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  1. Looks like the GSP radar is back up and running! .
  2. It is pouring at Beech! https://www.resortcams.com/webcams/beech-mountain-sledding-hill/
  3. The fog has been absolutely terrible the past couple of months. Even down into the foothills. It’s a soup most mornings. .
  4. I agree for April. 60s and sunny or 40s and rain any time past the middle pot March
  5. Forecast calls for close to 2” of rain this week! [emoji3517][emoji1634] .
  6. Nothing like 1” of rain in January with a high of 40 for the day! Gesh! .
  7. Two rounds delivered on the 12gfs. It will change but hello!! .
  8. I’ve seen 28 sort of flakes this year.. maybe 29
  9. Snow is not stopping anyone from that thick burger !!
  10. 60 degrees with fog this morning. Yuck
  11. Taking the family to beech tomorrow to find some sledding action.
  12. Best place(s) to head up Monday for some sledding with the kids? Thanks ! .
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