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  1. As long as it's a good winter in Rockland County, then I'm happy.
  2. Really. Weather that's not in the MA isn't really weather. Since we are a science board and all that.
  3. Love the thread, but don't believe in the correlation any more.
  4. Yes, those are fun winters. Cold, multiple snows, snow on the ground. I for one don't need a blizzard to be happy. Just cold with frequent events whether they be snow, ice, front end to slop, etc. Probably shouldn't say it but ............ just keep the SER in check.....just enough to help with storm track but weak enough to allow for some CAD or maybe an e-w cold boundary just to our south.
  5. I like your thinking. The reason I was curious about the biggest event is that, IMO, if you can get those totals without one big event, you'd have a good winter. I'd have to look at the past two snow total threads to know for certain, but I think 15-16 without the big snow I had about 3", and last year without the March event, about the same. That's why I hated both of those years. There was little "winterwx", lol.
  6. I think neutral is out the window. I think the stats PSU provided shows there can be opportunity. I'd be interested in knowing the biggest event in the years he posted.
  7. Rockland County. Heard that one around here before.
  8. Mine has been out of control. Did notice that it was a lot drier today. Of course it really starts slowing this time of year. Leaves start coming into play by Oct. Can't rake 2 acres.
  9. Good. I need a break from mowing.
  10. You have to be around a while before you can properly interpret the real meaning of what a poster is trying to say. Read for a while, learn the personalities.
  11. I'm on the same page. We've had some chances just miss us in past Ninas. At some point you're gonna get a run of being on the right side of those. I remember a storm, lol, I think in Jan of 2013. It was late Jan, legit cold, and put down about an inch of snow where not one flake melted. I remember Matt talking about how much he enjoyed it. Get a winter with several cold 1-3" events and most of us will be happy.
  12. Storms to our west are fun if you can lock in cold with a NE high.
  13. I'm fine with northern stream dominance if it can pump in the cold and a few clippers, maybe get lucky and get a little system to pass to our south. Edit: Or a juicy OV jumper running into a stout wedge