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  1. Seems to be picking up, and the roads and sidewalks are starting to give way.
  2. Finally flurries in Frederick!
  3. HRRR seems to show the batch that has started, and more or less doesn't stop until the storm is over
  4. RGEM
  5. With more to come
  6. Do you have the kuchera version?
  7. Thanks. I totally missed it. I was surprised that they went with 6-10 initially. Thanks again.
  8. Actually they upped totals. It was 6-10
  9. I will take the NAM Para please. NAM: NAM Para NAM NAM Para
  10. Seems like a good shift SE with heavier snow totals. Edit: Or should I say winter precipitation.
  11. Sounds good to me. I'm out in Frederick so I was hoping for that answer
  12. Just curious, what is the blend of models they think have a best handle on the storm? TIA
  13. 3K Para
  14. That's what I was asking about convective feedback issues.