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  1. Awesome storm! Best one in a couple years. ALready 1.8" in 20 min. Big thunder & lightning, gusty wind.. some small hail. Slow moving too
  2. I'm sure Will and Stacy will give you a nice discount
  3. No offense but that's a terrible pic LOL
  4. Welp.. it ended here a little while back and just glad to whiten up the ground some. It was what I suspected it would be - a very wet slush. The lack of HP over the northeast was enough of a clue. Regardless, it was a nice little respite to the afternoon. Here's to a March surprise!
  5. It is! Notice the bit of back-building over the foothills.
  6. Congrats! Haven't had a good Jeb walk since Jan '17. Definitely an experience to savor. Enjoy!
  7. CRAZY RATES .. like 2"/hr .. near whiteout .. approaching 10" . No let up in sight! Just kidding.. still snowing at a moderate, sometime heavy, clip. Grass and cars coated. Roads are fine. 33.1/32 Still nice to watch. Kids enjoying it! Now huddled around the fire.
  8. The rain changed to snow right where the dewpoint (green line) started falling around 2:30
  9. heavy snow... prob 1/4 mile visibility. 34.5/32. And it's sticking.
  10. It switched. from all ran to all snow while waiting in the CVS line. That was about 45 minutes ago.
  11. Up to "dusting" status already. Grass whitening up quickly. Heavy wet snow.
  12. Ok ok the snow is mixing in a bit.. I'm not THAT unlucky