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  1. From a local orchard’s FB page today, at Orr’s in Martinsburg.. nice wintry photo for mid-April
  2. Bordering on heavy snow now. Visibility approaching 1/4 mile. Temp has dropped to 32°. 0.3” on the snow board Midday mid-April sun angle cancel.
  3. Snowing very nicely here at 34° Grass is beginning to whiten
  4. It’s my 16th winter at this location. Only two of those winters had less snowfall than this year. 2008-09: 5.1” 2019-20: 6.4” 2021-22: 10.6”
  5. 1/7 — 6.0” 1/16 - 3.5” 1/28 - 0.1” 2/13 - 1.0” season total 10.6” Climo is 26.5”
  6. I think the last time DCA measured more snowfall than I did in my yard for a full season was 2008-09. It happens, but not very often.
  7. Current LWX forecast for Sunday here is partly sunny with a high of 34. Hoping the models showing a snowstorm start to gain more support.
  8. I’m at 35% of annual snowfall heading into February. It’s snowed three times this winter, with one of those not accumulating. Nice cold weather the past 4 weeks, but not much in the way of results here. Big early February rain storm just beginning.
  9. Would normally be excited by freezing rain. But I have a very important appointment Friday in Frederick and really don’t want a cancellation. So, expect ice.
  10. January monthly temp departures: DCA -2.9 BWI -2.0 IAD -2.5 MRB -4.0 CHO -4.3 SBY -3.2
  11. I dated a woman who was conceived during the 1966 blizzard lol. Seeing photos of the insane drifts in Maryland, it’s one of the storms that I regret missing, as I was not quite 3 years old and have no recollection of it.
  12. Have had 4 hours of a steady light snow here at 32° with no accumulation. The breeze is stirring and is now out of the north, so not sure how much will be left as temps and darkness fall.
  13. Getting a nice snow shower here. Visibility around 1 mile. 32°. Midday sun angle doing a number also, but the snow and ice on the ground is freshening up nicely.
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