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  1. Jan 8th Ice/Mix/Rain Event

    Family in frederick said heavy sleet/ snow. Looked at our ring doorbell and everything is covered. eta: I work in leesburg. Light sleet here. Not looking forward to the drive home.
  2. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Seems to be picking up, and the roads and sidewalks are starting to give way.
  3. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Finally flurries in Frederick!
  4. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    HRRR seems to show the batch that has started, and more or less doesn't stop until the storm is over
  5. March 13/14th PSU Storm

  6. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    With more to come
  7. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    Do you have the kuchera version?
  8. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    Thanks. I totally missed it. I was surprised that they went with 6-10 initially. Thanks again.
  9. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    Actually they upped totals. It was 6-10
  10. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    I will take the NAM Para please. NAM: NAM Para NAM NAM Para
  11. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    Seems like a good shift SE with heavier snow totals. Edit: Or should I say winter precipitation.
  12. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    Sounds good to me. I'm out in Frederick so I was hoping for that answer
  13. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    Just curious, what is the blend of models they think have a best handle on the storm? TIA
  14. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    3K Para