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  1. Might want to keep your eyes on the models. March 5-6 could be something else for the Mid Atlantic Region. Dont put the shovels and snowblowers away just yet! I think you guys are gonna get shellacked by heavy snow!
  2. Nov 27, 2021. The Date the Reaper is comin on back out of temporary retirement. You ARE comin back, Reaper! YOU ARE ETERNAL! You cant ever retire! Dont make me go over there to Darkness, USA and show you how to Reap lol
  3. No Way. Aint gonna happen. Mid Atlantic is STILL gonna get shellacked by torrential snow THIS season. I am personally sending it your way, from Texas with love, lol. Gonna send y'all a Frozentine Special, very cold, huge aggregates, just like we got destroyed with Sunday night along with 11 degree weather and 35 mph northerly gusts! Only in your case, you all will get annihilated with far more snow than the 6.5 inches we got down here!
  4. NICE STORM! If that is sleet, you can expect it to compact and transform into a glacier. Then you'll be forced to walk like a penguin, or else slide around on it like a lemming as you try to descend hills. I remember 1994 all too well. Those ice mountains in front of the cars, will have to be picked thru with a pick the hard way by tomorrow morning. You could also use a Jebman Shovel........
  5. This has been one interesting week or so. We hit 6 for a low one night. We had highs in the upper teens one day. We got a third of an inch of ice yesterday. We got 6.5 inches snow Sunday night. We got an inch and a half of snow today. Our normal snow here is three quarters of an inch of snow in an entire season. There are still snowpacked roads down here. Everything froze last night real hard and the driveway turned to ice. We have frozen pipes too, have to get water from a neighbor. It has really been intriguing. I never expected all this snow and ice down here. Its surreal. The park where I watch soccer games all the time, now has 2 foot snowdrifts and icicles hanging off the benches where I cheer all the soccer goals! What has been causing all this down here? Is it the polar vortex of doom? Lol
  6. Lol I might have to visit some time.
  7. 27 degrees with moderate to heavy snow here. Big big aggregates! Picked up another inch on top of the ice on the old snowpack. That's 9.5 inches snow on the season which puts us at something like ~ 1600 percent of normal.
  8. Congrats to you all in the Mid Atlantic! You have a decent Winter Storm Warning! You're gonna get at least 6 inches of snow! I got smacked last night with another third of an inch of solid ice! More ZR, sleet and snow on the way here tonight, tomorrow! lol You'd never know where I am is in south central Texas, not with all the snow and ice and winter storms!
  9. I just saw your forecast! I hope you guys get so shellacked by torrential snows that you cant even get out of your house for a week! (Without the power outages, of course) Where I am, its 23 degrees with a 19 degree dewpoint and freezing rain is about to begin. Its just winter storm after winter storm down here. After we get shut down by ice, its coming for the Mid Atlantic next!
  10. I hope you get a decent thump of snow!
  11. Its 26 degrees with a 16 degree dewpoint as even MORE ZR gets ready to unload in South central Texas. Roads are snowpacked. I really do not think I will be doing any jebwalking tonight.
  12. Mid Atlantic is gonna get a good snow shellacking.
  13. Just got power back. We got 6.5 inches of snow. Drifts are 18 inches. Full sunshine and only 21 degrees lol.
  14. Snow is slowing down a little now, 9 degrees, winds are all over the place, measuring snow is going to be a challenge. Might have to take about 100 readings then average them lol. Looks like about 6 inches easy, may be 7. Will look over the trained spotter reports later, refine and tweak my findings. Snow still coming down, not quite as crazy hard. Got a BIG 8 inch drift on the deck. Might have to get a Deck Pic or two later.
  15. Absolutely POURING BIG flakes, wind is just blowing big snowflakes all over in the porch lights! Its 10 degrees with approximate -11 to -15 wind chills. Mets, please correct me if that is overstated. ITS FRACKIN COLD out there! I went out to get a snow depth reading only 20-30 min ago ----- MY FOOTPRINTS ARE TOTALLY OBLITERATED! Ground landmarks are disappearing lol. That snow is on the ATTACK! I think I just may be getting totally shellacked.