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  1. The Intersnowy Period WILL END, in 2021-2022. The Jebman has spoken. The Snow Gods are smiling already on DC. Load up on shovels, blowers and ice melt and salt. You're gonna need a bigger plow!
  2. I hope you all get tons of rain over the next couple days! I still remember how much rain Virginia gets!
  3. Try replacing the filter. We did here, now the AC is freezing us pretty good lol
  4. Not the hail, but we have been absolutely inundated with rain since at least late April down here in south central Texas! If this trans ridge weakness showing up on all the guidance hangs around, we could be talking 2007 all over again! I remember visiting Austin in summer 2007 and seeing 8 foot high weeds along some roadsides! We have been getting tons of storms and heavy rains and many cancelled outdoor games for weeks on end! This is NOT normal down here, not at all. Our gardens are putting out mass amounts of tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, squash! We're having trouble keepin up with it! I saved and nurtured 63 tomato plant seedlings from our greenhouse. Now they are busting the cap and getting very big! Its a green forest out there and I am running out of large pots to put them in! The soils are completely saturated. If we should get hit by so much as a tropical depression from the Gom, it could be catastrophic.
  5. We have had so much rain down here in south central Texas it is unbelievable! Garden has gone nonlinear! Buda has seen 16.5 inches of rain since early May! We have tomatoes, cucumbers and purple sweet peppers. The sweet green, orange, yellow and red peppers are soon to come. Got peas and beans too, they just appeared, and figs are beginning to grow on the fig tree! Lawn mower is busted. Grass is getting higher and higher and the east lawn is a deep hopeless quagmire. We're enjoying the cool 70s by day and rain because soon enough it will be 105 and blistering HOT.
  6. Feed sacks are goin up too, though not by that much. Got miniature donkeys down here in Central TX. Plus a deer feeder.
  7. I have a relative in the Green Mountains, I might get to spend next winter up there. I send you all pics, you are gonna hate me like ebola.
  8. Which ski resort in Colorado or Wyoming typically gets the most snow in the March blockbuster blizzards? One day, I am gonna position myself in one of those ski resorts and get my fill of snow WITHOUT the responsibilities I faced on the ranch down here in south central Texas during the Frozentine Day After Tomorrow Event last month. I'll just jebwalk myself to death in a mammoth 6 foot blizzard with headphones blasting, all without a care in the snowy world!
  9. Don, Your winter storms photos site is absolutely LEGENDARY!
  10. Need a little help diggin' out? I could be up there in a day.
  11. Might want to keep your eyes on the models. March 5-6 could be something else for the Mid Atlantic Region. Dont put the shovels and snowblowers away just yet! I think you guys are gonna get shellacked by heavy snow!
  12. NICE STORM! If that is sleet, you can expect it to compact and transform into a glacier. Then you'll be forced to walk like a penguin, or else slide around on it like a lemming as you try to descend hills. I remember 1994 all too well. Those ice mountains in front of the cars, will have to be picked thru with a pick the hard way by tomorrow morning. You could also use a Jebman Shovel........
  13. This has been one interesting week or so. We hit 6 for a low one night. We had highs in the upper teens one day. We got a third of an inch of ice yesterday. We got 6.5 inches snow Sunday night. We got an inch and a half of snow today. Our normal snow here is three quarters of an inch of snow in an entire season. There are still snowpacked roads down here. Everything froze last night real hard and the driveway turned to ice. We have frozen pipes too, have to get water from a neighbor. It has really been intriguing. I never expected all this snow and ice down here. Its surreal. The park where I watch soccer games all the time, now has 2 foot snowdrifts and icicles hanging off the benches where I cheer all the soccer goals! What has been causing all this down here? Is it the polar vortex of doom? Lol
  14. Lol I might have to visit some time.
  15. 27 degrees with moderate to heavy snow here. Big big aggregates! Picked up another inch on top of the ice on the old snowpack. That's 9.5 inches snow on the season which puts us at something like ~ 1600 percent of normal.