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  1. Rain is as rare now as a buckeyefan post without emojis.
  2. The ice, as expected, was a bust.
  3. I think the final wave next Tuesday will the the last chance of a decent SNOW event with the HP in ideal position.
  4. I hate ice. Give me 35 and rain. Please.
  5. 18z gfs is a dumpster fire. Ridge holds over the east coast. Who the hell knows whats going to happen
  6. 33.0 and snow... hopefully have a decent layer for snowmen with the kids in the morning
  7. it's whitened up well here. 33.1/31 good stuff
  8. Big flakes in Mooresville.
  9. Also - go look back at models runs a week ago forecast for today. Both the Euro and GFS showed a ridge off the east coast. I'm pretty confident the cold pattern will return for next week.
  10. That's the s/w that the 18z run on Feb 3 bombed out. Not out of the realm yet. If the PV can kick out a little faster and the PNA ridge a little stronger... 2/3 18z same time
  11. meh.. i'm crossing fingers for next week. i need a foot.
  12. Heh, I'm having a rum and coke right now. Funny how we forget that nearly every storm is like this.
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