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  1. According to coworker... not much
  2. Snowing again here at the M/D line temp is 26 so everything that falls does stick but the falling part has been few and far between.
  3. Just a dusting in emmitsburg since the first onset. Snow keeps starting and stopping but nothings happening up here at the M/D line.
  4. I’m in emmitsburg and ummm there’s a mini blizzard happening here right now... wind and snow!
  5. Just drove from Smithsburg MD to Emmitsburg MD over Blue Ridge Summit and it was pure white out conditions.
  6. Pure snow now no more rain. Light, but snow. Emmitsburg 34°
  7. Snow now mixing with the light rain in Emmitsburg 36°
  8. It is VERY windy right now in Northern Frederick County at M/D line. Can't measure gusts b/c I don't have the equipment but I can attest that it is very, very windy with good gusts. Im on the 4th floor of a 5 story building and the windows are shaking and it is wailing.
  9. Starting to coat the side road here. 32/27
  10. SN in Emmitsburg. Not sticking to roads yet but roofs and grass getting covered so far.
  11. I hate to ask IMBY but what time should this threat start in N. Frederick and Carroll County MD tomorrow? I have a very bad vehicle and am supposed nto travel from Emmitsburg to Westminster tomorrow evening to pick up a family member.
  12. 33/16 in Emmitsburg. Heading into work in Smithsburg at 10pm. Get off at 730am. Have a little light truck that sucks in snow. Looks like I'm probably going to get stuck at the hospital.