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  1. OK today is a little better down here. Good southerly winds, dewpoints up in the upper 40s instead of the frigid low 30s for a change. Wow, this place is changing markedly. It takes us 2 weeks to warm up! Thats more like Washington DC then south central Texas lmao.
  2. It has been averaging in the 30s and 40s for lows the past 2 weeks here in central Texas. I think this bodes well for the Mid Atlantic. You guys should average 20 degrees below normal for nighttime lows, like we have been. For us, these are super freezing cold temps at night, akin to Dale City getting 13 degree lows every night this time of year. I want you guys to be ice age cold, but not us. We depend on a long growing season down here. I hope that this is only a blip for us. If it turns out to be a long term trend, this winter down in the Deep South could be Deep Trouble. We are not insulated for that kind of weather. I have livestock too, and they are definitely not used to super cold weather. My life down here is slightly different to how I once lived in Dale City, lol, and I am enjoying it. Should have done it 40 years ago! Last night, we hit 38 AGAIN! You'd never imagine our normal low is 56. We just dont get return warm humid air from the GoMex any more. Some fool built an 8 mile high wall all along the Gulf of Mexico and we cant warm up any more.
  3. One thing I wanted to mention, about Central TX where I actually live. You stay down here long enough, you get spoiled ROTTEN by mild weather. I AM spoiled rotten right now. Our normal high/low is 75/55. What i would like to know is why on earth, are we having such a hard time getting the south winds down here that we Texans love? Why is it so damn cold all the time? We FINALLY made it to 77 degrees today, normal high is 75. But the damned dewpoint is still a frigid 39! Where is our south wind, Gulf advection? Our dews should be 60 degrees this time of year lmao! BESIDES, I want it hot down here, so the Mid Atlantic gets the TROUGH, frigid weather, and SNOW! I will willingly take 95 degrees, with 73 dewpoints all winter down here, if it will help the Mid Atlantic get Vodka Cold and repeated torrential shellackings of snow! You can take that to the Bank!
  4. TL;DR The Mid Atlantic is gonna get absolutely SHELLACKED by torrential winter snows and frigid Vodka Cold, especially from late Jan 2021, thru early April 2021.
  5. Take a good look at this pic. Because this, is what the entire Mid Atlantic is gonna look like in the Epic Winter of 2020-2021! Minus the deer, or moose, or whatever that animal is. This deer should become the 2020-2021 Winter Mascot!
  6. I guess we could try, but we will have to be very persistent lol. I cant start it, someone else will need to. Then I can log in there using another name lol
  7. Dale City got 1 inch of snow on the grassy areas on Oct 10 back in 1979. Arctic front came a bit farther south than forecast. Damn, we STILL had to go to school. I was still in high school back then lol
  8. You guys in the Mid Atlantic arent just gonna do this digitally. You are gonna do it for REAL too, in January, February and March in 2021 as you get shellacked by torrential snows that will pile up and pile up!
  9. Delta may become problematic for the Interstate 95 Corridor in time, as ridging over the NE US steers it over the Mid Atlantic. Could be a lot of wet weather in store.
  10. I think the Mid Atlantic will enjoy a very cold, snowy winter in 2020-2021.
  11. Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service Baltimore MD/Washington DC 856 PM EDT Thu Oct 1 2020 .EQUIPMENT... The KLWX (Sterling, VA) WSR-88D outage, which began on September 20, 2020, will continue and remain out of service until on or about October 16, 2020. On Saturday, technicians from the NWS Radar Operations Center (ROC), based in Norman, Oklahoma, determined that a primary component for turning the radar antenna, the bull-gear, needs replacement. This repair will require 12,000 to 15,000 pounds of equipment and a six-person team from the ROC to restore the radar. At this time, the team anticipates repairs being completed on or about October 16, 2020. During the downtime, adjacent supporting NWS radars include: Dover DE (KDOX), Mt. Holly NJ (KDIX), Pittsburgh PA (KPBZ), Charleston WV (KRLX), Blacksburg VA (KFCX), and Wakefield VA (KAKQ). For a radar mosaic loop for the region: https:/ Further updates about the situation will be issued as information becomes available. Thank you for your understanding during this extended outage. Point of Contact: Christopher Strong email: [email protected] office: 703-996-2223 &&
  12. Get ready for an exciting, satisfying winter! The entire Mid Atlantic is gonna get a ton of snow and deep cold!
  13. I must confess to feeling immense relief, that Marco then Laura will smash into the TX/LA state border and miss Austin completely! The surprise rain this morning at 630am CDT was bad enough! Louisiana can have all that rain! I'd rather have blue skies and summer heat here in central Texas in August! Man that was a very close call!