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  1. Good evening JRP37. Drudge listed the CNN report under the title,” Northeast braces for ‘generational Arctic outbreak’ ….. I wonder which generation was being cited so melodramatically. Stay well and warm, as always …..
  2. Good evening Liberty/Vegan-edible. After all these years, even if the well of tears finally runs dry, the love you and your mother had for each other will never die. Stay well, as always…
  3. Now I understand the South East Ridge….As always ….
  4. Good afternoon ESN+. By the Tricentennial Boston will mirror NYC and Portland will mirror Boston. Perhaps our local beach season will end on Halloween and begin on tax day. Stay well, as always ….
  5. Good afternoon Don. You sparked a memory from the late 50’s. I remember a newsman in DC reporting on a congressional bill and saying that it would have to be passed by the time the first snow flys on November 15th. Stay well as always ….
  6. Good afternoon Rob I have rain mixed with some terrorized snow flakes hitting the wet only ground. Stay well, stay dry, stay snow covered. As always …
  7. Rain with some brave flakes and a less than fulfilled snow measure at the postage stamp. Stay well all, as always …. IMG_6350.MOV IMG_6349.MOV
  8. Good morning S19. Please stay, as in stay the course. Hate, a word of few letters with, unfortunately, a far reaching meaning applies neither to you or Bx. I believe he was replying to your post as another poster not a Moderator. We sentient sapiens are imperfect as are the models we create. Without views given on all sides we would also become unseeing. Please continue to see things as you do as will all the other (including our Will) well versed posters on our forums. Stay well, as always. ….
  9. Good evening Nibor. I’m not sure if Will has office hours, this late, on a rainy Sunday night. Stay well and dry, as always ….
  10. Sometimes you need snow to keep it functional. Stay well Will. As always ….
  11. Good Rjay. Even at my age I got it. Thank you. As always …..
  12. Good morning Nibor, Vegan, N&W. No chance V. Actually many of us, behaviorally, are a lot younger than you. Stay well, as always …..
  13. No wonder he never changes his avatar. As always ….
  14. Good evening V and welcome. Depending on the giver and the reason given our weenies can range from beef to tofu. Stay well, as always ….
  15. Good evening all and thank you. I always wondered exactly how and where a conspiracy theory started. Not any more… Stay well everyone. As always ….
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