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  1. That's one of my favorite parts of a snowstorm. Not only does it change how everything looks, but it also changes how everything sounds
  2. Here's what that looks like, in case you're curious. That mountain in the background is close enough to the radar site that it interferes with the radar beam.
  3. Joined the Leesburg crew somewhat recently and ready to chime in with a first flakes ob. Getting about 10 flakes a minute, but it's a start
  4. Caught a really nice sunrise rainbow this morning and got soaked in the process, haha.
  5. Looking east from Leesburg I can clearly see the DC cell on the right side of this image. The much smaller cloud popping up on the left side lines up perfectly with the location of the outflow on radar. Maybe something is trying to get going in MoCo?
  6. Neat to watch that hail core pop up right where those two discreet cells collided.
  7. I totally get why some parts of the area require a flash flood watch. The storms have been so hit or miss this week though that some spots in the watch will be just fine, regardless of what happens tonight. For example, the 15 corridor through most of Loudoun missed all week as storms died west of the area and then redeveloped in the eastern part of the county / Western part of Fairfax County.
  8. Haha I thought the exact same earlier. Now I've resigned myself to maybe 10 minutes of heavy rain for the main event. At least it'll be nicer out tomorrow!
  9. Rain almost entirely missed me, but at least the scud put on a good show
  10. Had a pretty good view of the storm as it moved from Ashburn to Leesburg. Couldn't quite beat the storm home, so had to drive through some pretty decent wind and lots of rain, but not too bad really. Now I just need my power to come back on.
  11. Any updates and any luck getting rid of them? I was doing some work around the yard and stumbled across this guy, which I believe is a vole. I also just had a few boxwoods suddenly drop leaves and go brown, which I thought was a watering issue. Guessing their demise was actually the work of voles. Now comes the fun part of figuring out which of the suggested treatment options these voles will respond to.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if they messed up the silt fencing. Lots of removing and reinstalling the other day when they were grading the lot, which I guess they'll have to do again tomorrow. At least now I know that drain works, haha.
  13. Played the age old "will the silt fencing hold?" game this evening.
  14. Totally agree. So many bugs out there, and so many that I've either never seen before or don't see often. This thing was crawling on a wall the other day and must have been 3-4 inches long. No idea what it is, but it looked like something that shouldn't be messed with.
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