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  1. Would’ve loved that set up a month ago with hurricanes . 500mb show deep latitudnal trough (neutral-negative) with isobars north-south—would’ve been great if Jose or Irma had encountered this
  2. Thanks Roger, for handling these contests.
  3. And there's the waterspout in Westhampton...
  4. DCA +3.8 NYC +3.8 BOS +3.4 ORD +4.0 ATL +2.7 IAH +1.2 DEN +1.8 PHX +1.7 SEA +0.8
  5. Anecdotally speaking, the past several days are a dish of humid and quasi-tropical airmass. Dews in upper 60s to 70 abound, and atmosphere is milky cloud ridden . So if Jose wants to strike it's obviously abetted by a favorable airmass ahead of it. Not comparing sloppy/mostly east bound Jose to others, but I remember with Gloria several days of cloudy, murky, rainy weather. History has it that 1938 came into similar airmass. Whatever happens with Jose HIS path up here is obviously made a bit more pleasant with the existing airmass. This is no blue-skies, low-dew, September weather pattern he is headed in to.
  6. Lets finally do this. I've heard of a kind of Fujiwara effect where the remnant Irma swings Jose back towards coast. But haven't looked at upper air which could support this. No doubt I want it.
  7. Good stuff from Ryan: NE hurricane setups http://www.ryanhanrahan.com/new-england-hurricane-setups/
  8. All Northeast significant landfalls: http://www.ryanhanrahan.com/new-england-hurricane-setups/
  9. 1938 v 2017....
  10. 1938 500mb ... hmmm banana like high pressure sprawled north and northeast of storm. Not sure how Carol , Donna , and Gloria looked...
  11. DCA: +0.3 NYC: +0.2 BOS: -0.2 ORD: -1.7 ATL: -0.8 IAH: -0.2 DEN: +3.0 PHX: +1.2 SEA: +2.8
  12. Well you're one of best on boards to keep eye on this. Troughing in Great Lakes always gives me an eyebrow raise this time of year. Now add high pressure building to ENE. Yummy. We track.
  13. I know you promised a hit with this one. I'm all for it. 10 days of tracking coming up...
  14. Deep trough around lakes. HP off our coast. And 93L cruising north of islands. Appetizing.
  15. If that trough really digs around Great Lakes like euro suggests with that high pressure off in northwestern Atlantic, gonna be fun 10-12 days coming.