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Found 31 results

  1. Virtually all current disco pertains to January at this point, so it's time to fire up the January pattern thread. The Euro weeklies say the potential is there. The cold Nov/cold January is a pretty consistent match. So game on as we move into the heart of winter in the valley. Which I consider our prime winter frame to be Jan 15th-Feb 15th. Our coldest temps and most snow will usually fall in that window. Let's hope the pattern gets right as we head towards prime time.
  2. Advertised cold weather pattern should commence around December 6 and work in here well by Dec 7-8. I would like to limit precipitation charts to within 5 days. The exception is NWFS for the Mountains and Plateau, which is more skillful because it does not require an exact storm track. Discussion of favorable pattern (odds) is OK and even encouraged past Day 5, just no charts please. The good news is SER intrusions have departed recent model runs. Oh there is always a trade-off in the South. Northwest flow in the Plains gets as close as the Mississippi Valley at times, which opens the door for mild interludes within the cold pattern. Even with some variability the cold 6-15 day period carries high confidence. I put it near 85% in the 6-10 day; better than 50% in the 11-15 day. Still a slight risk that Day 10 mild interlude is the end, but I think cold reloads for the 11-15 day. Near textbook upper level pattern really lacks surface source region support though. Alaska and most of Canada cold is not strong. Manitoba and Ontario will get cold but it barely gets colder points north. Quebec looks strong but it's not our trajectory. Sustained cross polar flow from Siberia is required for impressive cold this time. A few days would not be enough since temps are AN in Alaska. Northern US snowpack deficit is a gaping hole in the equation for record or even just strong cold. So I think the 6-15 day will be cold enough to put one in the Holiday mood, but not particularly impressive. First front (6-10 day) may under-achieve as usual coming into a warm regime. Second front (11-15 day) should verify so long as it actually gets in here (>50% chance). If the upper level pattern holds through weeks 3-4, we might be able to talk about stronger cold anomalies. Right now looks like some lows in the 20s first half of Dec. If looking for teens or colder, more time in the cold pattern is required. A minority of ensemble members show a decent pattern for winter precipitation in the 11-15 day. Others are cold but dry. A smaller minority is too warm. I am looking for an active southern branch through the Deep South, not NW flow and zero SER attempts.
  3. The forecast for snow and cold looks dim the next 10 days, however beyond that time period, looks to the first real chance at a snowy and cold regime over New England and at least as far south as the 38N latitude line. Anyone south of that latitude needs to wait until further into January time frame, but for those of us north of that latitude, the pattern change is being seen by most of the guidance after day 7-9 time frame, it looks like after December 4th an arctic front swings through the Northeastern USA states and brings a return of true arctic air and snow could be a possibility. Stay tuned! Right now it looks like a 60% chance at seeing at least 2 snowstorms, while a 40% chance exists that we see suppression depression.
  4. Since meteorological winter is just over three months away, it's probably about time to start a thread for winter predictions. It looks like we will be in a weak la nina. I've heard the PDO is returning closer to normal. I'm originally from the SE, do the AO and NAO have much effect on the climate of the lower Midwest?
  5. John1122

    Spring/Summer 2017 OBS.

    It's currently coming quite a t-storm in my neck of the woods. Got up to 70 today. Looking at a 50 degree drop over the next few days.
  6. All the others have their threads, so we're late to the game. Will this be a Nina winter as advertised, and if so, what intensity? If we can achieve weak Nina, it can mean good times ahead for the Valley region. Some of our most epic winters have came during that pattern, including the legendary 1984-85 winter that crushed the entire Mid-South/Tennessee Valley with heavy snows and record shattering cold. As always, many factors go into making a winter though, as we saw in 2011-2012 when the weak Nina mattered not at all and the winter was hardly a winter at all. Looking at some of the analog years, even including the bad winters, almost all areas West of the Apps are below normal in the temps department during weak Nina years. Strong Ninas flip the script however and we are often very warm during intense Nina years. I will take a further look at some of the analogs and at real data across the Valley during these years later on.
  7. Cold Rain

