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  1. 34 in greenville now - pretty steady snow already on cars, grass, trees. Earlier than I expected
  2. It’s snowing in Greenville. Pretty moderately.
  3. Temp down to 37 in Greenville, falling relatively quickly.
  4. Luckily I’m near ECU right now, so being down east may work in my favor for once. But I experienced the heartbreak in Winston-Salem a few weeks ago
  5. Latest HRRR (kuchera) gives Greenville and surrounding areas 4 inches. 10:1 is half a foot
  6. Little Washington plumes up to ~ 4.2 inches. Started the day at 2.
  7. SREF Plumes in OCW (Little Washington) now up over 3 inches. Went up over an inch and a half throughout the day.
  8. 3K NAM looking heavier - also, 51 in Greenville right now. Seems some other places more west of here got to a higher temp this afternoon. Fingers crossed for ENC!
  9. Over 6 inches per Para GFS (Kuchera) for PGV.
  10. I have no idea what’s coming from the sky at this point, but it’s coming down in western Forsyth
  11. Pretty moderate mix coming down now in Lewisville. Wind blowing every direction
  12. They claim that we will still see 1-2 inches between now and the end. At least as of an hour or 2 ago
  13. Seeing flurries for the first time in several hours in western Forsyth