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  1. Picked up 0.34” in a heavy downpour with the passage of the front. As soon as the rain ended winds ramped up suddenly with gusts now 35-40.
  2. A double rainbow in the western sky this morning. Beautiful sunrise in the eastern sky while rain begins.
  3. MRB broke their record high also, which stood since 1945.
  4. High of 69.9 after a low of 29.9. Pretty ideal Autumn day.
  5. Flurries blowing around at 35°
  6. Picked up 0.03” of rain this morning. Now windy and 60°
  7. Had some flurries overnight. Low of 29.
  8. Flood warning from DC to Baltimore. An additional 1-3" possible this afternoon.
  9. Already over a half inch of rain here
  10. Martinsburg has a chance for a couple of sub-50 high temperatures on Friday and Saturday. They've already had one this month at the airport. The last time MRB had more than one sub-50 high in October was 2012, during Sandy. The last time there were more than two days that cool in October was 2009. Coupled with the earliest freezing temp on record in September, its been a nice cool start to autumn.
  11. NWS going with a high of 45 here tomorrow. Going to feel pretty chilly after the 80-degree temps all week.
  12. Our schools have been open since a delayed start in early September; 6 weeks altogether. But today was the first day of them being closed after our county exceeded the threshold for heightened community transmission of COVID-19. My daughter who is a senior in high school has been doing remote learning since school started, but my 6th grader son had been going to school and was pretty disappointed to learn over the weekend that they had closed.
  13. 31 this morning with heavy frost.
  14. 1.44" of rain here yesterday.
  15. Forecast high of 81 today under sunny skies. Currently foggy and 63.