    January 2017 Obs

    46 F at 10:00 PM at RDU. No snow yet.
  8. *****UPDATE REQUIRED FOR JANUARY 2017***** The upcoming cold shot looks to deliver some of the coldest temperatures of the last few years. Here is a look at the coldest high temperatures as well as the coldest low temperatures recorded at Richmond since 2000. Coldest Highs (25°F or below) 21°F February 20, 2015 22°F January 7, 2014 and January 25, 2004 23°F February 19, 2015, January 22, 2014, January 16, 2009, and January 23, 2003 24°F January 8, 2017, January 7, 2017, January 26, 2004 and January 10, 2004 25°F January 24, 2014, January 19, 2005, December 20, 2004 and January 18, 2003 Coldest Lows (10°F or below) -1°F January 28, 2000 0°F January 9, 2017 2°F January 8, 2017 4°F February 21, 2015, February 20, 2015, January 30, 2014 and January 17, 2009 7°F January 23, 2014 8°F January 24, 2005 and January 18, 2003 9°F February 14, 2016, February 19, 2015 and January 22, 2000 10°F January 22, 2014, January 7, 2014, March 4, 2009, January 28, 2003 and January 29, 2000 It will be interesting to see how the cold shot stacks up with recent years.
  9. Figured we might as well get this one going. The Euro has this system effecting the area in less than 5 days. GFS day 5-6. We've all seen the model runs, some version of this event has been showing up for a week or so now, but as is typical with Southern systems the models are all over the place from run to run. Today they've generally came into agreement that there will be a system that will effect at least some of the region. Up in the air as to which parts. Could be winter as far south as the 1-20 corridor, could be Northern TN/Southern Ky/SWVA and everyone in between. There is even a minor system that ushers in cold just before this one that might provide some minor accumulations. This time frame should be the event to watch but that too is up in the air still due to massive model madness. Best case for the region comes from quite a number of GFES ens members. Most of them show a wide variety of systems that hit in favorable ways for our region. Thus the beautiful means map that gives solid averages to about as wide a swath of our area as you'll ever see. That just shows how many of us are in the game at this point. Worst case is probably the 00z GFS op. It's a miller b type which means warming for most of the valley region. Maybe not all, it even has a front side thump. Some of us picked up a nice event out in front of a rainer last year. Next is the GGEM which was a little too far south but still gave the area a decent 1-3 inch average. I've not seen a 6 hour breakdown on the Euro, but I know the following panel is a look I'd take all day long in winter.
  10. SimeonNC

    Holiday Season Obs

    75 degrees at my nearest weather station (Allen Hills)
  11. Wow 4 years I have been making this thread. Hard to believe but it would not be successful without the others who post in here. It is an honor to be apart of this. As seen in the title I have included the foothills as some have expressed interest in posting in this thread during the winter so I have included that in the title. As we are fast approaching winter and our first freeze being just a couple of days away it appears and to the likes of SnoJoe requesting this thread start up I figured now is as good as any other time to start this thread. This winter has all possibilities for us. We could be looking at a banner year or a warm winter with just a few snows here and there. So lets get started speculating about this upcoming season and see how it all pans out. Looking forward to late nights and disappointments!
  12. Mr Bob

