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  1. With every passing day, sun angle gets to be more and more of a problem, lol
  2. Here's to hoping that baby bump thump smashes the entire Mid Atlantic with a good snow!
  3. This would definitely be a very good time to take a drive up Rt 7 and Rt 9 goin towards CharlesTown W VA! Its gonna be snowin and blowin up there!
  4. This storm next week. It is the beginning of the massive bitter cold snow winter in the DC Region in 2019-2020. Its going to get very very cold at times and you will see snow after snow after snow after snow. You all are going to get so much model watching, that you will get sick and tired of it. Get the shovels ready! The DC Region is right on track for one of the biggest snow winters since 2009-2010! This could be far worse! Some of the seasonal snow tallies may exceed what Boston saw in the 2014-2015 Winter, the winter that was backloaded for DC.
  5. I ate about 600 chocolate bars. I feel better now. Yeah, I realize that this is definitely going to be a very snowy and frigid winter in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Region. I was only kidding about considering the Panic Room Packages! I KNOW it is gonna snow in DC this winter! A LOT!
  6. Late in the upcoming new week or next weekend, things will take a colder turn. Might want to keep an eye on those models.
  7. Okay, okay. Winter in the East is really progged to be milder than average. How's that? Hell, I might even consider one of the Panic Room Packages. They are really good deals this season!
  8. You're gonna need a much bigger digger ---- For all the deep snow and ice that's gonna entomb the Washington DC Region this winter!
  9. WxWatcher! When did YOU move to SNE?
  10. I can truly see what is coming later this low sun season in the Mid Atlantic, very cold and lots of snow, but since many cannot see what I easily see as though it were gonna hit tomorrow, it will be high entertainment to watch many book early packages in the modern Panic Room Resort lmfao! I dont comprehend why so many panic already. It is, after all, only late November. It doesnt look good right now, but things are gonna change. Mid Atlantic is gonna be sick and tired of the white stuff by late Jan 2020. You will have had more than enough of stayin up weeks at a time tracking the models! You will be tired of shoveling snow. You will be fed the fook up with the humiliating fights for parking spaces not blocked by tall snow banks! You will have had it with all the careless plow drivers plowing you into your driveways overnight with a 5 foot berm of frozen snow that you then have to laboriously chip thru just to try and get to work on time! Many will cry for Spring, but the damned Trough in the East will not relent right into the early spring months of 2020. There will be so much damn snow on the Eastern Seaboard that skiers will be able to cross country ski from Maine clear down to Atlanta, Ga! You reside in Washington DC or the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region, you can take this right to the Bank! This is going to be a severe snow winter!
  11. Yeah we are watchin it too! Meanwhile in other news - Dale City has a 60 percent chance of snow showers on Monday night. Might want to check that out.
  12. The esteemed Reaper is Back and all is right in the world. This is better, than getting 14 feet of powder snow and winning a 2.6 billion dollar Powerball sans tax.
  13. May 10. Troughing and snow will go on and on and on and on in the Mid Atlantic well into Met Spring.
  14. BWI: 48.6" DCA: 45.3" IAD: 54.9” RIC: 20.6" Tiebreaker SBY: 21.4" I'm tellin you all, this is going to be a very very snowy and very cold winter for the entire Mid Atlantic Region. It is setting up, and its gonna be classic! We are right on track!
  15. I am NEVER gonna be on this List. Never heard of a debbie downer! I KNOW it will snow! It's gonna snow hard and deep in Washington DC this winter. And, its gonna be COLD! This, will be a Winter Long Remembered in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region, for unbelievably frigid Siberian Outbreaks and incredible snowstorms! This is going to be such a severe cold snow winter, that The Reaper will freeze solid!