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  1. Six whole years? In my neighborhoods in the White Oak and Colesville part of Silver Spring, we went from a blizzard in '66 (with drifts of at least 7 feet and endless fun for my 7-year-old self) until '79 between what I'd call HECS. Six years is nothing. Edited to add: Not sure about the gap after the '83 storm, but it may have been another 13 years to '96. ETA: Unless you count 8" or so then 4" of sleet to pack it down in '93.
  2. GFS has people speculating about a KU or Archambault event on 1/29. Can someone define these or link to a good reference? January 29 is Kansas Day, btw, so KU checks out.
  3. https://twitter.com/gunsnrosesgirl3/status/1482266734656733184?s=20
  4. I'd love a tool with a ratio slider on the snow map.
  5. Went with weenie because I couldn't find the gag button.
  6. https://youtu.be/dmHpXfP7S0k
  7. ICON says: I have a dream...
  8. I always felt that Ryan would cover all bases more than being conservative. The original great DC weatherman was Louis Allen, imo.
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