    Winter 2015-16

    All continues to be quiet on the western front.....as expected so far...Good luck to everyone this winter!
  13. Please use this thread for obs for the upcoming storm....Thanks!
  14. Ok it is time to take this threat serious as we head into Halloween and the 1st of November!
  15. 26/20 with a gentle wind as of 8 PM. Snow is around from today's event in patches as some melted during the day today under the Fab Feb sun angle (despite overcast skies). The high today was 27.
  16. December is about to begin. Let's see how all of this verifies.... CFS2 for next six months...December has progressively been warmer on the CFS2 while the trend for January is cooler. In other words, as the model updates it seems December is getting warmer on the CFS2 and January is cooling off. Here is the NAO outlook. Not great. Here is the PNA outlook. Would seem to hint at a developing western ridge, eastern trough towards mid-December. That rarely works out for us in the TN Valley, but certainly did last January. Here is the AO outlook. Would appear some cold will be in North America for troughs to draw from when plunging southward. Here is the Nov 24 ENSO summary from CPC. Here is the probability of an El Nino from the aformentioned report. Looks like CPC is leaning towards a Nino. Could it be that our winter is weighted towards mid-late winter? That would correspond with the developing Nino. Is it possible the atmosphere will lag in response and respond during the mid-late winter time frame? Here is the multi-model(correct term?) prediction for the ENSO this winter. This index certainly points to a cold snowy, winter in the East. A weak Nino is perfect. Will this index be the "golden ticket" or the source of grumbling? Time will tell. Here is the CFS2 prediction for the ENSO this winter. This is where my concern is rooted, but it is an outlier. However, even as an outlier, the mid-range models do lend some support to it or I would throw it out. CPC felt the need to include it in their update. That said, it can be a very squirrelly model. In this image, the CFS2 seems to hint at why it is warmer. It has a stronger Nino in place. Summary: Well, this will give us a baseline to work from as the winter progress. It might also help to determine over time what drives sensible weather. I should also add that November has been incredibly cold. October and September were not. October was slightly above normal and September much above at KTRI. In general, Fall climo will be cooler than normal due to an anomalous November. A weak El Nino in the right place in the Pacific basin could mean the TN Valley is in business. We will see what that impact is. Is the CFS2 on to something or is it off on its own? Will the warmish Euro weeklies be correct as they almost always are? Many Nino winters have been spectacular here in the valley, some have not. As stated earlier, I think that the temps for Dec-Feb will be slightly above. Snow near normal for the season - which I count as first snow to the last snow regardless of the month.
  17. Hey everyone! I wanted to try something out here. It should help us really learn more about the forecast models this season and how they will handle Arctic air and the cold. We know the models have REALLY struggled at times for the Fall and Winter. I have chosen 9 cities around us, plus MY forecast for Macon for THUR am (~12z) and Thur pm (~18z) I know there could be a degree or 2 +or- because of the fact that the high will come closer to 20z or 21z depending on what time zone. So just remember that ok? I am doing the MON 12z RUNS.....TUE 00z RUNS.....TUE 12z RUNS....WED 00z RUNS..... WED 12z RUNS....THU 00z RUNS... Here are the city's: Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, Atlanta, Macon, Columbia, GSP, Charlotte, and Raleigh/D The first number will be the FORECASTED low /// and the 2nd number will be the high. ie 9/26 Forecasted low of 9 and a high of 26 12Z Monday Model runs: MEM: NAM: 9/26 GFS: 11/28 Para GFS: 11/30 EURO: 14/31 BNA: NAM: 5/23 GFS: 7/26 Para GFS: 6/27 EURO: 6/29 BHM: NAM: 13/28 GFS: 13/33 Para GFS: 13/35 EURO: 19/34 ATL: NAM: 15/28 GFS: 16/31 Para GFS: 14/34 EURO: 18/34 MCN: NAM: 21/31 GFS: 19/34 Para GFS: 20/34 EURO: 22/36 CAE: NAM: 17/28 GFS: 18/29 Para GFS: 19/30 EURO: 21/32 GSP: NAM: 13/26 GFS: 15/27 Para GFS: 15/30 EURO: 18/31 CLT: NAM: 13/24 GFS: 14/26 Para GFS: 14/31 EURO: 19/31 RDU: NAM: 13/23 GFS: 14/27 Para GFS: 14/27 EURO: 19/30 My Forecast for KMCN *That I will use on TV* will be: 18/33 00Z Tuesday Model runs: MEM: NAM: 