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  1. Looks like a decent little overrunning setup this evening at least for light/steady rain, and disco mentioned possible fog/drizzle later.
  2. was up around 2-3am (not ideal for 845am morning meetings) and it was gusty at times for sure. nothing overly dramatic as is usually the case with wind here, but still noteworthy and i imagine some of the wooded maintained trails in the area are going to require some cleanup. i'm mostly just glad we got some needed rain.
  3. any rain is good rain right now. i'm more interested in what we get wind-wise. this storm never really had the vibe of a home run for our area.
  4. prolific looking radar presentation for the northeast. wow.
  5. water vapor loop looks pretty nice as well... http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/goes/east/eaus/flash-wv.html
  6. radar looks decent for a remainder of the afternoon/early evening rain.
  7. yea, could be kinda cool seeing the leaves flying everywhere. i don't remember the last big wind storm here either. big wind is not a part of the weather we do particularly well here aside from localized severe weather, but sounds like the bike/hike trails could be messy on tuesday.
  8. looks like it'll require being on the left side of that cone from the beginning otherwise it will need to take a pretty hard left turn.
  9. are we convinced it's going to landfall in PR? looking at the radar/satellite it looks like there's still a chance it could skirt to the east (barely), though i'd be concerned about another west wobble before that could happen.
  10. interesting post. the only thing i would caution against is making a claim that something is likely based off what's happened in the past. to me, that's a mask for not understanding fully the current setup and doesn't really work in meteorology very well. who knows, though, maybe this will begin trending further west.
  11. this doesn't surprise me. people need to remember just how narrow florida is. it's about 100 miles from naples to boynton. impacts will be felt from coast to coast. the wave action in miami right now is impressive. as irma gains latitude, the impacts on the east coast will only increase.
  12. key west radar still running well: https://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?rid=BYX&product=N0R&overlay=11101111&loop=yes miami radar: https://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?rid=AMX&product=N0R&overlay=11101111&loop=yes looks like the next wave will be entering miami shortly. still a lot of impact on the fla east coast.
  13. any ideas which models have performed the best so far for the keys as far as location/intensity? the 06z gfs track looks pretty reasonable and some of the reports are that it might be a notch east of the euro right now.
  14. it truly is incredible what those islands experienced. because there's not a million people there it doesn't get the attention it should. i can't imagine what it must have been like to have to be literally in the eye of a legitimate cat 5. i mean that's just incredible. anyway, not trying to clutter up the thread comparing what's now to what's done because either way irma is going to be destructive.
  15. yea sustained winds there "looked" like 150mph. the surge and flooding with irma is what i'm concerned the most about with the keys and naples/tampa etc.