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  1. Gorgeous today. Took a break from work to eat lunch on my backyard patio. We need everyday to be like this during the COVID lockdowns.
  2. What a fu&king beautiful afternoon. Full sun and up to 69.
  3. Sun’s poking out here!
  4. Much brighter here than earlier. Feels like the sun is about to pop out.
  5. I’m back in Arlington. Seems likely the warm front will win out here this afternoon thankfully. Currently 55 and cloudy.
  6. Hard pass on that crap. Sun and 70 please.
  7. Woke up to snow here (yuck). Coating on the cars, deck, and grass.
  8. People think they are invincible. Oh and people are stupid as fck.
  9. High of 68 in deep creek which is very impressive this time of year. Down to 55 with a NNW wind.
  10. We escaped to Deep Creek for at least two weeks (since my Firm ordered everyone to work remote) to get away from civilization. March in Deep Creek is just about the worst month here though unfortunately...cloudy/chilly/rainy 9 times out of 10. Hoping for anomalous warmth ASAP.
  11. It’s such a bad response by him and completely confusing. Just go all in like other states are doing.
  12. I know, really unprecedented times we’re in.
  13. Getting outside will be key to staying sane. That and alcohol.
  14. Sunny/70 sounds great to help with everyone’s mental health right now.