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  1. February Banter Thread

    Ugh I’m sorry you had to witness that disaster in person.
  2. February Banter Thread

    Exactly. Though when we cruised through the regular season, we couldn’t get past the 2nd round. Maybe this time with us struggling at points during the regular season is the time we’ll put the demons behind us. Or maybe I’m setting myself up for more heartache lol
  3. February Banter Thread

    We don’t know how to finish games...its mind boggling.
  4. February Banter Thread

    Ugh, a disaster of the final 6 minutes by the Caps.
  5. February Banter Thread

    Honestly, I’d recommend removing the gun debate posts or move them to the political debate section. I can see this heading in all sorts of directions.
  6. What jumps out immediately is how awful DCA is at measuring snow.
  7. 2018 Mid-Atlantic Reunion & Reconciliation

    I vote for April...would love to be able to finally make one.
  8. February Banter Thread

    Nice 2nd period by the Caps.
  9. MSLP plot is nice too...certainly a period to watch.
  10. February Banter Thread

    So we're literally living and dying by every OP surface run. These next two weeks are going to be a disaster in that Morch thread.
  11. February Banter Thread

    Hell, I’d take one of those events, but of course won’t turn down all three.
  12. February Banter Thread

    Poor things...better warn them of the upcoming -NAO aka Bob Chill-promised snowstorm.
  13. February Discobs Thread

    Hit 78 today.
  14. February Banter Thread

    My senses were on fire tonight driving home from work through my neighborhood —so many people walking their dogs, smells from neighbors’ grills, etc. Such a good night!
  15. February Banter Thread

    Good thing you’re practicing your sitting Jebwalk — you’ll need it when we get our 2’ March blockbuster.