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  1. Sprinkles and flurries. Nasty and cold out.
  2. 3/18-19: 2.5 Had 5 other measurable coatings that added up to 1. 5 inches bring the overall total to exactly 20.0. Almost a tie with 2011/2012.
  3. Sounds good. I'm down in eldersburg.
  4. Gfs just came in extremely juicy. .75 for our area.
  5. I just took a quick glance. Both euro and gfs give westminster .3 qpf. Most if not all is snow.
  6. 3/10: 2.0 3/13-14: 9.0 Total: 16
  7. We had no melting at all here today. Lots of blowing snow and numerous snow showers all day. Quite the scene. Unreal for this time of year.
  8. I'm going to go with 9 for my final total.
  9. I had about 3 measurable coatings that I didn't bother to record. Probably added up to an inch or so.
  10. This batch of snow showers is sticking to all colder surfaces except street. Temp dropped a couple degrees and later in the day makes a huge difference.
  11. That's really great. I was the same way growing up. Most kids today have no interest in making a few bucks mostly because they're so spoiled. I lived up here 8 years now and we've had some huge winters as you know and I've never had one kid knock on my door looking to shovel.
  12. Been moderate to sometimes heavy here for the last 2 hours. Picked up a good 1.5 on top of what originally fell.
  13. Rather heavy at the moment. Too bad this didn't come through after dark.
  14. Pretty good burst of moderate snow.
  15. Same here as the skies brighten.