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  1. Per Weather53, at this site: http://www.usmessageboard.com/forums/environment.84/ Temps at DCA Dec:+ 1 to +2 Jan:+2 to +3 Feb:-2 Thats an overall milder than average but for snow and/or cold lovers no where near as bad as his +5 call for last winter. Snowfall he predicts 10" for DCA and 15" for suburbs He believes two ice storms will impact the area His analog years are 1951-52, 1984-85, 2006-07.
  2. The 1963 event was in the top 10% of all volcanic eruptions in the past 10,000 years. Probably not likely to match that.
  3. Mt Agung is poised to possibly erupt again: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-22/mt-agung-bali-volcanoo-hundreds-evacuated-amid-eruption-fears/8976224
  4. In reverse order for our area. The recent stats (post 2006) were my measurements and the others are from MRB: 2012-13: a wintry week in December with snowfalls of 2", 5.7" and 2.0" from 12/24 through 12/30, and two 4" snowfalls in March (3/5-6 and 3/25-26) 2011-12: the 4" at the end of October was the largest snowfall. I finished with 8.5" for the season which is higher than the COOP PSU used 2007-08: largest was 3.3" on 1/18 1988-89: largest was 3" on 3/6-7 1974-75: a 5" snowfall on 1/6 and a 7" snow on 2/6. Also 3" on 3/14 1970-71: one of my favorite snowstorms ever on 12/31-1/1; 12.3" at MRB. More March snows: 4" on 3/3, 3" on 3/19 1967-68: great winter wall-to-wall with an inch on 11/21, 8" on 11/30, 9" on 12/28, 4.4" on 12/31, 6" on 2/29-3/1 and 10" on 3/12 1964-65: a 9" storm on 1/10, and 7" on 3/17 1962-63: another great holiday week with 6" on 12/21, 5" on 12/25 and 5" on 12/29. Another 5" on 1/26-27, 7" on 2/12 and 4" on 2/19 1956-57: a light snowfall of 4" over 3 days from 1/13-15 1950-51: 5.8" on 12/10-11 1949-50: 3" on 3/16, and 3.2" on 3/22-23
  5. I guess if we are looking at La Nina this winter, we should be hoping that it gets into moderate territory ? http://www.weather.gov/lwx/research_dcbalt_lanina
  6. Pretty unusual to see a rainbow when there is no rain anywhere around here. But this one is pretty vibrant.
  7. 45 in my yard this a.m. Most of the region's airports are running -5 to -7 monthly departures through the end of the first week of September.
  8. Some fairly large tree branches snapped off here and a basketball hoop toppled. Waiting for the rain to subside to do a more thorough check of the yard.
  9. STW up for OKV-MRB and surrounding area through 3:30 p.m. for wind gusts to 70 mph and quarter-size hail.
  10. Looking northeast from Williamsport, MD at the storm in NE Washington Co.
  11. After wall-to-wall sunshine all day, a gusty thunderstorm has swept in. Rolling thunder, heavy rain and winds gusting above 30 mph. High today was 90.
  12. No rain here today. Still 83/72. Hoping for some drier air to work in this evening.
  13. 0.44" on the day. 11.59" since 7/1
  14. 20 % POPs from LWX in their morning forecast package for isolated showers today. Turned into a steady light rain for hours here. Hopefully we get a few similar busts this winter.
  15. Agnes in western Md was one of the seminal events that fueled a life-long interest in weather for me. Creeks that were typically 15-20 feet below the level of area roads swelled onto those roads, across railroads and surged through neighborhoods that were normally far from the water. To this day I haven't experienced flooding as severe as that. I was living in Bethesda for Isabel, and drove home from work in PG county about 4:00 the afternoon the storm moved in, on a largely deserted Beltway. When I arrived home, my oldest son, who had just turned 3 told me he was scared that a tree would fall on our house. I assured him we would be safe. We lost power shortly after I arrived home, and didn't get it back for four days. In the dark, and cut off from radar left us to wonder how intense things would get. It actually wasn't as bad as feared, but as it turned out the house directly across the street had a large tree fall right through the front of it. No one was hurt, but I remember my boy saying that was just the way he had imagined it. Sandy over performed here, given how far inland we are. We had trees down on our property and part of the roof torn up, as it tracked almost due west at our latitude after landfall in south Jersey. I never thought an ocean storm could pack that kind of punch this far from the coast.