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  1. I told my partner to buckle up and get ready to go into work tomorrow. He was dancing earlier when weather twitter posted the HWRF which I guess showed something good (haven't really looked much today).
  2. Storm cancel un-cancel cancel un-cancel cancel again
  3. That aligns with what I’m thinking in Alexandria. 1” which is a good stats padder and would get me to climo on the season. It’ll look pretty outside too in the morning. Double good.
  4. 10/10 for sunrise today. Stunning oranges, pinks, and purples.
  5. LWX map…I like the 1” call for MBY, which would get me to climo for the year…pretty awesome.
  6. 1/3 - 10” 1/7 - 2.6” 1/16 - 2.0” (based on nearby reports) Total - 14.6”
  7. A friend of ours asked me this same question recently - but for us, we bought at Deep Creek 5 years ago because we liked having the lake in the summer and winter weather (in addition to the hiking/etc). There’s just way more to do year round having the lake right there in my opinion. And Canaan doesn’t get 2x for every storm - they certainly kill it with upslope but averaging 110” vs 180” isn’t a big deal IMO (if it was 40” vs 180”, sure that’s another story) - I got 18” from the weekend storm vs 20” at your location. I’m not sure I would have noticed the difference…::shrug:: YMMV ETA: forgot to say, if the sole reason is skiing, definitely agree that Canaan/Timberline is far and beyond (and its not even close) a better option than Wisp. I suck at skiing so Wisp is good for me as I'm doing pizza down the hill lol
  8. I’d love a 4p start or Monday being a holiday. Always a drag the next day at work.
  9. One doesn’t speak of said storm in the MA forum
  10. Oh sweet mother of God, please let that map verify.
  11. Wisp reporting 16”. Light snow still falling but it won’t accumulate much here.
  12. Definitely a big step towards a Euro like solution.
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