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  1. I think you need to check the date. Mine was self inflicted after I didn’t want any more winter. That’s my recollection
  2. Vice Regent
  3. You'll never get to bury me.
  4. What my post about the Redskins/Vikings game has to do with the SB, I don't know either. That didn't stop you from chiming in, did it? You enjoy dreams, I'll enjoy the playoffs.
  5. This was that bias with the GFS and northern stream energy that I mentioned yesterday. They very often end up modeled too far south and west than actually verifies..
  6. C'mon Bob. Ease up. The view from the basement is sometimes cloudy.
  7. 24-16. No more needs to be said.
  8. And the year before BTW, how about those Vikings in DC?
  9. BTW, busting on people is what we do in the MA Subforum. Without that, we don't exist.
  10. That's being generous. Partly cloudy is even a maybe.
  11. The models have biases which are magnified the further out in time you go. You have to learn what those biases are. For example, the first time the GFS shows a northern stream vort cruising down and running through North Carolina about 5 days out, watch and you'll see it end up in Pennsylvania by game time.
  12. I think too much is made of the snow mean. One or two members can really screw up the mean. I think count the number of members with measurable snow and you'll get a better picture of what might realistically occur. I like the fact that there are more members showing snow than not. Of course this is over a 16 day period, so it could be that those members all have one snow solution, all on different days, none of which are reasonable. I guess you could say that I don't find this product useful at all
  13. We need to just let everything get in range of the NAM.
  14. I haven't been looking at it. I only looked at the 12z. I think everyone had better just listen to WxUSA. He's giving you the straight truth.
  15. That trough might be able to sharpen if it weren't for that bowling ball sitting in the GL. Of course, then there would be no cold air either.