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  1. looks like i'll be missing that little cell, but getting a decent show out of it. can see the rain at the ridge tops. overall, radar isn't all that impressive, but it is busy.
  2. just like yesterday, seeing some CG right over the catoctin's. and as I'm typing, saw another extremely healthy bolt.
  3. a little more bark than bite so far, but plenty of rain/breeze. saw some good lightning to the northwest, but might have just missed the core of that. healthy summer storm overall. looks like cells are pulsing to the east now.
  4. pretty legit shelf cloud streaming in from the catoctins. glad i'm not biking the 'shed right now.
  5. just looked outside...yea, it's about to get real here.
  6. getting pretty noisy here. actually, quite a bit of thunder. I might get clipped, but downtown Frederick might need a boat if these cells maintain.
  7. the thunder here is of the building rattling variety.
  8. kind of a weak sauce heat wave. not complaining by any stretch, but at least in frederick, the breeze made it feel like a notch above a typical summer day. got some hikes and some bball in the last couple days. not saying i wasn't toasty in the process lol, but we've had worse here. this was doable. what i do want are some storms to track. we need a little excitement in an otherwise fairly boring weather year so far (aside from localized events).
  9. I would say I picked a good week to have my bike in the shop, but no rain means the trails will probably be in primo shape...meh. (rain is a good thing, though)
  10. yea, the lighting is still going here even after the torrents moved through. I think things are chillin' out though. Definitely a premium grade storm here.
  11. i think there were at least realistically 50mph gusts at peak here, maybe higher. hard to tell from inside, but it this was a patio chair mover. only thing missing was hail.
  12. this one might actually be severe by the book. had some real healthy gusts move through and still going. pouring here still.
  13. direct hit here. downpours and dark. saw some cg, but nothing too crazy yet.
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