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  1. DCA +0.2 NYC +0.4 BOS +0.5 ORD -1.0 ATL +0.2 IAH +1.3 DEN +1.5 PHX + 1.4 SEA +1.0
  2. Pretty nice rain squall here in Ronkonkoma now. Tiny little thing on radar but had some gusto.
  3. Pretty miserable out here on Island - Port Jefferson. All the hallmarks of rotten weather - low clouds, drizzle, blowing east winds. Reminds me of April and May weather out here.
  4. DCA +1.9 NYC +1.8 BOS +1.9 ORD +2.6 ATL +1.5 IAH +1.2 DEN +1.6 PHX +1.0 SEA +0.3
  5. Bluewave - please update your chart for number of rainy weekends in a summer. Never thought we could beat 2009 awfulness. Here we are.
  6. Are you out on duty tonight in this? What have you seen? It’s bad out here on Island but for most part we escaped the bulk of it - though making up ground now
  7. DCA +0.6 NYC +0.9 BOS +0.8 ORD +0.3 ATL +0.3 IAH +0.3 DEN +1.2 PHX +0.2 SEA +0.8
  8. In Smithtown and woke up with creasing thunder - and saw radar- wow - classic overnight storms for LI. Full on lightning display out there and not much movement of cells.
  9. I believe Miller Place was core of snow capital. @NorthShoreWx produced great maps showing that but I lived it. Still thing Huntington and eastwards was snow capital. Now euro shifts west again. Windshield wiper. I get it too - this is so unusual: we have a NAO block and and an approaching upper level low - but not the usual slingshot up to our area. Even Sandy moved once it hit the much stronger block. This thing with landfall and lingering NW turn followed by eventual turn NE is interesting.
  10. I moved from my long term stronghold in Miller Place to Smithtown and while adoring storms and would embrace whatever happens, I prefer this “hurricane” just keep away if it’s not gonna be big impact. Isaias seemed so puny last year and the storm was inland NJ or something but damage and power outrages on Long Island we’re too much. As said, I’ll be first to try and embrace a 1938 coming our way - but - don’t want this pesky fly to ruin things with our third world power grid.
  11. I was just saying to myself I am so glad I wasn’t in SE New England with repeating rains they had but here it is - a disastrous waste of a Sunday with non stop rain training over same areas. This summer is largely a fail and ranks with 2009 as one of most awful I remember.
  12. While I’m a long term hobbyist - I wonder why a negative PDO is contributing to such an extreme PNA+ this summer. Is this normal for season? Does the advance of winter in northern hemisphere change the likely blocking index by then?
  13. Late. Darn. Snuck up. DCA +0.5 NYC +0.8 BOS +0.7 ORD +0.4 ATL -0.2 IAH +0.9 DEN +1.5 PHX +0.5 SEA +1.5
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