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  1. Another dry day. 12% RH is about as low as it gets in this part of the country. High of 61 after a morning low of 17.
  2. Low temp was 10 here this morning. Coldest reading of the winter.
  3. A few stray flurries blowing around this morning here. 30°
  4. Picked up 0.2” of snow overnight. Flurries now at 35 degrees.
  5. Barometer at 29.03" and crashing here this morning. Been quite a while since I have seen a reading that low.
  6. After yesterday's record high at MRB, today's high fell 2° short of another record. Should still break the record for the highest minimum for the date. Previous record warm low was 41 from 1952. So far, the low for today is 59! Forecast is for 46 by midnight.
  7. Record high of 68 at Martinsburg today bested the 65 from 1991. 10 years ago at this time it was a different story.
  8. A persistent light rain is keeping temperatures down here. Currently 36°. Forecast high for this afternoon is 43.
  9. Has 1000-500 mb thicknesses sub 534 here at 18Z with rain falling.
  10. 1.36” of rain overnight. Wettest 24-hour total here since July 8.
  11. My current location was 30”+ in ‘96. It was still a great storm where I was, given all the drifting. But from DCA northeast through central PG County and east toward the Bay there was a stripe of sub 20” totals. I drove to northern NJ the Thursday after the storm and was amazed at the snow depths, especially from the Susquehanna River north.
  12. Yep. I was at about 300’ asl inside the Beltway a mile or so from the University of Maryland. It sleeted much of Sunday afternoon and evening in my yard before it flipped back to wind-whipped snow late at night.
  13. I was living in College Park at the time and that band set up N/S over central MD and just kept cranking for hours. Picked up about 6” from it, which made up for some “disappointment” that the weekend event had only amounted to 19” with all the sleet that mixed in.