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  1. Wow if that EVER happened again! Just wow! I would probably try to shovel out Rt 1626 all by myself lmao
  2. You got me beat in Buda - we ONLY hit 96 degrees here. Lol
  3. Really pleasant weather down here in Buda TX! I was really enjoying it as I worked on the flowerbeds, hauling mulch all over the place, plenty of sunshine, few puffy cumulus with 96 degrees and 77 degree dewpoints! That heat index was something else! 110 degrees! We get decent summers down here, and it is only getting started!
  4. Better start preparing NOW. This is going to be a massive hurricane season, especially along the East Coast. Florida and the Outer Banks are gonna get shredded, repeatedly.
  5. Might need one of those, got a lot of grass growing down here with all this rain.
  6. There's this thin line over us today, 69 cool degrees with a nice rain falling, and even MORE on the way later today/tonight! Been lovin this! We got 3 inches of rain last night. Thats 10.5 inches on the month lol.
  7. This squall line was supposed to move through at 9pm. It did move thru, then it just kind of stopped. The entire thing is just undulating in place, its like it just decided to quarantine in Central Texas and the rain just wont quit. Its hardly moving at all. The returns are yellow but now I see oranges and even reds developing. I read something about a Wake Low in the AFD. Well, I bitched all day about East Texas hogging all of the rain while I roasted in 94 degree sunshine. I got my rain, all right. In spades.
  8. I have now been living in South Central Texas, specifically in Buda, Texas, for nearly 2 years. The anniversary is Aug 26. This place is like California. We dont have much weather. It just stays hot, except in "winter" when it is less hot. lol Here, because we dont have much weather, I have now taken to sports as an official obsession, I mean I am now obsessed with ALL sports, in lieu of weather. But this upcoming Memorial Day weekend and throughout the following week and possibly BEYOND!!!!!!, will likely be a very rare exception. The following excerpt is why I think this may be so: .LONG TERM (Saturday Night through Thursday)... By Saturday evening, the large scale pattern will consist of a slow- moving Four Corners trough and a secondary upper level disturbance near the western Great Lakes within the amplifying mean east CONUS ridging. The humid, soupy airmass already in place with dew points mainly in the upper 60s to mid 70s is expected to persist until around Tuesday at least. By that time, the Four Corners trough will have reached the TX panhandle and cut off from the mean flow. It`s not expected to exit our region for several days after that, perhaps influencing our weather through the following weekend with chances for showers and thunderstorms every day through the long term period and maybe even beyond. The reason for this stalling of the upper low is a rather anomalous trough-ridge-trough-ridge-trough pattern stretching from the EPac to the W Atlantic that will spend several days completely disconnected from the upper level jet near the US/Canadian border. If this comes even close to verifying, I will be as excited as I would have been in Dale City in January for a 36 inch snowstorm! We have already seen 7.5 inches of rain this May. Nine to ten days ago last Tuesday, we got treated to a 6 inch rain extravaganza that was not even predicted! Storms trained over us for three to four hours then it rained for another four hours at much lower rates. If we can get trained over by repetitive efficient rain producers, I will be very very elated indeed! I might even have to go out on an extended jebwalk! We already have pretty wet ground here! This could end up being most enjoyable indeed! I. LOVE. FLOODS. WITH. ALL. MY. HEART!
  9. This upcoming winter, the Winter of 2020 - 2021, will be very different from a Nina perspective. It will play out more like a moderate Nino. Washington DC will definitely get much more snow than last winter. At this time - It looks like 25- 35 inches on the season. It probably will go up as we progress towards October.
  10. I've heard talk of a rare Double Omega Block forming over the North American Conus by next week. If this is realized, wouldnt that place Texas in a trough that would in effect be very stable meridionally? Meaning, it wouldnt move much? We might end up getting TN/West Va/ SW Virginia'd lmao! I was laughing at the Mid Atlantic getting bedeviled by a pesky upper level low lol.
  11. I wish i was in SW Va right now! Wow all the rain! That upper level low aint movin one little bit! I'd be out on an extended rain jebwalk! Check out this AFD!!!!!
  12. Want some sun? Come on down! Come see us in south central Texas! Wall to wall sunshine with some pleasant 75 degree dewpoints and a nice high of 96!!!! This is early, even for us down here! lol Guess who got stuck out in the abundant sunshine trimmin hedges? Yours truly. Yesterday I had to trim dead branches off moms rosebush. It was 96 in the shade, dewpoint was 74 and the sun was out! I got thorned so bad all over my hands and my arm got shredded! I grabbed the hose, turned it on full and drank well water like a hot horse!
  13. I have a particularly dumb question. Are we in a blocky pattern? A shortwave is supposed to develop into a cut off low directly over Central Texas on Saturday. In Mid-May. We already got 6 inches of rain Tuesday. It might do it again Saturday. Central Comal County in TX got 10-13 inches of rain on Tuesday.
  14. Yep, east will flip from unusual chill, over to some warmth. TX will get pretty hot too. We might even get more rain Saturday, but far more likely to see high 80s with 69 dewpoints and sun.
  15. Ended up with over 6 inches of rain today. This is very very highly unusual for central TX. Yearly total is now nearly 19 inches, in a climo that struggles to hit 30 inches in one year. It was very surreal today as I tried to complete chores down here on the mini farm of sorts, and the rain was just getting too damn heavy lmao!