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  1. That’s your baby. Let’s ride it and see what happens.
  2. I think 36 might be a little early. I was doing all my “looking” at about the 12z Friday time frame
  3. Wait, @leesburg 04 said 90. Can you guys get straight. This is the long range thread after all.
  4. This isn’t helping. Fact is, you went after WW because he posted a map. You should not have done that. Somebody came back at you and now you’re the victim. That’s not a way to gain respect.
  5. I can remember them. Not sure when they changed to night events.
  6. Where did i say we had something in January? You said last year was better. Since it’s only Jan 18, all you can compare to is winter through Jan 18 of last year. So I’ll clarify it for you. Last year through Jan 18 was far, far worse than this year has been.
  7. Psu got 50 inches. It was pretty active. We had snow but alot of mixed events although the 3 day snow event was cool. Im talking primarily for the nw areas We had nothing in January until the 31st. If you’re gonna say things, say correct things.
  8. There was no precip last year. We had the December storm, the Christmas rain, the New Years ice/rain and nada. We had almost no precip from New Years until the storm at the end of the month. It got good after that.
  9. Last winter was way better for us At this point last year we had had the December storm and that’s it.
  10. That’s true. I’m the one who said it. As of now, all models are basically leaving this behind (for the most part)
  11. Yes. That piece wasn’t there in the better euro runs. I envision it as a boot for our sw.
  12. Actually had that thought and it isn’t unheard of for fronts to not progress as modeled
  13. It decided to stop off for drinks and fun in Tijuana.
  14. There is no ss. All of this right now is ns energy.
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