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  1. Working on 1.5 hrs of downpours here. Glad I took my MTB in for service because trails are gonna be a mess after this.
  2. Yea I just heard a couple of rumbles
  3. Yea it’s tapped out here and still going. Certainly tropical-like in that regard.
  4. It’s been pouring here the last 30 mins or so. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some localized flash flood warnings if it continues.
  5. well, at least for the time being, the storm looks like it's highly interested in the beltway and southern moco.
  6. and it was great for 13z. it'll change again at 15z. i think we need to get rid of these debris clouds, though.
  7. clouds have returned, but satellite shows clearing to the southwest.
  8. agreed. it's one of those things that a hobbyist would know, and something that we should expect the general public to know as well.
  9. There’s certainly gonna be enough fuel. Plenty of sunshine now
  10. honestly just been mostly a rainer here with a little bit of breeze mixing down at times. i had a feeling most of the action would be closer to the bay with landfall being a nudge east, but was expecting a bit more in the way of wind. still a good soaker and needed to wash away the pollen. looks like bigger issues towards bmore and further east where the torrents are. one thing i'll say is it's nice to get some cooler temps for a day. currently outside on my balcony typing this. drier air pushing in and looks like the afternoon could end up pretty nice around here.
  11. cantore is in the eastern eyewall and it looks every bit like a low end cat 1.
  12. tropical storm warning for central/se montgomery now
  13. whether it's moderate rains vs inner bands/flooding, still cool to have something different to track than the usual tstorm outbreak. kinda interested in the early evening timeframe as well with that initial line of showers/storms the models are depicting.
  14. Today had a sneaky breeze. For whatever reason I feel like that hinders potential at times. Not a single drop here. Turned out to be an outstanding weather day.
  15. losing a bit of that cape, though. i'm assuming it's gonna be hit or miss the next few hours.