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  1. Kinda like us watching the long range ensembles every time they’ve looked good this year.
  2. The earth is 4.5 billion years old. Just for fun, post the same map for 1/100 of that time frame. Human lives are short. We think in small scales. The reality is that the climate isn’t 30 years. It isn’t 300 either. Granted there are relevant climate trends DURING our lifetimes but relative to the planet, they are insignificant. We have had a rotten run of luck. But in the context of snow, luck matters. Last Jan and Feb here were both much colder than normal if I remember correctly, which is iffy. But did we get a lot of snow? Yes this year has been tough and warm, but all of the prior 6 haven’t been wall to wall warm. We are just as likely to go in a 6 year great period.
  3. Y’all need to start a thread, call it “LOL Posts” and start moving posts there instead of hiding them. The thread of shame.
  4. I’ll bet we have set the record for maps being posted with a 360 hour time stamp
  5. I’ll go out on a limb and say that a 988 low won’t have those low level temps.
  6. That’s its thing. 10 different looks in 10 hours. I do like news that it’s better. But that euro run …
  7. This will be a good test for the HRRR. And my money says it fails it
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