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  1. NWS just trimmed back the rain. Looks like we will see a few sprinkles between 2am and 5am, then basically a bit of a windex event, gusts to 45 mph. Pretty much what I expected - less than one five hundred twelfth of an inch of rain east of the mountains, while the rain up north steals all the moisture from us. Welcome to La Nina in Washington.
  2. Classic La Nina in Washington. Even the "storm" we get to enjoy tonight will be mostly light showers, then seasonable temps and DRY thru early December. The Midwest is getting treated to occasionally heavy rain and driving conditions on highways there are absolutely incredible with low visibilities and forward vision cut off not only by torrential downpours worthy of Harvey in Houston, but also by plenty of spray thrown up by passing trucks and crazy demented drivers in a hurry going in excess of 90 mph. These are very very fun, enjoyable highway conditions, even better than jebwalks in a 7 foot blizzard with -20 conditions and 55 mph NE wind gusts with torrential snow - and I will be DENIED all fall and winter, as long as the La Nina shall endure, which may well be until late 2023. La Nina Climatology indicates much above precip in the Midwest, much below temps. They will get all the rain that I crave, and then they will get utterly destroyed by record snow this winter. Of all storms this fall/winter, we will always get only the scraps - or nothing at all, while the Midwest comes out the WINNER, with the lion's share of all the heavy rain and or heavy snow, EVERY TIME. Midwest may even end up with the distinction of getting to enjoy frantic water rescues in midwinter! There is nothing better, than to participate in a frantic, life-threatening water rescue in the low sun season, with the water temperatures in the middle 30s and a current straight from Hell.
  3. Midwest getting waterboarded by yet ANOTHER MASSIVE RAINSTORM!!!! I am not surprised. We will get a weak cold front Sat night. We will be damned lucky to get a nanometer of rain from it, then next week will be seasonable and DRY. The Midwest will see much much above normal rainfall, then much much above normal snowfall. This is to be expected from a weak La Nina. We of course, will average drier than usual. I will cry for a little rain but will be denied over and over and over again.
  4. Get those snow shovels ready! And get set for some nice refreshing wintry jebwalks!
  5. Next week might be slightly interesting. I say this with extreme GUARDED optimism. High lat blocking MAY develop, with associated arctic blast this weekend, lasting into next week. I would venture to say good chance for Mappy, Bob Chill, and other usual suspects to end up with frozen precip possibly Thanksgiving Eve. Of course, the farther north/east one travels, the greater chance of the white stuff one will jebwalk into. Myself, I'll be content with a steady, driving heavy rain event so long as it provides battleship gray skies and a stiff northeast wind. But for now - I am exercising GUARDED optimism. We know this is no El Nino, it is a weak Nina/negative neutral ENSO - and we all know how those worked out for Washington in the past 30 years of climatology.
  6. There goes the Midwest getting yet another satisfying soaking rain, a rain which WILL miss the Mid Atlantic entirely. We wont get a single drop from it. Not one! In a La Nina fall and winter, the mid atlantic ends up much drier than normal. That life giving rain will soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak and soak the Midwest then guess who gets to enjoy all that fresh rain next? Wait for it........ New England!!!! Later this winter, it will be the Midwest and New England who will get snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow after snow, while the mid atlantic will be pretty much dry. We'll get cold at times, but most of the precip will be well north of us. We are going to hear a lot about the North Trend this winter, and the Midwest and New England will be absolutely exhausted of digging out of dozens of devastating snowstorms by late June 2018. Washington DC and northern Virginia are going to be FEET below normal in rainfall by Spring 2018 which will logically lead us right into one of the most hellish springs and summers on record, since records began to be kept. 2018 as a whole will set new drought records in the Mid Atlantic. It will also be the hottest year on record for the Mid Atlantic. DC will reach 110 degrees in mid July in 2018. The overnight low will be in the low 90s.
  7. Chilly night in store, but with a considerable overcast of cirrus overhead, I dont expect as cold as last night, probably lows 28-36 tonight.
  8. At that rate I'll be enjoying subfreezing ambient temps by my 910pm jebwalk.
  9. Massive, massive win tonight, as spectacular jebwalk possibilities set up with mid 30s/mid teens dewpoints and northerly winds still gusting into the mid 20s as of 6pm. This weather is very, very refreshing and excellent jebwalks are just waiting to be savored, both tonight and especially tomorrow morning as life-affirming minima are realized in many places in the Mid Atlantic. This is MUCH MUCH better than I ever imagined for this fall!!!!!!!
  10. This is excellent jebwalk weather. The only thing missing is battleship gray skies and 25 mph stiff northeast winds with a steady rain. For full effect, you should wear a t-shirt. Though it is not really all that chilly, we will top out in the low 50s. Mountains are where its at, 20s and low 30s for HIGHS!!!! Tonight they fall to 10 degrees.
  11. Saturday night forecast is unbelievable. I never expected lows in the teens this winter, let alone EARLY NOVEMBER. I just might have to go on an epic jebwalk Saturday morning.......
  12. La Nina will keep our weather here in the Mid Atlantic highly variable and volatile. It will be chilly one day, then 80/63 the next, like today. Thanksgiving and Xmas are on track, with 70s temps expected. New Years will be likewise. I expect this right on into Jan/Feb/Mar 2018. Welcome to La Nina in Washington.
  13. Definitive fun storm. If we get high lat blocking this winter, it will be a fun winter. It wont be record breaking but if high lat blocking verified this winter, it would definitely be better than last low sun season for Washington. It was fun watching radar, enjoying the rain and strong winds on the Plinth at MGM last night/this morning. The inbound drive was a total BLAST, got heavy rain, plenty of spray and big trucks and crazy demented superfast drivers zipping past me! Damn that was one hell of a RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was MUCH MORE than I ever expected or even IMAGINED. It was super fun watching those low clouds scudding past the MGM hotel tower, and watching that wind whip the sheets of rain past it!!!! Plus, it was a major, MAJOR THRILL watching the planes breaking out of the low overcast on their final approaches to Reagan National - THAT accentuated my jebwalks by 99 orders of magnitude!
  14. I think that this winter is going to be interesting, with periods of blocking and storms like tonight's that will be truly EPIC in the deep low sun interval here in Washington after all. We might need those shovels after all in about 5 weeks.......
  15. I love this storm. I have been in weather weenie heaven. Just Wow. It is so much fun watching those low clouds scud past the big MGM tower!