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  1. 32 at MRB shatters the previous record low for the date of 38 set in 1959. It’s also the earliest freezing temp on record at that site, beating the old record from 1956 by one day. 33 in my yard with heavy frost.
  2. 37 for the low here. Patchy frost.
  3. The 12Z GFS has a total of 0.00" of precip here for the next 16 days. Not sure I have seen a complete shutout on that model before.
  4. High of 69 after a low of 46. Currently 53. Amazing late summer temps.
  5. 54 for the low in my yard.
  6. Quick hitting line dropped a half-inch of rain in about 10 minutes earlier. Seeing some ground fog forming now in the farm fields. Really pretty with the light of dusk.
  7. 0.80” and still raining. Northern edge has been kind today. Hoping for a repeat in January.
  8. So far the high temp has been 70 at Martinsburg. If that stands, it breaks the low max record for the date of 71 set in 2003.
  9. Steady light rain here at 65 degrees.
  10. Had 0.60" at 7:00 a.m. Been a steady light rain since then that's dropped another 0.25". Up to 4.84" for August.
  11. 0.38” from the afternoon activity. Nothing but sprinkles since then. A muggy and still evening. HRRR says nothing but more sprinkles here through midday tomorrow.
  12. Turned into a rainy evening here. After an initial line of thundershowers moved through an hour ago, another line has moved in. Decent T & L in both cells.
  13. Mostly clear, windy and hot. Winds W 23 G35. 87 degrees at 7:00 p.m.
  14. Caught the tail of a nice thunderstorm cell earlier today that dropped 0.34” in about 5 minutes. Some nice CG strikes and 25-30 mph winds.