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  1. I am pounding sand and thorns in Texas, but I still believe in snow hitting DC this season. There is still time. I have seen stranger winter weather in the 50 or so years I used to live there, lol. I know its a bad pattern, but there is still time. About those thorns, they have trees down here with 4 inch thorns on the branches! I had to remove some! Man was that entertaining! LOL
  2. Both the high lat pattern and the Pac contribute to what could have been a massively spectacular winter. But Washington DC is STILL gonna get annihilated later this month or in Morch, by a very deep snowstorm and by frigid temps!
  3. No, I didnt. He and I both see what is coming. Its 'gon snow!
  4. march will be one for the record books, in terms of unusual cold and unusual deep snows for the Washington Metropolitan Region
  5. It IS gonna snow again, IN Balto and Washington DC this month and/or next month!
  6. I am really falling in love with college football! NFL football, too!
  7. Washington DC is STILL gonna get SHELLACKED by deep frigid snow in Feb or March this year! My forecast STILL stands!
  8. This winter is SO BAD, that it is already spring a month early in Central Texas. We are seeing leafout and some of my grass is over a foot tall. We've had multiple days with 70 degree dewpoints already! I think 60s dewpoints are cool and pleasant! In February! Its a crying SHAME the Reaper is BURIED in suicidal snow weenies!
  9. This is an oldie but goodie lol. Deep snow and Vodka cold are on the way for the Washington Metropolitan Region, this low sun season.
  10. Well we had a 20 percent chance for rain and sleet tonight in Buda TX. The forecast was wrong. It snowed, HARD and fast. The temp dropped to 34 and the north wind blew those dendrites past the streetlights and I was out on a very happy jebwalk! I was blasting old school ELO songs in the midst of very large very wet snowflakes, savoring a trip down memory lane! It looked so much like Northern Virginia! But I was standing in South Austin, rubbing my eyes, pinching myself, kept on thinking I MUST be dreaming! It was 80 degrees yesterday with a 65 dewpoint! Now, it was snowing hard and even sticking to elevated surfaces! We ended up with about a quarter inch of snow on the grass and on many elevated surfaces like car tops, bushes, trash can lids. Crazy Texas weather can be amazing! I think Midland TX well to my west got 7 inches! This was a very happy trip down memory lane but it will probably be my last for a couple more years! Local snow climo is about three quarters of an inch in a winter. So tonights quarter inch snowfall equates to a major winter storm of 4-6 inches in N VA. I enjoyed it. There's snow out there right now on the wood patio! Might have to sneak out there at 3am local time and roll in it like old times in Dale City after a 2 foot HECS! LOL!
  11. You're not going to believe this but I noticed brining on the access roads in Buda and Kyle in Texas tonight! Over a slight chance of sleet and light snow sometime in the next 24 hours lolz. LOL we have enough trouble down here just getting enough RAIN!
  12. Ding ding ding........we have a heavy winnah! You may not think this is gonna happen, but before this low sun season is concluded, Mid Atlantic is gonna get shellacked BIG TIME with snow!
  13. Wow wxwatcher007 - I always get a good belly laugh out of your avatar!