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  1. lol, thanks. I think it's possible, but not likely per se. Something to watch. I think one of these little waves coming through late week could produce something worth noting. Probably not a big dog. Would like to see one of these generally less progressive models (NAVGEM/JMA/GGEM) show a more aggressive solution before I think it's likely. Since the euro was upgraded, it seems to trend less progressive as we near any "event".
  2. W/ these large PNA ridges, we're due for one of these super Highs w/ arctic air to slide down into the plains, however we're so early in the season they haven't fully developed/matured in northern latitudes to the point you would see in Jan/Feb. If we can keep this pattern into Jan/Feb, it will bear fruit from a CAD perspective.
  3. The 15th definitely has some potential to become more amplified due to the Atlantic pattern (500mb low over Maine (sometimes called the NF low or 50/50 low) and also the ridging to the NE of that feature into Greenland area). That slows the flow down over the eastern 1/2 of the CONUS and causes incoming s/w's to amplify and potentially cutoff. Something to keep an eye on.
  4. The timeframe around the 15th is kinda interesting given the setup over NA (+PNA/-NAO/large UL over Maine). Even though the setup is good, it obviously doesn't guarantee anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if that clipper system or anything coming out of the PJ(Canada) amplifies more than the models are currently showing. After that, it looks to be until the Christmas timeframe before the pattern becomes favorable again for anything.
  5. Light to mod snow continues here in HKY. Probably around 5.5 on the ground, however if you discount the melting from underneath that has been occuring since the start of the storm yesterday morning, we've probably had roughly 7 or 8 inches.
  6. Just had a large pine tree fall across the street near my parents house. THis is getting interesting. I'll take a pic and post it here in a bit.
  7. Wow congrats to you and all the n ga folks. This is a historical storm for those areas
  8. You could see this coming based on the upper low track. Pretty classic one for the northern deep south and mountains/foothills. It's really tough to get a snow or ice storm outside of the hills without more sfc cold than this system had. That said, that system coming out of the plains I mentioned a few days ago is going to re-energize the upper levels /sfc low tomorrow morning and will likely spark a deformation type band that will rotate out of the Piedmont. Could see a few hours of light snow in the morning.
  9. Starting to worry about power outages in the areas who are lucking out in western NC. This stuff is caked on all the trees like ZR.
  10. Well my thinking from a few days ago worked out. This will likely be a major event (anything 6in+ in HKY in my estimation) in hickory after all said and done. Currently over 4 inches and this doesn't look to stop anytime soon. Boundary layer temps favored the colder NAM and so i'm thinking 6 to 10 inches in Hickory before all is said and done.
  11. Mod to hvy snow continues here. Radar is pretty awesome. Grass tops are long gone.
  12. Light to mod snow here in hky. Probably over 3 inches at this point. It's hard to guess considering some melting occured before dusk. Grass is fully covered in my parents front lawn. Glad i escaped from snow hell known as metro raleigh.
  13. Very hvy snow in hky, 31*. Grass almost covered
  14. If there's no changeover, I think our best snows are still to come b/n 4-8pm.