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  1. I am in total HEAVEN. Imagine if you can, a storm far worse, than Katrina. Or Andrew. And Miami is in the Right. Front. Quadrant. Of a 3 mph forward moving hypercane. Oh the humanity. The A1A a massive parking lot, millions of people frantically trying to move upstate all at once! As the storm lumbers slowly northwestward, clouds growing darker, the torrential rains being driven by a banshee, utterly insane insistent east wind, bashing stuff. Terrified people running, walking, desperate to get as far north as possible, scenes utterly reminiscent of people in NYC trying to run from the WTC dust cloud on Sept 11, 2001. Or people trying to escape from Saigon on April 29, 1975! And top-tier chasers like Josh Morgerman and Reed Timmer, getting the storm coverage of their lives! The airport would be a total nightmare, thousands of desperate scared to death people trying to get a flight anywhere away from Miami! People storming the airline counters, even storming their way onto planes! Planes somehow managing to take off in the wild hellish maelstrom, getting blown about, end over end, people inside getting all blended up as the incredible hypercanic winds toss big 787's around like so much straw, smashing the planes around, savaging them right into mangled Miami skyscrapers, smashing planes into each other, in the air and on the runways! Local police overwhelmed, just total bedlam, pandemonium. It would for all intents and purposes, be hell on earth. Everywhere in South Florida. Fear unimaginable. As a terrifying unprecedented hurricane with monster 270 mph winds, gusts to 340, unbelievable 55 foot storm surges and tsunami like waves on top of the surge, slowly buzzsawing South Florida into unprecedented oblivion, leaving the entire region uninhabitable for years. Much of south Florida left to rot in the broiling humid heat for decades as Florida takes on about 7 trillion in losses. Much of the central and south part of the Devastation State completely leveled with rotting trash heaps so high, no utilities into the 22nd Century. Investment departs from Florida for at least the next 85 years. Much of what was once known as Miami is ocean, many of the former Florida Keys are ocean. The entire coastline of Florida is completely, utterly, horrifically altered forever! Millions of people fleeing the state, heading for places like Austin Texas because of the damned job market, turning my immediate neighborhood into Bangladesh. Millions upon millions of people moving to Texas because of the horrific leveling of much of central and south Florida by Hurricane Hell. Mercy was no more in Florida as Hurricane Hell moved at 1 to 3 mph, taking days and days to move up the entire east coast of Hellida, savaging the once beautiful state. The economy was destroyed. The storm lost no strength at all as it moved agonizingly slow all the way up Florida's east coast, leveling everything at least midway east to west in the state. At times, Hurricane Hell wobbled in place, buzzsawing the fook out of Florida. The loss of life was unprecedented. There was no mercy whatsoever and G-d took a holiday in the Med throughout the storm. Frantic, terrified ppl were casually overtaken by the devilish storm, by unbelievable roaring winds that drove people deaf and utterly insane, by tides similar to those found in the Bay of Fundy, by huge battering waves that smashed people into buildings, drove cars and trees and debris right into fleeing persons who only wanted to get north. The 340mph gusts of Hurricane Hell overloaded skyscrapers in numerous Florida metropolises, wreaking scenes of devastation that vividly reminded terrified people of 9-11! Entire buildings smashed down, then were hurled about by titanic winds, waves and Bay of Fundy tides! The storm surge was so bad it reminded people of Banda Aceh. But the storm showed or gave no quarter whatsoever. Black, terrifying clouds sped along, driven by tornadic intensity wind speeds! It kept right on moving real slow, about 1 mile per hour, into Georgia, destroying much of that state as well, bringing incredible winds into north Georgia and the western Carolinas, along with many feet of rainfall. What the storm winds and numerous tornadoes didnt finish off, unprecedented freshwater flooding did finish off. Georgia, the Carolinas, even Virginia were devastated by intense tornadoes and biblical rains.
  2. Cat 5 up the Bay finally, and very very slow as gargantuan tides pile up in the Bay. This tropical season may go full-on George BM. Gonna be a ton of excellent YouTube coverage for me to savor!
  3. The surface ocean temperatures are high. This is a developing La Nina. La Nina is highly conducive to severe hurricane development in the Atlantic. This would be an excellent time to move from anywhere along the east coast and gulf coast. This hurricane season will be utterly unprecedented. We're going to see some horrifying hurricanes. I am so happy I live 350 miles inland. I do not have to worry. I am all cozy and safe from bad hurricanes, and it is too dry here anyway. Everyone needs to move far inland. The sea surface temps will stay elevated, and they will get much hotter with time. Storms will be unprecedented, not just hurricanes.
  4. Enjoy the storms! Been glued to Mid Atlantic radar today
  5. Don't look now, but it is SNOWING AGAIN at Palisades and at Mammoth! Don't forget to check out the Main Lodge lights before 3am Washington, DC time! Very heavy snow will be falling and will be getting blown all over the place! https://www.palisadestahoe.com/mountain-information/webcams https://www.mammothmountain.com/on-the-mountain/mammoth-webcam/woolly-cam https://www.mammothmountain.com/on-the-mountain/mammoth-webcam/main-lodge Radar shows a potent slug of deep pacific moisture which will be moving from SSW to NNE and will be training very very heavy snows over the Sierras tonight! Mammoth is getting ROCKED by high winds and pretty substantial snows! WHEN THEY TURN ON THOSE MAIN LODGE LIGHTS, THEN YOU'LL SEE SOMETHIN'!!! I am gonnabe GLUED to that main lodge cam all night long!
  6. Advanced nanotrophic medical applications will not only make being in your 90s more enjoyable, you will be 90 years old and look and feel and work and play like you are about 25 years old. The advances will banish many cancers and other maladies and greatly lengthen telomeres and many people will find themselves living well into their second and even third centuries, while pretty much staying young and vigorous the entire time. People will have multiple careers. Some folks will acquire many doctorate degrees and be many different things because thinking and learning powers will be exponentially increased. Extended families will contain many generations. Some of you right now, reading this, will live to see at least 2150. You will get to see many total eclipses. Not all of them will be on earth. Man will venture to the stars. This has already started! Artemis Program
  7. Hopefully you will get a couple inches of rain soon.
  8. I just might need to do a jebwalk past there sometime lol
  9. You guys are about to get slammed by the same rainstorm that hit me a few days ago. Ready those modern Arks!
  10. 2090s? You must think society will be fully nanotrophic by the 2050s or 60s! I wish I could make it to that medical stage, if I could I could go full on Ray Kurzweil and attain medical escape velocity and live on into the 2200s!
  11. You are a hero for driving all those hours to see the total solar eclipse!
  12. This event, for me, turned out to have some totally unexpected upside. It's kinda like if you hadn't seen a decent climo snow in 7 years then all of a sudden some frontogen sets up a snowburst that just goes on and on and I end up with 11 inches of pow in Dale City. The total eclipse and that 190 mph wind blowing pow right off that lodge roof are neck and neck! I am crying for Australia and the total eclipse there! I don't care if it takes me two weeks to fly there! I want to see another total solar eclipse!!!!!!!!
  13. Post of the year! This, is why I am planning for Australia, mates!
  14. CONGRATS! I hope many other people get to see that! I think I am gonnabe Australia bound in a few years mate!
  15. I got to see 90 percent but very happy I got to see anything at all! It got very very dark for 90 seconds.
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