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  1. Did you eat at CiCi's?
  2. Unless I'm just not reading that right, it sure looks as if the concentration level is much higher across the board with the exception of Hudson Bay.
  3. Winchester. Growing, all the conveniences, not much farther out, elevation, latitude, tons of bars, breweries, wineries, sports, arts. We don't call it Funchester for nothing.
  4. Pretty low brow stuff right there. Scratch that. It's juvenile and just plain stupid. You're going to compare trying to divert an asteroid, a single, one time event that has no further consequences once you've diverted it or blown it up (presumably with one of our magic imaginary weapons that could destroy a large asteroid) with tinkering around with a complex system where one change or a series of changes will then affect the entire climate system producing changes that we might or might not be able to predict and/or survive. On display in this thread is the typical human arrogance that says we are in control, and that we have power over everything. We aren't, we don't, and we can't. If we try to engineer the climate of this planet, it will be the final evidence that humans are the dumbest of the dumb, the only creatures on the planet that can't live in harmony with it. For the last time (because I am out of the discussion), we should do everything we can to protect the environment, and then we should spend our money, time, effort, energy adapting to the changing planet. We should also be aggressively exploring ways to move some human civilization off the planet. Those three things are the most prudent ways humans can deal with climate change.
  5. Some of the traffic cams on and near I-70 west of Denver are amazing.
  6. The whole extended looks good. We need to hold the heat at bay for as long as possible.
  7. I agree completely. Personally, I think we end up somewhere below +0.5. Past statistics are hard to ignore until an event goes against them.
  8. That seems like circular logic. If the flow is based on enso conditions, and models are predicting + conditions in the Pacific, then it would make sense to see a Nino pattern in the flow. But what happens if the predicted warming doesn't occur? I don't have access to much in the way of the enso prediction plumes, but what I have seen seem to be trending less and less in the direction of a Ninol
  9. Enjoy the heat, heat lovers. Doesn't look to have much life to it.
  10. Move to Arizona. Then vacation in Florida or along the gulf coast.
  11. We've had some beautiful days in the 60's and 70's with bright sun. I'm hoping that can continue as long as possible.
  12. GFS says you'd better enjoy your 3 day torch.
  13. Another perfect, perfect May day.
  14. Perfect day.