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  1. I can’t see Weather Will’s pics for some reason
  2. Hey btw, what is your location? I’m always on the phone so I can’t see that.
  3. I don’t think there’s much support in the models we look at it for 3-4” of snow in Winchester. I see it in the 12k NAM but nowhere else. The euro had it, lost it, and now seems to want to bring it back.
  4. You know the people at NWS at LWX are professionals. When they make a forecast so much more aggressive with snow it makes me wonder if they have access to info we don’t or if they simply have a better grasp of how to interpret that info.
  5. If we get any rain with temps below freezing it’s not gonna have any trouble accumulating
  6. Everything that doesn’t work looks bad in hindsight.
  7. I had one with a head the size of your fist try to drill through the glass of a window. He managed to destroy the screen. He then moved to a French door and tried there. I also saw one hammer away at my neighbors metal storage building for about 30 minutes. It had a wooden frame. When they get after something they won’t stop.
  8. You have to admire the blazing speed with which the para goes about its business.
  9. And there’s not even an argument
  10. Wonder if Brady is thinking suck it New England