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  1. Besides clippers another thing that seems to be gone anymore are the broad troughs the seem to be backed up against the front range of the Rockies with a piece of energy running down the slope into the lower Mississippi valley and cranking a storm that runs through the mid south and turns the corner up the coast. Just a memory. Possibly selective but those seem like they used to be more common.
  2. Yeah it’s a two headed coin. Gotta have the cold. And we certainly can’t score with a whopping se ridge. A little bit of one can help sometimes. I guess for me my thoughts are if it’s stormy enough we will get lucky some with temps. And yes, those means only give a broad outline. What is shown is better than the reverse.
  3. That ridge in the southwest would signify to me that we would be depending on something northern stream to dig enough to get under us. More than not that ends up being cold and dry.
  4. BWI - 31.5” DCA - 21.7” IAD - 37.5” RIC - 9.1” SBY - 7.3” Stephens City - 3.2”
  5. That BWI number is almost as high as Maryland’s avg points allowed this fall.
  6. LOL the RPM. Never will forget how that thing nailed the March 2013 storm. I mean it was unreal how good it was from about 24 hours out. They put that model on the weather channel the day before. And Cantore came to DC anyway.
  7. As for the operational, both the Euro and Gfs forecasts for today from just 7 days ago were awful. GFS has my high at about 30. It was 66. Just need to factor that in when forecasting or hoping for snow more than about 3-5 days in advance.
  8. I like that look. A broad flat trough with that little bit of baginess in the sw. we can win with that.
  9. Ridge west trough East can also be cold, dry, windy. Might get lucky with a clipper but those don’t seem to exist anymore. We need some flow to under cut that ridge and bring us something to work with. I’ll never stray from my winter theory of give me precip and I’ll take my chances. It’s not temp that will cause me to not see snow for the next week or so.
  10. Think if was that easy they would have already done it.
  11. Seems to me these guys get hurt in the pocket, trying to be the prototypical NFL QB. Happened with Vick and RG3. Not sure about Newton. Let him do his thing for as long as he can.
  12. The biggest thing I see with Jackson is that he has an organization and a coach that have tailored their philosophy to match his skills. I’m mean, when is the last pro team you’ve seen run the option? im not a Ravens fan obviously but I really love to watch them run the ball.