wind. The answer is blowin in the wind”. As always …….
  3. Good morning Tip. I took a quick look at the desalinization efforts in Florida. +/- good/bad, result/effects . Are “ Technology/advances necessary”, most definitely. The sustainable population crises is showing up on the ‘awareness’ meters. Will certain state locations start/need to control their population growth? Will states rights, as a concept, be married to the evolving climate evolution? Will political/economic considerations mitigate the actions needed? Will the epitaph be written by a climate professional? As always ….
  4. Good morning T. Unparalleled irony. Humanity becomes its own/only viable food source, without Charlton Heston screaming through the teeming streets. As always …..
  5. At your north digs, you’d need to perform that long just to stay warm. As always …
  6. At first glance I thought it was a prediction of sub forum tropical post frequency. As always …..
  7. Good morning, Irish. If I see a flash to the north, I’ll know the methane ignited. As always …..
  8. Good TGIF evenIng Bx, Irish, hv. I’d volunteer but I’ve been trying to eat healthier, As always …..
  9. just a comic response, thahkyou Stephen. As always…
  10. I believe Phineas was talking about the climbing companion in the photo. Chats with them are rewarding. As always …..
  11. Good morning, Irish, Julian. It seem that ‘Stein’ ware is beginning to spread from the New England Forum. As always ….
  12. Being in the prime of my naïveté I contacted the Conservancy through their website. I politely referenced the atmospheric Professionals and competent enthusiasts concerns on this forum and other venues. I mentioned that a simple tree pruning in the vicinity of the ASOS would help. I received a programmed ‘Thank You’ reply last Thursday, with assurance of a response forthcoming. I’ve directed my heirs to monitor my account for that response. Other than that, consideration should be given to initiate paleo-climate tours of CPK. As always ….
  13. If that’s the case, than I’m in the Soylent Green generation. As always ……
  14. Good morning BW. Perhaps the CPK readings are more accurate for the flora of New Amsterdam. As always …..
  15. As pets, Julian, they come already housebroken. As always …..