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  1. The problem is the MJO has not been in phase 8 March 1 to March 13
  2. Dare I say 2001 repeat but this time Denver is feeling the pain just like Philly and New York felt it back in 2001
  3. I personally put more stock in the AO being negative more than NAO In reference about the Northeast being colder than normal
  4. That’s weather if it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t we move on
  5. What do you mean by historic -pna
  6. May I ask what do you mean by feeling negative NAO
  7. I’m glad this happened in March Instead of happening in January And the diagram that you’re presenting it also coincide when we had a negative a AO -3 to -4 at Times
  8. ECMF) I was hoping for phases six and seven