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  1. That’s impressive. High here was only 64.
  2. We are already between 1.1 and 1.3 here depending upon your source. That’s way more than forecast already.
  3. Leaves in Winchester are probably two to perhaps three weeks earlier than normal. I guess the cold snap jump started them.
  4. I see clippers and gradient setups in our future. And my favorite, cutters into CAD
  5. I agree with this one part in particular. The dark part. You can plant seed in bare soil, cover part of it with straw and leave the other part uncovered and the covered seed will immediately germinate while the uncovered either won’t germinate at all or will be very slow to do so. That darkness matters for seed that is not fully covered by soil.
  6. The next time you core your lawn do it with the grass really high. Wait a day or two and then cut the lawn short. Doing this will obliterate the plugs giving you a bunch of loose soil sitting there that will aid in the germination of your seed.
  7. If you have straw or you seeded existing grass I don’t think the rain will hurt your seed. Probably help to have some heavy rain drive that seed to the soil
  8. Peak will be gone up there in two weeks. This upcoming weekend is likely to be the one closest to peak. Was up there last weekend and the color was already pronounced.
  9. Can somebody post a couple of total precip maps? I’ll admit it, I’m just too tired to search. Hey, I’m being honest
  10. Leaves are definitely way ahead of normal.
  11. That should have been a harbinger of our winter last year.
  12. BWI 11/2 IAD 10/23 DCA 11/2 RIC 11/2 Tie 81
  13. I have always felt the Pacific is the dominant player because we are downstream of it. We may need blocking to get big snows but with a +PNA at least we are usually cold with at worst chances for small events and less likely to have a complete crap bucket of a winter like last year.