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  1. Wow!!! From what I’m seeing on my cam in Raleigh!!! It’s getting white here in Denton at High Rock!
  2. Temps have dropped some into the 30s in Raleigh. Temps have definitely dropped here in Denton. It’s trying. I feel like here at High Rock Lake I see an occasional something mixed in.
  3. Well, maybe they heard a met say the tip was just at the edge of the eyewall. My locals met just showed that and pointed it out. The paper maybe was a little over the top on that headline.
  4. Was that a typo (115mph) it was it released by error because they want to hold off for now?
  5. Maybe they think they have lots of time and are making sure it is legit and holds so they aren’t upping and downing in small intervals of time. Maybe they think there’s time because it’s out in the ocean. Idk.
  6. Seeing chatter about not being shocked if he gets up to 110-115mph at least for a period. Just mentions it on tv so we will see. I bring it up because of the previous post about the cat 4 model. I know 110-115 isnt a cat 4, but makes me wonder.
  7. Well, I know we aren’t talking about a major difference between 90mph and 100mph but the track is back to cat 2 on NC coast. I supposed based on the modeling and him lapping up all that yummy water. Able to hold his own I guess. Got a notification about via local news.
  8. Watching the GOES and seeing the convection wrapping around. Lots of chatter online about it from the public and some mets. Someone in twitter asked Brad P about it and he said ERCs are gonna happen anymore and the eye will get bigger and bigger and more ragged. Others are saying it’s closing off and tightening as well as looking more healthy. I do not know who to follow on this. Seeing contradicting viewpoints.
  9. Yes, I was just noticing this and then turned on the TV and the met said that it’s trying really hard to intensify.
  10. update from Jeff Still live at the time I posted this. He discusses intensification and the eye.