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  1. Jebman

    The 2019 Sun Angle / Spring Monitor

    We've already hit 84 for a high in the central TX region a few days ago. lol
  2. Jebman

    February Banter 2019

    Tuesday night Leesburg, Rockville, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Northwestern Washington DC will be obscenely murdered by torrential snow. A meteorological setup is in the offing that will develop unusually heavy precipitation that will be all snow. The Deathband will develop and obtain for hours and hours as the snow piles up in the aforementioned areas. I will be very happy as I feast on the storm topic, which will be filled with many happy snow enthusiasts who will be in orbit. Told ya all you would get hit by snow. Stock up on ice melter, Jebman shovels, snowblowers and stout. I realize you been takin a break Bob Chill but you need to consider getting back on these forums because we just might need The Face.
  3. Jebman

    February Banter 2019

    I'm frackin' RAVENOUS now!
  4. Jebman

    February 19-21, 2019 storm threat

    Don't forget the infamous Leesburg/Rockville/HoCoMoCo/NW DC deathband. That ALWAYS sets up. Thats another usual jackzone.
  5. Jebman

    February Banter 2019

    I am really not that important, but you guys all deserve snow, and you WILL get snow, and lots of it, next week. That will make my day as well, I love to see Mid Atlantic posters very happy in the midst of a good snowstorm.
  6. Jebman

    The Panic Room--Winter 2018-2019

    Thats the spirit - representing the Woodbridge/Dale City region. But you ARE gonna get more snow this winter.
  7. Jebman

    February Banter 2019

    You will not bury The Jebman. I say the Mid Atlantic WILL see deep snows THIS winter. I dont have no Deb. It was 84/58 in Austin today and I still dont feel the Deb, because what makes all right in the world for me, is the Mid Atlantic getting deep accumulating snows. I'll gladly take 112 degrees in Austin if it would help Washington DC and Rockville MD get four feet of pow driven by 40 mph northerly winds at 10 degrees. I want you guys to get COLD SMOKED but good! And, you WILL get them - within the next 4 weeks. The snow will be heavy and deep and everything will get shut down and OPM will be a total disaster and snow lovers will be so happy they will be in orbit!
  8. Jebman

    February Banter 2019

    I understand the Mid Atlantic is in for some mild weather, just before some accumulating snows. Well tomorrow Austin will likely eclipse 90 degrees lol. I am getting a very early start on summer lol. I am pulling hard for you guys to get some good snows in the next few days! I dont mind very warm weather down here in Texas, IF it helps DC get heavy deep snow!
  9. Jebman

    February 10-12, 2019 Storm

    CONGRATS on the snow! Enjoy!
  10. Jebman

    February Banter 2019

    If this entire moisture stream was all snow for DC............................. The Mid Atlantic would be totally paralyzed by deep deep snow, probably on the order of 30 to 40 inches of snow, with fully 4 feet in the mountains. Snow weenies would be awake for a solid WEEK. It extends from my present backyard in south central Texas, clear to DC and beyond. I would give anything at all for this to be all snow for DC. Even if I had to live in the central Amazonian jungle for the rest of my life.
  11. Jebman

    February 10-12, 2019 Storm

    I was really pulling hard for more snow for you guys.
  12. Jebman

    February 10-12, 2019 Storm

    These comments on CWG LOLZ https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/02/10/pm-update-messy-wintery-mix-moves-tonight-probably-causing-issues-monday-morning-commute/?utm_term=.6b3cd742ec7b McGanahan skjellyfetti carrying on about misspellings lmfao! His name is one big misspelling! I damn near choked to death on my Red Bull!
  13. Winter is NOT over in the Mid Atlantic.
  14. Jebman

    February 10-12, 2019 Storm

    I see you lurkin' Ginx Snewx lol
  15. Jebman

    February 10-12, 2019 Storm

    This is an excellent night to hit up Rt 28 North to Rt 7 then Rt 9 right by Paeonian Springs. Rt 9 is a winter paradise. They'll end up with 6 inches of fresh snow with a nice crust of pure ice on top. Then Go to CharlesTown, play the quarter slot and win 2500 dollars Jebman style.