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  1. Yes. Been real busy with work over the summer and fall but ready now for winter. Hoping for some early season fun for a change. Been some great analysis from the usual suspects.
  2. Most contractors will adjust pricing according to the season. A lot of companies get desperate for work during winter so the customer is more likely to get a good or better deal. They need to find a way to keep the installers busy. This is especially true with the high price companies. Plus they have a lot more wiggle room. Smaller solid companies tend to keep the pricing consistent regardless of season.
  3. You definitely want to go with an architectural shingle. GAF timberline HD is the big seller at the moment. Certainteed Landmark also is big and is heavier weight per square than GAF. 3 estimates should be fine. Don't go for for any longwinded high pressure sales pitches. It is what it is when it comes to a roof. Have the companies tell you how much your roof measures so you can figure out what they are charging per square. If you're pitch is very steep the cost for labor will go up. Also if you have 2 layers on the roof now labor will be more.If any of the wood is rotted don't let them charge you anymore than 60 per sheet. in most cases that can't tell about rotted wood until they start tearing off. If you have any water leaking in now you probably will need new wood in certain areas. Some companies will try to talk you into replacing all the wood, not necessary unless over 2/3rds is rotted out. Very important to make sure they install drip edge. A lot of companies don't in order to cut corners and save cost. You also want to make sure they install Ice and Water shield. Make sure they include ridge vent as well. Don't get talked into new gutters and downspouts unless your are in bad shape. Stormpc gave good advice on fair pricing. 300 a square is too low so the company and or labor could be sketchy. 400 a square is fair and reasonable. Even 500 a square is ok as long as the labor and product is very good. Sometimes the guy who gives the estimate does the work himself so his profit is his labor and he will come in at 300 a square roughly. Often you don't know what you're going to get with this type of labor. On the other side there will be a lot of big named companies that will take a shot and try to go for 600-1000 per square. Thats outrageous and they're not giving you anything different than the other companies are despite what they say in their sales pitch. One last bit of advice. Make sure you check on any company that comes out to your house. The only true way to do this is to call the Home Improvement Commission and give them the companies license number. If they have any registered complaints eliminate them immediately. You can also call the BBB but it"s the MHIC that regulates the industry. The Home Improvement Commission is set up to protect the customer, The BBB really is not. Sorry to be longwinded but choosing the right company is often very difficult because they all are going to sound great especially if the salesman is experienced. A bad roof install can become a nightmare you'll have to live with and often once the job is done it can be very difficult to get these guys back to do repairs and services. Ive been in the business for over 20 years and my father for over 50 years so we've seen it all. Good luck and if you need anymore info. please feel free to message me.
  4. BWI: 23.9 DCA:18.1 IAD: 25.7 RIC: 14.7 Tiebreaker SBY: 14.6
  5. Sprinkles and flurries. Nasty and cold out.
  6. 3/18-19: 2.5 Had 5 other measurable coatings that added up to 1. 5 inches bring the overall total to exactly 20.0. Almost a tie with 2011/2012.
  7. Sounds good. I'm down in eldersburg.
  8. Gfs just came in extremely juicy. .75 for our area.
  9. I just took a quick glance. Both euro and gfs give westminster .3 qpf. Most if not all is snow.
  10. 3/10: 2.0 3/13-14: 9.0 Total: 16
  11. We had no melting at all here today. Lots of blowing snow and numerous snow showers all day. Quite the scene. Unreal for this time of year.
  12. I'm going to go with 9 for my final total.
  13. I had about 3 measurable coatings that I didn't bother to record. Probably added up to an inch or so.
  14. This batch of snow showers is sticking to all colder surfaces except street. Temp dropped a couple degrees and later in the day makes a huge difference.
  15. That's really great. I was the same way growing up. Most kids today have no interest in making a few bucks mostly because they're so spoiled. I lived up here 8 years now and we've had some huge winters as you know and I've never had one kid knock on my door looking to shovel.