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  1. Crazy. It was 27 here in the foothills! Happy thanksgiving [emoji884] to all! May you have the ability to eat more than you should .
  2. 26.4 lowest so far and the first hard freeze ! .
  3. Mountain cams are showing some good snow around the boone/block rock area. !! Nice to watch for sure!
  4. No doubt even down here in the foothills. Low deck and grey skies low 40's. So nice out!
  5. Made my way up for homecoming yesterday. Maybe a few days past peak but still stunning! .
  6. Nailed twice last night! Two big storms and heavy rain and lots of boomers! Picked up almost 2” since yesterday. .
  7. 39.7 for a low just about 20 minutes ago! [emoji109] .
  8. Same! It’s been a little warm the past few days but I’ll take low 50’s and upper 70’s right now! .
  9. 50.7 this morning! So awesome! How far did some of y’all got into the 40’s? .
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