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  1. Wow! Got down to 41 at Deep Creek yesterday morning but nowhere close to that!
  2. That’s what I was thinking too. Gonna be a long season out there unfortunately
  3. Your bog says stay viligant!
  4. Just absolutely pouring. Frequent T&L. My poor garden.
  5. 76 with partly cloudy skies here in McHenry. Pretty perfect day to be on the lake. got a bunch of landscaping, etc done this morning too. Lots of my perennials just don’t like to come back here…I guess it’s the rocky soil.
  6. Good looking plant. This is the first year for me having a vegetable garden and I’m shocked by the rapid growth of the cucumber plant. I put one of those plastic ‘box’ trellis around it that you can add height to over time. I have almost 5 feet of trellis around it and it’s up to the top already. It basically grows like a weed, its crazy.
  7. It was between 60-61 all day today with some drizzle and areas of fog. Not humid though. Tomorrow looks like a stunner! Heading on the lake for sure.
  8. Less than 0.5” here at Deep Creek. Almost 4” at home. Great map, thanks for sharing — bookmarking.
  9. Definitely a few “white knuckle” moments last night driving to Deep Creek. Rained most of the way but the real fun happened along multiple spots on 68 when the fog was so bad you couldn’t see a foot in front of the car.
  10. Agree, he’s a helluva coach. Y’all played a great game last night.
  11. Haven’t seen a drop this week.
  12. I saw that featured but haven't seen it; I'll add to my list before my 6 month subscription ends. Chernobyl was SO GOOD, you'll love it.
  13. I think my parents got central air in the house somewhere in the mid to late 90s but prior to that my parents bedroom was the only place in the house with a window unit. So on really hot nights, my 3 siblings and I would sleep in sleeping bags on my parents floor. Man, ,kids nowadays have it good.