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  1. It is with great sadness to report the end of the DGEX. It will no longer be operational as of today.
  2. This is not the storm we're looking for. Move along.
  3. 0Z NAM running. So far the trend continues at 6hrs
  4. If thr trend continues and the midwest low dies out faster as it phases further west with the southern wave, W NC will have a good shot here.
  5. Wow.. 18z NAM has shifted west big time at the initialization. THis could be very intersting. Southern s/w much stronger. Could be looking at more of a Miller A here.
  6. 990mb bomb off Norfolk at 48
  7. You need to start learning than asking these questions every time.
  8. 18z NAVGEM in the Euro camp. Trending the southern s/w slower and wrapping up back in Texas at 60 hrs. 0z run had it in GA at the same time.
  9. Notice how much stronger the Euro is with the southern s/w. That's what it's all about.
  10. At 72 hrs on the Euro ... There's the energy back over LA that is the key. This need to keep together. The more this trends stronger, the faster the polar energy will phase in and weaken its primary low over the plains, and bomb out the gulf low.
  11. Watch the energy over Texas. It's trending stronger. Need that to continue.
  12. That's the look we need for we W NC folk.
  13. GFS walking closer to the Euro/CMC camp. Sharper trough, more phasing.
  14. Not entirely... Southern wave needs to be stronger to force a Miller A track which would do it.
  15. The NAVGEM is VERY close to a CMC-like solution. It's doesn't quite get the southern wave to phase in the energy over the midwest and stays neutral/positive tilted. But it's got the energy over Texas at 48 hrs like the CMC. I like the trends here.