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  1. Yep. Our last white Christmas here, as we still had some snow left from the 2" that fell early on Christmas Eve. I picked up 5.7" from the 12/26 storm on 1.24" liquid.
  2. Check out today's 12Z CMC. Hopefully it's correct for the first time.
  3. Snowing nicely here now. Slushy accumulation beginning on car tops. 35 degrees.
  4. Just like that the temp has plunged. Lost 4 degrees in the 40 minutes since my post. Now 39 with rain drops getting larger.
  5. 44/33 with light rain, after a high of 51. Have only lost 2 degrees the past two hours even with a gusty west wind.
  6. GFS is the only model of the 00Z suite so far to show accumulating snow for my yard, and even that is a fringe job. All the rest have anything greater than fractions of an inch to my S/SE, with that canonical precip minima from Cumberland east to here. Fortunately almost every storm where snow moves in from the SW looks that way on models, but rarely ends up verifying that way. Hoping for at least an inch to cover the grass.
  7. I think the campus is at about 600’ asl.
  8. 18 degrees, the coldest morning of the season so far.
  9. Coldest temp of the season so far was 19 on Nov 13 and 14. May challenge that tonight. Down to 26 with clear skies, calm wind and a still rising barometer. Forecast is 21 which is lower than this morning’s 23. I think I go lower than that here if clouds stay away.
  10. HRRR bullseyes my yard around midnight. Really pulling for this to be right.
  11. Some very light snow/snizzle falling here now at 39 degrees.
  12. Martinsburg finished November 3.3 degrees below normal with 0.66" of precip. There have only been 5 Novembers since 1926 with less precip than that. Very wide range in snowfall for the winters that followed. But only 1976 from this list was BN in temperature. 1981 0.63" (46.1") 1931 0.62" (1.4") 1960 0.41" (83.4") 1976 0.37" (20.4") 1998 0.31" (34.7")
  13. The blizzard warning in the Black Hills of SD calls for up to two feet of snow with wind gusts to 65 mph winds. That should yield snow drifts of 6 to 10 feet in spots. Pretty nice for November.
  14. Last 3 hourly wind obs at MRB: 18:53 W35 G45 19:53 W22 G51 20:53 W38 G49 Cumberland gusted to 62 at the top of the hour.