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  1. That really was horrendous.
  2. No doubt about it. I've noticed it for years especially in summer.
  3. Best of luck with your move.
  4. The front of my house faces due south. Even in the dead of winter it's hard for that area to sustain snow cover let alone in march. Today makes the 8th straight day with at least 1 inch on the ground m.
  5. Light snow. 33. Still had almost full snow cover leading into this.
  6. How much for Manchester?
  7. JB says it's not over yet. His actual quote was " look out " around the 20th . I think he even made a vague reference to 1888. Lol.
  8. Very light flurries/snow showers. Only 20 degrees still.
  9. Your statement is only partially true with no disrespect. There were 2 or 3 very wet systems in December that took an ideal track for us. There was no cold to tap. This past sundays storm took another good track but again no fresh cold air to work in. There were also several suppressed systems when we had cold notably the big southern December storm. As many have said before if we all cashed in the December storm this winter would be viewed differently. That storm always argued for a more northward adjustment that never materialized. It did come up a little further at the last minute but it wasnt enough. That storm had region wide 6-12 for everyone written all over it.
  10. What a winter the high plains, upper midwest and mountain west are having. They stole our epic winter in the east.
  11. Looks like we'll finish around 5. Hit low end of warning criteria and was plowable. No complaints here. Puts me at 37.0 for the season which is right at climo. Take away the 6 inches I got from the November storm and I still broke 30. That storm still was the single highest storm total this year for us up here which is pretty odd. This was the case with the October storm in 2011 however much less snow followed in that winter.
  12. Heaviest of the day currently. Inch an hour rates. Looks like a legit snowstorm now. 4 inches I would guess.