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  1. This is the worst of weather. We now enter the worst two months of the year. C’mon on back cutoff lows. Anything is better.
  2. Who’s in for upper 70’s from now until September? C’mon, who’s in?
  3. Talk to a landscape company. Let a professional advise you. Products from big box stores like Lowes aren’t likely to be of much help.
  4. Today is the first day in the past nine that KOKV has reached 80 degrees. There have been 12 days this month that we have stayed under 80. Not a bad June.
  5. I’m over this whole rain thing. Don’t need my landscape to look like something from the Amazon rain forest.
  6. Screams sliders and suppression lol. Trough axis is too far east. But I’m sure we can get some wind out of it.
  7. Is that the storm that postponed a game of the Orioles-Pirates series?
  8. Was it the addition or the subtraction that had you stumped?
  9. Putting grass clippings on gardens does wonders. Not only does it fertilize, if you can get it to 2-3” thick you won’t have water issues either.
  10. Ok this sucks. Tired of summer already
  11. Ten day DC forecast from May 11. The reason I have it is because somebody sent me this on FB and my reply then was it will never happen that way lol.
  12. That’s what this week looked like about 10 days ago
  13. I actually like mine better