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  1. Euro .... hmmmmmm
  2. EC on top, GEFS bottom. http://www.atmos.albany.edu/facstaff/abrammer/maps/genesis/
  3. DCA +1.9 NYC +2.1 BOS +1.7 ORD +0.5 ATL +0.5 IAH +1.8 DEN +2.9 PHX +2.8 SEA +3.0
  4. 3.4 going down with trades...
  5. Pure tropical weather now. Good luck. Coop's Place on Decatur - hole in wall across from Margaritaville but great gumbo and jambalaya. The Old Coffee Pot for breakfast on St Peters. And can't leave without Central Grocery on Decatur near Coops for muffuletta.
  6. Port Jefferson coming in with around 90F but big change is dewpoint at 64F, which is 10-12F lower than last night's swamp.
  7. In Port Jefferson temp down to 73 after quite a robust storm. Wind was the best part bc it made the firehose rains blow in nearly sideways fashion. Odd, I lost my fan/AC and thankfully restart of car cured that. Guy next to me left his pickup with windows open.
  8. Tropical rain, strong winds, lotsa lightning here in Port Jefferson.
  9. DCA: +1.2 NYC: +1.2 BOS: +1.0 ORD: +0.8 ATL: +2.0 IAH: +1.3 DEN: +3.1 PHX: +2.7 SEA: +1.5
  10. Thunderstorms just North or Port Jefferson. Had great outflow wind blast here. Beautiful
  11. Getting hit quick with this little cell in Port Jeff... big droplets within solid downpour.
  12. Well there is no stacked MLC with a LLC. But the cyclonic look is undeniable. Sheer obvious issue I believe until a window opens up for something more...
  13. SOI is rapidly rising after a dip but then forecast to rapidly drop again. Quite the oscillating back and forth. Certainly makes sense with weather we are experiencing from cooler/cloudy/rainy to record breaking heat.
  14. Looking good...
  15. This is the same Chuck from like a decade ago? Glad to see you have returned. Interesting this La Niña call is the only "cool" cool I've seen so far for the upcoming year. Models did just seem to correct for the Niño call over the summer recently into a warm neutral.