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  1. A (little?) interesting to note the cluster of CMC ensembles that are lining up with Irma's N to NNE track putting Orlando in the crosshairs.
  2. You'll more than likely be on the western side as well which will definitely help.
  3. Wave break not as quick as forecast?
  4. I'm loving the evolution of today's weather. Started sunny and cool without a cloud in the sky and now we're in a thick, dark cloud cover and still cool at 64 degrees which should be our highest temp until Tuesday.
  5. She's definitely moving just east of north per the radar
  6. I think the UKMET and Euro did it a few days ago.
  7. Yeah, but the Euro had the SW Florida landfall while the GFS was still looking to pass east of Miami. I guess it's just another lesson, one of many, about relying on any piece of guidance. Or really, a sobering reminder that we still have a long ways to go in NWP. Yes, and then there was the UKMET with, for a few runs, had her driven well into Cuba then run NNE back over FL and nearly coming off into the Atlantic (which very likely won't happen now). It's about the progression of the wave break and how long it's going to take before she feels the effects. Earlier runs were showing much more of a N to NNE sprint before curving back west before many folded to a W to NNW movement.
  8. Yep. It's hauling due north. Definitely looking east of Tampa. Would rather visit Disney World.
  9. Still due N, maybe even a wobble a bit east of north in the past hour as the eye collapses on radar.
  10. Looks like a wobble back more north in its trajectory again. I think it's going east of Tampa.
  11. A bit of westward movement in the last few radar frames.
  12. Don, Way easier said than done I'm afraid.
  13. Looks like a due north track now and currently east of official track. Could see a trend back east until the cutoff UL starts to engage it.
  14. Still sunny here but the clouds are moving in from the southeast.
  15. GEFS ensembles have shifted back NE with more track into SC than GA after running along the FL coast. Watch that NE trough closely.