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  1. It would be really nice if Tuesday turned into something.
  2. Still holding on to some light snow. Picked up just shy of an inch.
  3. Yeah, I think he's got a couple hundred feet more. Hunt valley is like 400 ft. and where he is might be 650ft. or even higher.
  4. pna definitely looks to go negative but not nearly as bad as in December. epo and wpo look to remain generally negative. There will be a lot of cold nearby so it will come down to timing and luck.
  5. The flip was quick here. All snow now. Transition took maybe 5-10 minutes. Hopefully the same for everyone else. Still holding out hope for 1-2. Looks like about 3 hours or so of precip left.
  6. Just saw that the high today was 55 at BWI. Just unreal. It seems like every time it's the day before a front the Temps soar above what is forecasted. Especially when there a is a rain changing to snow scenario. Never does a day like today end up busting 5 degrees the other way anymore. The Average for BWI now during the coldest climo days are 43/25 as opposed to 41/24 not all that long ago.
  7. Sure was. Last few GFS runs have backed off on the cold for next week as well. Euro is much colder.
  8. As long as the Euro stays steady that's all that matters. GFS will eventually catch on but it may not be until Wednesday but hopefully sooner. Kinda like the old days.
  9. I tried sending you a PM but it wouldn't go through. It said you can't receive messages.
  10. What a kick in the nuts it would be to have 2 storms within a week where we start off in the low teens and end up in the low 40's.
  11. You know it won't and its gonna piss us off. Csn euro be that wrong 72 out? If this was 10 years ago we would have no doubt!
  12. We have to get you that Winter Storm Warning that verifies. Go for the big one against Bob Chill's advice. Lol.
  13. Yup it definitely was Superbowl Sunday. I lived 10 NW of Baltimore city. We got 6 inches on top of the 14 that fell a few days before. All day Sunday was flurries and very light snow with Temps in the teens then the heavy stuff was overnight.
  14. One of the driest, fluffy and lightest snow I've ever shoveled.
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