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  1. Good evening JRP37. Nicely put …… when navigating the cold months and jousting with the models, the atmosphere will essentially react with ‘less than’ rather than ‘more’ of a definitive prediction. The major difficulty, it seems, is balancing between taking offense or being offensive. Have a good night. As always …
  2. A lot could be done/said with these but not much would survive the Moderators. As always …
  3. Good afternoon sw. Please keep up the clutter. At 74 I won’t take offense if you refer to me as the kid. Keep hale and hardy. I also love your trackless trolly avatar. Not too many here remember those. As always ….
  4. Good morning jfk. Your thinking is understandable even if not widely accepted. For some of us the 38 pages is an exercise/adventure in therapeutic discussion/socialization which at its end, despite the outcome, leave, at least for me, a sense of satisfaction. Remain well. As always ….
  5. Anthony, I thought you were in your mid twenties. I also remember an early, I believe, 70’s holiday storm ( before you were born ) that started as snow with extremely cold temperatures flipped during the night and less than 12 to 24 hours later we were eclipsing 50. Unc or Don could pin down the event if my between the ears vacancies haven’t imagined it, as always ….
  6. Good frigid morning N&W. I remember nearly a half century ago before WWS and WWA’s were commonly used the ominous verbiage, as the frozen precipitation approached, would be “heavy snow warning in effect” and that warning threshold was 4 inches. As always …..
  7. Humor wrapped in love, a recipe for an outstanding partnership. As always ….
  8. Good evening Irish. If your love happens to read this thread, I have a, just in case, safe house in Bay Ridge. As always ….
  9. Good evening Nibor, Biblically speaking, more than one. As always …..
  10. Good afternoon Liberty. We would probably need another sub forum to handle that one. As always ….
  11. Good morning everyone. I’ve come to the personal conclusion that our forums Storm anticipation threads hold the key on how to avoid age onset dementia. Anthony, a fine author by the name of James Blish wrote a marvelous story called ‘Cities In Flight’ in it a device called a spin dizzy (made colloquial for the masses) was developed to move Manhattan Island. If you join forces with VBMX and create a similar device you could move the five boroughs, near suburbs and all of Long Island to the extreme north Maine Coast. We just rename ourselves the way way north NYC forum. Considering how the interpretation of any suggestion may be skewed I’d appreciate any hide out suggestions from any/all of the above members. Thank you all for another grey matter exercise morning. As always ….
  12. Sorry, 40/70. I meant physical therapy. Gave up on mental quite awhile back. As always….
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