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  1. My takeaway was how hard it seemed to keep a puck on a stick for the Caps but not at all for the Panthers. But, and I could be off, the most glaring difference I saw was how tired the Caps looked late in games. In the early parts of the game the Caps were quick and viscous hitters. Not late in games.
  2. Straight from your keyboard to my DraftKings bet on the Rangers for tomorrow
  3. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it. Florida is simply better. I’m thinking the idea of greasing their sticks is something the Caps might not want to do again lol. Seems they can’t keep a puck on a stick at all in this series.
  4. Tough loss for the Caps
  5. 32 KOKV This is now at a time when this would likely be the last freeze.
  6. Sorry, not sorry. Lol
  7. Where’s @yoda? Enjoy that Caps win buddy?
  8. I could be the goalie for the Caps. 5 goals, 15 goals? What’s the difference?
  9. Yep. That -PNA from late January on was historic
  10. 32. Apple Blossom Festival starts today. Oh boy, will need a hangover day by Sunday.
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