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  1. That picture is amazing to me. While no snow cover everything here is winterlike. Ground is a rock, all small streams and ponds, small lakes are ice covered. It really is a different world down there.
  2. I look at it this way. Last weekend, when it was plenty cold enough, I wasn’t looking out the window wishing it was colder. No, I was looking at a radar screen that showed no precipitation. Earlier this month when we had snow for like four hours I wished we had more precipitation. In December when it snowed before Christmas about 1 1/2”, I wished it had snowed for more than 2 hours. Earlier in December during our anafrontal fiasco, I wished that we had a wave of precip when there was zip. The past few days when it has been plenty cold I wish we would have had a clipper or something to deliver some precip. In November when it was abnormally cold I wish we’d had some precip instead of the 0.001 that fell and dusted the ground. We have windows of cold every year without fail. I’ll always say give me the precip and I’ll take my chances. If this active pattern advertised comes, I’ll guarantee you that we score. Just one persons opinion.
  3. I hope to hell thats not a runway. If it is ... welcome to the whamo slip and slide
  4. Is it too much to ask for an 8” snow where temps never get above 20 during the storm and never above 25 for a week after?
  5. We need bodies, willingly or otherwise. The snow gods aren’t happy with you sir.
  6. It was brutal. The next time I tell the story it’s gonna be a straight month of highs in the teens. Drove my car across the bay too
  7. Whole lotta cryin goin in in here tonight
  8. Too many quitters lol. To me this isn’t some simple low that forms in one place and travels to another. This thing is bouncing around all over the place in relation to that upper low. Might be a dupe but I think I can stay interested in a few more runs.
  9. And that’s why the snowfall mean maps are useless.
  10. GFS is at least better. Dont throw in the towel yet lol