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  1. The whole situation really sucks. Coincidentally I just mentioned Jilly's to my father a few days ago. I haven't been there in a good while but I used to eat there at least once a week.
  2. Nah. Not getting anything decent.
  3. He's simply atrocious and now that were playing solid ball he's killing us. He's swing through 89 mph fastballs and has no chance to hit anything offspeed and now his defensive is slipping.
  4. No kidding. Soon you'll be saying how is it December already.
  5. Dave did some work at my house last year. I was very happy with his price and workmanship. Highly recommend him.
  6. I love when they play on Thanksgiving. Perfect ending to the day as long as we win. I think this will make the 3rd time. First 2 Thanksgiving games we were home and won.
  7. I always pass it on the way to Gettysburg. Such an odd location for such an establishment considering the only other attraction in littlestown is the McDonald's. Lol.
  8. And then Dallas the following Thursday. Back to back Thursday games.
  9. Early april 1990. I think it was actually April 3rd. Rain started mixing with snow late in the afternoon then flipped to all Snow. It was moderate to heavy at times. Snowed until the early morning hours. 2-3 inches total in Owings Mills. Pretty legitimate event for so late in the season and it was well forecasted.
  10. There are several new bills currently being proposed in Congress for phase 4 that would put more money directly in our hands. Since they have little chance getting through as currently devised there's no point in going into detail however any form of them would require anywhere between 2 and 6 trillion maybe even more if you can believe it. I guess a modified version could make it through. The problem this time will be the partisanship. The other phases got through will a little teeth pulling but for the most part there was bipartisanship Phase 4 will not go anything like that and will be an all out war between the 2 parties.
  11. I see we have another "very stable genius" on our hands.
  12. That call and the Jeffrey Maier incident changed the course of history. 2 separate dynasties was the result. We'll never know what could've been if either of those plays were reversed.
  13. Usually these interviews last 5 minutes or so. This one went on forever. Producers must have been in Anderson's ear to keep her going as long as possible.
  14. I watched the entire interview. It was hard to watch as the mayor kept digging herself deeper into a hole. Simply unbelievable. Just remarkable how some people get elected into office.