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  1. We might just be dealing with a "May showers bring June flowers" type of a situation. If my memory serves, April had more sunny days overall to this point.
  2. lol The base state is proving once again to be a force. Next week does look intriguing, though.
  3. Caught in between a major battle between sunshine and the base state here in Frederick...so far, it's been pretty nice, though.
  4. Looking at the latest gfs, seems like Friday might be the best chance to see sunshine this week. Weekend looks like a complete washout (at minimum, cloudy) with next week looking tbd with the meandering low off the coast and another wave incoming. The southwest is baking which usually means trough’y in the east. It is what it is.
  5. Practically nothing showing up on the drought monitor: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?Northeast
  6. I like these occasional days especially if I was able to get out and about while it was nice. What’s annoying is the frequency. We had a long duration, gray, overcast period several years back in May. This isn’t like that, but it’s not ideal. I’d rather get our precip via thunderstorms that last 45 mins and are surrounded by mostly sunny conditions.
  7. It’s Buffalo Trace and NBA playoffs kinda weather.
  8. To avoid wildfire smoke, we need the southerly flow to win out. No omega or Rex blocks, please. Hopefully, we can get a Bermuda High to establish itself. Been a while since we had a good ol’ fashioned, swampy summer.
  9. Ended up being like 30% sun here. Doable. Not much rain at all today…few little drizzle showers but could be worse. Tomorrow looks nicer…just in time to start the workweek lol.
  10. I'm finding our climate to be more like PA than Southern VA/NC. Those GL lows impact us with clouds at the tail end of those vort spokes while areas further south end up with sunshine and milder conditions. What gets a little frustrating during the winter is that we miss out on the actual precip more often than not.
  11. Another GL low...another cloudy day following it's passage. Hopefully, partly sunny wins out over mostly cloudy. Can't wait for the southerly flow to return.
  12. We've had a few of those this year. It is kinda odd.
  13. Thunder in the distance rumbling over the Catoctins.
  14. Just saw the radar. Looks fun…and right on my doorstep.
  15. Looks like a batch of rain incoming, assuming it makes it over the mountains.
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