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  1. Here's one of the cams in Chicago to watch as the line approaches: https://www.earthcam.com/usa/illinois/chicago/field/?cam=fieldmuseum
  2. I'm happy you are safe....the pictures are out of this world.
  3. I've got the Chicago EarthCam site up as the line approaches the city. Hope everyone in the Midwest is safe...pretty scary situation.
  4. 65/64 with a beautiful sunset. Earlier storm dropped 0.26”. And even better, tomorrow is FRIDAY!
  5. Playing like utter, complete trash. It’ll be a first round exit via sweep if they play like this in the “real” playoffs.
  6. +1. It's one of my favorite things to do in any season here -- it's been packed this summer with swimmers. I love going there in winter to see the falls frozen -- highly recommend if you haven't!
  7. The big autumn festival here in Garrett County/Deep Creek is 'Autumn Glory' which last year fell over Columbus Day weekend (I think). They haven't announced dates this year on their website but I would guess it's likely the same time. I looked back at my weather station which I installed on Oct. 13, 2018 and highs that month were generally in the upper 40s/50s, with a few days near 60/low 60s. Last October was way warmer, with early October featuring a few low 80 degree days followed by upper 50s/60s around Columbus Day (and some 70s after that). So basically, yes it certainly can feature warm weather here in early/mid October. For awareness, average temps here start in the low 60s the early part of October. That's probably a long-winded way of saying that yes, Columbus Day on average should feature temps that are warm enough to do things outside (hike/boat/etc) and you could also time it with Autumn Glory where generally foliage should be at/near peak unless we have a warmer fall. But then again, warm is relative to people - so if you want to have a better chance of warmer weather, do late September. I have some family members that like to b&tch, so I try to keep them happier for my sanity but to each their own Happy to help with recommendations, etc!
  8. that's crazy! talk about terrible site planning/construction by that company.
  9. 0.07" for the day. Partly cloudy and a beautiful 74 degrees. It's gotten breezy the last few hours.
  10. Stay safe everyone! I can’t believe how many TOR warnings are popping up 0.05” here, not expecting much more than that.
  11. Geography was never my strong suit.
  12. I don’t know, it looks like it’s heading due East to Spain the last few frames