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  1. CONGRATS on your cool weather in the Mid Atlantic! Highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s are exactly what the doctor ordered in the Washington Metropolitan Region today! Its early October and these conditions are where you all should be! I know, I used to live there! Meanwhile it was cool in Austin TX today at 94 degrees with only 62 degree dewpoints! This is a bargain compared to weeks and weeks of 103/72 conditions! Fronts are gonna hit us beginning tomorrow night. Mid Atlantic is still in play for severe frigid cold and very deep crippling snows this upcoming late fall and winter!
  2. Congrats on your cold front conditions! You guys SHOULD be in the 50s at night! Its about time! Down here in the furnace, well it wasnt too bad today. Only 93 with a dewpoint of 62!!!!!!! It felt like 79/53!
  3. That, is unbelievable. if south central Texas hits 97 in October, it is only 12 degrees above normal. But if DC hits 97 on Oct 2, its downright hellish! You are getting it all out of the way now, to set up for one of the frigidest Washington Winters in living history! Its also gonna be filled with snow!
  4. Be very grateful you dont have to live in central Texas. We have been doing the 98 weather for MONTHS ouch!
  5. Wow guys! 95 degrees in Dale City today! That MONSTER HEAT RIDGE MEANS BUSINESS! You should be 72 degrees for a high on Oct 2. It hit 97 down here in central Texas. Our normal high is 85 now. It may be hot now, but the pattern is gonna change and then you better look out! Especially in November and December! Its going to get VERY COLD then it will be snow after snow and you will all go stark ravin crazy from tracking snowstorms in the Mid Atlantic!
  6. You are definitely gonna need those snow tires. And a good supply of Jebman snow shovels. This is going to be a very frigid winter full of snows for the entire Mid Atlantic region!
  7. Northern Virginia has NO BUSINESS having 70 degree dewpoints at this time of year! It's Oct 1! You guys should be at 53 degree dewpoints. Even here in central Texas, we are a good 10-13 degrees above normal, our normals are 86/63, which would be outright CHILLY to us after all the weeks and weeks of 90s and 100s here in Austin. September down here is the hottest on record for central Texas, lol. You folks are right on schedule for a numbing COLD winter with crippling amounts of driving snow!
  8. Rockville MD. That place is a massive snow magnet. Every storm. They get the famed Rockville Deathband. Also, Stormtracker's 'Hood.
  9. You'll get a 43! You're on a roll!
  10. Everything is still on track for a VERY frigid, VERY snowy winter for the entire Washington DC Metropolitan Region. I miss northern Virginia. I am starting to think about going back up there. This place, central Texas, it is hot as hell and it is also very toxic to left of center persons such as myself. Our NORMAL high has just fallen back to 89. Geeze. Guess what, we are averaging well above normal as luck would have it, and will likely remain so into early November. Yuck! This upcoming autumn bears startling resemblances to Fall 1995.
  11. Jebman


    If you guys are weary of canes, move to sunny warm Austin TX. We dont get much rain and we never get canes. We do get plenty of sunshine lol.
  12. Jebman


    I heard that Josh went out to Abaco. The storm is now nearly stationary. Does anyone know if Josh is okay? Is he still under heavy winds/tides/surge from Dorian? If so, this is an extremely serious and grave situation. Lots of prayers going out to Josh for his safety.
  13. Jebman


    He's a real professional but this IS pushing it, going out on Abaco in the path of Cat 5.
  14. Jebman


    What on God's green Earth, is a Crabtree toilet stopper?