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  1. Was just about to say the same thing. Great night for the fire pit! 59/50 here
  2. Had a few showers here this evening (0.1”) but heavy stuff stayed north. 59/58 currently.
  3. 75/60 underlying partly sunny skies. Storms are staying to the NW of here. Nice breeze, too.
  4. 80 under partly cloudy skies. A thunderstorm just fired up south of here near Oakland.
  5. NHL is trying for a full season starting in the fall but I can’t imagine that working out.
  6. Yeah it’s just to get to the seeding, won’t eliminate any of the top 4.
  7. So excited. Summer hockey playoffs sounds awesome.
  8. 75/62 under full sun here. We've definitely lucked out for this time of year in McHenry. Lows this weekend are in the low 40s as part of the cool shot.
  9. 73 and sunny. Perfect day at the lake
  10. I love snow just as much as the next guy but that looks miserable for late May. It reminds me why I couldn’t live in northern New England or the mountains out west.
  11. 63 and cloudy with an eerie Stephen King fog rolling in. Good weather to landscape in front of the new shed.
  12. 71/58 here with a nice breeze out of the NW under partly cloudy skies. Planted flowers, put down mulch, and got a lot of outdoor spring work done. Crazy to think we got almost 2” of snow 2 weeks ago.
  13. Absolutely pouring here. ETA: T&L too
  14. Currently 67 and partly sunny. 0.53 on the day which mostly fell this morning and 3.2” for the month in Deep Creek. Sitting out on the deck listening to the birds and enjoying a cocktail. Happy Friday y’all.
  15. Just got to Deep Creek. 52 with light rain. Trees only about 50% leafed out. Monday looks great here to hang out on the deck and go for a hike — low 70s and partly cloudy.