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  1. thunderbolt

    2019 ENSO

  2. thunderbolt

    Mountain West Discussion

    this will never compare to a hurricane
  3. thunderbolt

    Weak-Moderate El Nino 2018-2019

    Why don't you just say + 1 to + 15 it's a good way to cover your ass and I will say -3 to +5
  4. thunderbolt

    My Winter Outlook 2018-19

    In Tom We Trust
  5. thunderbolt

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    Do you have a statistic where only half of November there was blocking and the other half there was not
  6. thunderbolt

    Winter Outlook 2018-2019

    Okay now you're saying 45 as the high-end again good luck no disrespect but I'm putting all my chips in Rays corner
  7. thunderbolt

    Winter Outlook 2018-2019

    Let me understand this correctly what you're saying is 35 in for Boston is that correct if that's the case good luck
  8. thunderbolt

    Weak-Moderate El Nino 2018-2019

    Check out MWObservatory (@MWObs): https://twitter.com/MWObs?s=09
  9. thunderbolt

    Weak-Moderate El Nino 2018-2019

    Look at the elevation no wonder it's so cold
  10. thunderbolt

    Winter Outlook 2018-2019

    Yo dude let's cut to the chase how many inches of snow is Boston New York Philly and DC supposed to get this winter thank you no one really gives a **** about the temperature it's all about the snow
  11. thunderbolt

    Weak-Moderate El Nino 2018-2019

    Let me ask you a question do you think Philadelphia will have above-average snowfall for for the 2018/19 22 is the average
  12. thunderbolt

    Weak-Moderate El Nino 2018-2019

    So those 3 years 86 94 2006 are those your analog years for the winter 2018/19
  13. thunderbolt

    2018 Mid-Atlantic General Severe Discussion

    Is there any news stations covering this live
  14. thunderbolt

    Quite a string of blocks

    You can thank the stratospheric warming