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  1. looks like the jet stream is more favorable for the gom to get involved with that storm. the first is a miller miss compared to 6z, but it's still not a bad spot to be in compared to the typical redevelopment further north.
  2. Yea, but it'll start waxing just in time for the pattern change during solstice week.
  3. lol it is kinda wild, but I think the main issue as has been mentioned many times is we're just not doing as well on the margins of the season (as a whole) compared to decades past. I also wonder how much the Atlantic is having an influence especially with the fringe events and clippers.
  4. Getting some breaks in the clouds up this way. Could end up being a nice afternoon. Also...less than 3 months until March.
  5. The GFS has some trackable waves around the solstice time period...so basically we've been tracking winter until winter. And it's only 2 weeks away.
  6. Looks like a west coast winter so far, that's for sure lol. At this point, we're chasing the Winter solstice. It is early, though. And there's been cold around, but yea...extended biking and basketball season for now.
  7. 2026 lol. I think they gained fans and respect from this match. They had some chances.
  8. It really was lol. I texted several people the same thing. USA has absolutely played better than the score, but those Netherlands crosses have just been on point.
  9. Some good games on today lol. USA"s speed has me interested in the 2nd half. 2-0 is manageable and really not reflective of how well they've played overall.
  10. We could use a little more height. The commentator just made that same point. It's something I've noticed with most of the USA squads. Just imagine if even a fraction more of our elite athletes chose soccer (which I played growing up) instead of basketball (my favorite sport) and football (probably my 2nd favorite lol). Soccer just is not ingrained in our culture (and city/street culture) in the same way that our other sports are, which makes this current run even more impressive.
  11. USA has shown the slightest of speed adv early on, but that Dutch spacing especially on offense is why they're up right now.
  12. Sounds like winter arrives soon...literally and figuratively. I have a mish mosh of mostly potential/unconfirmed plans through January. Once I book a trip I'm expecting a tropical storm to begin showing up in the GOM with a 1050 high over Lake Ontario.
  13. I'm in line for these. Doesn't look too wild on radar, but I'm in kind of a breezy spot on the downslope side.
  14. La Nina clouds have made another appearance. Ah well, at least it's not cold out.
  15. It got legitimately foggy here. Wind seems to have picked up slightly, though, and I can see the stars (or Jupiter), so I don't expect the fog to last too much longer.
  16. The weather the last week has been a November masterpiece. Generally clear skies and nice temps with timely rain. This is the way to segue into December.
  17. The pattern the last few days has been a work of art. Clear skies all around. Near perfect late Fall weather. I'll be ready for snow by December...already starting to get that craving.
  18. That's a Monday, though. Might have to move the start date to Dec 9.
  19. Perfect weather as far as I'm concerned. We're generally abysmal at November snow anyway. December is game on, though.
  20. Another day where having the sun out helped significantly. This is a much better pattern so far than that cloudiness that prevailed for much of last November and really throughout most of the Winter extending into April.
  21. Might have already had more sunny days this month than last November. I'm hoping that ends up the trend...like Denver...no wasted clouds. Ideally, it will be sunny or stormy. I don't need consistent 45 degrees and gray lol.
  22. Nah, the Nam was showing this showery stuff moving through around this time. Just a mix near dt Frederick (more like frosty raindrops). II was foggy at the top of Catoctin...I have a feeling they probably were getting snow up there.
  23. Looks like the Blizzard of 2016. Meanwhile, if we get a snow shower down here east of the Apps in this type of a northern stream pattern it's a win lol.
  24. Cold, but sunny here to start the day. Let's see if we can evade clouds for at least half the day. Nam3k shows a snow shower moving through near the M/D line.
  25. The current satellite imagery is an exact replica of last year. Sunny skies to the south with a stream of clouds rolling in from the nw across northern md. Must be a La Nina thing with the combo of the jet stream alignment and just being closer to the Appalachians/Great Lakes. Every time I looked at the satellite last year it seemed like the Upper Midwest and interior NE was typically cloudy with debris clouds across the mid-atlantic.
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