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  1. PDIII hasn't been the same since he had the 102 fever and went to the food bar and got hot wings.
  2. Good points. They should put an immediate freeze or suspension on mortgages and rents. Upwards of 90 days. Then the individual checks will carry more weight. Since the banks can borrow as much money as they want with either very low interest or none at all they will easily survive.
  3. I worked for the pikesville and Owings mills rec council in the late 80's until the early 90's. Enjoyed it very much.
  4. A little rain/snow mix from time to time.
  5. As usual we have another Turgeon team limping into the tourney and fading down the stretch. I don't think he is as bad of a coach as a lot of people do but he certainly is no motivator like Gary. He played under Larry Brown and has had success at all his stops. He knows the game but as of this point in his career his teams no matter how talented have a ceiling. Don't forget Gary struggled to get his teams past the sweet 16 for many years. It was Gary's 12th season at Maryland and his 20 something year as a head coach before he made it to the final 4. I've never been impressed with Turgeon's assistant coaches. Gary had Billy Hahn, Dave Dickerson and Jimmy Patsos. All three were head coaches at division 1 programs and they were with Gary for years. It was no coincidence that Gary's teams began to struggle when that coaching staff broke up. I can't put the consistently slow starts on Turgeon alone. That's on the players too. If you cant get up for conference games in the ACC or Big 10 then something is wrong. You shouldn't need your coach to get you ready or motivated every night. Turgeons teams teams take forever to get into their offensive sets and it always seems like the shot clock is running out and they either force a long 3 or dont even get a shot off. Turgeon often comes off whiny and sounds weak in his interviews and press conferences. His players as of late are showing that mentality on the floor as of late. Too many technicals and loss of composer the last 3 or 4 games. Cowan ends up on the floor after a lot of his drives to the basket and doesn't draw the foul anymore . The refs know his move now so unless he gets mauled they swallow the whistle. Everytime Morsel or Sticks gets a foul called on them they throw their hands up in the air in disbelief and cry to the refs. Sticks got a technical called on him in Minnesota because of this. The shooting is atrocious and Ayala has regressed significantly on offense. They're kack of depth also has caught up to them. With that being said they have some really good players and the team is capable of playing solid defense. They have improved greatly in the turnover department. I really like how Morsel has developed. Scott and Wiggins can be a good enough supporting cast and both have an upside not yet achieved. Ayala has to start playing better. I see bad basketball masked by good shooting every night in college and the pros. There are so many bad long distance 3's put up in almost every game now the reason teams get away with it is probably because the opposing team take just as many that the bad shots equal out.There is so much luck in college basketball and the 3 point shot often is the difference in the modern game. The Terps have enough to make a sweet 16 run. There's a case to be made for a final 8 run but they have to get some confidence back. They did win 9 straight games against tough competition. Even if they beat Michigan on Sunday they're most likely going to get a tough 1st round game in the big 10 tournament. If they lose that first game they'll probably slip to a 4 seed and then getting past the first weekend becomes very difficult. Boy did this get long winded. lol.
  6. I heard a couple of loud rumbles around 11 p.m. no evidence of any snow here either.
  7. I-795 was opened in 1986 I believe. The same tear the Owings Mills mall opened.
  8. You are the eternal optimist. I had relatives come in from Scranton over the weekend. No one can believe this snow hole on the east coast. The airports, cities and urban areas are one thing but for northern carroll to go snowless from jan. 8th through the entire month of February is unheard if not almost impossible. I've recorded at least 1 inch of snow in every March since I moved here in 2008. Every April has had at least a trace.
  9. I miss those days and those teams too. They were the epitome of team ball. Sad story but glad for your mom to have that experience.
  10. Me too. The game was called "gone in 54 seconds". I had season tickets from the early 90's until the new arena was built. I have walked out of Cole after many brutal and devastating losses but that was by far the worst. The terps dominated that game and then a total collapse. At least if you were a Ravens fan they won their first superbowl the next day. That wasn't rock bottom that season a couple weeks later they lost at home to Florida State. As it turned out that was the best thing that could've happened to the team. Jaun Dixon had a sit down with Gary. Gary's demeanor and coaching style changed and that propelled the team to beat duke in the rematch at Cameron a few weeks later and to make their first final 4. Then of course they blew a 22 point lead to duke in the national semifinals.
  11. I saw some tulips coming up in northern Carroll County off of Deep Run Rd. One of the highest locations at 1100 elevation.
  12. Maybe by you moving it will change everyone's luck. Congrats on your new property.
  13. GFS has a high of 22 here on Friday. Euro has a high of 42 here on Friday. Nice.