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  1. do u guys have a link to the chase stream
  2. Headed towards chs. Hope it fades bf
  3. Nasty supercell w debris sig near scotia.
  4. Day 6 and 7 00z Euro is interesting from a pattern standpoint. The strong cut off over new England would promote phasing and a low closer to the coast for the trailing PJ wave. Something to monitor.
  5. I live close to there. We've had off/on power flashes for the past few hours. Probably got 2.5 inches. Maybe 3. Very very wet snow.
  6. Little over 2 inches here in NW Raleigh. Very wet snow. Just took a walk w/ the wife and dog. Fun times.
  7. No clue. Don't think I've checked a NWS forecast for 10 years. Don't need to lol.
  8. THis is going to be a solid snow in Wake County. It's 33 here in NW Raleigh with moderate snow and it's laying already. This is supposed to keep up till 1am per the mesoscale models. Definitely think 3 to 6 is easily attainable.
  9. Solid light to moderate snow in NW Raleigh. Coming down at a good clip now. Starting to get some slushly accumulations on elevated sfcs.
  10. That's a ridiculous system day 5-7 on the euro. Huge phase and strong SLP. Could bring more SVR weather to the east coast. Would be a huge snowstorm over the ohio valley. Looks like winter decided to start in Mid February this year.
  11. Flurries/Rain/Graupel here in NW Raleigh.