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  1. One you don't want to be outside in.
  2. This storm is no joke. Just saw a diesel lightning strike off in the distance. Cloud to ground
  3. Nice rain here. Actually smells like a rain scent freshener. I guess they mowed the lawn in my neighborhood today or something. Grassy rain smell.
  4. It's leveled off a bit but definitely not just a Rainer. Some good thunder claps. Not much wind tho but breezy.
  5. Pouring here and significant lightning. Dc will like this one. Solid summer storm.
  6. Electrical storm here. Definitely don't want to be outside in this one. It's a decent one.
  7. i've been out in it, just not sure what all the social media chatter is for. in the summer i'm not in awe unless it's in the upper 90s. i think low to even mid 90s (while obviously not ideal - i'd rather it be 80), is still pretty tolerable. now the 110+ weather in vegas for like a week straight was not tolerable. that's oven heat.
  8. it's hot out, but it's not really that bad all things considered. it can be worse here. upper 90s are when it becomes pretty intolerable. this is pretty tolerable in stretches.
  9. woke up at about 5am to some very squally looking rain outside. no thunder, so went back to sleep pretty quickly. not sure how much we ended up with, but it's summertime, so it's usually showery more so than all day rainy, and really can't rely too much on the remnants of a tropical storm 1000 miles after it made landfall. might as well just chalk it up to a cold front.
  10. definitely scary stuff going on in the southwest. i have fam out there. i try to only visit in the non-summer months. it takes temps in the upper 90s to really get me missing winter (love snow, dislike the cold and short days), but 110+...yea, which ski resort are we going to. lol
  11. bark worse than bite here. lots of rain, not much wind, some thunder, no hail.
  12. pretty impressive forecast busts the last few days. good chance of rain each day and just a few raindrops here. forecasting is a challenge all year round, not just winter.
  13. What winter? It was skipped over.
  14. the terps lacked playmakers, simple as that. their big men had a range that went out to about 2 feet from the basket and aside from their point guards, just about no one was able to drive to the basket and make plays on their own in isolation. game planning against them is easy. stop trimble and let the others beat you, which they weren't able to do against the stronger teams on a consistent basis. the freshmen need mileage. hopefully, they make their way to the crc over the summer and get a lot of games in. they need that more than they need drills. and yes, we're talking about sports in the long range thread because winter is o-vah...until the freak april snowstorm, of course.
  15. It was pretty lame here but I also think people's expectations may have been too high given the date. Even during 93 with an arctic intrusion we flipped to sleet. Idk enough about Synoptics but I just think we didn't have a strong enough high to the north. Like i said before that se wind was probably an overlooked clue...or not...but the setup defintely didn't seem right even with the decent antecedent airmass.