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  1. What winter? It was skipped over.
  2. the terps lacked playmakers, simple as that. their big men had a range that went out to about 2 feet from the basket and aside from their point guards, just about no one was able to drive to the basket and make plays on their own in isolation. game planning against them is easy. stop trimble and let the others beat you, which they weren't able to do against the stronger teams on a consistent basis. the freshmen need mileage. hopefully, they make their way to the crc over the summer and get a lot of games in. they need that more than they need drills. and yes, we're talking about sports in the long range thread because winter is o-vah...until the freak april snowstorm, of course.
  3. It was pretty lame here but I also think people's expectations may have been too high given the date. Even during 93 with an arctic intrusion we flipped to sleet. Idk enough about Synoptics but I just think we didn't have a strong enough high to the north. Like i said before that se wind was probably an overlooked clue...or not...but the setup defintely didn't seem right even with the decent antecedent airmass.
  4. the worst part of this event IMBY is that the few hours of snow we received was at night, so i mean, you can't really enjoy that too much. it was nice to see some snow shower activity today, though. the reasoning above is why that feb 2015 storm is one of my favorites. it overachieved and snowed that saturday from sun up to sun down before flipping to sleet way later than expected. dropped about 8" here. that was one of my favorite events here aside from the biggies.
  5. the threat of cherry blossoms and bees buzzing?? lol. this winter is over. donezo.
  6. goodbye winter, hello spring.
  7. Yea I saw the maps. It never looked ideal. Almost looked like a strung out frontal passage thru the Midwest. We need a simpler setup here and obviously a stronger high to the north.
  8. Yea this one was a mess. Also not sure we even had a high in the right place. That SE wind was a major clue that may have been overlooked a bit.
  9. Usually we get the upper level energy to swing thru enhancing the precip on the back edge but this looks like we're relying more on the coastal pivot. It'll be close here. I'm leaning towards not so great in this scenario.
  10. Still raging sleet here and radar looks porous for this next few hours plan but will see. I'm checking out. This storm just isn't the one.
  11. lol this was a moderate bust here. just woke up and see an inch or two tops here. this was a very good reminder that we don't do complicated setups well. fringe snowstowns need good, clean setups and this wasn't one of them.
  12. just opened up the screen door...definite snow/sleet mix here. on that note, i'm calling it a night. hopefully by the morning we can get this sleet out of here.
  13. snowing here but definitely of the rimed nature. it wants to sleet badly, but hasn't changed over completely yet.
  14. definitely seeing the pingers on the weather channel feed from downtown.
  15. the snow is in pile mode now. radar filling in all over the place with a ridiculous fetch of moisture off the atlantic. northern md is just going to get hammered.