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  1. Really rocking here now. Thin line of snow squalls training over my 'hood with several wind gusts over 45 mph in the past few minutes. Solid dusting being blown around.
  2. Vigorous snow shower was only able to cover elevated surfaces like car tops and trash can lids. But it did knock the temp down to freezing, so if any additional showers come through it should accumulate better.
  3. Gusty snow shower moving through here at 38°
  4. BWI is +10.8 for January’s mean temperature so far. DCA is +9.9 and IAD is +9.4.
  5. There are some frigid periods around several of those dates. 1961, 1981, 1985 and 2009 all had below-zero weather in my area within a couple of days of the ones listed.
  6. First time I saw Rush in concert was at the Cap Center in Landover in 1980. One of the best shows I ever attended. Incredible what those three guys could produce.
  7. Based on the forecast for the weekend, a couple of temperature records may be challenged in this area. Martinsburg's 76-degree high on 1/11/1975 certainly looks safe, but the record high for 1/12, which was only 65 in 1928, may be in jeopardy. Record high minimums are 47 for 1/11 (1975) and 40 for 1/12 (2013.) One or both of these might be within reach also.
  8. You can see that a lot of ice mixed in with the snow even up your way, when you see how much liquid produced some of those snowfalls.
  9. Wild swings in temperature overnight. MRB is up 15 degrees over the overnight low. Since midnight, I have had a low of 16 and a high of 33.
  10. Temp is plummeting. 22° after a high of 33. Just returned from a drive around the area and in the densest patches of fog the truck thermometer rapidly fell as low as 15° and then shot back up as soon as we found clearing. Rural roads are snow-covered and icy. Beautiful night for a walk too, with brilliant starlight above the ground fog and a bright moon.
  11. Rapid clearing behind the storm has led to the formation of fog here. With temps already falling into the 20s, starting to see a bit of glaze on some elevated surfaces that were cleared of the snow.
  12. Snow has ended. Overperformer here.