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  1. I heard it was in Exidur(sp)?
  2. Do you know where in Leesburg. Work downtown Leesburg.
  3. Wife was driving to work at the elementary school in Mt. Airy. Waze routed her off route 70 to 144. She said that between New Market and Mt. Airy trees and power poles were pulled out of the ground and it was clear a tornado went through the area. She said Mt. Airy is fine and no damage seen.
  4. 6.3 inches at home now.
  5. 5.4 inches in Frederick so far today. I'm sure downtown is underwater. Absolute deluge this morning.
  6. Some pictures from my family in Laurel. Luckily they are fine and they had no damage.
  7. Heavy sleet in Leesburg.
  8. When will someone open a new lawn/garden thread? Am already thinking forward to when I can aerate the yard and throw some fertilizer/grass seed down.
  9. Mostly snow here still. Just finished shoveling. 1.5-2”
  10. Yea. Heavy snow and everything is now converted.
  11. I’m right off 15 just north of the 15/26 interchange