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  1. tempwise, i feel like this has been a pretty classic start to the season (minus today). it's just been a dry pattern overall which i can tell just from riding the trails recently. it's gonna be interesting to see how this season plays out. i saw that denver is in a snow drought as well. not sure what that means for the mid-atlantic, but we're not alone. need a more active southern stream as just about everyone has said and less reliance on upper midwest clipper scraps.
  2. been getting some breezes/occasional decent gusts along gambrill/watershed for the last couple hours. hard to complain about the temps here. saw your post in banter...similar elevation gain here. goes from ~400 where i'm at to ~1200+ in about 10 minutes. the three saws trail is a good primer for how quick the elevation can change...uphill grinder and then a twisty downhill (or catovid for some rockier sections).
  3. i can't say with certainty, but we usually get at least some minor events by mid december (especially in our better snow years)...even if it's a mix in the cities and chase-able snow in the north and west counties. i think i've seen like 2 snowflakes hit my windshield so far. that's mostly due to this predominantly drier pattern because we've had some chilly weather around. i think a pattern flip is needed. this one is way too NS dominant.
  4. actually, looking at satellite it's clearer to the east. congrats 95.
  5. hey look, more clouds lol. seriously, this pattern is reminiscent of that period in may a few years ago that was almost constant clouds/drizzle. that was worse, but this is not ideal. i think that a pattern change may even be needed for future snow prospects so we're not relying on this consistent flow of northern stream scraps.
  6. solid afternoon. clouds decided to part and got a good bball shootaround in. i don't mind the chill if there's sun/light wind. funny that it isn't even december yet...i can't really get invested in snow here until mid december. that's when the real kickoff of tracking begins.
  7. looks like skies are clearing to the west...hopefully that swings through for the afternoon. https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/sector_band.php?sat=G16&sector=ne&band=02&length=12
  8. sounds pretty great actually lol. let it snow in jan/feb. so far, if there wasn't any talk about la nina, then i would have thought we'd be in for a solid winter because it has most certainly been chilly for the last month or so, albeit not very active. today's weather is an example of what i'm done with. let's reboot this pattern and see what happens in the jan/feb wheelhouse.
  9. Lol it’s been like that to a tee so far, though looks like more active weather coming up. This winter really seems like a roll of the dice. One thing I can say is that aside from Ida (not that I was rooting for the damage it caused) it really hasn’t been a very exciting weather year, imo. I’m ready for something to track. Edit: I should say large scale weather…there were a few healthy storms over the summer.
  10. Sounds like ‘13-15…but tbd on the snow. We’re usually a little better at sunshine around here…that’s really where my deduction is so far.
  11. I’m ready for a different weather pattern, whether it’s snowy or mild/sunny, but this upper Midwest/northeast, generally cloudy/windy/chilly pattern of the past month+ is getting a little played out. Also not even sure this is ideal for the snow lovers. Pretty active NS which we’ve mostly been on the southern fringe of. That said, it isn’t December yet lol, so can’t really draw any conclusions to this winter, but based on history I think you’d like to at least see some minor events by mid December. Either way, I would like a pattern switch with a more active southern stream for the sake of change.
  12. i hope it fringes dc and hits frederick. i'm kidding...but only sort of.
  13. Would be nice to get out of this generally cloudy pattern we’re in. These temps haven’t been all that bad, but seems like it’s been either cloudy or windy more often than not. Otherwise, this seems like a very run of the mill weather year, aside from Ida’s remnants. Not sure what to make of the La Niña predictions. Nothing stands out as too unusual so far other than I would have expected to see a flurry or snow shower by now.
  14. We need to funnel some of this rain to the west coast. This is gonna tap things out here.
  15. This is prob capable of an inch in 15 minutes type of deal. Pretty decent gusts too. What’s wild is the sun is peeking through lol.
  16. Tropical level downpour in progress and a lone thunder in the distance.
  17. Looks like the wall of rain will reach downtown Frederick.
  18. Radar looks juicy along the 270 split. Meanwhile, quite nice in Frederick.
  19. I might need to rely more on the Sharpsburg cells
  20. Getting some nice gusts here out ahead of it. Lightning more on the northern side.
  21. That whole area near the mason Dixon line has been doing extremely well the last month or two.
  22. It’s been a trend that when I hike gambrill I hear thunder and there’s almost always been storms near Hagerstown. That storm must be pretty decent.
  23. Might have been an inch+ from this band. Been pouring here for the last 15-30 mins.
  24. Gonna be some gaudy rain gauge amounts from these cells. No close lightning strikes here so far. Kinda surprised by that.
  25. Decent wind here now, but mostly a ton of rain. Coming down in sheets.
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