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  1. Nice! Reading your posts makes me wish I got up to that area for one of these festivals, etc. One day I will!
  2. Heh, yep keeping a close eye on things. But at least today was a 10/10 on a winter scale...temps in the teens with WC -5 and snow all day. Just what I needed considering the ‘disaster’ the whole area has had so far especially East of 95. highly recommend a chase next weekend whether it’s here or somewhere else close for those feeling snow starved.
  3. A few pictures. The second was taken behind our house and the first from the parking lot of the Shop and Save on 219 looking at Wisp.
  4. Spectacular winter day here. Been snowing since 8a...mostly light this morning but it’s been moderate to at times heavy this afternoon. 19 degrees and just got off the Mountain Coaster at Wisp after a few hours of skiing.
  5. Picture of St Peter’s church in Oakland before heading into 9a mass with light snow falling. Time to ski!
  6. Hammer dropped overnight. Was 40 when we went to bed and now down to 22. Currently light snow with a fresh coating.
  7. 40. Upper levels must be cooling since it’s pouring but sleet/snow/rain mix.
  8. I was watching it on delay. What a 3rd period. And another hat trick by Ovi. Sam sparked the team.
  9. 43 here but winds have shifted out of the west so temps should start dropping.
  10. Yikes, Holtby is in a yuuuuge slump.
  11. Temp rising rapidly now. Up to 31.2. Over 0.25” of ice accretion.
  12. 28 with moderate freezing rain. Trees have the Narnia look to them.