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  1. It's just been an incredible uphill climb. At least entering prime time climo makes it easier but when you're on such a bad run you expect everything to go wrong and that has happened even when getting some great mid-range looks. This is still out best shot so far coming up. Have to hope something breaks our way. The 25th is far from settled so maybe we the tide changes. My goal with the 25th system is something measurable then as PSU the next wave is the one that works out. By the end of January you dont want to be punting waves.
  2. This is leaning towards a 94/95, 2005/2006 type deal where we hope we get 1 good secs/mecs although I'm still remaining positive at the moment. There are still more positive signs that we score and the window should be at least 2 weeks.
  3. We wasted a Championship caliber defense.
  4. I got 15 but never was more than 12 on the ground at one time.
  5. Give me a -AO, -EPO, +PNA and forget the -NAO. We all would be satisfied and freezing. Then I'll take blocking in late winter.
  6. I just looked. Even here it's ridiculous. 530 thickness. 850's almost -6 but surface never gets colder than 34. Its unbelievable. I dont recall seeing that before.
  7. Where's Phineas? Not much to say about Lamar today I guess.
  8. Yup. Pressure is off. We have a have great Defense and best kicker. If we Play KC don't forget mahomes hasn't played in 3 weeks and wasnt paying that great before that. Buffalo is tough but there defense isn't great. Love our chances going forward.
  9. I was thinking about that 2 week period quite a bit leading in to this winter. maybe it's just a hunch or wishful thinking but it is on the table. Our good window really doesn't start until the 15th. This upcoming week still may workout but it looks like we got a bit of a head fake. When our official window gets here its look like well have 2-3 weeks to score. Hopefully there is a reload and we get extend into first 2 weeks of February. We know it has to break down but hopefully we max out on length of favorable indices. Whether or not we enter a 2-3 week stint of deep winter like in 2000 is the million dollar question. For those too young to remember I'll give recap of how that period in January 2000 played out. Horrible 1st 2 weeks of January. Pattern changed on the 18th. Very cold cloudy day with a small clipper that dropped only a half inch of snow but snarled traffic around DC. Only virga from Baltimore northward. Then a nice quick moving system dropped 3-6 inches to kick start the run. The next day was very windy and cold. There was a potential storm on the 23rd but it failed and resulted in flurries. Then of course the 25th we all know about. The next storm was on the 30 th superbowl sunday. Forecast busted in a positive way for northemwest burbs. 4-8 inches fell and never changed over even though most forecast were for 1-3 and a change to a mix then rain. Stayed chilly after that storm for a few days with some snow showers then winter ended. I got 26 inches in Reisterstown all in a 10 day stretch.
  10. Whether or not we go to "constant warmth" from mid month onward remains to be seen however as of this current moment there is absolutely zero evidence that supports that prediction.
  11. Good luck Washington fans. I'm pulling for you. I don't see how anyone root against Smith except for Giants fans.
  12. Euro has been very dry in recent runs. It will probably increase liquid in future runs. I think we could see a period of few hours of snow after a changeover from rain. Perhaps 1-2 although I could see getting nothing just as likely as getting a nice 3-4 inch surprise.