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  1. Looks fun. I hope we do not see it Relax as it gets closer. .
  2. Bottom out at 48.2. It’s so awesome right now! Just wish my office had a window .
  3. The winter season is the season that brings the folks out. .
  4. It was part of the grand further 25k. Starts at Profile. But yes, coming up to nuwati then Cragway is great! .
  5. Ran profile to Calloway down scout to nuwati and back yesterday! Awesome 46 degrees when I started !! .
  6. 11.46 for me. Should be closer to 13” but my station was down for a few days this week. I see 20” easy for you. .
  7. It was felt all around the SE. crazy .
  8. I felt it down here. Maybe 4 secs! Wow What the site that shows this data? .
  9. Finished up with 8.17”. Just 10 miles to my west for over 9” wow! .
  10. Closing in on 7” sitting at 6.90” now! .
  11. Sitting at 6.70” ! Roads round the county are bad! It’s also 49.5 degrees .
  12. 2.69 down south of you. Got nailed last night as we had 1.19 at 11pm. .
  13. Did you get in on two of the three or? Looks like Salem got all three! .