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  1. Rain is as rare now as a buckeyefan post without emojis.
  2. The ice, as expected, was a bust.
  3. I think the final wave next Tuesday will the the last chance of a decent SNOW event with the HP in ideal position.
  4. I hate ice. Give me 35 and rain. Please.
  5. 18z gfs is a dumpster fire. Ridge holds over the east coast. Who the hell knows whats going to happen
  6. 33.0 and snow... hopefully have a decent layer for snowmen with the kids in the morning
  7. it's whitened up well here. 33.1/31 good stuff
  8. Big flakes in Mooresville.
  9. Also - go look back at models runs a week ago forecast for today. Both the Euro and GFS showed a ridge off the east coast. I'm pretty confident the cold pattern will return for next week.
  10. That's the s/w that the 18z run on Feb 3 bombed out. Not out of the realm yet. If the PV can kick out a little faster and the PNA ridge a little stronger... 2/3 18z same time
  11. meh.. i'm crossing fingers for next week. i need a foot.
  12. Heh, I'm having a rum and coke right now. Funny how we forget that nearly every storm is like this.
  13. GFS stepped back some from the 6z craphole.. It has a problem wanting to wrap up the PV too far west .. need to see it more elongated and building closer to the 50/50 benchmark like the Euro and the previous GFS runs (ala the glorious 2/3 18z run). The Euro actually looks close to that run..
  14. https://confluence.ecmwf.int/display/FCST/Implementation+of+IFS+Cycle+47r2 https://confluence.ecmwf.int/display/FCST/2020/10/15/News+on+the+next+model+upgrade+-+IFS+cycle+47r2 Should be fully implemented later this year
  15. Good chance of sig accumulations in the higher elevations. It's just going to be tough further east until that arctic air moves in.
  16. wow i counted 3 separate waves move across as the arctic high pressed in between 2/11 -13.. the whole point of this is there's a strong signal for a widespread southern snow event
  17. I think we need to make a thread dedicated to this run. Dear God.. it's beautiful. The 500mb time lapse is absolute perfection.
  18. The problem with Sunday is the northern wave with accompanying arctic high has trending slower so it only has marginal in-situ sfc cold air to work with so i think it going limit the snow to higher elevations even if the precip from the southern wave makes it up here. If the northern wave pushed through first it's a different story.. it's all about how fast the HP moves in to determine which southern waves are going to make a big play.
  19. Euro still on board with the second storm. Check out the HP!
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