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  1. 37 at KOKV. Impressive for May 26
  2. Posted in the wrong thread … looks like heavy snow at Canaan
  3. Looks like heavy snow at Canaan
  4. A freeze watch for areas where the temp last night reached 32?
  5. Freeze at KOKV. Heavy frost in places
  6. Amen to that last line
  7. With him it all depends on attitude. When that’s right he’s a weapon
  8. It’s about 4 games at this point. And no rain anywhere near them. It’s unreal.
  9. Baseball games cancelled because of possible weather. Wow
  10. I’ll find a bridge to jump from
  11. Celebrating damaging wind perplexes me
  12. It was a 30 hour snow event and was gone in two weeks. Nothing before and nothing after. Awful winter. But maybe we will get lucky and have an year like 97-98
  13. If you remove the blizzard from 2016, I had more snow this year than that year. It was a crap winter with a fluke.
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