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  1. Welp, the 6z run was quite slower and stronger with the wave... but moved the HP out too quickly.
  2. As always, it would be nice to see a trend of the southern wave a little stronger/slower to allow the HP to build in. Still in a range where that's not a far cry from happening.
  3. GFS on its own right now keeping this wave moving along and not getting crushed, ironically. Euro parking the wave over the SW and doesn't kick it along.
  4. 12 GFS close to showing some non-rain precip next Friday. Temps hovering in the 30s all day in CAD areas.
  5. Euro and GFS agreeing on a strong Greenland block for early Nov Euro @ 240 GFS @ 240
  6. My bad.. that was only since midnight! Total was 1.56" which seems more like it.
  7. Only bottomed out at 40.1 this morning here. I think the warmer LKN water is to blame. I noticed that stations around the lake were warmer.
  8. 0.76" over here today. 1.24" since Sunday. I love this weather.
  9. 18z GFS popping a gulf low and bringit up the coast. Perfect snowstorm track if it were DJF
  10. First raindrops since August 27 (and that was only 0.02" total). So far, 0.04" with first packet of rain.
  11. Wow


    Dorian looking dangerous. Where's Stanley Ipkiss when you need him?