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  1. Getting hit quick with this little cell in Port Jeff... big droplets within solid downpour.
  2. Well there is no stacked MLC with a LLC. But the cyclonic look is undeniable. Sheer obvious issue I believe until a window opens up for something more...
  3. SOI is rapidly rising after a dip but then forecast to rapidly drop again. Quite the oscillating back and forth. Certainly makes sense with weather we are experiencing from cooler/cloudy/rainy to record breaking heat.
  4. Looking good...
  5. This is the same Chuck from like a decade ago? Glad to see you have returned. Interesting this La Niña call is the only "cool" cool I've seen so far for the upcoming year. Models did just seem to correct for the Niño call over the summer recently into a warm neutral.
  6. DCA: +1.1 NYC: +1.4 BOS: +1.3 ORD: +1.5 ATL: +0.8 IAH: +1.9 DEN: +2.9 PHX: +1.9 SEA:+1.1
  7. Agree. This persistence of clouds, rain, and murk reminds me in ways of 2009 which also had a weak modoki Niño developing. Really missing a good, strong Nina to change things.
  8. Late, but in .. DCA +1.6 101 NYC +1.2 98 BOS +0.6 97 ORD +1.0 99 ATL +1.7 99 IAH + 1.8 100 DEN + 2.4 102 PHX +1.0 117 SEA + 1.5 96
  9. Severe Tstorm warning up here Central-East Suffolk. Haven't seen a storm moving at 80mph. Intense here..
  10. Intense CTG, wind blown heavy rain in tropical like squalls, with non stop brightening and darkening skies here in Miller Place on north shore..
  11. I use the widget for point and click and it's been down for several days.
  12. This made me laugh " reminds me of February" to speak of Spring weather. Lol. Brilliant sun and 54 Port Jefferson Village - which is also crowded with ferry day trippers, motorcyclists, and then a health sized mob of people seeking restorative Vitamin D. US Naval Observatory sun angle link is down, but I believe vitamin D metabolizes only with sun angle above 50 degrees. I *believe* that's only like 12-2 this time of year, so get out in sun now.
  13. DCA +1.5 NYC +1.2 BOS 0.4 ORD + 3.0 ATL + 2.7 IAH +2.4 DEN + 1.9 PHX +2.2 SEA -0.6
  14. With the EPO, AO, NAO all positive and looking to remain so in medium range, and only a +PNA producing a cold look, how long before warmth takes over?
  15. DCA: +3.5 NYC: +3.2 BOS: +2.9 ORD: +3.7 ATL: +4.0 IAH: +2.0 DEN: +1.1 PHX: -0.2 SEA: -2.2