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  1. That day is burned in memory. I was at work in suburban Md, watching radar and browsing EasternUsWx. As a cell rode down Rt. 9 east of Berkeley Springs, HM posted about the gate-to-gate shear numbers with it. His attention to a storm in our region was enough for me to call my then-pregnant wife, who was spending the day at a friend's house in Martinsburg, to advise them to go to the basement. An EF-1 ended up touching down about 500 yds from the house she was visiting. A lot of damage was visible on the trip back home to WV. I think there were three rounds of storms that day.
  2. Snow shower here at 40 degrees.
  3. 6/4/2008
  4. Still wedged here, at 39 degrees. Elkins is 62, and under a WWA for 3-5" by tomorrow evening.
  5. 0.33" of rain so far. Just went up a degree to 37, the high for the day to this point.
  6. LWX has upped the amount of rain forecast for here for today and tonight. Should be interesting to see what falls. Currently on pace for below normal monthly precip for the 10th time in the last 11 Novembers.
  7. Light rain and 38 degrees, after a high of 46.
  8. Waiting to see if MRB had an intra-hour reading higher than 35. Regardless, today looks to put up a -19 or -20 departure there. That hasn't happened on any day since Feb 2015. I briefly hit 36 for a high here. ETA: A -19 departure according to the F-6, which brings November below normal now for the month.
  9. Looks like Martinsburg broke their record low for the date. 18 at the airport, below the 19 from 1973. My yard hit 17.2
  10. Only 0.38" in the gauge since 7:00 a.m. Sure seemed like more than that. High of 42 is 16 degrees below normal.
  11. 2.56” storm total
  12. 1.25" storm total and still pouring. Temp down to 44.
  13. Moderate rain moving in. Barometer down to 29.46", the lowest October reading since Sandy.
  14. Wow, much better luck here not far to your west. Had some good downpours after midnight, and am up to 0.55" now. Baro down to 29.58"
  15. First freezing temperature of the year here. Just dropped to 32.