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  1. In city, you track snowstorm. Northwest, snowstorm track you.
  3. Oh no, it's the dreaded MoCoSnoHo!
  4. My background is more paleontology than meteorology, but I always thought the fall line only moves on a geologic time scale.
  5. I live a literal stones throw north of the ICC near NH Ave, so I'll hug this run.
  6. Looks like about 3/4 of an inch here in eastern MoCo.
  7. Got up and was surprised to see eastern MoCo under a nice band of moderate snow that looks to have put around an inch of new snow down so far.
  8. Just picked up here in Cloverly/Colesville.
  9. The current NWS forecast for most of MoCo is also full of sleet and freezing rain after the WAA.
  10. Looks like it. I'm trying to figure out Colesville, but it's hard for me to tell what color that is in the scale.
  11. My best friend from childhood was born during that storm.
  12. Very light snow now in Colesville/Cloverly MD.
  13. Sleet and apparently a bit of freezing rain, at least judging from the glaze on the deck and grill, here in Colesville/Cloverly
  14. Colesville MD just went to sleet. Couple of inches on the ground.
  15. Colesville getting heavy snow now, under reds on radar.
  16. It is. My son took a couple of his classes about 4-5 years ago and he was part of CWG at the time.
  17. About an inch I Colesville before I just drove through heavy snow to Glenmont Metro. Let's Go Caps!!!
  18. Light snow starting to accumulate on my deck in Colesville, MD.
  19. Anywhere in driving distance expected to have nice weather tomorrow through Tuesday? My son and a friend want to do a quick getaway vacation.
  20. Someone call Noah and tell him to bring his ark.