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  1. Definitely NO apology needed. Nothing anyone does on this board can possibly be worse than that crap I pulled in 2008 on the old board. I should have been banned forever and ever and ever.
  2. Get those shovels ready! Stock up on ice melter, food and beers! Get ready for some rousing jebwalks! You all are about to be absolutely blinded by huge, huge three inch aggregates blasting on a northeasterly gale right past the streetlights! NEVER GIVE UP ON SNOW! You are gonna get it!
  3. In the byline to this thread's topic, someone stated, 'probably not'. I say, It probably WILL!
  4. Someone needs to go drag The Reaper back into the Mid Atlantic. There is NO retirement! The Reaper is ETERNAL! Reaper what dont you understand about E-T-E-R-N-A-L anyway?????????? You need to get back here yesterday and start Reapin big-time! You DON'T Die, and You DON'T get tired. and YOU DON'T RETIRE! Reaper you got a job to do! Get to it! Or else.
  5. I know about raised beds and pots and veggies I raised all by myself! Down here in south TX we got a 9-10 month growin' season! This past year, I was eating fresh tomatoes right off the vine on New Years Eve in get this 74/67 conditions while ppl up in the north were freezin' their tarkuses off! My relatives still up in Wisc and Illinois are gettin really tired of me! I'm as bad about the growing in south Texas now as I was about the damn snow when I was 30 years younger!! I realize I am being so heretical saying all this stuff, but I HAVE been down here for three years! It grows on you! Spring down here, it starts in MARCH! By late April we are growing all kinds of veggies! I have had to mow my lawn in February! Not last Feb though.
  6. That. First. Pic. is now gracing my laptop. I got at least three copies. One of these days, before I get perilously too frackin' OLD, I have absolutely GOT to check out a LIVE honest to goodness real-life Lake Effect Snow Event as it is unfolding in all its glory, roll around in the LES while residents of the lake effect areas wonder who in the fook is this crazy, CRAZY old man rollin in the snow in 5 degree temperatures, in the 65 mph wind gusts, in the middle of one of the absofrookinlutely WORST lake effect events of all time! I will then discover all up close and personal, what a real life severe lake effect snow event REALLY IS LIKE! I'll proceed to take about 7,000 digital pics then crash the American Weather Forums server when I manage to upload all the wonderful pics! I might have to show those plows how to dig snow! That damn CENSOR needs to be destroyed! This aint no church!
  7. Imagine a HUGE storm developing! You'd have to track the nam once every hour! The suspense! The exhaustion over days and days!
  8. You guys are gonna get hit hard again by snow. Just keep on keepin' on with the model tracking. Winter is NOT even close to bein done with the Mid Atlantic yet. Winter is not yet done with this sub. NO WAY!
  9. Hope you guys get completely demolished by torrential snow!
  10. We need to WILL this thing home, just a little bit farther northwest. Its not askin too much, is it?
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