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  1. CMC has the d7 threat. Light on blue precip but it has the storm.
  2. Is that for Monday or the Jan 28th threat?
  3. 28th system gets bumped into the Storm Threat discussion since its now Day 7.
  4. I'd take that track and roll the dice that we see all frozen out of the D7 system.
  5. Legos and hot wheels were my jam. I also played Mall Madness a lot with my sisters....."attention shoppers, there's a sale in the jewelry store"
  6. Yeah, I'd be very wary of those 10:1 snowfall maps with the ICON. It seemed rate dependent if I had to guess.
  7. Didn’t see them. heard the booms and was wondering WTF it was. Turned on the TV and saw it.
  8. I can’t remember if this is your first winter out there or not? It really is just a different world as WinterWxLuver said above...crossing into the county from Frostburg flips the switch into winter paradise. We had friends visiting this weekend who arrived Friday afternoon during the snowfall..they were amazed at the fact that it was raining in Frostburg but the second they hit the county line, immediately changed to heavy snow. This winter has been night/day vs last winter (and much closer to a normal year). Depending how February/March goes, we could hit average there (~110” in McHenry). I’m getting close to 60” on the season.
  9. Back in Arlington. It’s basically spring here compared to Deep Creek.
  10. I just realized its the control run that is being [over]analyzed. I thought it was the EPS mean or OP. Yikes. When the 12z GFS is suppressed, things will really get hairy in there.
  11. I eyeballed the 5” (cardinal sin of snow reports haha). Just went out and measured in a few spots and got 8-8.5” too. High ratio fluff for sure. Light snow again. I’d think a lot of people are probably heading home today so Wisp should be less crowded tomorrow.
  12. My partner may need to pry my cold hands off the door as we leave.