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  1. It’s still bone dry outside for this time of year with this nw breeze that’s straight out of the drought factory. Most boring stretch of weather in years.
  2. I don’t really smell smoke…to me it’s been more like a musty chlorine scent. It’s still stupid, though.
  3. That too lol. I’m ready to sign onto any system that includes a southerly wind component.
  4. I might need to add Omega Blocks to my list of meh. It already includes dry slots, sleet, GL lows, and unfavorable La Nina’s.
  5. Biked over at Little Bennett today. Definitely dry…which actually is great for mtb, but the lack of rain is showing. There is comically one mud patch area that seems to never dry and it was still hanging in there, though overall the trail was as dry I’ve seen it.
  6. I think I saw literally 1-2 drops hit my windshield near mby as I was heading home.
  7. Looks like another upper level low around the GL region for early next week. Maybe a couple of vorticity lobes can wring out some precip, though that’s a maybe. We’re just not getting much from those northern systems.
  8. Nah, this is the mid-Atlantic. It’s supposed to be green and lush in the summer. This weather pattern is getting played out.
  9. Hey look, clouds streaming in from the nw on satellite. If you want boring weather, that’s the flow you want…kinda like how it’s been basically the entire year and then some. Re smoke…caught the red sunset over the Catoctins yesterday and see a noticeable haze. Might actually be smelling occasional smoke as well.
  10. And not just a lack of precip, but actually dry. Very blocky pattern right now. This is up there with one of the worst pollen seasons I can remember as well. We had a legit drought during one of the summers around 2000ish which included some water restrictions or guidelines. This is getting to that point.
  11. Another reason why I’m ready for a southerly flow to return. I want swamp-like humidity and afternoon storms.
  12. Grass is starting to brown here. We need a southern stream. These last few months seem to be a predominantly NW flow without much in the way of any GOM/Atlantic influence. The dew points have reflected that.
  13. Feels good to get a couple of good humid days in. This is the type of airmass where a system from the north might be able to spawn some garden variety storms. Otherwise, they typically bring nothing, but clouds and precip scraps. Looks like we're back to the Great Plains/Midwest pattern again starting tomorrow.
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