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  1. Havent seen any funnel cloud or tog reports yet for the charlotte cell
  2. Suns out and 73 here in Raleigh. Btw
  3. That a nasty cellheading towards south Charlotte
  4. This certainly will not be a bust for the northern NC border counties, which was always looking to be ground zero. The eastern portions will likely get more ZR this evening/night. This just doesn't appear to be overly impactful for the population centers.
  5. Was just talking to him about this. Def something to watch tonight
  6. Got a good glaze in the trees here NW of Raleigh
  7. 31 with zr here NW of raleigh. Forecast (No time for a map with a 2 month old lol) : Roxboro: .75 to 1 GSO: .5 to .75 Hillsborough: .5 Durham: .3 HKY .2 RDU: .1 to .25 (more in NW Wake) CLT: Trace
  8. RDPS looks a bit colder at 18z. The main difference b/n the GFS/RDPS and the NAM/Hi-Res mods appears to be the precip' shield. The higher res American models appear to be putting more emphasis on sparser convective/dynamic bands (this is usually the case due to the model physics/resolution). A more steady/less dynamical precip shield would be more conducive for ZR accrual. This may be something to watch tonight to get a feel for which way this is headed.
  9. Someone mentioned it yesterday, but timing and precip intensity is playing some havoc on these accrual maps. It's probably going to bounce around until gametime tomorrow.
  10. RAP (old school model I used to use) has a couple ZR maxs. One is near Youngsville and Northern Wake county with .9 (which is cray)
  11. GFS up to .62 accrual for RDU now. RGEM is at roughly 1 inch. NAM up to .2. cut those #'s in half and blend them and you still get warning criteria ice.
  12. RDPS is trending the best ZR accrual towards the Triangle as the trends south continue. Looks like more sleet for the VA border counties if this is to be believed. I'll post a map tomorrow for those interested. (I usually only post maps for significant/major systems) fyi.
  13. NAM has the SLP all the way down into the n-central GOM at hour 36