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  1. If the pattern is right and comes together as advertised there will be no problem with Climo for mid-December especially where you're located. Outside of the Eastern Shore, cities themselves and low lands no one will have a Climo related issue after December 10th . We haven't seen much snow in recent December's because we have had mostly crap patterns and not because it can no longer snow in December or Climo has changed that dramatically. Sure there are some concerning issues with the marginal events over recent years but not enough that a perfect set up for snow won't longer work in December especially the 2nd half of the month.
  2. Cloudy, windy and cold. Been stuck around 36-37 all day.
  3. BWI: 18.2 DCA: 13.7 IAD: 18.7 RIC: 11.2 Tiebreaker SBY: 11.3
  4. Sorry you have to deal with this. We were very fortunate here just 10 minutes from you. No damage and power was restored at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.
  5. Wasn't bad here but just a mile or 2 away was really bad. We lost power until 1:30 a.m.
  6. January was close to normal favoring the plus side but February was quite mild.
  7. One of my friends has a bet they win more than 63.
  8. I dont think orioles management would say we have nearly enough at this point. You can never have enough depth with pitching. There's no guarantee on anyone living up to potential. The rest of these guys were waiting on coming up are still just prospects. Let's not forget how some can't miss Pitchers didn't pan out for us in the past. Also let's not get fooled into thinking our line up is better than it really is. We only have 2 everyday players hitting .280. Everyone else is .265 or lower and we strikeout a ton. Hayes has cooled off considerably and up until 2-3 weeks ago Mullins was struggling. My point is some of these guys that fans have penciled in for the future probably won't be on the team. My position is to continue stockpiling talent. I have full confidence in Elias.
  9. I Agree. I'm loving it too but I think Elias has to stick to the plan for the big picture. We getting excellent starting pitching but there's no way to know if these guys can stay consistent and sustain this level. In reality there's probably only 2 guys that may be in the starting rotation next year. If selling means we continue to add quality and depth then thats the right thing to do. Defense has been excellent and we're getting clutch hitting. It shouldn't be difficult to lure good starting pitching here now with that fence in left field if the organization really opens up the pocket book assuming the market has some good arms available. Bottom line is there is an awful lot to look forward too!
  10. Flakes mixing in here now.
  11. I remember the 1984 storm well. Of course because of the Colts. I lived approximately 2-3 miles south of the Colts complex in Owing Mills. I got about 2 inches of slush but it was quite a wintry scene that morning. Wind blown wet snow. I always wondered how Westminster faired with that storm. Now I know lol. I think we had a 2 hour delay that they changed into schools closed. April 2nd/3rd 1990 2-4 inches fell in Pikesville/OwingsMills/Reisterstown corridor. Not sure How Carroll County did. April 1996 maybe the 9th? We were under a winter storm Warning. The warning didn't verify but it did snow all day. 1-2 of slop in Reisterstown. Areas further North/Northeast however did do well. Since I moved to Manchester in 2009 I can't remember an April where there weren't at the very least snow flurries/snow showers. Most years we have snow cover the ground in April. We had snow showers here in May of 2020. The latest legit snow I can remember was in April 1993. Can't recall the date but pretty sure it was after the 10th. I was in Westminster because I attended Western Maryland College then and there was 2-3 inches. Snowed heavily all morning. Sane storm mid winter probably would've yielded 10 inches.
  12. Winds were never really impressive here except for a couple times during the heavier snow burst. Probably higher gust on the ridges around town. Went with 6 for a final storm total.
  13. Lowered visibility again with heavy snow. Winds picking back up. Snow more powdery. Paved surfaces getting covered again.
  14. Only was windy twice here throughout the storm when the heaviest rates occurred.
  15. Snow rates has picked up as well as the winds. Maybe 2 inches an hour now. Blizzard conditions. Easily 3 inches plus.
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