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  1. got a bike ride in. trail was in pretty good shape. only a couple of muddy spots. gonna be a nice, welcome (for me) stretch of weather ahead.
  2. re hoops, i'll say this...the wizards have been playing more inspiring basketball lately, but still think they need a certifiable scoring threat in the post. not having bryant isn't helping that issue. meanwhile, the half court 3 point shots at the all star game last night were ridiculous. if you can't score in today's nba, you better be able to do something else really well, or just be a great "team player" lol.
  3. turgeon's system is just too conservative imo. similar issue that i think jt3 ran into at gtown. both systems play a lot of hot potato which isn't the most fun system for a blue chip recruit. i think systems like that generally suit smaller schools better. gary's flex offense and full court pressure was pretty chaotic at times, but it was probably more fun to play in and that's something that matters to offensive minded players. add to that the analytics that favor pace/3pt shots/easy buckets and i think something may need to change for md to get back to what they were. that said, this analysis is based off a relatively small sample size of games (i'm more of an nba guy), so take this with a grain of salt.
  4. i checked out of winter (and usually do) after february. i love the seasons more so than i love snow. i'll still be open to a march event, but it's go time. bring on the mtb trails, the longer days, tshirt weather, and maybe even some cape/shear to track...and also the cicadas.
  5. Maybe their cert expired. I’ve seen that happen enough times as part of the support for my last job. Or maybe they’re also tired of this winter and taking a vacation before revving up for squall line season.
  6. Sleet and maybe some light rain. Thunder next?
  7. That one was definitely greasy, though kemp, Vince, Dominique, shaq were all violent in game dunkers too, including lebron. Jordan is the goat imo but he was more stylistic, mostly bc he could palm the ball so easily and just dunk around ppl.
  8. it's been diesel lately, though i do approve of the 50 degree temps midweek. i'm sure the deep south does, too. reshuffle the deck and let's see if next friday/first week of march can deliver.
  9. yea, but gotta wonder if the high would stay locked in like that. it's not the best look at 500, but it's a southern wave and we're nearing the end of prime climo, so worth tracking.
  10. euro looks more north and slower with the next friday situation. not a strong low, but we'll see how the next panels play out.
  11. was just out (bc i get antsy) and main roads weren't too bad, but parking lots/intersections were still slick. probably best to not go out if you don't have to. it looks more like it snowed than i thought it would. legitimately looks like 2" of compacted snow.
  12. the concept itself can be tricky, but just think of Z as universal time that doesn't have a spring forward/fall back, so right now greenwich is 5 hrs ahead of us. it's 9pm there (aka sun rises there 5 hrs earlier). when we spring forward, we're moving 1 hour closer to them.
  13. this was a pretty unusual storm. i think most forecasters busted because, let's face it, most storms start as snow and then switch to sleet. having sleet essentially from the onset with ideal surface temps even during quality rates goes against the "precip cooling the column" science. i haven't read every post and haven't really dived into the soundings, but there was obviously a pronounced warm layer that was either thin/warm or marginal/thick. not sure...maybe others know. either way, i don't think the atlantic has helped...it seems to have either caused the trough to be too far west too often or is just a response to other variables. this one was absolutely a bust, but it was pretty understandable why any forecaster would have gone against sleet from start to finish.
  14. Forecasts have definitely improved over the years. There were countless busts in the 90s due to similar setups or just flat out undermodeled downsloping, etc. If anything, it’s impressive that the nam was so intent and correct about the mix line. Globals have improved at 5 day leads but there’s clearly still some areas for improvement in these types of fringe setups.
  15. Mix of sleet and rain here. Major ice storm in progress. Hopefully there won’t be too many power outages.