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  1. We need to funnel some of this rain to the west coast. This is gonna tap things out here.
  2. This is prob capable of an inch in 15 minutes type of deal. Pretty decent gusts too. What’s wild is the sun is peeking through lol.
  3. Tropical level downpour in progress and a lone thunder in the distance.
  4. Looks like the wall of rain will reach downtown Frederick.
  5. Radar looks juicy along the 270 split. Meanwhile, quite nice in Frederick.
  6. I might need to rely more on the Sharpsburg cells
  7. Getting some nice gusts here out ahead of it. Lightning more on the northern side.
  8. That whole area near the mason Dixon line has been doing extremely well the last month or two.
  9. It’s been a trend that when I hike gambrill I hear thunder and there’s almost always been storms near Hagerstown. That storm must be pretty decent.
  10. Might have been an inch+ from this band. Been pouring here for the last 15-30 mins.
  11. Gonna be some gaudy rain gauge amounts from these cells. No close lightning strikes here so far. Kinda surprised by that.
  12. Decent wind here now, but mostly a ton of rain. Coming down in sheets.
  13. Torrents have commenced. Lightning core lagging behind a bit. Still a thunder delay.
  14. Pretty much the same rate of lightning as the derecho tbh. Whatever is about to roll through here looks like it has bad intentions lol.
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