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  1. I lived in Winnipeg during the winter of 76-77. I remember the tv forecaster saying “it’s going to be a beautiful day today, a great day to take the kids to the zoo. The high today will be -15 F ....”.
  2. We named or daughter Jessica, and her nick name to this day is Jessy... spelled as the talk host name was...
  3. a trend? * Formation chance through 48 hours...low...30 percent. * Formation chance through 5 days...medium...40 percent.
  4. Jolly Rodgers tent at Trimpers in OC is toast...
  5. Perfect morning for coffee on the boardwalk... umm.. where is everybody??
  6. I’m in Ocean City,in Somerset Plaza..200 feet off the boardwalk, across from the Atlantic Hotel and a block up from Ripley’s.... I’ll be watching the show from here....
  7. In St Mary’s county onCuckhold creek, at my Dads house it’s clay to @ 10 feet down, then changes to pure white’s a very clear line delineating the change..and leads to at lot of wonderment about the geological history there..
  8. Perhaps this is part of the answer?
  9. probably been posted before, but there is an MIT study floating around that strongly implies that the New York mass transit system spread, and is spreading the virus around. Here is the link to that study, and a link to a list of the busiest mass transit systems in the US. Seems that cities with big ridership are prone to be hotspots, as opposed to places like Seattle, Dallas etc.... Perhaps the bus and subway systems should be shut down...
  11. There were fish markets and boardwalk where the inlet is now. I am given to understand that the foundations of those buildings are still there under water. When the outlet was formed, city officials soon realized what a gift that was to the town. The inlet opened up the bayside of the barrier island to the Ocean, and given that benefit, the resort boomed. Those that owned flooded lost businesses, lost them. I think Ocean City had the army core of engineers fortify the breach to keep it open. They did have it fortified. One might think that the breach happened when the Atlantic overwashed the barrier island, but it was the other way around. The bayside flooded and the water rushed from bayside to the Atlantic. I’ve seen pictures of the water breaching from west to east...
  12. Leading edge of Dorian related clouds passing directly overhead here on the Ocean City Boardwalk...