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  1. May Discobs Thread

    Yesterday's paltry .51 puts me at 19.6 for the month.
  2. South and east of 70 did not get nearly the amount we did right around Ft. Detrick
  3. It did feel good to finally be able to cut the grass.
  4. Since last Sunday, I’ve gotten 17.31 inches of rain
  5. 14.03 inches here in Frederick since Tuesday.
  6. I am just to the east of Ft. Detrick. I'm sitting right at 13"
  7. The City and County briefings were/are on their respective webites: City: http://cityoffrederick.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=12&event_id=3194 County: http://frederick.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=9&clip_id=6418
  8. Frederick County is about to give a press briefing starting in a couple minutes.
  9. The City of Frederick is having a press briefing at 1 this afternoon if anyone is interested.
  10. Ok. Ours is on a trailer off of the water, so hopefully there are no issues. The marina hasn't called to tell us otherwise.
  11. I may be genius here, but I’m guessing you’re in Middle River. How is it down your way? My family has a boat down there and I’m curious as to what it’s like down there.
  12. I don’t want or need another 5 inches.
  13. I updated my profile. Hopefully my location shows. My zip is 21702 so the City of Frederick.
  14. At 12.4 since Tuesday.