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  1. 24 hour rainfall of 0.67”. Wettest day here since August 23
  2. Heat records tomorrow in this area are probably safe. Record for the date at Martinsburg is 98 from 1927; one of 3 consecutive high temp records from that year (92, 98, 92 on 10/1-3/1927). That 98 ties the hottest October reading at MRB with 10/6/1941, the first of 3 consecutive records from that year that still stand; 98, 93, 97 on 10/6-8/1941.
  3. 0.29” of rainfall so far today. Most in one event in quite a while.
  4. 40 in my yard this morning. 42 at MRB, 3 degrees above the record low for the date from 1959.
  5. 7th day in a row here with highs in the 70's, following a stretch of 7 days in a row of 90's. Really unusual to get a "cool" spell this prolonged in August.
  6. Ended up with 0.98" of rain from the storm last evening. Three large trees came down on my property, two across the street and another two doors down. A trampoline that was anchored into the ground with a heavy 6' stake lifted off (bending the stake) and flew about 50' before bouncing off the hood of our truck and then wedging under a tree, keeping it from smashing into the side of the house.
  7. Severe thunderstorm passed through here and brought down numerous large trees with many others snapped off. Winds were roaring as it came through. Numerous roads are blocked.with power lines down.
  8. Pouring rain here. Didn’t see that coming.
  9. We are scheduled to arrive on Sunday for a week at the OBX. Looks like all I'll see from the TD is any additional shells that may have washed up on the beach. Wish this storm were a couple of days later.
  10. 99 for my high today. Hottest since I hit 100 on 7/25/2016. Winds roaring now, gusting 35-45 with storms nearby.
  11. 9th day in a row of 90+ here. 14 of 21 days in July now, 18 of the last 26 days and 20 days of 90+ for the season. Currently 93.
  12. Checked the records for today at MRB to see if either the record high or record warm low temperatures were in play. 106 is the record for 7/21 in 1930. And 86 for the low from the same day, the hottest night ever at Martinsburg.
  13. Some thunder and lightning with the cell that passed through here last hour. More noteworthy was the heavy rain rates. Ended up with 0.79" in about 30 minutes. Water in the driveway is over ankle deep, indicative of how saturated everything remains after nearly 3" early Monday.