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  1. October 6. Relying on EPS AO/NAO/PNA sweet spot and cooler air around.
  2. Most intense tstorm of year - and it’s been busy - here in Port Jefferson. Easily busiest CTG stuff we’ve had up here..
  3. Late DCA: +2.4 NYC: +3.0 BOS: +3.1 ORD: +1.8  ATL: +0.3 IAH: +1.2 DEN +0.7 PHX: +0.8 SEA: +1.0   NYC forum
  4. I have clearly seen your part of LI (southwest corner) miss rains (and snow) often enough. Oddly, I skipped Jones Beach this year bc majors of shoes I’ve gone to past 5 years or so have had rain which to me was unheard of for a long time (90s-like 2012) I wonder if the North Fork as an area receives less, however. It was my understanding that the north fork received the least precip which is why it’s a suitable area for wineries. Kinda curious as to precip patterns on LI. I know my part of Suffolk (central, North, ~Port Jeff area) clearly gets the most snow the past few decades.
  5. Looks mostly over for us.
  6. Tstorms rolling off LI Sound into Port Jefferson
  7. Figures a fellow weather nut would remember this bc 2016 was notorious for these events. In that year there numerous sea breeze front type boundary events in LI, with radar lit like an Xmas tree through middle and northern parts of LI east to west . That year was also toxic for DewPoint extremes - like this year. I love summer but despise this type of extreme up here.
  8. I’m up in Port Jefferson looking south and see plenty of billowing cumulonimbus. V slow moving looking at radar. Tropical weather continues - though I must say the easterly wind feels better.
  9. bkviking

    ENSO 2018

    I gotta be honest with you : “Chuck” has spouted some good stuff since his return last year. But I am getting so perplexed by his constant shifting the last several months. This is a good thread and needed across the board as ENSO truly is universal in how it affects the US. But it’s getting hard to follow Chuck with the swings lately from Niño to Nina to Niño to Nina. Don’t want to say he’s wrong but I just am incredulous about his posts. Wish some additional heavyweights would join this thread (thanks to Ray, from NE) as it’s mighty crucial for most of us.
  10. DCA +2.2 NYC +2.0 BOS +2.0 ORD +0.8 ATL +1.2 IAH +1.4 DEN +3.3 PHX +1.8  SEA +0.2
  11. I really far prefer a summer like 2010 which had more heat but less dews. I believe we had influence far more from a Great Lakes/Ohio Valley Ridge than the Bermuda high, and much more a westerly than southerly wind flow.
  12. Hurricane Gloria commenced the obsession.
  13. bkviking

    summer banter thread

    Too bad MDR sucks
  14. This probably helping to push these dews so high, especially for so early in July. It’s a swamp out there now. I can imagine what they might be in a few weeks if WAR holds firm ...
  15. DCA: +2.8 NYC: +2.4 BOS: +2.8 ORD: +2.5  ATL: +2.0 IAH: +1.9 DEN +2.8 PHX: +1.7 SEA: +1.6  NYC forum