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  1. Watching that cam makes me feel like I’m drowning.
  2. Grand isle cam is pure insanity things are flying through the air now
  3. Glorious weather today just outstanding!
  4. Wind just woke me UP. Dang.
  5. Agreed. I banned that show when mine were that young that show was insufferable
  6. Snowing pretty hard in emmitsburg at the moment
  7. Emmitsburg is going to go over 4 inches it is just dumping here
  8. Just picked up another inch in less than an hour. 3.2 now
  9. Heavy snow continues with giant flakes 2.2 so far
  10. Can confirm we are getting shellacked right now!
  11. All roads covered in Emmitsburg and Rt 15 is caving quick
  12. Emmitsburg huge flakes and heavy snow currently
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