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  1. March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    i think i mostly do and i'm not referring to any particular incidents. i was actually referring to right before and during the storm, and didn't even see the exchange this morning. like i said, i usually skim past that stuff, but it started getting off track for a bit. i just don't think the pile on approach (aka play him keyboard cat) is ideal. while cheerleading a storm is probably better overall, i don't think it has to be all positive either. it's ok to get differing views...within reason.
  2. March 24-25 Storm Threat

    yea it looked a little better at first, but on closer inspection i think the storm may have just slowed down a few hours, and that upper low/wall bulged south. maybe it phases ots or something.
  3. March 24-25 Storm Threat

    thru 45, unless it interacts with that upper low, it looks like it may start to slide south.
  4. March 24-25 Storm Threat

    almost looks like the nam might be allowing for a further north track this run. still have a wall in the northeast, but it looks a little more relaxed so far. thru 42. could also just be a few hours slower this run.
  5. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    my favorite type of weather might actually be upper 70s, mostly cloudy, humid. i don't know why, i just feel like that's a nice middle ground and just generally comfortable weather to me. i love snowstorms, always have, but i definitely gravitate towards warmer weather and longer days...and some thunderstorms. edit: thought i was in the banter thread lol
  6. March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    i didn't even notice that and wasn't really paying too much attention to some of the back and forth's, but just in general i don't think everyone responds well to being called out when they know 100+ users may be browsing the forum during a storm. it can cause a pile on effect which i've seen start to steal away some of the good vibes. that's why i think it's just usually better to let the mods handle that stuff. i'll admit, i was a little disappointed with the afternoon portion of the storm, but did get out for some hiking around the potomac. would have been more fun to be out in it during the good rates, but ah well. still a nice scene for march.
  7. March Banter

    we average 40-45 degrees in the middle of winter as a high for a reason. fringe snowtown, we are. that's why i'm ok with yesterday. take it while it's there.
  8. March Banter

    the best part of my march bracket being craptastic right now is that i don't have to look at it anymore and can just focus on watching hoops.
  9. March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    colorado has been tempting to me...several times...but that lack of a beach within driving distance is a little bit of a snag. their 4 seasons and color changes, etc, also isn't what it's like here. if you can get past that, you like powdery snow, and just generally being out in the open plains...that's the place. it's a great area.
  10. March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    i gotta be honest, while i can see why some people would get annoyed at people complaining/worrying, etc, there was also an excessive amount of belittling/lecturing/embarrassing people about how they should think/post. i'm not gonna pick sides. i'm in the middle on this, but i'll continue to stick to my guns that if people don't like what someone is posting and it's really bothering you, then either scroll past, PM them to discuss it, or talk about it in banter. i think this is an area that could use improvement on all forums, not just this one. my suggestion to those who are complaining about an event is to not come off as if you're right and others are wrong. my suggestion to those who are trying to correct people is to challenge their thinking instead of insinuating they're not good enough to post here. that's just my personal opinion on the topic, so take it for what it is...just another 2 cents.
  11. March 24-25 Storm Threat

    I’d like to see the gfs come north a little on 0z or 6z. Wave 1 was a bit north of expectations even with the blocking so maybe this can be similar. The vort has west coast origins so it might have more juice than your typical clipper.
  12. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    18z nam definitely made a north move this run. Not much change in the gfs. Could be one of those sneaky events. Not sure if that upper low in the northeast will help or hurt but it could help to draw some moisture north before it exits stage right.
  13. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    we did well in the morning near the city. it ripped for a couple hours with absolutely no accumulation issues whatsoever minus some more spotty pavement than you would expect in jan/feb. i have a feeling that H5 low was a bit too far north and/or not strong enough for wave 2. that and wave 1 may have messed with the dynamics of the whole transfer because once that low shifted east, everything just started to dry out/downslope/etc. the jumpy models hinted that something wasn't right upstairs even though the main players were there. wave 1 might have been a cleaner setup here had it been colder.
  14. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    we didn't have a winter last year, so i agree. at least we had an early season suburbs snow, partially frozen potomac in early january, and a historical late march snow. it was a C-/D+ winter. last year was an F.
  15. March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    i think it can work as far as keeping cold air in place, but yea we may need a relaxation of that upper low to the north and probably need that vort to be strong enough to tap into some of that atlantic. it doesn't look like an impossible setup if we can some interaction with that rogue wave diving down from the northeast, but we'll need a north trend shortly.