8/26 GFS: 11/28 Para GFS: 12/30 EURO: 12/31 BNA: NAM: 4/22 GFS: 7/26 Para GFS: 6/28 EURO: 6/29 BHM: NAM: 12/28 GFS: 13/32 Para GFS: 13/35 EURO: 19/34 ATL: NAM: 13/27 GFS: 16/31 Para GFS: 14/34 EURO: 18/34 MCN: NAM: 19/31 GFS: 19/34 Para GFS: 19/34 EURO: 21/36 CAE: NAM: 17/28 GFS: 17/29 Para GFS: 18/30 EURO: 20/32 GSP: NAM: 12/27 GFS: 15/27 Para GFS: 14/30 EURO: 17/31 CLT: NAM: 12/25 GFS: 14/26 Para GFS: 14/29 EURO: 18/31 RDU: NAM: 13/24 GFS: 14/27 Para GFS: 13/27 EURO: 19/30 My Forecast for KMCN *That I will use on TV* will be: 18/33 12Z Tuesday Model runs: NAM, GFS, and Para updated...Euro updated MEM: NAM: 8/26 GFS: 11/28 Para GFS: 10/28 EURO: 15/31 BNA: NAM: 3/21 GFS: 6/26 Para GFS: 5/28 EURO: 6/30 BHM: NAM: 12/28 GFS: 12/32 Para GFS: 12/3 EURO: 17/34 ATL: NAM: 13/27 GFS: 15/31 Para GFS: 13/33 EURO: 17/32 MCN: NAM: 20/31 GFS: 19/34 Para GFS: 19/34 EURO: 21/35 CAE: NAM: 16/28 GFS: 18/29 Para GFS: 19/30 EURO: 20/32 GSP: NAM: 12/26 GFS: 15/28 Para GFS: 15/30 EURO: 17/31 CLT: NAM: 12/24 GFS: 14/27 Para GFS: 12/29 EURO: 17/30 RDU: NAM: 12/24 GFS: 14/27 Para GFS: 14/28 EURO: 19/29 AVL: NAM: 2/23 GFS: 6/28 Para GFS: 6/ 30 EURO: 5/30 TRI: NAM: 4/22 GFS: 5/28 Para GFS: 6/28 EURO: 6/28 My Forecast for KMCN *That I will use on TV* will be: 16/33 00z Wednesday Model runs: ALL have been updated MEM: NAM: 7/25 GFS: 12/28 Para GFS: 11/29 EURO: 12/31 BNA: NAM: 3/21 GFS: 7/27 Para GFS: 6/28 EURO: 6/29 BHM: NAM: 11/27 GFS: 14/32 Para GFS: 12/34 EURO: 18/34 ATL: NAM: 13/28 GFS: 15/31 Para GFS: 14/34 EURO: 18/34 MCN: NAM: 20/32 GFS: 19/34 Para GFS: 20/35 EURO: 21/35 CAE: NAM: 17/28 GFS: 18/29 Para GFS: 19/28 EURO: 20/32 GSP: NAM: 12/26 GFS: 15/28 Para GFS: 15/31 EURO: 17/31 CLT: NAM: 12/25 GFS: 14/27 Para GFS: 14/30 EURO: 19/29 RDU: NAM: 12/23 GFS: 13/27 Para GFS: 13/27 EURO: 17/29 AVL: NAM: 3/23 GFS: 6/28 Para GFS: 6/ 30 EURO: 5/30 TRI: NAM: 4/23 GFS: 6/29 Para GFS: 7/29 EURO: 7/29 My Forecast for KMCN *That I will use on TV* will be: 16/33 12z Wednesday Model runs: All Updated except (NAM site I get raw # not updated) MEM: NAM: 7/25 GFS: 12/28 Para GFS: 11/29 EURO: 14/30 BNA: NAM: 3/21 GFS: 8/27 Para GFS: 6/28 EURO: 6/29 BHM: NAM: 11/27 GFS: 14/33 Para GFS: 12/34 EURO: 18/34 ATL: NAM: 13/28 GFS: 15/31 Para GFS: 14/34 EURO: 18/33 MCN: NAM: 20/32 GFS: 19/33 Para GFS: 20/35 EURO: 21/35 CAE: NAM: 17/28 GFS: 17/29 Para GFS: 19/31 EURO: 20/32 GSP: NAM: 12/26 GFS: 15/28 Para GFS: 15/32 EURO: 17/31 CLT: NAM: 12/25 GFS: 14/27 Para GFS: 14/30 EURO: 198/30 RDU: NAM: 12/23 GFS: 14/27 Para GFS: 13/27 EURO: 18/29 AVL: NAM: 3/23 GFS: 6/28 Para GFS: 6/ 30 EURO: 6/30 TRI: NAM: 4/23 GFS: 6/29 Para GFS: 6/30 EURO: 6/30 My Forecast for KMCN *That I will use on TV* will be: 17/34 00z Thursday Model runs: LAST Model SET for this challenge All final numbers in. MEM: NAM: 10/25 GFS: 12/28 Para GFS: 13/29 EURO: 10/28 BNA: NAM: 5/22 GFS: 8/27 Para GFS: 7/28 EURO: 5/28 BHM: NAM: 12/28 GFS: 14/33 Para GFS: 13/35 EURO: 16/32 ATL: NAM: 14/28 GFS: 15/32 Para GFS: 14/34 EURO: 15/32 MCN: NAM: 20/32 GFS: 19/33 Para GFS: 19/35 EURO: 21/34 CAE: NAM: 17/28 GFS: 17/30 Para GFS: 19/31 EURO: 20/32 GSP: NAM: 12/26 GFS: 15/29 Para GFS: 15/32 EURO: 15/30 CLT: NAM: 12/25 GFS: 14/27 Para GFS: 14/30 EURO: 15/28 RDU: NAM: 12/23 GFS: 13/27 Para GFS: 13/27 EURO: 17/27 AVL: NAM: 3/22 GFS: 6/28 Para GFS: 6/ 30 EURO: 4/29 TRI: NAM: 5/24 GFS: 6/30 Para GFS: 6/30 EURO: 6/30 My Forecast for KMCN *That I will use on TV* will be: 17/34
  18. Fall officially arrives tonight and boy does it feel like fall right know. We have a current temp of 62 degrees with a slight breeze. Looking for lows tonight to be in the 30s for the high mountain communities. Looks like a beautiful week ahead.
  19. It's back, the epic medium/long range winter discussion thread. This winter has nearly unanimously been touted as one to remember. Everyone in the know, our favorite and not so favorite forecasters all seem to see signs that point to a blockbuster winter. Let's hope it delivers as advertised. Else some folks have some 'splainin to do. Here is to an epic winter that we will all remember for decades to come!!! Courtesy of Brett Anderson here is his interpretation of the Euro weeklies for the first week of December : (Looks like an El Nino signature to me) From the usually conservative and usually playing catchup CPC :
