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  1. Same here in Petworth. Unreal.
  2. Finally a few huge ass flakes with this current death band here in Petworth. Jesus Christ I’ve never seen sleet like this before.
  3. Same here in Petworth. I was hoping the death band would at least give us some snow but no such luck.
  4. 26.9 and moderate freezing rain in upper NW. A few sleet pellets here and there.
  5. CWG holding steady with their forecast of 2-4 in the immediate metro area. Seems reasonable.
  6. Bamboo taking a beating. Good mix of sleet and freezing rain now. 28.5°
  7. Just had a moderate burst that mixed in some sleet and even a few flakes, but otherwise a very steady freezing rain for several hours here in Petworth. Streets are starting to turn white
  8. 29/20dp here in upper NW DC. ZR began about 30 minutes ago with a nice solid glaze on everything already. Dogs running (trying to at least) on the back deck was hilarious to see.
  9. Snowing at a decent rate in Petworth and starting to stick to cars. Bummed this is going to be such a letdown.
  10. Accurate, and sadly what is most likely to happen. Unless things look better at 18z and 00z, this will likely just be a nice long stretch of uneventful, conversational snow for DC proper.