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  1. I know the folks up north are loving this run. Been a lack luster year also.
  2. Best look all season. Its always broaderline here in my area in this set up.
  3. 36.5 .24” in the bucket.. if only ! .
  4. Yes, any non liquid outside of favored areas should be lucky to see anything.
  5. “ Climate Forecast System (CFS) An animation of CFSR global atmospheric precipitable water for March 1–15, 1993, in 12-hourly intervals An animated image of CFSR global atmospheric precipitable water for March 1–15, 1993, in 12-hourly intervals. (One-hourly CFSR data was down-sampled to every 12 hours to keep image size down.) This image was produced with the Grid Analysis and Display System and ImageMagick. The Climate Forecast System (CFS) is a model representing the global interaction between Earth's oceans, land, and atmosphere. Produced by several dozen scientists under guidance from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), this model offers hourly data with a horizontal resolution down to one-half of a degree (approximately 56 km) around Earth for many variables. CFS uses the latest scientific approaches for taking in, or assimilating, observations from data sources including surface observations, upper air balloon observations, aircraft observations, and satellite observations.” .
  6. Here in the foothills the extracted 12Z GFS data has great 925/850 before, during (however) rises above and torches around 5 degree and back to below 0 as the moisture leaves.... Total of 1:04" So close
  7. 18.7. It was 27 at 5:30 and it dropped to 18.7 at 8:15! .
  8. I’ll take that bag... current projections has my location at 36 during the AM hours... .
  9. Lol. Never happens when some from of percip is on that table other than rain...