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  1. Car and mulch topper here. Currently sleeting.
  2. Let’s go Bills...anytime a team from Pitt loses, I’m happy.
  3. Snow coming down in Garrett County per the traffic cameras. Should be making its way to the far western exurbs of DC/Balt soon-ish.
  4. 38/25. DP up a degree. Temp drop has stalled.
  5. Temps dropping quicker than I expected at least, even in the UHI Hades within the Beltway. 39/25 now.
  6. Yeah if I was betting man, I’d go with us resigning Backy and we lose Holtby to free agency (which would suck but like you said, we just don’t have the room for both). That’s why we gotta win the Cup again this year.
  7. If I didn’t have to travel tomorrow for work, I would have stayed at Deep Creek. Map from NWS Pitt showing 4-6” with 0.1-0.2” of ice. Hope the western and northern areas can cash in tomorrow!
  8. Enough brine on 70 to turn the Chesapeake into a salt bay with runoff.
  9. ....and then reality set in, you woke up, and its 34 with heavy rain.
  10. @Chris78 Great win last night vs TBL during “Dad’s trip”...Samsonov was really sharp in net too.
  11. At least its something to track vs talking about PAC puke. I’m fine with where things are a week out.
  12. Get the confluence “norther” but I like where we sit this far out.