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  1. This is perfect. I’ll take 30 straight just like it please
  2. 2.2” here. Closing in on 6” for the month. No mas
  3. I’ve always been a believer that in hot weather you don’t want a wet lawn. Yeah it’ll stay green but I think that’s when problems start. Dry and brown doesn’t look great but it also doesn’t hurt your grass.
  4. 12-13 was good for me, here. The DC crowd fondly remembers the March storm of 13.
  5. Maybe it’ll be as cold as June, July and this violent August.
  6. Been saying -PNA since before the dinosaur demise
  7. Since we put up watches for everything?
  8. On pace here for about an 18” month of August. Local agricultural staples of apples, corn, soybeans, hay set to be replaced next year with rice.
  9. Lol, I’m into an outside project right now. Wouldn’t care if it didn’t rain for a month. And it’s as green as Ireland right now
  10. That’s not what it says. Map reading must be a difficult endeavor.
  11. The violence in these August temps being modeled is scary.
  12. Yeah just looking at my forecast makes me so excited.
  13. Yay it’s pouring again
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