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  1. snow sleet further north in Frederick.
  2. Might be at 2 inches here.
  3. Have freezing mist/fog
  4. Back to heavy sleet. 90% sleet under these lighter returns. Not sure if it’s the same for you Mappy put your way.
  5. These yellow bands are awesome.
  6. Now mostly snow again!
  7. Sleet mixing in now but I would say it’s 70/30 snow/sleet
  8. All heavy snow here in Frederick.
  9. FCPS Maryland is closed tomorrow. No virtual teaching.
  10. Can someone please post the WB for the regular GFS?
  11. Snow just north of the 15/26 split.
  12. Liking this banding that’s forming in Frederick. 4ish inches so far.
  13. Looking forward to the band coming through from Thurmont.