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  1. I have been staying put. Some of those overpasses are extremely slippery
  2. Just took a measurement with a ruler. We have five-eighths of an inch of ice. Many huge oak branches have broken off. One damaged our front gate really bad.
  3. Power still out, house temp about 47. Frz dz still falling, 32 degrees, ten big oak branches crashed down in past 12 hours. More frzra coming overnight, could see another quarter inch.
  4. Power outage. Have about a third to a half inch of ice on trees. I am posting on my new 5G tablet that has its own Internet.
  5. Yes, you did. You'll definitely see more snow events this winter.
  6. Freezing rain continues, no end in sight. I have never seen THIS MUCH FOOKIN ICE since I moved down here in August 2018. This is bad. The outdoor unit, the AC/Heating unit located outside, is making weird noise, because it is likely that the metal fan is getting more and more ice on it. This is now a DESTRUCTIVE ICE STORM, carrying very real potential for catastrophe here in south central Texas. Temp is 29, north winds are breezy with gusts to 27mph and wind chills into the lower teens and possibly into the single numbers.
  7. Congrats on your snow, and you will see more big snowstorms. This winter is not done with the Mid Atlantic.
  8. You're NO wannabe. That's a damned good forecast! Meanwhile, in other news, South Central Texas is 29 degrees with north winds bringing the wind chill down to 12 degrees. Freezing rain has become moderate and ice accretion is getting ridiculous. Radar has no discernible back edge and ice is piling up, even on road surfaces that previously were only wet. With all of the freezing rain on the way, this is going to be BAD as fook by rush hour Wed morning. I am going to write up my very own end days blizzard AFD. It's going to be a total catastrophe for the entire Mid Atlantic.
  9. We need you! I was thinking about jumping off the Ledge just because the Reaper thinks he can retire! DO NOT seriously consider coming back! COME THE FOOK BACK NOW! You got Reaping to do! And I had better see downright DEMONIC stuff from the Reaper! This had better be the most devilish scariest reaping season ever! Use verses from the satanic bible if you have to! I want fear, fright, demonic, hellish stuff! I want your very WORST, REAPER! This is ridiculous that you have waited THIS LONG to REAP! NO MERCY! NO MERCY! Get your a$$ back here as the Reaper! Make the Greater Tribulation look like the Second Coming of Christ! We want a very devilish Reap Season! This has been the worst, HOTTEST Mid Atlantic "winter" in the past ten million years! You have millions of weather weenies to REAP! You had better get back here and do your job! If you dont, I WILL JUMP, hit the snowless ground and splatter blood, guts and bloody bones all over the ground! Start a brand new demonic Reaper topic. I DEMAND the very WORST you can conjure up! You have got millions to REAP and you had better be REAPING! Use the Avern alphabet if you can! https://omniglot.com/conscripts/avern.htm#:~:text=Avern is a transformed English,that give them their power. We demand REAL frightening demonic depictions! Some real devilish powers wouldnt hurt! If you are gonna be the Reaper, you are gonna do this right.
  10. Freezing rain is becoming moderate. Ice is piling up. Some of the returns on standard radar are outright orange, 50+ dbZ. If most of that accretes, Central Texas may be in serious trouble tonight into Wednesday Feb 1.
  11. Reaper. YOU NEED TO REAP, right now! Get out that damn sickle and start Reaping! Reapers dont retire. They are Eternal! Now get out there and DO YOUR JOB!
  12. Reaper, Where art thou when we really need you?
  13. February WILL be Rocking in the Mid Atlantic! Lots of snow incoming!
  14. I heard you're going to get an inch of snow tonight! Definitely get out and jebwalk in it, and get the shovels out and dig the snow off the sidewalks and pile it up on the north sides of sunlight-blocking objects! Get strategic about this, pile up whatever snow you get! #SaveTheSnowpack
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