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  1. This seems pretty typical to me. Seems we never get good weather consistently in April and May. June can be nice, July and August suck. Just life.
  2. Still my favorite thread of the winter
  3. If you want warm, the gfs is not your friend.
  4. I think many people confuse carpenter bees and bumble bees. The former is a problem, the latter not in my experience. Carpenter bees themselves don’t cause troublesome damage. It’s not much to plug a hole, sand it and stain it. The problem as @CAPE mentioned is if woodpeckers catch on. Then the damage can be big. I’ve heard but never tried a fake owl. I’ve read they will keep woodpeckers at bay. Again I don’t know that. I have seen carpenter bee traps that catch them by the dozens. Whatever you try, if you can rid yourself of them you probably need to.
  5. In other words we will actually know it’s not going to snow before it doesn’t snow? Lol
  6. Dude there’s no vaccine for being an O’s fan. That shit is terminal
  7. Man Baylor is physical
  8. Well that has to be a record. Talking SSW in April, 8 months before winter.
  9. Cool. I know I’m not the only one who thinks the Pacific is the primary driver. I’m not looking for big snows. But whatever
  10. It wasn’t a good pattern for cold. The entire Arctic was pretty much cut off. I know lack of cold was an issue for many but not everywhere. I think there was a time in late Feb where we had had only one all rain event since New Years. Some included no snow but did have some type of frozen. Only 5 times did we manage to hit a tenth of precip in Jan and finished almost all 1” below normal.
  11. I still can’t get over the basketball game last night.
  12. Got down to 32 In northern Florida lol. That’s pretty impressive
  13. Oh yes. I totally agree. Possibly even sooner