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  1. Well, hot damn. For the first time this season I have sleet.! lol .
  2. Once College Baseball starts (which is next weekend) I start to wish for spring weather. However, giving the past now three years, I will go to the first week in March before its time to move on. At least, down here in my area.
  3. Still a 3 but leaning towards a 4 right now...
  4. Stole from the other site. Been a while since I’ve seen something like this. .
  5. The middle of the state White Whale. Good time for many!!
  6. picked up .34" overnight. More wasted potential
  7. 6.6 right at dawn this morning! .
  8. 30.6 was the high today! Solid pond and icicles in the creek today on our land today. .
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