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  1. WVclimo

    December Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Big difference between the 00Z runs of the GFS and FV3 for this weekend's event. GFS has the 5h low over DC at 126 and over NYC at 138. FV3' has it exiting the coast at Myrtle Beach during the same time frame.
  2. WVclimo

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    Last 31 days here have had a -4.9 degree mean temp departure. Nice early-season stretch.
  3. WVclimo

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    High of 31 here today, the first sub freezing high of the season.
  4. WVclimo

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    16 degrees for the low. Coldest of the season so far.
  5. WVclimo

    12/5 snowshower "event"

    Been snowing for most of the past hour here. Now a moderate burst has whitened the ground. 32 degrees.
  6. WVclimo

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    Stayed socked in all day here. Fog and 45 for the high so far.
  7. WVclimo

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    November here had 8 days that stayed in the 30's for the high temperature. Very unusual.
  8. WVclimo

    November Banter

    Will be spending the weekend of Dec 14-16 in the mountains of WV. Our rental is right around 3000' asl. Hoping the long-range models are wrong about a thaw at that time, or a lot of planned activities might be in jeopardy.
  9. WVclimo

    November Discobs Thread

    MRB needs 0.10" of precip by Friday to crack the top 5 for wettest November (since 1926)
  10. WVclimo

    November Discobs Thread

    Had a fair amount of ice in the trees midday before the temp rose above freezing. Total for the day was 0.92". 5.90 for Nov.. 64.96" for 2018.
  11. WVclimo

    November Discobs Thread

    After a low of 24, up to 31 now with rain beginning.
  12. WVclimo

    November Discobs Thread

    Third day of snow cover here. Really unusual for mid-November.
  13. WVclimo

    Mid Atlantic Snow Totals Winter 2018-19

    11/15/2018 -- 7.4"
  14. WVclimo

    November Discobs Thread

    Today's storm was the 5th one already in November that dropped at least 0.75" here.
  15. WVclimo

    November Banter

    I just realized I am at 28% of my area's annual snowfall average on November 15. Awesome !