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  1. Watch number 13 be right lol
  2. Everywhere you go here it’s squish. Mowed today at 2 pm. Full sun for hours. Mower tires instantly wet when they started rolling.
  3. LOL, I’ve played golf 5 times the last two weeks
  4. Worst possible scenario. I want a southeast ridge and sun
  5. If I pissed into the wind it would be between my legs before it got to my knees.
  6. I don’t see any real issues with snow and temps in the low 40’s
  7. If it had snow in Fredericksburg or Staunton, your statement would be true in reverse.
  8. Been telling you guys since early in the winter, the euro is only wrong when it shows snow
  9. Did you move yet? You’ll find the weather much different out there.
  10. Temp in the 30’s here. It may actually snow tonight lol
  11. By all means, shoot them.