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  1. Come on over to Rutherford County! Safe stay tonight!! .
  2. I’ll be in black mountain this weekend running the black mountain monster 24hour race. Looks to be wet! .
  3. 3.74” at the house today! Came down hard! .
  4. Ran the Mt. Mitchell Challenge yesterday. All good until reaching the state park. Winds over 50 mph with mod rain and ice balls. Crazy weather. 1000’down it was just rain and fog. .
  5. 34.7 here and man it’s raining hard! Sleet snow rain off and on all afternoon. .
  6. Heading to black mountain Saturday to run the mount Mitchell challenge. 20 miles up and back. Hoping for light what ever falls during the day Saturday. Also hope the summit is open. Down here, I expect nothing but rain... .
  7. I learned back in the early 00’s to never trust long term thoughts. Not that it never works out, but no reason to get any hopes up round here till the storm is over and you can measure it . .
  8. And some love to the east side of the foothills. Then a nice lee shadow . .
  9. Happens to be the location of most posters. .
  10. Thats a nice looking control run for next weekend.
  11. More like 60 but still what a tight gradient! .
  12. 42 here after a low of 32.7. Was mid 30’s until 4 or so. .
  13. We had sleet and snow here in Rutherfordton! .