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  1. February Discobs Thread

    MRB hit 83 to tie the record for the warmest DJF temperature on record. Departure today was +35
  2. February Discobs Thread

    Martinsburg broke the high temperature record yesterday by 11 degrees. Today's new record will be at least 10 degrees above the previous mark. High hourly reading shows 82, but if there was an 83 in there it will tie 2/27/1997 for the warmest winter day ever.
  3. February Discobs Thread

    If MRB gets to 81, and the overnight low of 57 holds through this evening, that would put today's daily mean departure at +34. That might be close to the highest ever at that site. Currently 74, so it may be close, depending on showers arriving.
  4. February Discobs Thread

    Here you go: https://climate.usurf.usu.edu/mapGUI/mapGUI.php use the search to select a station, then add it by clicking on the plus sign next to it (you will see it appear in the Selected Station box on the right. Then just set the date parameters, and choose the fields you want in the report. Also, check English rather than metric. Table view is good for a month or two. If you select a spreadsheet file for longer time periods, they will email it to you pretty promptly. Have fun. I have lost countless hours at that site as well as the SERCC site.
  5. February Discobs Thread

    Looking at DCA data on the Utah site, warmest I can find is 69 on 1/8/1998. Rodney, or some others, may have more accurate records. Those months were wall-to-wall warmth but nothing as extreme as today.
  6. February Discobs Thread

    If that is official, its the earliest 80+ reading on record there. It would also mean the daily high temperature record for the date was broken by 11 degrees. That's crazy.
  7. February Discobs Thread

    New record at MRB today. Currently 74, shattering the old record of 70 from 1939. Tomorrow's record of 72 from 1930 looks to go down also.
  8. February Banter Thread

    So was the sun angle, apparently.
  9. February Banter Thread

    My contribution to the debate is always this: April 27-28, 1928: my neighborhood had 10"" of snow. Some of the mountains outside of Elkins, WV had upwards of 40". Somerset, PA had 36". More than 5" accumulated from NE Georgia up through western NC, western and southwestern Virginia and the Great Smokies of Tennessee. It was a two-day event that included heavy snow accumulations throughout the daylight hours of the 28th.
  10. The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    I grew up in western Maryland where there were some ridiculously long, steep hills we would sled down. In January 1978 in one of the best winter months ever in that region, the snow depth was in excess of 3'. Which did a great job of hiding the concrete well cover that my leg managed to find as I slid past it at a high rate of speed. The broken femur wasn't as bad as the total loss of skin along the side of my right leg. To this day, that area is numb.
  11. The Seasonal Snowfall Futility Markers

    I edited my original post, but through Saturday's event there are now 6 winters in the past 93 years in this area with a lower total than what I have measured this season. Still a pretty rough year, but hoping for at least one more snowfall in March.
  12. What's your favorite <2" snow event?

    12/16/2010 was a cold snow that totaled 1.4" here with temps in the teens. Daytime event that really had a big impact on the roads with the cold temps. I also happened to get married that day which made the small snowfall more memorable.
  13. Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    12/09-- 0.2" 12/13-- 0.5" 12/30-- 0.6" 01/13-- 0.1" 01/16-- 1.2" 01/17– 0.3” 01/30-- 0.5" 02/04-- 1.7" 02/17-- 2.2" total-- 7.3"
  14. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Just melted down the 2.2" snowfall. 0.30" of liquid. It's rare to get ratios that low here in an all-snow event.
  15. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    It was frustrating this afternoon when it was snowing everywhere but here. But when it finally came together, it was a great couple of hours. Have been out four-wheeling this evening. We finally just hit 32 degrees, so for the rural roads in this area to be as trashed as they are really speaks to the great rates.