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  1. hey i wasn't doubting that.. just that is took all day to actually see it!
  2. Gigantic flakes coming down
  3. flakes just starting to come down now
  4. closer to downtown.. nada yeah i know it's coming
  5. will be rain with snow mixed in.. el busto
  6. Finally a jackpot run for me!
  7. Dang the 0z NAM really digging the ULL south..
  8. That's some serious NAMage over the southern foothills
  9. verbatim the snow is confined to the mtns
  10. GFS opened up the wave and gave up. It's gonna happen in this range. Everyone remain seated.
  11. 0z NAM starting that off well
  12. That looks nice. Soundings are solid.
  13. Looks like the 12z run mostly