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  1. Hey buffalo just for curiosity how does this compare to the 2014 event ?
  2. I am enjoying the weather I’m out golfing can you comprehend what I said I guess not
  3. It’s OK I’m sure if there were cities on the East Coast at 5000 feet altitude be a lot different story but oh well it is what it is I’m enjoying the warm weather out golfing and you enjoy your Dustings
  4. I guess you reached your total in Albuquerque Already
  5. My problem is the leaves falling when your ball ends up in the woods it’s a lot harder to find
  6. Tell me about just like All the hyperactive predictions for hurricane season
  7. Well the way you applied it it’s never been negative it’s always been positive
  8. What do you mean the first time in months it was just negative back in September Unless I’m reading the chart wrong
  9. Just curious what is your opinion on How winter is going to turn out
  10. Let me guess I don’t even have to read it you’re predicting a less snowy year for the northeast and less cold
  11. Almost like EL Nino sharp rise in AAM. Anybody Has access to GWO phase 6-7 composites Oct/Nov? Per Julius S tweet
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