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  1. that's definitely an active storm in southern moco. getting a fireworks display here.
  2. seeing occasional cg lightning in the distance. no rain here as i'm on the west side of this cell. looks decent though.
  3. this is a truly impressive amount of rain here. i have no doubt that some of the nearby gauges in bethesda will read 2"+ by tomorrow. i could see rising cloud tops this afternoon which made me think this could be the start of a line of storms, but didn't expect them to produce like this. not much wind, but there has been some lightning/thunder.
  4. today is above the heat threshold. hopefully we get some bangers moving through. in other news, finally did old rag last week and glad i did it then as opposed to now. that hike is legit...straight up (at a decent grade) for 4-5 miles including 1 mile of rock scrambling. though challenging, it was one of the those hikes where you feel accomplished at the summit.
  5. absolute torrential downpour. there will be some severe reports from this line. i'm on the southern edge, but still getting my money's worth.
  6. looks like they may reach bmore though. seeing some cells developing. all that sun earlier set the stage...these are healthy storms.
  7. cloud to ground lightning here. most energetic storm of the season in that regard.
  8. been pouring off and on for the last 3 hours here. unexpected soaker.
  9. i don't know if it would classify as severe but got a pretty decent downburst, torrential rain (won't be surprised to see up to an inch here) and impressive lightning.
  10. strong storm moving through bethesda. this one is packing some vitamins.
  11. it's shaping up to be a stormy evening. nice sample just moved through...initial gusts, some torrents, and a fair amount of T&L.
  12. the sky had a very south florida look to it today with all the cumulus clouds around. water vapor/satellite/radar all look decent. would have liked to see things pop earlier, but hopefully some of these cells hold together to clear out some of this pollen.
  13. this has been a certifiable soaker. we're good on rain after this...ready for a pattern switch.
  14. turned into a nice day. the temps and humidity combo > the chilly/damp we've had. looks to be setting up for the soaker tomorrow.