  20. Just going to dump a bunch of winter statistics about Indiana in this thread. First up, snowiest starts to a season for Indianapolis. 2013 ranks as the 14th best start on record for all years/seasons through December 16 (1884-present). All years that had at least 6.0" total snowfall, through December 16. 1977....16.3" 1989....14.0" 1932....12.5" 1899....11.4" 2005....11.2" 1966....10.7" 2010....10.7" 1996....10.6" 2007....10.5" 1917....9.5" 1898....9.3" 1942....9.1" 1950....9.0" 2013....8.9" 1884....8.1" 1914....7.5" 2000....7.1" 1886....6.8" 1951....6.7" 1967....6.7" 1974....6.5"
  21. Individual storm/month/season threads for the entertaining 2013-14 cold/winter season. Storm Threads October 20-26, 2013 Lake Effect and Clippers http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41455-early-season-lake-effect-and-clippers/ November 11-12, 2013 Cold Front/Lake Effect Snow-Rain http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41649-november-11-12-cold-frontlake-effect-rainsnow/ November 16-18, 2013 Storm General Discussion http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41691-november-16th-18th-storm-general-discussionobs/ November 17, 2013 Major Severe Weather Outbreak - Main Forum http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41679-major-severe-weather-outbreak-november-17/ November 17, 2013 Tornadoes - A Fall Outbreak For The Ages http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41779-november-17-2013-tornadoes-a-fall-outbreak-for-the-ages/ November 26-27, 2013 Snow Event http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41783-november-26-27-2013-snow-event/ December 2-5, 2013 Winter Storm http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41854-december-2-5th-winter-storm/ December 5-6, 2013 Winter Storm http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41835-december-5-6-2013-winter-storm/ December 8-9, 2013 Winter Storm http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41870-december-8-9th-winter-storm/ December 10-12, 2013 Clippers http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41922-december-10-12th-clippers/ December 13-14, 2013 Winter Storm - Part I http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41926-december-13-14th-winter-storm/ December 13-14, 2013 Winter Storm - Part II http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/41999-december-13-14th-winter-storm-part-2/ December 16-17, 2013 GL Clipper http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/42008-december-16th-17th-gl-clipper/ December 19-20, 2013 Winter Storm http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/42019-december-19-20th-winter-storm/ December 21-23, 2013 Winter Storm - Part I http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/42001-pre-christmas-winter-storm-potential/ December 21-23, 2013 Winter Storm - Part II http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/42040-december-21-22nd-winter-storm-part-2/ December 21-23, 2013 Winter Storm - Part III http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/42059-december-21-22nd-winter-storm-part-3/ December 21-23, 2013 Winter Storm - Part IV http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/42081-december-21-23rd-winter-storm-part-4/ December 21-22, 2013 Heavy Rain/Flooding/Severe http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/42061-december-21-22-heavy-rainfloodingsevere-threat/ December 24-30, 2013 Clippers http://www.americanwx.com/bb/index.php/topic/42083-december-24-30th-clippers/ December 31-January 2, 2014 Hybrid Frisbee Storm - 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  22. Well last years thread was very successful and I thought this would be a great way to keep all the mountain events under one thread so we could look back and keep track of all the snow events specifically for the mountains. So go ahead and let the speculation begin. As we could see snow in the mountains in about another month. If I remember right we have had snow before Halloween the past 4 out of 5 years in the favored locations along the TN/NC boarder.
  23. I wanted to start this a few day ago, but posted February maps in the other one instead. Lets hope the cold returns after the warm up and may be the battleground be ever in our favor.
  24. Another comest folks. Cold weather forecast. Post the highs and lows for Tuesday and Wednesday for the following locations. You can edit your info up till the deadline at midnight Sunday.. Which is then Monday. JST: UNV: IPT: MDT: HGR: KTHV:
  25. Models starting to converge on the likelihood of a cold 1-2" snow in the area Tuesday. Agree with Wes on the potential for 20-1 ratios with cold air in place. <32 for DC for the duration, so enjoy. Upside potential exists with the low pressure developing off the Atlantic coastline.