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  1. At Upton/BNL, seems pretty snowy historically for a place 90 miles out into the water. Since Y2K rather more Boston-like it seems. I like our odds for things to break right pretty much every year.
  2. DCA: +0.8 NYC: +0.6 BOS: +0.6 ORD: +1.0 ATL: -0.2 IAH: -1.0 DEN: +1.1  PHX: -1.0  SEA: -0.3 Thanks for reprieve on timing, Roger. And keep contest going.
  3. DCA: -0.4 NYC: -0.6 BOS: -0.8 ORD: -1.5 ATL: -1.9 IAH: -0.2 DEN: -0.2 PHX: +0.9 SEA: +0.8  NYC forum
  4. Hey, it’s well deserved. I may lay low the past decade(s) (WWBB, Eastern) but am quite an astute observer and for years pay particular attention to your forecasts . Ultimately they are the best. Been around long enough to know how important your point of view is to any thoughtful prediction of seasonal forecasts. Kudos, as it is deserved as usual
  5. bkviking

    November discussion

    Isotherm’s forecast is out on main thread. Looking good.
  6. When he’s on board, pretty much feel like this is a wrap. Was waiting for his views. He cooroborates most forecast out there and while February seems pretty universal as a cold/snow month, I am more interested in his December call. Much to love here.
  7. Isotherm’s winter forecast is out on main thread.
  8. DCA: +1.8 24” NYC: +1.8 55” BOS: +1.9 71” ORD: +0.2 35” ATL: +0.4 39” (DTW) IAH: +0.4 78” (BUF) DEN: +1.9 60” PHX: +1.8 78” (BTV) SEA: +1.5 18”
  9. bkviking

    October 27 2018 Major East Coast Storm

    Lol - this was funny joke (and know you are joking here) . But for uninitiated, Bluewave is one of our Crown Jewels - on the whole board, or Eastern, or WWBB. Anytime the dude has reflected/conjectured/observed on something it is undoubtedly a sign to take it with keen attention and gravitas.
  10. Winds cranking here in Miller Place - North Shore of LI. Michael’s last hurrah
  11. Late again DCA: +2.8 NYC: +3.0 BOS: +3.1  ORD: +0.8  ATL: +1.6 IAH: +1.0 DEN +0.3 PHX: -0.7   SEA: -1.5 NYC subforum
  12. October 6. Relying on EPS AO/NAO/PNA sweet spot and cooler air around.
  13. Most intense tstorm of year - and it’s been busy - here in Port Jefferson. Easily busiest CTG stuff we’ve had up here..
  14. Late DCA: +2.4 NYC: +3.0 BOS: +3.1 ORD: +1.8  ATL: +0.3 IAH: +1.2 DEN +0.7 PHX: +0.8 SEA: +1.0   NYC forum