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  1. Yes. Big phasing events can be good for the western parts of our region as long as it happens far enough south. The lack of a strong PV (but enough cold air to work with) allows the jets to phase more easily. I think the late Jan period will be a stormy one for some.
  2. The 6z GFS at 216 looks quite threatening of a huge phasing event. If the southern s/w were just a little less + tilt and more neutral, this would be bombing low in the GOM.
  3. In a secluded cabin just west of town in Almond on top of a mountain.
  4. Currently near Bryson City for anniversary and totally understand the hatred of CAD. Watched the temp rise 12 degrees in 15 min driving up the climb on I-40 yesterday.
  5. Start of Feb still looking good.
  6. But if it is, this would be the right kind of pattern. Jet stream very relaxed and primed for some big cut off lows like our late winter/early Spring patterns.
  7. Very strong west based -NAO block (the Baffin block). It's a feature that's usually present in big SE snow events. See the latest Euro. This would be a huge event for higher elevations.
  8. And Houston will eventually break their 20" snowfall record from 1895. They haven't come anywhere close since.
  9. No matter how this winter turns out, these past 3 days have been awesome with minimal snow melt. Massive icecycles have formed on the gutters.
  10. Other Davie County wx stations recorded lows between 5-8 degrees which makes a little more sense.
  11. Only got to 11.3 overnight. Didn't even break the prev night's low of 10.2.
  12. Maxxed out at 28.2 today. Low overnight was 10.2. Very little snow melt despite the sun.
  13. I think my aspirating fan was jammed up. Fixed it and lo and behold, the temp has suddenly fallen back to 29 so far.
  14. Wow, I'm at 30.7 while surrounding stations are around 27-28 degrees. Maybe getting some snow insulating it a bit. Need to clean it off perhaps.