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  1. Don’t worry he thinks Tallahassee is in central Florida lol
  2. My personal thought with this storm which many people have not been talking about is going to be the heavy rain when you’re talking anywhere from 15 inches to possibly 2 feet of rain I don’t care where you’re at it’s gonna be very bad By no means am I Medicating the wind Or the storm surge I just think the rains going to be the big story
  3. Invest 95L 95L.INVEST.15kts.1007mb.10N.25W
  4. The way I look at it is Naples is South Florida Tampa Bay Central Florida Tallahassee is North Florida at least according to Latitude
  5. I would call that more central west Florida
  6. Yo Pinocchio stop lying You might want to check to Euro again
  7. Does anybody know any storm chaser live feeds
  8. You might wanna also add a GFS
  9. Maybe you should start looking at it more often LOL