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  1. Possibly. But I’d shoot for more than 0.9” if that were my goal
  2. Just make it to December and be alive for the playoffs. Might be a different look by then. Look on the bright side. You could be a Vikings fan … @leesburg 04 and @MN Transplant
  3. I considered it a huge win that we got no rain yesterday. Will be thrilled if today is the same.
  4. Those “above normal heat for the foreseeable future” and “OMG it’s summer until October” posts don’t look too good right about now”. Lol
  5. That would totally suck. We need the proper transition to 70’s 60’s 50’s and 40’s by around Nov 15. Then we can start thinking about cold and snow. I’m all for a sunny 65 degree days for Oct. Almost all the way to November. Then let the bottom drop out.
  6. The crying about winter BEFORE winter is getting tiresome.
  7. Deluge in Winchester. Probably a 2” storm. Poured from buckets for about 30 min
  8. Even that correlation, by your numbers, is wrong 40% of the time.
  9. I suppose this is an ob … Walking to the truck after work, about 40 yards or so, I counted 57 lantern flies. Wasn’t looking right or left, only straight ahead. They are very numerous here.
  10. Somebody tell this dude that you don’t talk strat in September. You hold that one until deep dark depression has set in by about Dec 10
  11. Obvious. I agree. It’s obviously 1.4 more at BWI and 0.7 at IAD.
  12. That’s not good news on either front.
  13. Everybody likes a little ACE
  14. But why? That’s the part I’m missing
  15. Ok now that I know what ACE is, what does it have to do with winter?
  16. I think everyone can stop looking to kill lantern flies or whatever they are called. They are literally everywhere out here. That ship has sailed. Those horses are already out of the barn. Me stomping a few would be like somebody in New York trying to stop the flooding last week using a bucket.
  17. Can somebody explain what ACE is? Not ashamed to say I have no clue.
  18. See, I don’t really know, but I do have a hunch. Just from my observation, we get a lot of warnings that seem marginal when looking at radar signatures. Granted, my analysis is not professional. Same with severe thunderstorm warnings. I can’t tell you how many times we will get a warning come out here and the storm is basically nothing than a typical thunderstorm. But when I see warnings on the maps out in the plains, and then look at the radar, it’s like wow! The radar signatures there seem ominous. Just an observation with no facts to back it up. Just curious.
  19. I’d like to see tornado warnings vs actual tornadoes on the east coast region
  20. I’d love that look but I’m not trading one snow day for a whole winter
  21. If it could be sunny every day until November that would be great
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