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  1. Tony is obviously a tremendous coach. As someone who spent a quarter of a century coaching the sport and a lifetime playing it, I would just like to say that the easiest points that can be found in a basketball game are from 1) a fast break and 2) offensive rebounds. The UVA program purposely de-emphasizes those two and that perplexes me to no end.
  2. I hate soft and mushy more than ice
  3. How many inches is Augusta County getting Friday night
  4. It’s not a dig. It’s reality. Winter ends far sooner in Richmond than it does here.
  5. Either the storm died or Ji and Will have. Not sure at this time which.
  6. For every inch it snows, I’ll donate a dollar to the board
  7. I was thinking … dangerous yes .. but winter seems to fly by these days. I think I know why. It’s all the looking ahead trying to see what’s coming. I’m fine with that. Next year I’m sticking to a 4 day max. I won’t be reading the long range thread. Back before all this long range garbage, we just took winter as it came, good years and bad. I’m going old school next year.
  8. I’m ready … show me the snow maps for our coming snow
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