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  1. 1) It’s not even met winter yet but the crying has already started. 2) our winter in this region aligns much more with astronomical winter than it does with met winter
  2. Hope you’re right. At least the hrrr isn’t trending out way so far.
  3. Unfortunately, so far, it didn’t trend our way. But that’s a long time in the future.
  4. I’d rather win ugly than lose pretty
  5. Are the boards edge jointed and glued? Biscuits? Mechanical under the table? They also look to be about 1.5” thick?
  6. Would you message me a pic of that table? Looks like something I’d like to build.
  7. Hope you’re right, but I don’t trust the HRRR 2 hours in advance, much less at that range
  8. I’m getting closer lol. I still have kitchen cabinets to build, then flooring. Thinking I’ll be completely done by summer.
  9. That’s exactly the way to get a good storm in early December. IIRC that’s pretty much how we got Dec 5, 2009 10 days out so likely fantasy.
  10. This Sun system is a prime example of why you don’t want a trough centered right on top of us. Everyone loves to see those deep blues on the maps right over our heads but where we want to be is on the upside of that trough.
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