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  1. In a weak La Nina Winter..... Washington DC will enjoy cold spell after cold spell, each cold spell will moderate just enough to bring lots of rain, then cold again. Rinse and repeat about 900 times thru April 2018, then hot as hell. For New England - a completely different story. For them, heavy snowstorm after heavy snowstorm after heavy snowstorm. All of the Miller B's that got going too late for DCA, will slam HARD into New England with crippling amounts of torrential snow, even by New England standards. Send in the National Guard to dig them out, they cant handle that kind of snow in New England - they dont have The Jebman to dig em out. In the New England ski resorts - many face shot days, in fact, MONTHS of face shot days when the instructors will get all hyper about the extremely deep pow! Better get a snorkel! In a weak Nina winter, go northeast to see snow, or go to the heights of the Rockies to see snow, or save yourself a ton of trouble, and just go to the North Pole. Or Greenland.
  2. That looks close enough to N VA to offer us a few rainbands before it gets kicked out to sea.
  3. Except for me. My persistent optimism in the 2016-17 Winter was utterly off the charts. I was never ever going to get buried from panicking. I never panic. I KNOW it will snow in Dale City, because I live in a Snow Town. Besides, I don't get drunk at casinos like MGM. I track cycles, time the slots, then I hit. I live only 24 - 35 minutes away from MGM Nat'l Harbor depending on traffic conditions. I am getting those slots DOWN. My win/loss ratio is generally about 55/45. If you think you are lucky, THEN YOU ARE LUCKY!
  4. I'd cheerfully give up three major snowstorms for that to verify.
  5. Every year I learn something new. When we have a neutral to weak La Nina ENSO state, as we do now - The Mid Atlantic will get very little to no rain from landfalling tropical cyclones in the US. In such an ENSO state, it is probable that we will see NO entrainment of tropical moisture from any landfalling tropical entities into frontal structures whatsoever, and NO rain at all in the Mid Atlantic. La Nina brings warmer than normal temps in the Mid Atlantic, and much drier conditions as well. Therefore I expect a warmer than normal fall and winter, and it will also be much drier than usual, although I do foresee a chance of us getting some rain in March 2018. We avoided the drought this summer --- but it is just beginning now, and will proceed into the winter.
  6. I wish there were some way to get a webcam on PR during the hurricane. I want to watch those waves dash everything to pieces! I want to lovingly watch that water rise! I want to watch those devastating mudslides! I want to HEAR the ROAR, that hellish ROAR, of Cat 5 winds! There is nothing more satisfying, than getting to watch pieces of sheet metal propelled on 190 mph gusts in a Cat 5 hurricane, smashing thru windows!!!! Absolute destruction is engrossing! I realize now, with the pattern we have, that I will never get to savor even one drop of tropical rain this season. It was just not meant to be. Late 2017 will be called the Indian Summer With No End in the Mid Atlantic. I'll be dry from now on into late January when I will get much rain while Maryland gets buried alive beneath Day After Tomorrow amounts of wind driven snow. Its going to go on 82/69 for the next three months in Dale City. We will be in the 80s for highs, and 60s for lows, for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. That's because we have this unbelievable ridge, that nothing can move, and it will not budge, until about Jan 20 2018, when winter suddenly descends on Dale City with 30s weather and sheets of wind driven rain from noreaster after noreaster. By late Feb I will have had 36 inches of rain spread over weeks, while Maryland and northeast will be buried under incredible amounts of snow, well into April 2018. What on earth am i going to do while I agonizingly wait for approximately 15 weeks until this damned ridge from Hell finally budges, and I get some cold rain?
  7. This is absolutely horrific beyond words.
  8. New England is setting the stage for the rest of the fall/winter season. They get to enjoy all of the life giving rain from Jose. We lose. We get Nada. Every major hurricane will skirt the Mid Atlantic, they will all smash repeatedly into the Northeast, they will get tons of rain. We lose. We will get Nada, every time. There will be NO MORE tropical moisture from hurricanes getting entrained into frontal structures. That is a meteorological impossibility in a Neutral ENSO. All of the major Noreasters will be the same this fall, they will smash into Boston, they will get all of the rain and wind. We lose. We get Nada. In January and February, all of the major winter storms will hit the Northeast. they will get snow and wind. Boston will have 900 inch snow winter, even surpassing Jay Peak! We will lose. We will get Nada. This is a horrible place to live. Unless you love boring weather, nothing ever happens here, except warm weather, and wall to wall sunshine.
  9. They'll get to enjoy torrential rain along with thousands of frantic water rescues while we bask in wall to wall sunshine, late August weather and no rain at all. We will get to go to our ATMs and be offered a chance to donate to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey victims, and also to the needy in the historic New England flooding from tropical storm Jose. I can hardly wait til January when I finally get my stratiform rain and 34 degrees with fog and battleship gray skies. Til then, highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s, and absolutely ZERO RAIN for Dale City. Jan thru March will be excellent with cutoff rainstorms in the Mid Atlantic. I'll be savoring epic jebwalks. We have a neg neutral ENSO all winter. Winter will be mild, much like last year, hopefully with MUCH rain.
  10. We are getting the remnants of Irma now, but I am too far south for heavy rain. All i will get is occasional drizzle and a few drops of light rain. Maryland and Pennsylvania will get heavy rain thru tomorrow night.
  11. Need it to hit the Bay then go southwest of Dale City then stall out for 10 days. I want my torrential tropical rain! I want The Weather Channel to come to Dale City, because of historic flooding. I want posters to exclaim that the massive death rain band thats been blasting Dale City for 4 days, reminds them all so much of the deathband over Houston and over Port Arthur! I want them to pop the Question: Happy now, Jebman? Had enough rain yet?
  12. After a moist summer, we may be back to our drier ways, lol, here in N VA. The remnants of Irma have been as far west as Missouri. Now, the entire movable feast is on its way to Pennsylvania, entirely bypassing us in VA. Figures. Meanwhile, in other news, Jose is churning around in the Atlantic, and will soon churn its way out to sea. I'm really looking forward to January when I am sure I'll get more than my fill of steady, stratiform rain. February too.
  13. Enjoyed some heavy drizzle, courtesy of the remnants of Irma. I am lovin' it!
  14. Jose wont bother the US. It'll loop around then head harmlessly out to sea.
  15. Well, no rain for us til January. damn, what am I gonna do for 4 whole months? Damn.