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  1. Same here. 5th or 6th time already we've seen some snow in the air.
  2. You're right that area always does well. Padonia rd. Between Falls rd. and 83.
  3. Nice coating here. Already melting a bit but it was probably close to an inch.
  4. Light snow falling with a dusting.
  5. Only 34 now. Multiple runs of the GFS had me in the mid 40's.
  6. Euro temps are colder than GFS for Monday. Has our area in the mid 30's at its warmest and throws out about .15 liquid. Somehow double that output which isn't impossible and it could get fun for a while.
  7. Certainly not an impossible solution. Maybe some similarities to December 82 storm. If memory serves I think the first part of the storm was a cold rain with a little mix then the coastal took over and most of the forum got thumped.
  8. And now almost all snow.
  9. Nah, just rain although it has the look of a few flakes trying to mix in.
  10. That's gotta be the coldest 3 day stretch any model has ever shown for mid November .
  11. BWI: 28.2 DCA: 20.6 IAD: 32.2 RIC: 14.8 SBY: 14.8