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  1. Hello 2018!
  2. Looks like flurries in Carroll county and near Baltimore per reports.
  3. Anyone try using weather.us model page? It has Euro for free and Ryan M is now with them, too. The model page is harder to navigate than Weather Bell (which is saying a lot) but I’m excited for free models this winter!
  4. One of my favorite storms. It was my first storm in DC that I tracked and invested so much time in - ha! I was fooled into thinking every winter was like that in DC If the upcoming pattern holds, looks like I need to head out to our house in McHenry after spending Thanksgiving day in NJ. NEED MOAR SNOW
  5. Lightly snowing in McHenry right now. A dusting.
  6. Checking in for winter too! Hopefully a better winter this year here (and out west in Garrett County!)
  7. At Salvo, Hatteras Island for the week. High surf advisory til Tuesday. Wind advisory tonight for gusts to 50.
  8. Heading to Outer Banks on Sunday for the week (Hatteras Island)...should see topical storm conditions there. 10-12 foot waves. We got evacuated during Hurricane Arthur...hopefully Jose stays off the coast as currently modeled.
  9. Idiots. Just saw a lady run away from a huge wave crashing over the wall. Worst part is these are the people that will put first responders in harms way when they need to get rescued after foolishly staying put.
  10. 40+ foot waves right now targeting Turks and Caicos. Wow.
  11. It's like if there's a mass distro email sent out in the office and then someone decides to hit reply all followed by 10 different people saying "Can you stop replying all to these emails...its really annoying..."
  12. Given the magnitude of the storm, I'm kind of surprised watches haven't been issued for Miami/etc as of the 5am update. I know, I know...its not as if people aren't already preparing without the Hurricane Watch, but just an observation of mine when I went to Weather.gov and didn't see the advisories extended to FL.
  13. Would likely bring it into the GOM after 126.
  14. Euro turned it N at ~80W..interesting to see how close/over 80W GFS takes it.
  15. While HMON and GFS are way overdone on intensity, it’s still pretty crazy to watch it throw out intensity like that. Hopefully this thing misses the US.