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  1. Thanks! I’m probably up to 100 oz so far today, ha. I’m basically living in the bathroom at this point.
  2. Moderna shot 2 today! And sorry gotta disagree.....nothing better than chilling on the beach with a beer or white claw.
  3. I was so damn hungry that I didn’t stop to “smell the flowers” aka get a photo haha. I’ll remember next time! Funny enough - I find myself thinking of this forum when I use the Wegmans basting oil you posted about a while ago. That stuff is so good and so versatile. For fellow Wegmans lovers...err shoppers: https://shop.wegmans.com/product/54842/wegmans-organic-basting-oil
  4. I made Alison Roman's Braised Short Ribs recipe from NYT Cooking for Easter Sunday. It was my 2nd time making that recipe and this time was so much better. The difference is that I made it the day before, which allowed the sauce to rest and it was easier to remove the layer of fat the next day. Then I heated it back up in the dutch oven for ~90 minutes to allow for a bit more braising. Highly recommend her recipe! Garlic Braised Short Ribs With Red Wine Recipe - NYT Cooking (nytimes.com)
  5. Sorry, I didn’t know Discovery+ was so controversial.
  6. So anyways. We did a free trial for Discovery+ to watch Resurrection over Easter weekend (very good btw). Well....I’ve gotten suckered into keeping it beyond the free trial as I cannot get enough of endless HGTV programming. If you’re a glutton for home improvement shows, stay away from Discovery+
  7. Got up to 84 today. +20 departure
  8. My grey car looks green. Spring in full effect.
  9. Was that Moderna? I got my 1st Moderna last month - no symptoms beyond a typical sore arm but then a week later developed “COVID arm” - rash, itchy, swollen that lasted 24 hours. I get my 2nd Moderna tomorrow and I’ve heard the side effects of that are a doozy....knocked out for 1-2 days basically.
  10. Wow, pretty dumb. I’m terrified of heights so I literally white knuckle drive across the bridge...can’t imagine attempting a stunt.
  11. I think I’ve seen it all now....what idiots. https://wtop.com/maryland/2021/04/a-closer-view-of-a-dangerous-and-illegal-car-stunt-show-on-the-beltway/
  12. He is Risen! A very happy, healthy, and holy Easter. And you can’t beat today’s weather, thats for sure.
  13. Caught the last of regulation and OT. Wow
  14. Got 2” of snow that weekend in Deep Creek.