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  1. 3.6" here for the storm total. Currently 32/29.5 here. Good quick hitter and will enjoy since it might be the last for a while
  2. 34.5/26.1 and moderate SN here for the past 35-40 min. Ground starting to whiten.
  3. Flakes. 37/18.3 in Western Loudoun
  4. Temp peaked around 38. At 36.8/10.6 so I have no temp concerns...
  5. Just drove from Fairfax to Western Loudoun. Sunny in FFX, clouds around Leesburg and a good deck at the BR with 37 deg and steady.
  6. Think it is a real possibility. R/S line seems to be heading north.
  7. I won't even get that. 1/4" accumulation at best. Pingers and a few mangled flakes right now. Throwing in the towel on this one - progged for 4-6, actual is gonna be a Trace. It happens. Those north, enjoy, hope you get better results.
  8. I have what I'll call a coating- 1/2". We'll get decent rates and then light snow which gives plenty of time for the melting of the snow that actually did stick. Rinse and repeat. No question I will end up with far less than the 4-8 that was progged for MBY.
  9. 33.6/28 moderate snow It wants to accumulate on elevated surfaces but just can't quite make it. Forget about the roads - no chance there yet.
  10. I don't see how this verifies for anyone South of the Mason Dixon.
  11. Decent snow but it's just Snow TV - nothing is sticking and it'll take a lot higher rates to get it to. Can't see how this comes close to verifying.