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  1. Jebman

    Winter 2022-23

    Mid Atlantic is going to have a very frigid, snowy winter in 2022-23.
  2. if you guys think the Mid Atlantic is hot, try central Texas where we've been 103 for days. Or North Texas where it hit 113! It gets pretty HOT down here!
  3. I got that beat. Oh wait, I am in south central TX with a high of 98. Its 95 now, dryline hit us and dews are in the low 40s.
  4. Very bad up in North Dakota https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?x=162&y=93&site=bis&zmx=&zmy=&map_x=161&map_y=92#.YldHj8jMKUk Up to 22 inches of snow expected, high winds with drifts to 6 feet. In mid April. You like snow, Go Northwest young man!
  5. Here's some snow https://live2.brownrice.com/embed/tsvridge
  6. Here's my wag, I think many will get upgraded to Warning as total snow depths are upgraded to 5 or 6 inches.
  7. Congrats on 2-4 inches snow, and 45-55 mph NW winds to go along with it!
  8. Taos is getting some snow, how about 3 inches in the past 6 hours? https://live2.brownrice.com/embed/tsvconstruction
  9. Be sure to take a long jebwalk and pile that snow way up! Post pics or it never happened!
  10. That snow at Taos is REALLY showing up in the streetlights as it gets darker there!
  11. Its snowing good in Taos https://live2.brownrice.com/embed/tsvconstruction 3-5 on the ground and comin on down! I should go up there and dig snow lol
  12. Want to get your snow fix? It's where I am getting mine since there might be another stupid ice storm here in Buda again lol. It was 85/65 earlier, now its 42/24 with a nasty north wind lol https://live2.brownrice.com/embed/tsvconstruction Later today (Wednesday) That cam should be FUN, snow will be comin down.
  13. GB 16, January 22-23, 2016, hands down. Dale City got demolished with 27 inches of snow and I wound up digging snow for days and days. All the neighbors demanded Jebman Standards lol. I never realized so damn many of them read American Wx. I made some money. They demanded Jebman Standards, I demanded top dollar. This was a Win/Win situation. There was so much snow, the plows were just bouncing off the pack lmao! I laughed at them then later, they plowed me right in with a nice ice berm. Overnight the snow froze, that they plowed and I was forced to chip thru that 5 foot icy snow berm. Boy did my neighbors kid me about wanting snow!
  14. How much snow you guys get?
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