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  1. Get ready for an exciting, satisfying winter! The entire Mid Atlantic is gonna get a ton of snow and deep cold!
  2. I must confess to feeling immense relief, that Marco then Laura will smash into the TX/LA state border and miss Austin completely! The surprise rain this morning at 630am CDT was bad enough! Louisiana can have all that rain! I'd rather have blue skies and summer heat here in central Texas in August! Man that was a very close call!
  3. Isabel tore up the OBX. I went down there 3 weeks after it hit. Man it changed the Outer Banks a LOT.
  4. I am really pulling for Marco to track into East Texas then north. Why? If it takes that track, I stay nice and dry and HOT, probably around 107 degrees for a high temp in Austin! I really enjoy working out in the sun down here! Now this is a hobby I can count on! I do NOT want Marco to hit Corpus then track SW of Buda. Yuck. August is supposed to be hot and cloudless!
  5. The entire Mid Atlantic is gonna get buried ALIVE in deep snow this upcoming winter! Its gonna be very cold too! Throw about twenty more logs on that fire!
  6. Give up the ghost, Reaper. You're never gonna EVER get the Jebman. You are the Eternal Reaper. I, on the other hand, am the Eternal Optimist. I say The Mid Atlantic is gonna get deep snow and Vodka Cold this autumn and winter and that YOU are gonna Jump, out of sheer frustration lmao. You're gonna need to bring your A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Game. If you can.
  7. Wow - N Virginia is gonna get hit yet AGAIN by lots of rain the week into the weekend! You all must be busy mowing your lawns a lot!
  8. Three months from now, Mid Atlantic. Only three short months from now, its going to be getting COLD in the Washington DC Metropolitan Region. You are all gonna be looking at a massive snow winter. Pro Tip: Get stocked up on Jebman Shovels NOW. Get ice melter, tons of sand. Stockpiling sand is very fun because shoveling the stuff is very much like digging snow after a 2 foot HECS in the DC Region. Get top shelf snowmobiles and snow blowers. Get all set right now, because in 3-4 months, you're gonna need em. You're gonna need a bigger snowplow.
  9. Okay folks, I am no warminista. I still love winter and deep snow and Vodka cold jebwalks even tho I now live in the Deep South lol! With that said, August down here in South Central Texas is SUPPOSED to be burning hot with zero clouds and a nice hot blue sky. This August thus far, I feel that I have been cheated of a really warm enjoyable summer replete with numerous Texas heatwaves consisting of multiple periods of days of 103 degree heat. There have also been numerous cumulus clouds depriving me of the healthful direct Texas sunlight even as I happily enjoy all of my outdoor tasks! This is not the way August is supposed to be down here near Austin. August is supposed to be devoid of any rain, clear hot blue skies and plenty of 75 degree dewpoints. We usually get treated to lots of hot weather all thru September too! Our growing season is to die for! I think it starts in March and runs to early December! Here's hoping for a monster 635 dm Saharan anticyclone here in the great state of Texas and decent hot weather, maybe a week or two around 106 degrees and lows near 90! I'd be outside in it at 3pm in the warmest part of the day happily working pretty hard and drinking water like a hot horse! Sure we dont get much snow down here but there are other things to like!
  10. It's comin a lot sooner than you think. It's comin right at the Mid Atlantic like a runaway freight train.
  11. I use 18 inch buckets. You always want to know how much rain you're gonna get.
  12. That, is one absolutely GORGEOUS radar presentation! Enjoy, Mid Atlantic! And stay safe!
  13. Last time Dale City Va had strong wind gusts was probably about the March 1-2 2018 timeframe. I remember it because I was still up there.
  14. Congratulations, Mid Atlantic Region! Solid heavy rainfall and strong, possibly damaging wind gusts are in order for you. I'll be keeping a weather eye on my old 'hood especially tomorrow.
  15. NWS seems to think Dale City may see tropical storm force gusts on Tue or Tue night! Wow! They forecast heavy tropical rains too! Those tropical showers are efficient rain producers and will pile up rain tallies very quickly! I will definitely be keeping track of Isaias in the next few days with emphasis in the N VA/ DC region.