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  1. Anyone get their thanksgiving turkeys from Shonuf Farm in Fulton, MD? They get good reviews and we’re looking to get a farm fresh turkey this year. http://www.shonufturkeys.com
  2. It’s a bit ironic that trick or treating is cancelled on the one day people actually wear masks/costumes covering their face. Ob: sunny and warm
  3. This winter already beats last winter. I’m not even sure we got a storm within 10 days on a model.
  4. Yep, that’s fair. I haven’t noticed it as much this year since I’m still working from home - so I’m not up as early to commute. But when I was, it sucked.
  5. I’m already ready for post-7pm sunsets again.
  6. We’d be better off shutting down this thread and the MR/LR thread. Clearly it’ll be 52 and rainy from D through March.
  7. Looking forward to the warm temps this week...I’d never turn down upper 70s and sun in October.
  8. Yes, their tentative opening date this year is Nov 22(ish), weather dependent. The number of trails open around NYE/Christmas is dependent on how much natural snow falls in December/if conditions support man-made snow too. We spend New Years at Deep Creek each year and spend a few days skiing. I think it was two (or three) years ago where we had about 12-15” of fresh snowfall during that time so it was great conditions. Last year was warm (relatively) and not the best conditions but it was still open.
  9. They’re some of the best in the business. They’ll figure it out. It’ll make the forecast discussion more interesting since there will be way more mentions of snow throughout winter.
  10. Yeah, 33 has been the coldest low so far. Forecast is upper 20s to low 30s in the county tonight. multiple frosts but first widespread freeze tonight (freeze warning for Cumberland/west).
  11. 39/33. On the way to the first freeze.
  12. Nice! NWS Pitt is not nearly as good as LWX. Garrett County is also trying to get Baltimore stations added as an option out here since it’s all Pittsburgh tv stations.
  13. It was fun scrolling through a few of these pages. I almost forgot what’s it like to track a region-wide event.
  14. It’s no surprise why school enrollment in public schools (at least around here in NoVA) is down this year. School leaders have failed students and parents IMO.
  15. Freeze watch posted for the Mountains and 81 corridor in VA.