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  1. Sitting out on the deck with a cup of coffee listening to the wind through the trees. 45 for the low, currently 47.
  2. Great sports day ahead with Ryders Cup and football.
  3. I had the same thought! Go USA!
  4. 44 for the low here at Deep Creek. Currently 55 under full sun - gorgeous fall day!
  5. Seemed like it nailed that (and may have been conservative).
  6. What’s worse? The SNF announcers or the Ravens start? It’s close
  7. Don’t forget the Christmas Day high of 84 in between.
  8. GFS continues to beat the fall drum for late next week. 40/50s for lows and highs in the upper 60s/low 70s.
  9. Yeah if I was a WFT fan, I would have been dying. Fun as a neutral/rooting for WFT football fan though
  10. Shoot, I was hoping to wear my speedo for another month.
  11. Wow that storm that blew up over DC and expanded along 395/Falls Church/Fairfax County has torrential rain. Just east of it here but the thunder is loud.
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