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  1. Not sure. I’m on the 4th floor of my building and I don’t hear anything yet but I have pretty small windows. Will be taking a walk soon though so I’ll see!
  2. Really coming down now in Emmitsburg very pretty
  3. I am right across from you shopping at Jubilee as I type this
  4. According to coworker... not much
  5. Snowing again here at the M/D line temp is 26 so everything that falls does stick but the falling part has been few and far between.
  6. Just a dusting in emmitsburg since the first onset. Snow keeps starting and stopping but nothings happening up here at the M/D line.
  7. I’m in emmitsburg and ummm there’s a mini blizzard happening here right now... wind and snow!
  8. Just drove from Smithsburg MD to Emmitsburg MD over Blue Ridge Summit and it was pure white out conditions.
  9. Pure snow now no more rain. Light, but snow. Emmitsburg 34°