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  1. B- for seasonal temps (Avg High 47.6 - 10/1 -- 2/23) C- for the snow (got 2.5" and drank beer and sled all morning before it was all gone by 4pm) Overall - Solid C (with a few weeks left)
  2. Would you look at that.. 35.2 with rain this morning... .
  3. 34.7 And all wet .70” This was always borderline for this area. .
  4. Back up to 39.2 . GSP latest thoughts
  5. Yeah. Near the Washburn community. .
  6. 40 even here with winds out of the SE. Feels great out tonight. .
  7. It is awesome out this afternoon. Blue skies and nice!
  8. Matt, same idea as you head west on 74 back into Cleveland and Rutherford? .
  9. Here is the thoughts of Scotty Powell with the foothills weather network They do a good job in our area. .
  10. It’s the absolute worst outside tonight. 38° with heavy rain. Also my elementary school does an afterschool program, and we just dismissed. Kids on a bus in the dark in the rain. Not fun. .