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  1. i think this is gonna be pretty legit for 95 dc/bmore. i'm not expecting thunder, but a good rain/winder.
  2. saw a flash and a little bit of a thunder. i'm in.
  3. post front is the concern. having a flashlight handy for that portion problem isn't a bad call.
  4. buffalo trace might be the best of the cheap bourbons. oh...and it's been breezy today. my jeep was like whoa.
  5. Honestly not sure anything can compare to last years foliage. Late bloomer but vibrant.
  6. I’m not ready for snow yet but I am ready for the current temp change. Definitely a longer summer than I expected. Gonna be interesting to see how Jan/feb play out.
  7. This weather is next level
  8. this is composite and not great for zooming in on small scale events, but it's another option. i use it mostly for past winter storms or anything large scale: https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/current/mcview.phtml?prod=usrad&java=script&mode=archive&frames=60&interval=60&year=2014&month=2&day=12&hour=0&minute=0
  9. i am, however, interested in tropical season this year.
  10. i'll never forget how beautiful it was the day before the impending hecs. played ball in shorts and a tshirt lol. march snowstorms are kinda lame anyway unless we're talking '14, so that wasn't much of a stinger. edit: well, and '93 was fun, but that's like uncommon and stuff. that said, i'm not ready for that snow noise. i'm still enjoying what's been a pretty solid thunderstorm season, at least imby.
  11. round two moving through shortly. dc looks prime for that.
  12. healthy deluge, but nothing like yesterday's hurricane-like downpours. i don't recall seeing it rain that much in a 45 minute period before. the 270 split has done pretty well with storms this year.
  13. Impressive wind driven storm just pulsed right overhead. Probably close to localized severe.
  14. been expanding my bourbon game lately. latest recommendations are mckenna 10 and michter's small batch. those are probably in my new top 3 along with blanton's. so are we gonna get a thunderstorm soon or what?