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  1. Looks like the eye has most cleared out on WV Sat. Also some explosive CDO in the NE Eyewall. Possibly some land frictional impacts as it makes landfall.
  2. I wouldn't surprise me either. I'm not sure they have been tested quite like they're about to be tested after the COE redesigned them post-Katrina. Unreal we have a rapidly strengthening (Likely Major) Hurricane heading directly for them. How 2020
  3. When the Levee breaks, Moma you got to move.... LZ
  4. Not comparing the systems in that context. It's been a while since a formidable hurricane took a path this close (or directly over) New Orleans.
  5. Makes me wonder what kind of impact this will have on the New Orleans Levees. Coming in at a simliar angle to Katrina, just a bit further west.
  6. Definitely strengthening at the moment
  7. Day 10 is very close to a Hazel scenario with caribbean tropic trouble and a potential negative tilt through/ cutoff over the Ohio Valley. Something to watch at least.
  8. Definitely don't see any indications of shear and the SST's are more than warm enough. Agree with the above sentiments that this regains Cat 4 status tomorrow sometime.
  9. Agreed, I think we'll see some significant intensification tonight/tomorrow.
  10. Delta has that "look" this morning. IMO it looks more organized exiting the Yucatan.
  11. TCHP in the Caribbean is off the charts.
  12. I take a differing opinion and say I expect increased organization today. Most of the models have been showing today and lead up to landfall being the best time for an increase in intensity. How much is always up for debate.
  13. The TS force windfield on this is pretty impressive. There will be coastal flooding all over the place the next few days. From Louisiana all the way to western Florida.
  14. Appears to be a faint eye starting to show up on visible. Definitely the very beginnings of it, but it's there.
  15. Looks like the models are converging on a slow down (almost a stall) near the mouth of the Mississippi river. Then it drifts N to NNE towards the MS/AL border.