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  1. Weekend Snowfest/Rainfest/Mixed Mess?

  2. Weekend Snowfest/Rainfest/Mixed Mess?

    Can someone post the euro (panasonic) precip map for the event? Thanks.
  3. February Banter Thread

    Do not have fun. Good grief.
  4. Weekend Snowfest/Rainfest/Mixed Mess?

    Snowfall maps are useful only for precip trends and n/s, e/w alignment of storm characteristics. IMO, they are pretty much useless.
  5. Weekend Snowfest/Rainfest/Mixed Mess?

    Anything is better than what we've seen.
  6. Weekend Snowfest/Rainfest/Mixed Mess?

    LOL. The ground won't be anywhere near 70 degrees. It has been frozen solid for most of the winter. 36 hours of warmth ain't gonna warm it up that much.
  7. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    Not even close. That storm was a southern slider AND it was frigid before, during and after.
  8. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    That has THAT look. Weaker, but pretty.
  9. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Assuming we get significant precip. I'd like to have some snow. If not, I'd just soon the precip be light.
  10. February Mid/Long Range Discussion

    Seems to me that we usually get into a pattern more conducive to big storms as we approach March. I hope that is the case this year. We might luck into something.
  11. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Thanks. The euro always seems to be the stingiest with precip.
  12. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    I think the NAM's do. Of course, I only casually glanced at them.
  13. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    What does the Euro look like in terms of total precip out our way before 10am? Thanks.
  14. February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Expected by whom? You realize that the people at NWS aren't just looking at their favorite models on TT, right? They have expertise in these matters that most of us here don't have. Your interpretation of what is "expected" and what their interpretation is can be quite a bit different ........ because of the knowledge and skill level differences.
  15. Super Bowl Slop Storm

    At this point it's pretty comical. I have to admit that I hope we ride this trend to the end of winter. I'll win the snowfall contest.