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  1. EB89

    Home Improvement/Project thread

    I’ll be renting. I think I am going to split it with my parents for four hours. They have a 1/4 acre lot. Like you said my little yard won’t take that long. Going out of town this weekend for the week. I guess I’ll shoot for the 25th of this month. If not it would have to be the 8th or September
  2. EB89

    Home Improvement/Project thread

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll hold off on the fertilizer the. When would you suggest araeting and reseeding. I know fall is best. September, october?
  3. EB89

    Home Improvement/Project thread

    Thanks for the info. My back gets full morning sun while the front gets full afternoon sun. I plan on spreading some fertilizer with crabgrass and weed control sometime this weekend and raising the mower blade higher. I was cutting it really short and read that short isn’t good to prevent weeds. Any tips for the dogs? I might section of a section of the yard for the dogs until I can get the grass established.
  4. EB89

    Home Improvement/Project thread

    Anyone have helpful tips for reseeding a yard? I’m in a townhouse with an average townhouse back and front yard. The back is terrible with crabgrass. Also in the mix is having two dogs. I’ve been raking the yard with a garden rake to get up any dead grass. I do bag grass when I cut the yard. I plan on aerating ( never been done) and putting down Scott’s Thick R Lawn. It’s a fertilizer, seed, and soil enhancer in one. I do have some ugly bare patches too. Any suggestions or tips would be great.
  5. EB89

    July Discobs Thread

    I've only received 9.5 inches since Saturday (Frederick had its fun in May). What is crazy is that I've had 54.31 inches of precipitation so far this year. Frederick's yearly average is 40.59 inches. We still have 5 and a half months to go!
  6. EB89

    July Discobs Thread

    5.79 inches so far (Frederick Md).
  7. EB89

    May Discobs Thread

    Yesterday's paltry .51 puts me at 19.6 for the month.
  8. South and east of 70 did not get nearly the amount we did right around Ft. Detrick
  9. It did feel good to finally be able to cut the grass.
  10. Since last Sunday, I’ve gotten 17.31 inches of rain
  11. 14.03 inches here in Frederick since Tuesday.
  12. I am just to the east of Ft. Detrick. I'm sitting right at 13"
  13. The City and County briefings were/are on their respective webites: City: http://cityoffrederick.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=12&event_id=3194 County: http://frederick.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=9&clip_id=6418
  14. Frederick County is about to give a press briefing starting in a couple minutes.