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  1. I played a rehearsal with the Annapolis symphony that night. When I went in at 7:30, the local radio was forecasting flurries. When I came out to the car at @10, I turned the radio back on and heard what sounded like paper tearing..and the DJ said, “ What you just heard was me tearing up the forecast I’ve been giving all night. Folks, it’s going to snow over a foot, and it’s going to begin in about one hour”…I made it back to Hollywood Md as the flakes were beginning to fly…
  2. Me I’m sitting on the boardwalk now, I live 150 feet away…
  3. And on the boardwalk at OC, it’s a slight skim of snow, and it is blowing around, too.
  4. My son did the special effects and had 2 cameo appearances in sharknado 3 …he is in the credits. He posted on his Facebook something to the effect “to all my classmates who moaned and groaned that they would never have a use for calculus, I just wrote a computer program that will render 2 million sharks per second in a tornado.”
  5. I lived in Winnipeg Canada in the middle 1970’s. The smoke was unbearable… driving from Grand Forks ND to Winnipeg, there would be wildfires burning everywhere . And nobody cared, because there was nothing to burn there but peat and grasses. Thought I was going to h*ll. These fires burn naturally. Spontaneous combustion. They are not a new thing at all.
  6. Did anybody hear anything about wind damage in Ocean City last night? The Royal Farms gas island ceiling on route 50 entering OC was demolished...
  7. I lived in Winnipeg during the winter of 76-77. I remember the tv forecaster saying “it’s going to be a beautiful day today, a great day to take the kids to the zoo. The high today will be -15 F ....”.
  8. a trend? * Formation chance through 48 hours...low...30 percent. * Formation chance through 5 days...medium...40 percent.
  9. In St Mary’s county onCuckhold creek, at my Dads house it’s clay to @ 10 feet down, then changes to pure white sand...it’s a very clear line delineating the change..and leads to at lot of wonderment about the geological history there..
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/04/18/gov-cuomo-urged-to-shut-down-nyc-subways-to-stop-coronavirus-spread/amp/ Perhaps this is part of the answer?
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